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The Ion Extend Talk Pack Vol. 3 - Encrypted Messages from the Ar nosurge Tube - (イオン Extend TALKパック Vol.3~アルノサージュ管からの暗号電信~, ion ekusutendo toruku pakku voryumu surii - arunosaaju-kan kara no angou denshin -?) is a downloadable content pack for Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta, which also serves as the final piece in the Ion Extend Talk Pack series. This particular pack is designed to support the storytelling for the events that take place in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star for players that own both games.

It was released on March 6th, 2014 for the PlayStation Network only in Japan. It is included by default in the re-release Ciel nosurge Offline: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta.


Extend talk pack 3 01

Nelico bringing an encrypted file to Ion.

This Extend Talk Pack contains the voiceover and text data for the conversations Nelico and Ion will hold whenever a new event related to it is triggered, as well as a few short movie files for additional dream sequences and images for some special files.

Nothing will actually happen in the game after the pack has been installed, but after the player has started a new game in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star and done a World Link between them, the following items will unlock:

Extend talk pack 3 02

A dream sequence showing the very first battle from Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

  • Nelico will come every now and then to bring encrypted files to Ion when the player tries initiating a conversation with her. Similarly, Ion will have the files decrypted if the player tries talking to her a few minutes after Nelico is gone, but only if Ion isn't out gathering items, asleep, eating or in the bathroom. However, neither Ion or Nelico seem to know what the files talk about. Upon decryption, these files can be read in the "7D Information" menu. The total number of files that can be obtained in this way is 19.
  • If the player tries to interact with Ion while she is asleep, they will be shown short snippets of the Ar nosurge events, covered in static and with the character voices slightly distorted. Ion will also sleep-talk about these events, which cover from the initial cutscenes to the very last fight in the game.
    File terminal

    The player's terminal displaying the first of the encrypted files.

Note that receiving the encrypted files and watching the dream sequences is gated by how far the player has progressed in Ar nosurge, so they will never be able to get files or see dreams of events they haven't actually seen in that game yet. Likewise, they will have to conduct a new World Link to update their Ar nosurge progression data when they advance, so more of the files and dreams will unlock.


Translations for the 19 files gotten from this pack can be read below. Note that no character names are ever given in them and their SHW identification codes are used instead, similarly to how it was the case in the Class-Arnosurge-Proto interactive novel.

File 01: Trojan Horse[]

It was a miscalculation on my part. To think they infiltrated enemy territory so unabashedly... I don't know if they did it out of sheer stupidity, or if it was due to the designs of someone's will. However, the only thing I can say for sure is that this has caused us a great problem: the reestablishment of a Chain that was done in the past. This reconnection was done unconsciously, and most likely, this allowed him to see part of the memories that were deleted from him. I don't know what kind of memories he regained, but I can't discard the possibility that they were ones that could be troublesome for us.

Surely, their goal was to rescue [[SH_95569X]].
They must have infiltrated because they lost contact with her. However, I won't allow them to get away. These two received the Cleansing from my very hands, so they are now just like birds in a cage.
The effects of the Cleansing will last for a little more time, and there is the possibility that they will cause quite a large uproar, so to prevent that we ought to capture them in the middle of night instead of during the day.
I have no further use for [[SH_95569X]]. If that girl manages to escape with them, it'll be better for her to receive Salvation in company of them. Yes, everything is for the sake of maturing the people's souls...

File 02: Progress in the Project[]

They got away! They escaped...!
I never thought they could have escaped under the circumstances they were in, but they managed to do so, and even worse, they took [[SH_95569X]] with them...
I've already taken away the Cieln that girl had with her, but the technical expertise and information [[SH_95569X]] already had is a great cause of worry. After all, the best course of action was to have her available to make use of her abilities.
It's very likely that this mistake will end up bringing us great harm, but before that happens, there are steps in this project I have to complete no matter what.

The first action we ought to take is attacking Felion. I'll just make my subordinates destroy the walls surrounding it and perform a Salvation on the Felion people right after, which we can do just by threatening them with the mechanical weapons. With this, it'll be extremely easy to make [[SH_95569X]] come here again thanks to her knowledge of the Cieln.
There is the possibility that she'll think it's a trap, but she'll come here regardless as long as I have the Cieln, as the situation will only worsen for them if they don't recover it...
Well then, I have to make preparations to receive these children, as naughty little ones must be accordingly punished.

