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"Say... what do you think about this world?"

Infel is a secondary character in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. She accomplishes the function of Mind Guardian for Cloche, and is apparently quite a scholarly and intelligent person. She loves cracking out extremely bad jokes at the worst moments possible, and dislikes a lot to be told that her jokes are so bad, that literally can make everything around her freeze. However, she also seems to harbor some dark secrets...


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Infel is actually not a Mind Guardian, but the leftover consciousness and memories of the first Maiden of Mio. Infel actually was an orphan, but she was adopted and raised by the genius scientist Grammul, who at the time was the leader of the Infel Phira project. Grammul was greatly surprised once he became aware that the girl he adopted had such a high level of intelligence and really loved talking to her whenever he had the chance. Grammul also was the one responsible for transcribing her to Infel Phira, making her effectively the very first IPD Reyvateil born in the world.

However, this soon became a great sadness when it became apparent that said girl was going to become a sacrifice for the sake of creating Metafalica. Because of this, Grammul sympathized greatly with her suffering and named her Infel after the Server that was supposed to give her Reyvateil powers (Infel Phira), so the world could remember her forever. Grammul also gave her the plush rabbit she is always seen carrying, Mimimi as a present when Infel was appointed as the Maiden of Mio. This stuffed doll was special because whenever Infel held it in her arms, it would react to her emotions and change its facial expressions to match the ones Infel had.

As a side note, it was around this time that Infel invented one of the items that is still regarded as one of the most precious things to the Reyvateils: the Diquility crystals, which are the Life Extending Agents used by the Third Generation Reyvateils to continue living past their average limit of 20 years.

After receiving the news that the first IPD was successfully transcribed, the Grand Bell declared that from that time onwards, there would be two Maidens: the Maiden of Homura and the Maiden of Mio. This status was created because of the extremely important role the Maiden of Mio would have in the new method of creating Metafalica, which would finally circumvent all the problems that Jaza's theory had. At this point, Infel's intellect had grown so much that she had even surpassed Grammul's level, and one day while she was studying his theories, Infel found a hole in it in a part that was called the Transmigration of Souls.

While researching this, she discovered the Selfstabilizing Tesseractal Nuclear Loops (also known as Hearts of the Land) using as the basis the Triangular Nuclear Loops that some Reyvateils have within them. Later on, she began doing experiments to see if they were applicable to Metafalica, and while she did so, the news about Grammul's theories requiring sacrifices were spread among the people of Metafalss. Grammul lost all the support of the Grand Bell and the people once this became known, and the following year he was fired. Infel then was appointed as the new leader in the Infel Phira project.

Around this time, Infel finally took the courage to open up Mimimi to understand why it was able to change its facial expressions and she discovered the reason why Grammul gave it to her. The plush had an imperfect Triangular Nuclear Loop within itself and it also had a rewritten Cellophane linked to the same Address in Infel Phira owned by Infel. This meant that Mimimi could be considered as another self of Infel and it was planned to replace Infel as the sacrifice that Grammul's theory needed to create Metafalica. Grammul tried his best to search for a method to create Metafalica without having to sacrifice the person that had become his precious daughter, but as Infel herself noticed after she could clarify all the aspects behind creating a Heart of the Land and a Consciousness of the Land, this wouldn't have worked. The Metafalica that this would have created would haven't been anything beyond a faulty land. Infel grieved because of not having understood Grammul's true intentions until now, when it was too late, and said: "You are the greatest idiot to have ever lived".

Once she got the control of the project, Infel formed a team out from Grammul's best engineers and several Teru she recruited, and called them the People of Mio. Then, in 3308 AD they started programming the Hymmnos dialect that would be used by the IPDs, called the New Testament of Pastalie, with the intention of making Infel Phira and the IPDs unique and faster in comparison to the Reyvateils that draw their power from Ar tonelico; and also continued with the creation of Infel Phira where Grammul was fired: the Second Stage.

During this Stage, Infel concentrated all of her feelings and hope, and began creating the final Song that would be instrumental in this: METHOD_METAFALICA/.. On 3310 AD, she finally completed it and with this, everything was in place for an initial test run of the combined singing of Metafalica. Thanks to the powers of the Terus, Infel's own intelligence, and the feelings the team and Nenesha produced together, this test run finally managed to prove Infel's theory right by creating a Selfstabilizing Tesseractal Nuclear Loop. Despite not being very large compared to the one Infel Phira was supposed to produce, when it was tested as a Heart of the Land, it successfully managed to create a life-cycle around it, and so both Infel and the People of Mio deemed it as a complete success. This Heart of the Land was then called Metafalica-α, and the place where it was tested, a barren land in the Rim near Mint Block's current location later on became a great forest known as the Mikry Forest.

