Jack Hamilton (Harmonica De Pameli)
JackHamilton Information
Kanji/Kanaジャック・ハミルトン (アルモニカ・デ・パメリ)
Unaltered NameJack Hamilton (Armonica De Pameri)
AgeLooks 19
Height5'10" / 178 cm
Weight216 lbs / 98 kg
First AppearanceAr tonelico: Melody of Elemia
English Voice ActorSpike Spencer
Japanese Voice Actor Nobutoshi Canna
"You can't protect anyone if you keep playing it cool. If you're serious, who cares what you look like"

(Jack Hamilton, ジャック・ハミルトン?, lit. "Jakku Harumiton") is a wandering gunman, where he is from and what his goal is are all unknown. A traveler of the world who lives by picking up random mercenary jobs, he knows many people, places and events, he's also well informed. He's a sucker for women and will do whatever he has to pick them up. A womanizer, but also, a very dependable person. He fights by using pistols and the multi-barreled gatling gun he has on his metallic arm.

Jack's Story

Origins and Life Before Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia

His true name is (Harmonica De Pameli, アルモニカ・デ・パメリ?, lit. "Arumonika De Pameri"), and he is a member of the Teru Tribe. Jack's position in the Teru Tribe is unknown, but he seems to have a deep connection with Flute and Tastiella (he even calls her "Granny", much to her chagrin). He and Misha became friends after she had left Platina, and he worries a lot about her, having taken care of her as a surrogate big brother after she made to the Lower World.

A little after Misha left to sing in the Crescent Chronicle, he left Em Pheyna because of he and Flute being at odds about following the commandments that were left behind by their ancestors, which was going to cause their defeat at the hands of the Humans.

After Bourd kidnapped Misha, he pursued him until he got caught in the Battle of Skuwat. He got wounded so badly that he lost consciousness, and when he awakened, he noticed that both his left arm and part of his torso were replaced by metallic parts. The engineer that did this was Krusche, and to this day, he still owes her money for having done this operation (even though it was done without Jack's agreement nor knowledge).

Story in Ar tonelico Melody of Elemia

He encounters Lyner Barsett, and after threatening him with taking away the parts of his crashed airship to sell them off, he leaves. However, when they meet again, Jack instead defends Lyner from the villagers that are calling him a liar about his ownership of the airship, and lends him a hand to destroy the "Blue Wolves" that are in the Cello Forest, which are a great threat to the people of Karulu Village. Upon finding the Blue Wolves and trying to attack them, Jack realizes that all attacks but fire attacks are useless, and forces Lyner to retreat to the Karulu Inn. In there, Jack advises Lyner to learn about Grathmeld so he can create "Missiles", which would be his best weapon to destroy the Blue Wolves. After destroying the wolves he and Lyner head to Nemo.

During the night they stayed at Cello Forest, Lyner and he talked a little about each other, with Jack recognizing him as an Apostle of Elemia, and telling him that climbing the Tower to reach Platina is impossible because of the Teru Tribe blocking off anyone that wanted to go there. After Lyner goes to sleep, he makes clear that he knows about Lyner, surprised to have met him, and vows to find Misha as fast as he can.

Once they reach Nemo, they see that an infected Tower Guardian, the ABR-Alpha, is attacking the city, and when it tries to attack Aurica, they help her to defeat it. However, he becomes uncomfortable from her "gloomy" (as he put it) presence. Lyner berates him, but there is nothing they can do but head to the inn and allow the now-uncomfortable Aurica to secure a room for them.

With their room secured, Jack and Lyner get into a discussion about what types of girls they like, which seems to make Lyner very uncomfortable. Jack then sees Claire Branch, an old friend of Aurica, enter the inn, and drags Lyner down to the bar so that he can talk with Claire, who turns out to be the bar's owner.

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Misha's Path

He, Lyner, Krusche and Misha first stop on Em Pheyna to let Tastiella and Flute know that the situation in Platina with the viruses was solved, and to fill in Lyner and Krusche about Misha's role as the Star Singer, and the functions of the Crescent Chronicle and the Chronicle Key.

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End of the Game

He offers to join Krusche on her journey as a bodyguard and they depart together, which might hint that they have developed feelings for each other. Is noted that after the end of the game, he and Krusche were the ones that carried Mir and Spica all the way to Metafalss, helping to set in motion the events that occurred in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica.

Role in Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel

4 years ago, he departed from Sol Ciel with Krusche and Jakuri. He is now at Sol Cluster with Krusche, apparently, because he is in love with her, despite his flirtious nature being still the same. However, it is not certain if they are truly a couple. The reason Krusche came to Sol Cluster was to find Luke, while in Jack's profile in Ar tonelico III, it says that one of the things he loves is Misha, and in Krusche's it says "Jack...?"

Jack in Ar Tonelico III


  • Jack didn't make an actual apperance in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. However, he did have a brief cameo dressed in his Teru outfit, appearing together with Flute, Tastiella and Lyra during Jakuri's explanation about the Teru Tribe.
  • According to setting materials, his original true name was supposed to be Harmonica Ross Pameli. However, this caused several problems for the setting, which was the reason for his current name.
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