File 03: SCT[]

<SCT Research Report>
Today we were successful in stealing authorization information about the Surge Concerto Terminal (SCT henceforth) from target S. Therefore, we have gained reading and execution access to the very SCT that was created by researcher C many years ago.
The SCT is the control system to Colony Ship Soreil, and thus it lodges several libraries within its memory banks. Among them, there is the [Protecta Class] to which the special Cieln Ciel N Protecta belongs.

Aside of it, there are also the Cielns [Class::CIEL_NOSURGE;] and [Class::AR_NOSURGE;] that belong to the main library of the SCT: the [Surge Class].
The Surge Class is the core of the system that makes a reality the function of [directly connecting to beyond the Seven Dimensions to harvest energy from there, and use it to operate systems] the SCT automatically carries out, as it was constructed with the purpose of connecting different worlds to our own through the Ar nosurge Tube.

However, there is a great problem with the SCT, which is that the person who developed it, researcher C died a long time ago. We couldn't capture target S either, who served as researcher C's understudy in his research. Therefore, we will need a large amount of time before we are capable of completely deciphering the SCT and use it to create new Cielns. Due to the aforementioned reasons, it's thought that the best plan we have available at the moment for making use of the SCT is basically utilizing the libraries that are already installed in it.

The most noteworthy of them at the moment would be [Class::CIEL_NOSURGE;].
While at first sight it only seems to be a generic system that allows to use the Ar nosurge Tube as a Cielnotron, [Class::CIEL_NOSURGE;] also allows the person that has Synchronized with it to utilize energy from another dimension.
If we use that Cieln alongside the drug I developed so long ago: the Astrocyte Modulation Virus (AMV henceforth), theoretically there is a high probability we could produce an endless number of Sharls.

Therefore, I have decided that as [Class::CIEL_N_PROTECTA;] is so comparatively easy to use among the SCT's libraries, I'll make use of it as a decoy while I continue my research on [Class::CIEL_NOSURGE;].
The power that will be produced if this research is successful will surely lead the world to an ideal future.

File 04: Mother[]

I'm surprised... As expected from the mother of the Sharls.
We knew very well how tall this tower is. No, that doesn't really have to do with anything, as anyone can realize that upon overseeing everything from its top. Anyway, all this happened because she came to this place.
But she jumped off it without hesitating even a little. That was an action I could have never anticipated in any way.
What could have happened while she was asleep, as she even regained her memories?

She was focused only in an idea while she was in that state. Yes, back when we arrived here after we jumped through time... but she won't be able to continue like that for long, as there are too many bus lines from higher dimensions causing interference.
She can't use Song Magic, and she can't use the Oversight in a satisfying manner. I'm really interested in what she is planning to do in that state. But I know. It might be redundant to say this, but regrettably, you will come back.
Because we're both the same...

File 05: Deep Psyche[]

I once discarded both my body and my soul so the world could continue existing.
At the least, I wished these actions could allow many living beings to continue living a little longer while I awaited for the time to be reborn...
However, these feelings were polluted by multitudes of foolish souls. The ones that were saved by the self-sacrifice of countless Genoms just continued baring their fangs and assaulting each other without even trying to reach for the truth.
These souls who threw away so many lives, and these souls who preyed on so many lives, why in the world did they have to exist?

After thousands of years, I finally regained a body at the hands of [[SH_83774L]], which also lodged the soul of [[SH_18739C]]...
I must atone for these sins, and repay those who offered their very selves.
And more than anything, I must repay the countless souls that were lost in that tragedy.
That is my atonement, the very meaning to my own life. Once everything is over, I will offer my own self to the land.
However, there is only one thing that worries me, and that is the feelings of [[SH_83774L]]. Her feelings are astoundingly deep, yet I can't stop feeling that there is a dark side to them. I pray that I'm only overthinking her actions.

