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Ionasal or Ion for short is the main protagonist of the game Ciel Nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta and one of the main heroines in Ar nosurge: Ode to An Unborn Star.

In Ciel nosurge, Ion is shown in two different ways: firstly as a the Imperial Candidate supported by Tenmon in the flashbacks sequences seen in the Dream World, while in the main game she is an amnesiac girl who doesn't remember how she came to reside in the house she lives or any details about herself excepting for her name. She is shy girl who strongly feels responsible for other people's well-being, as well as also being an expert and something of an enthusiast in electronics, particularly vacuum tubes.



Ion's original name is Nei Yuuki, and she was a Japanese girl living in an Earth alternate from our own, existing in a different position in the Sixth Axis. While she loved electronics and engineering, and wanted to go on a career focused on space engineering, her parents didn't want to let her go on her desired path because it was seen as non-girly and would give them a bad reputation in their traditional, countryside town. Similarly, Nei was always being compared unfavorably to her younger sister Aya, who excelled in the area Nei was lacking in due to her poor physical condition: sports.

Nei only had two close friends in supporting her in school: Maki and Sayo, while on the other hand, she had two friends that her mother always warned her against fraternizing with: a musician called Sayuri and a mangaka called Reo.

However, Nei once had a strange experience in which a girl that looked just like her, called Yuuki, came from another dimension. This was her first contact with the existence of other worlds, and from the time Yuuki was with her, she got to learn that the mysterious death the older sister one of her classmates had suffered was because her soul had been taken to another world.

After this, Nei tried going to school as normal, and working on her personal electronics projects in her free time to enter the competitions that were held periodically at her town, despite her parents' protests. She finally accomplished her crown achievement by creating a robot capable of functioning autonomously called Yumekichi thanks to a quantum AI algorithm she found in the Internet, unbeknownst to her that it was actually the Interdimend code used to connect to the Surge Concerto Terminal located beyond the Seven Dimensions. Yumekichi was her companion and friend during several days, and thanks to him, Nei's mother was convinced to allow Nei a chance to prove herself as worthy of going to her dream college after pushing her for so long to study cooking. So they struck this deal: if Nei managed to pass the sports test she always failed, which was swimming over 50 meters, she would be allowed to do as she wished. Otherwise, she would have to abide by her parents' wishes.

Unfortunately, Nei didn't have the necessary strength to finish the test on her own, despite the suppport of her friends and her sister, and so ultimately Yumekichi made the ultimate sacrifice: he jumped into the pool to encourage Nei, which allowed her to complete the test successfully. Unfortunately, this shorted out his circuits and severed the interdimensional connection that kept him functioning, taking him offline permanently. Nei then vowed to someday find a way to revive him. Afterwards, she bid farewell to her family and departed for her dream college.

Nei focused her efforts on reviving Yumekichi as well as working on her university studies, and a day while looking again for the website where she had found the quantum AI algorithm, she found a suspicious page called genomirai.com. After she logged in on it, she was given an extremely hard questionnaire to fill and answer. After several hours of grappling with it, she submitted her answers, finding to her surprise she had gotten a perfect score, and thus was rewarded with the blueprints for a mysterious device called the Genelogic Machine.

She also had to receive the surprise visit of Aya, who had come to stay with her after having run away from home. However, some strange things started happening after Aya input the same code Nei had input to Yumekichi in an attempt to revive him, as someone called Bot started talking to Aya via her smartphone, and that person gradually started doing more aggressive actions in an attempt to kill Nei, to the point a robotics competition had to be called off due to it. Unfortunately, despite Yumekichi's attempts to protect her, Nei was unable to escape Bot, and thus had to build the Genelogic Machine and activate it in a last-ditch effort to avoid getting killed despite knowing that doing this would send her soul to an unknown place, just like it happened to her classmate's older sister. Upon doing this, her badly wounded body lied lifeless next to Yumekichi and the Machine, and her soul was sent over to the dimensions, to a planet called Ra Ciela...

Ciel Nosurge[]

Two Nightmarish Years[]

Right after her soul was stuffed into a body unbeknownst to her, Nei started being called "Ionasal.kkll.Preciel" and being told she was the second daughter to the current ruler of the planet, Empress Ra Ciela, and the first child to the leader of Tenmon, Revelt Flandresca; despite her protests and attempts to say her actual name.