This got up the hopes of everyone in Metafalss, who during the three following years couldn't wait any longer for the day when the true Metafalica would be sung and their Utopia brought forth into the world. And during this time, Infel kept on going over the results of the Metafalica-α experiment and revising METHOD_METAFALICA/. in order to bring it closer to perfection, until year 3312 AD in which the Song finally took its final form and the Second Stage of Infel Phira was brought to a succesful end. However, while Metafalica-α was a success in all respects and it seemed that nothing could go wrong with the real attempt, METHOD_METAFALICA/. had a fatal flaw. And Infel didn't notice it until the night right before it was supposed to be executed.

Once she became aware of it, she ran off the Grand Bell Hall. Metafalica-α and the true Metafalica also had another great difference: while α was made with the help of Infel's most trusted researchers and engineers, the true Metafalica would have to be created together with everyone in Metafalss. She believed that everyone in the world was bound to have even a slight bit of darkness on their hearts; but she thought that her heart was something no one should ever see. This was why she ran off while crying over her own weakness...

However, she wasn't alone. There always was someone else at her side giving her comfort; the Maiden of Homura at the time: Nenesha. They both lived together in an isolated environment, and Nenesha was the only that could understand her. Her irreplaceable partner. As long as their friendship continued like this, everything would surely go well... When she finally cried enough, Infel noticed that Nenesha had been following her since when she left the Grand Bell Hall. Nenesha had never seen her so-firm partner with a face like this, and after looking at her slightly surprised, she softly embraced Infel.

However, this was no more than the prelude to a tragedy...

The next day, when Nenesha began singing EXEC_METAFALICA/., Infel also began singing METHOD_METAFALICA/., and everything seemed to be going as it was planned. But the next moment, the IPDs started seeing into Infel's mind, and enraged and disappointed beyond belief due to the feelings she held: that Metafalica's creation was mainly for Nenesha's sake and for advancing her research, most of them stopped singing one after another. Due to this, the morale of the IPDs reached the bottom and even the few that still continued supporting Infel despite everything couldn't continue providing them with the power needed for Metafalica to be executed successfully, thus rendering METHOD_METAFALICA/. unable to accomplish its functions. And the next second, while Infel was still recovering from the overwhelming sensations the song brought her, she saw how Raki descended from the heavens and killed Nenesha just before her own eyes.

17 of the thousands of IPDs that were sent to save Infel and Nenesha retaliated and launched a combined blast of Song Magic to Raki, making her drop the D-Cellophane she had taken from Nenesha's corpse. Infel saw her chance, and took back the D-Cellophane. Then she stared at Raki, filled with rage and hatred, and declared war to her.

She ran off as fast as she could into the Grand Bell Hall and made her way to where the Lakra system was installed, using it to establish a direct connection with Infel Phira to then begin commanding the IPDs via their E-Spots. In this way, she mobilized them to attack so quickly and efficiently, that the Divine Armies had to retreat back to Sol Marta via the Tower to the Heavens. Infel next commanded the IPDs to climb up the Tower to the Heavens to find and kill off the Goddess in vengeance for Nenesha's death while destroying any enemies that stood on their way.

Raki already had considered this and made the Tower disappear as a precaution. However, Infel hacked and forced the Tower to reappear, allowing her and her troops to reach Sol Marta and seize the control of it. When they met with the Goddess (Frelia), Infel finally understood her true intentions and decided to simply keep Her as a hostage instead of killing Her.

When they returned to the land below, Infel and Raki began making negotiations for an armistice, and once they were settled, the First War Against the Goddess ended with the humans as the victors. However, Infel was left alone, not only because her best friend had died, but also because she only got hatred and disappointment from the people because of the failure of Metafalica and because of the damages the War caused to them.

This made Infel fall into despair, and while pondering why the world and its people were so hideous, she found her own answer to it.

"What kind of world is the one where everyone would be able to attain the true happiness? The people hurt each other because they become anxious or fearful of each other. If there wasn't any fear in this world, that wouldn't happen. If I could make this a world where fear didn't exist, surely the people would change."

Infel's stormy feelings subsided a little when a few years later, she discovered that Nenesha wasn't completely gone yet. Because of the failed Metafalica, her soul was transmigrated into a Heart of the Land and it floated in the skies above Metafalss at that time. Once she managed to get the Heart, she frantically started researching again in an attempt to communicate one more time with Nenesha, until she discovered the method for doing so: the Conversation Songs.

She discovered and developed this song from the feelings that Nenesha had left behind in the D-Cellophane without noticing, and by using it Infel was able to remove the Heart from its shell. However, Infel soon had to put it back in, given that the Heart would be consumed by the waves of the world if it was left unprotected, and once she realized that Nenesha wouldn't come back because her physical body had already perished, Infel completely broke down. At this point, she stopped caring about anything else and sealed Nenesha's will inside the D-Cellophane as a precaution against anyone that tried to remove her Heart of the Land from its shell.