File 06: Research Journal[]

After the Sharls created the land of Sharlanoia, I decided to move all the research I was conducting underground, particularly the ones with the highest degree of confidentiality, to above ground.
As I am the one who saved them after they existed for so long as mere souls, I fortunately received their approval to move there as repayment for everything I did for them.
I have several research projects that should never be seen by any human, but among them, the one absolutely no one must ever see is the research about Interdimend.

As long as I am at Sharlanoia and the wall keeping out all but a few select humans out stands, they will never find me. And even if they managed to pass the wall, this place is the Sharls' territory, so dealing with them will be very easy.
But if they ever saw it, I'm sure these idiotic humans would do everything in their power to obstruct the advancement of my research. And that is because they can't comprehend how essential it is for the creation of the ideal world...
If we can make use of Interdimend and execute my plans, the world will surely change. No, it must change. All this is for the sake of a better future...

File 07: Land of Feelings[]

Thanks to the efforts of the Sharls, the land of Sharlanoia has expanded. While it's an ephemeral land that can easily vanish for the pettiest reasons, it's still as warm and abundant as a true planet.
This green land is the blessing gained from the Purification of the human souls, and those humans that have finished purifying their souls will create the paradise with us. So when I told the Sharls that both them and the humans have different roles and are carrying out different tasks to create a wonderful land, the Sharls believed my words without any questions.

I told them that we might be partially forcing the Purification on the humans, but this is all for their sake.They believed that the Purification would make the humans happy, because their Demon Hearts make the world narrower. So I could make the Sharls believe that by Purifying the humans, they could take away their rage and sadness, and make them happy by allowing them to live with plentiful and peaceful hearts.

File 08: The Meaning of Control[]

<SHS Heteromycin and the Special Characteristics of the Master Sharl>
By administering the SHS Heteromycin to a Sharl, she becomes a being with the ability to control other Sharls, called the Master Sharl.
However, this ability will only work in Sharls that possess a specific genetic code. Therefore, if the Sharls were produced by a different strain of the Astrocyte Modulation Virus, it will be impossible to control them.

Additionally, the method the Master Sharl uses to control the Sharls is no more than forcing them to empathize with her feelings.
In short, she makes them empathize with her mental state and bodily sensations, and starting with this, she becomes able to control the Sharls however she desires.
So if a Master Sharl hypothetically died while she was in the middle of empathizing, that event would also disseminate to the Sharls she was controlling. Therefore, the safety of the Master Sharl should be prioritized over everything else while she is controlling the Sharls.

File 09: Special Characteristics of the Races[]

<Predominance of the Special Characteristics of the Races>
Normally, Sharls lack a soul and thus are machine-like entities that act following specific preprogrammed routines.
However, after [[SH_83774L]] began placing Genom souls into the Sharls' bodies, they were able to be reborn as new lives.
These particular Sharls are beings that have both the special characteristics of Sharls and Genom. Due to this, they can be influenced by two entities: the Master Sharl that can control the Sharls, and the Genom God [[SH_18739C]].

This has been made clear from the incident in which the Sharls fell in a coma and were awakened the other day.
If these Genom soul-possessing Sharls only had the characteristics of the former, most likely it would have been impossible to awaken them after they fell into the coma. However, they actually were awakened. Given that their awakening took place almost at the same time Cosal's revival was confirmed, it's a valid theory that they received influence from him.
Given the aforementioned, more research is needed to determine which of the two races' special characteristics has the most predominance when they are being influenced.

File 10: People's Rage[]

They were abducted again...!

             Give back my wife and children!

   Papa... Mama...

What the hell're the Divine Empress and Genomes doin'!?

       I don't wanna live in a sealed world like this anymore!

    The Wall is all beaten up.

Didn't they say they were gonna kill all the Sharls!?

      Aside of Felion, all other residential districts were destroyed.

 You good-for-nothing liar Empress!!

           Stop acting all high and mighty already!

I wanna sleep peacefully.

I wanna live

I'm scared

I'm terrified


I don't wanna die!

I won't forgive them!



I don't wanna see anything!


Enough already!

I can't believe you anymore!

Stop fooling around!

I don't wanna hear anything!


It hurts

I'll kill you!

I can't stand it anymore

It hurts

Give them back!

It's so painful

It's the end!