Afterwards, she was imprisoned and confined, being allowed only contact with Tenmon staff and researchers. The researchers often came to expose her to all sorts of cruel tests and experiments, beginning with being electrocuted on her buttocks if she refused to answer a question, got it wrong or took to long to answer it, having to touch a burning hot Cielnotron with her bare hands or being forced to Synchronize with a feral Genom; as well as also being subject to more invasive physical tests to check the functioning of her brainwaves and that her body wasn't incubating any sort of lethal virus inside of itself.

During the few times she got some tranquility, she couldn't do more than write down her thoughts on the paper and pen she was given alongside her food, and cry over and over that she wanted to go back to her home and family. In one of the times she got a visit, it was Renall Tartalka, who served as an officer in PLASMA, the military and intelligence branch of Tenmon. Renall seemed to have taken a shine to Ion, and always apologized for the deplorable living conditions Ion was forced to live in, explaining the researchers were against her leaving custody until they were sure she wouldn't trigger a disaster similar to the Genomirai Pandemic. However, Renall also carried out a gambit in which she hired a woman called Sophia to gain Ion's trust and exploit it make her resolve herself to save everyone in Ra Ciela, just to kill off Sophia afterwards when Ion couldn't see or hear them.

The Start of the Imperial Trials[]

After two years, Ion was taken out of her cell, dressed up in the imperial regalia, and shipped off to the Imperial Palace to take part in the Imperial Succession Ceremony. After having gotten blessed by the priestess in charge of it alongside her rival, Kanoyeel.kkll.Preciel, Ion was sent off to the city of Manjusara, located in Ra Ciela's surface, through the elevators in the Imperial Way. During her descent, a priestess explained to Ion the conditions for the Trials she would have to endure from that point on: she would be forced to live amongst the commoners for three years, stripped of the privileges as an Imperial Candidate she had just gotten, and would have to find a way to gain popularity and supporters that would help her survive for that time. She was also given her Princess' Cloth, which would be her only way to prove her status, and the only reward she could offer to those that gave her their help.

After Ion stepped out from the elevator though, her first attempt at addressing the people was a complete disaster: given the way she had been treated for two years and that she had been thrust into these trials with next to no preparation, she could only tell the people she would give them anything they wanted if they left her alone, but the people did nothing but attack her to rip away parts of her imperial regalia, tore away parts of her hair, and even tried to steal her Princess' Cloth. Ion had no choice but to run away into the city, finally managing to get to an alleyway where the people couldn't find her, and she could only cry that she wanted to return to her world.

Finally, she was found by a boy who lived around that area, telling her she should just go home if she wanted it so badly, and telling her she should watch out, as a Wave Burst had been forecast. Upon hearing she had no place to go, the boy invited her for dinner and to stay with his family, introducing himself as Tabou.

Tabou's mother Ruray was initially suspicious of having such a grown girl as an unexpected guest in her home, and after forcing Ion to confess who she was, she humbly accepted a piece of Ion's Princess' Cloth and allowed her to stay with her and Tabou.

Life in Manjusara[]

Ion spent several days in Manjusara helping at Ruray's home and accompanying Tabou to do the shopping around town, and it was in one of those outings that she discovered a dying Genom in the street. Feeling she couldn't just leave the poor creature dying, she performed a First Harmonics with him and completed a Synchronization with him despite Tabou's protests, saving his life. She then named him Telefunken.

Tabou also took one day to take Ion to his secret base and introduced her to his friends, Prime Zeothium and Casty Rianoite, whose nicknames were Pram and Cas. Pram was really enthusiastic to have the Tenmon Princess as part of their group, but Cas was jealous of Ion and refused to let her be part of their group, to the point she even ran away from the base after Tabou forcefully changed the group's name from Shining Adventuring and Crafting Party to Become Empress! Planetary Savior Ion Support Squad. However, Ion did help Tabou and Pram in the creation of their own original Cielnotron model, and while it still wasn't quite functional, it started working somewhat when before it only exploded when they tried feeding it energy.

Ion continued coming with Tabou to the secret base the following days, but Cas didn't show up again during all that time. And tragedy struck when a Wave Burst hit and caused part of the Shell dome protecting Manjusara to collapse, which caused a large panic because it meant that the whole city would be burned away when the next Burst hit a few days later. While Ruray tearfully asked Ion to use the Orbital Elevator to take Tabou to the Colonies to save him, Tabou was far more worried because the area the Shell's remains had fallen upon was the place where Pram's house was located.

