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Jacqli's standard outfit

Jacqli's normal ouftit. This is what we call a Harmobody Suit. It's design is to improve her song magic. Her outfit looks really futuristic, and the upper part makes it look a bit like a robot. Her outfit consists of the main color red and black.


MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
0 0 0 0

Long Uniform[]

3-Long Uniform

Jacqli's costume from the 1st level of her Cosmosphere. Her uniform consists of a long sleeved sailor uniform top and a long skirt. She wears a coat of a male's uniform, it's actually a mixture of both female and male. The coat's style is a bosozuku, a japanese style that is. Her shoes are black pumps. The outfit's primary colors are black and red. This costume is a good choice for first time battling.

MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
+5 +23 +300 -17

Spirit Gunner[]

4-Spirit Gunner

The 2nd costume of her Cosmosphere. The name you should probably notice, is based on the guns she's holding (actually they're just toy guns). She wears a maid outfit that consists of mostly a bit of a frilly dress. Her socks are really high, and she's wearing red ribbony based type shoes. She has a red tie around her neck and a white bow at her back. She wears that maid bonnet-ish hat.

MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
-5 -2 +100 +5

Dorky Girl[]

5-Dorky Girl

Outfit from the 3rd layer of her Cosmosphere. She wears a P.E based type outfit, with a tennis jacket and a P.E shirt. She wears a hachimaki on her forehead. However. she wears no pants, just black bloomers. She wears white sneakers.

MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
-10 +6 +400 -22

Southern Cross[]

6-Southern Cross

Her outfit from the 4th layer of her Cosmosphere. Her swimsuit is a loose, revealing swimsuit. Her tube's upper part is invisible, while the bottom is red. She wears red googles.

MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
-15 0 +1000 3

Funboon T[]

7-Funbo T

Outfit from the 5th layer of her Cosmosphere. She wears a really big Funboon T-shirt (most likely it was a parting gift from a certain Funbun obsessed friend). Her shirt has pink on the half sleeves and the shirt has a big yellow Funboon and that's how it got its name.

MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
-7 +10 -50 -9

Lady Drape[]

8-Lady Drape

This is from level 6 of her Cosmosphere. This is actually her night gown. She wears a black robe with a very short white dress. She wears a bit of a high heeled sandal. This part of her represents the hate for what she has done.

MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
+35 +90 +200 +23



Lvl 7 of her Cosmosphere outfit. This outfit is all red and purple, and it all looks demonic. She has 2 sets of horns, and her arms and legs are completely coverd by this scaly, crystal shaped demon outfit (or skin). Her pony covers her left eye. She even has claws, a tail and her feet look really demonic. She also has this mysterious symbol on her chest. This part of her is the part where she hates humans for what they have done to her and all of the Reyvatails. In her Cosmosphere, she wants to make a world called Reyvateilia. This costume make your Harmonics go funky.

MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
-15 -10 +800 -77

Pure Ritual[]

10-Pure Ritual

This is her level 8 Cosmosphere costume. It represents the true part of her self, her innocence when she was still a kid. This outfit is all white, and she has tied up her hair into twintails which makes her look more like her younger self. A part of the skirt section is slightly transparent, making her thighs visible. This outfit is mostly with bows and a bit of frill. She wears a white collar and white pumps with bows. This costume is very good costume, and a good choice for the final boss battle.

MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
+25 +40 +600 +22

Dark Rose[]

11-Dark Rose

The level 9 Cosmosphere outfit, and the wedding outfit. This outfit is for the "special" ceremony that acts like a wedding, except no priest, but a mind guardian. This rather simple yet striking red and black dress would look like funeral attire if it were not for the large red roses used for decoration. Finally, she wears a pair of high-heeled ballerina type shoes.

MD-Resist Harmonics MP Reduce
+45 0 +799 +3

Bath Towels[]


An outfit that is designed for Dualstalls. She wears two short towels, one used to cover her lower part and the other draped around her shoulders and made to cover her breasts. She never wears it in her Cosmosphere nor in battles.

source: Let's Play Archive