File 11: Consciousness Control[]

Interdimend. That term refers to the power of intentionally receiving interferences from another world in our own and allowing them to operate a specific subject as if it was a terminal of some sort. If we remove some exceptions, the most suitable target would be a living being, especially one that has the same degree of intelligence as a humanoid creature.
In short, this means that the interferences received from Interdimend also have a great probability of having been reached in a similar evolutionary process to the one we humans have undergone. However, this is no more than mere conjecture, as since we have no way of provoking interferences in other dimensions, we have no way of verifying how it truly works.

But since we can provoke interferences in this world through Interdimend, we need to conduct more research to find out a method we can use to discover how it came to be.
Aside of that, there are some points that should be carefully considered about Interdimend. These are the following two points:
*Loss of Bodily Sensation in the Target
*Consciousness Control of the Target
They both have been clarified by this point in time, so they will be explained below:

<Loss of Bodily Sensation in the Target>
The one that has been made the Interdimend's target will experience gradual loss of their bodily sensations. It's expected that the speed at which this phenomenon happens will differ from person to person, but they will ultimately lose all of their five senses. However, this doesn't mean they will lose the capacity of moving their body. This is because the being that controls them through Interdimend will be able to see, listen and speak on their behalf.
It is due to these reasons that confirming the state of the target is extremely difficult for outside observers.

<Consciousness Control>
The most fearsome phenomenon caused by Interdimend is this one: the Consciousness Control. To explain it in simple terms, the target comes to think that the orders they receive are actually [their own thoughts]. Naturally, since they are deluded into thinking these are their own thoughts and sensations, the possibility they are being controlled never occurs to them.
Since there are still many things we aren't aware about it, the possibilities gotten from receiving interferences from Interdimend are too good to reject them.

File 12: Legacy From the Past[]

Looks like something troublesome was left behind. However, how frequent is it to think it is also admirable enough to take your breath away?
The Surge Concerto Terminal that [[SH_62910M]] left behind can be inferred to be an invention great enough to recreate the whole word from just taking a look at it. And at the same time, one can also actually feel the extent to which he was a genius, regardless of how unpleasant that might be.
If I had to make a simile for it, it feels like the sensation one would get from challenging an impenetrable fortress with your bare hands. Even his best disciple [[SH_95569X]] needs a large amount of time to finish deciphering it.

While we both conducted research together, since we both focused in different specialties, I wasn't able to follow in his footsteps regardless of how long we worked together.
However, the key that would solve this problem was discovered in an unlikely place. Uracill, the daughter [[SH_62910M]] abandoned for the sake of his research, has preserved her father's research documents as a keepsake in a city located in the central parts of Orei, called Amenomirai.
Additionally, ever since Amenomirai was destroyed by the Genomirai Church and it became possible to search on its surrounding areas, the process for collecting the research documents proceeded smoothly.

Among the collected documents there also were several that contained detailed information about the Surge Concerto Terminal. Indeed, it was just like a miracle bestowed by the Heavens that by mere chance we found that key.

File 13: Feelings and Duty[]

While I'm here, I can still hear the people's voices, no matter how much I dislike it. Parents and children, lovers and friends... so many people that have suffered at the Sharls' hands. And so many words flutter about from their mouths about how the Divine Empress and PLASMA aren't doing anything to save them, to the point my ears hurt from hearing them. As they have no power to defend themselves, they cowardly and pathetically have even come to say that they might find peace at last if they let the Sharls catch them and take them to the Flask Sea. There's been too much people lately having these idiotic thoughts.
I don't know if they've noticed it already, but I know already why the Sharls keep on attacking the people.

And I know it because I'm partially a Sharl too... I really want everyone to know it too... What the Sharls are thinking, what they're feeling... But by the time I woke up, it was already too late, as they were all filled to the brim with rage and fear toward the Sharls. What can I do in a situation like this?
As the Divine Empress, I must continue protecting everyone. And if the only way in which I can protect them is by fighting against the Sharls, I have no other choice but to do it.