Ion tried to reassure Tabou and to console him, but Tabou was fed up with her inability to do anything and ran off to where Pram's house was. Cas then came looking for Tabou, and after chastising Ion for not going with him to look for Pram, she was caught by her father, Greicoff Rianoite, who disliked Ruray's family and didn't like the idea that Cas was friends with Ruray's son. So while Cas couldn't go herself, she bought time for Ion to go after Tabou.

When Ion arrived, she saw Tabou desperately looking for signs of Pram, and she also noticed how terrible things were for the people of this world, noticing how the house had been completely crushed under the Shell's debris. After a while, Tabou found the Cielnotron Pram always carried with him, noticing the lit filament indicating that its owner was still alive, so they kept searching for a while more, but just when it seemed they had found him... the filament went out. The Synchronization had been cut, meaning Pram had died. Both couldn't do anything to save him, and broke down in tears. Ruray came after them, and told them they had done more than enough already. Ruray also had a few words for Ion, telling her that farewells were also something that was to be expected from life, but unfortunately, such a painful farewell came too soon for Tabou. This also made Ion miss her own mother.

Pram's death left Tabou despondent and unwilling to even eat. Cas once tried to cheer him up in her own way, but the only result was that Tabou took something he had in her room and threw it at her, which made her fly away from the house in a rage. Ion chastised him about it as well in her own way. Ion decided then to leave Tabou alone, but noticed he broke down in tears as she was leaving. She then found Cas outside the house, grieving on her own about Tabou's current state, how their tight-knit group had now been destroyed and the fact that her father was planning to take her away to the Colonies, but Ion managed to cheer her up, and the two ended up becoming friends.

They then noticed a large number of people going to the Orbital Elevator, and upon following them, they noticed that Kanon was addressing the populace, offering them a chance to save themselves if they agreed to renounce their Cielnotrons and convert to the Chimon. Cas was shocked upon hearing that Ion didn't find anything wrong with that proposal as long as it saved people, as well as noticing that her own father was urging people to listen to Kanon's words, but as she started scolding Ion, Kanon took notice of their presence, mocking Ion over having Synchronized with a Genom in spite of the Tenmon's policies and saying she was only keeping him as a pet to spite the Chimon.

Cas tried to intervene in Ion's defense, but this only caused her to publicly quarrel with her father and ended up in Greicoff disowning her. After Kanon's entourage left, Ion asked if there wasn't any other entrance to the Orbital Elevator they could use to save the Manjusara people, but Cas replied that while there were three, only one remained operational due to the damage the other two sustained from the Wave Bursts. And as they were at a loss for what to do, Telefunken called out to Ion and they had a short conversation, in which Telefunken told her to go to sleep to start a Genometrics Dive, so they would be able to craft a Song Magic they could use to protect Manjusara.

(more to come soon...)


Ciel Nosurge[]

Ahih rei-yah : A song used to create large flowers that can be used as shields that deflect the Wave Bursts emitted by Bezel.

Quell->{ein te hyme}; : Creates a performance in the Planetary Maison to make Ion's feelings easier to convey to the populace.

mei-fa-re koo-ja-i; : Used to calm down the rampaging Sharls were driving the Second Generation Cielnotron Server out of control and provoking a Cielnotron Panic.

Ra Ciel Fuser : The apex of the Grand Phoenix Project. Its purpose is using a hyper-gravity well to compress Ra Ciela into a body of energy called the Micro Quasar, destroying all of its Wills and inhabitants in the process, and harness the Quasar's energy to teleport the people that is taking shelter in the Hymmnesphere to another planet.

Ar Nosurge[]

Class::CIEL_NOSURGE : Creates a virtual Song Magic Terminal for establishing connection with other dimensions, allowing contact to other dimensions through the Ciel Nosurge game and harvest a potentially unlimited amount of energy from there. Ion was forced to sing this song by Zill to mass produce Sharls through the Astrocyte Modulation Virus.

Class::XIO_PROCEED : Switches the power source of Colony Ship Soreil back to harnessing energy from the Ar nosurge Tube. However, the entirety of Soreil's systems had to be shut down as a prerequisite of its execution, and powerful feelings are required for it to carry out its function.

Lxa ti-cia : A song bequeathed by Horus to train Kanon and Cosal in order to raise their soul's levels by creating a stage where they can face their negative thoughts and feelings.

Ra Ciel Reincarnation : Sung alongside all the residents in Soreil, it creates a new planet from where the Ra Ciela was located.