File 14: Channels[]

That's cheating...! Cheating cheating cheating!!
Why!? Why did things come to this!?
Papa and the others are using two channels to fight! It's all thanks to that they could be a nuisance whenever I was getting to the good parts all this time!
With just me controlling [[SH_66167B]], there's no way we can beat them ! No, I might be able to beat them, but it's pretty inconvenient and unfair to go on like this.
...So I'll destroy him. It'll be for the best that I destroy [[SH_25041P]] and cut off all their connections.

[[SH_10034A]] and [[SH_25041P]] said they're heading for Sora.
If that's true, no one will be able to go save them quickly. Once I destroy [[SH_25041P]], I'll be able to save Papa by disconnecting him from whoever's inside him. That way, they won't be able to connect to this world again.
Wait a little more Papa. I'll save you right away.

File 15: Disconnection from the World[]

A Seven-Dimensional Connection requires the use of the 7D Gate Passport located at the Hymmnesphere in order to be performed. After all, defining the coordinates, actually carrying out the connection and all other actions that come after it can only be done in this place.
The head part of the destroyed [[SH_25041P]]: the Avatar Core contained a great amount of tremendously important information, but the most important ones among it were the coordinates and connection code for [[SH_25041P]]. If it was possible to obtain them, it would be possible to completely cut off the incoming connections from Earth, and that wouldn't apply solely to [[SH_25041P]]; as it would also render [[SH_22816E]] completely unable to use the Interdimend ever again. However, this plan ended in failure.

Due to [[SH_13845F]]'s failure, her location and that of [[SH_66167B]] were unveiled to them, and upon learning of the actions they sought to carry out, the administrator decided to make the Hymmnesphere completely inoperable so they wouldn't be able to do anything.
While we expected a failure as soon as their location was made known, it is unmistakable that said failure was quite hard to take for her.

File 16: Connected Worlds[]

I doubted my eyes when I saw the values in the terminal I had before me, as they showed energy emanating little by little from the coordinates where Ra Ciela's center used to be, yet it seemed to be constantly consumed at a rate that wasn't abnormal on a planetary scale.
This can only mean one thing: there is a spatial distortion, and the energy is flowing to the other side of said distortion.
While right now we don't know why this phenomenon occurs, we do know one fact: that the planet to which our comrades were sent so long lies on the other side of that distortion.

The spatial connection that was established thanks to the Grand Phoenix Project was never cut off. Right now, this will become the greatest hope to the living creatures that inhabit this world.
There are so many people living their lives the hardest they can within this region of Orei. We must craft a world where they can live while smiling... we must craft hope for them.

File 17: Orgel[]

Beyond the spatial distortion found around where Ra Ciela used to be there was another planet called Ar Ciel.
And in there, an orgel called the Orgel of Origins found by pure chance the time-space distortion and continued absorbing energy from the space where Ra Ciela used to be in a way similar to a water turbine.
In Ar Ciel, this energy was used to construct a gigantic Tower used to amplify the power of feelings called the [First Amplification Tower], which seems to possess the greatest power in that world.

File 18: Infinite Absorption[]

The Maternal Overseer is a living creature that concealed an infinite amount of energy.
Even though it was weakened by [[SH_33144B]] and [SH_71523J]]'s Song, she continued living thanks to changing her energy source. However, since the Maternal Overseer is unable to use life energy as a power source, there is no possibility for her to become an Eighth-Dimensional creature that can oversee the entirety of the Seven Dimensions. Due to this, she is a completely different thing from the main role she was supposed to have, and thus she ended becoming a living creature that only exists to continue absorbing energy.
Thus, that living creature will continue absorbing Orei's energy until she consumes it completely. At this rate, we'll end up sinking down regardless of what we do.

File 19: Desired Future[]

If [you] think she will be really happy returning to her world, [you] must challenge yourself to a great battle in order to solve everything. However, that would only mean [you] are still lacking in power.
Since [you] are from a different dimension, it was necessary for [you] to make use of the knowledge possessed by the people of this world in which [you] are interfering. And there is only one thing known by the single girl who received these interferences. However, the death of that girl couldn't be avoided in none of all the possible Fifth Axis existing out there. If that girl's death can't be prevented, then search for a method to call back her soul to this world afterwards.

In order to do that, [you] will need the crystal of miracles that [you] were given by your Ar Ciel friends.