After this, she developed the Hibernation Project and suggested it to Raki while they were still doing the post-war negotiations. Given that if this project was successful Frelia wouldn't need to continue maintaining the land, preserving her life, Raki agreed to it. However, Infel never noticed that after she had obtained Nenesha's Heart of the Land, the Will of the Heart was interfering with her thoughts and virtually manipulating everything she did...

And the reason why Infel developed and perfected Hibernation at its core was to talk to Nenesha through her Cosmosphere, and later on she extended it to all the people of Metafalss so they could always live in their perfect dreams, free of all kinds of suffering...

After some time of researching and experimentation, she gathered again all of her elite team, the People of Mio and headed to the Lakra chamber where she executed Hibernation upon herself. After the Song was completed, Infel was sublimated and her mind remained within Infel Phira, waiting for the time when Ar tonelico and Infel Phira would finally connect, so she could finally reach Nenesha's Cosmosphere and execute the Ascension Plan...

However, she had a brief detour in 3770 AD. At that time, Cloche was made to sing METHOD_ALTERNATION/. to formally become the new Maiden of Mio and thus Infel had to converse with her to see if she was suitable to be her successor. Naturally, it was done as an exchange of feelings, so they couldn't see each other's faces. Infel didn't really think Cloche's attempt at Metafalica would be any more successful than her own, but after witnessing Cloche's determination and powerful feelings, she saw potential in her and decided to bestow upon her the rights as Queen of Infel Phira and Maiden of Mio, while cautioning her about the duties and dangers her powers would entail, as well as to make sure to get the people's power on her side. She then decided to keep watching over Cloche to see if this all would lead to something...

Role in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica[]

Her first appearance within the game was after Croix was forced to Dive within Cloche, and after getting booted out to the real world, Luca helped him by performing a Proxy Dive. After they finally got rid of the persona that wasn't letting him enter the Cosmosphere, Croix met for the first time with Infel. She just told him some things about the nature of the Cosmospheres and left him to himself. It's to be noted that Infel never said herself that she was Cloche's Mind Guardian, and that Croix simply assumed it.

For the rest of the game, she usually only appears in Cloche's Cosmosphere, making fun of Croix's attempts to continue advancing, and giving him advice once in a while... until Frelia sings Hibernation. At that point, Infel Phira and Ar tonelico finally connected thanks to the Lakra system, and in there she met with Nenesha, who didn't recognize her. Later on, she left a message for Croix and company after they defeated the monster Zodom in the Lakra chamber, saying "Good job. Soon, this entire world will change."

After this, she isn't seen again until Cloche and Luca reach the final level of the Infelsphere, and while they were in the point that was supposed to be a trip through their childhood memories, both she and Nenesha appeared, telling both of the current Maidens that they needed to borrow Luca's body for a brief time in order to progress with their plans. They then kidnapped Luca and forced Cloche out by shutting down the Infelsphere. Then, after Cloche and Luca managed to redo this part and completed the Infelsphere, they obtained the Hymn Crystal for METHOD_METAFALICA/.; and Infel appeared briefly before Cloche when she Downloaded the song. She warned Cloche about why Metafalica failed in the first place, showed her the flaws that METHOD_METAFALICA/. had, and finally mocked her attempts at trying to make a success of something that seemed to be doomed to fail regardless of how many times it was tried.

Infel appears once more when Jakuri uses the Dive Machine in the Hot Spot to scan Raki's memory and ask Shurelia to open the doors within Sol Marta, asking Jakuri to stop hacking in her systems and calling her a malignant virus. After Jakuri retorted with a sarcastic remark about who had been causing the most damage, Infel replied with the same exact phrase that Jakuri used in Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, complete with her own personal touch:

"You all are viruses to this world. That is why I will purify you all"

And then she sent a Zodom for Jakuri and the rest of Croix's party to fight, given this act allowed Infel to track their location easily. Once they defeated it, Infel sent them a final message: "The Sublimation of this world will start soon."

Soon after, they met at the deepest chamber of Sol Marta, the Tree of Marta where Frelia's sleep pod was located. Once here, Infel proceeded to reveal that she was never a Mind Guardian and that she merely trespassed into Cloche's Cosmosphere via Infel Phira after living for almost 400 years as a piece of data in its Binary Field. Jakuri was surprised when she heard how Infel compared herself with her when it came to living within the Binary Field, and Infel asked Croix's group to follow her back to the Ar Ciel Sphere. Here, she used Nenesha's Heart of the Land to make her appear again on the real world and announced her plan: free the souls of the people from their bodies by casting an enhanced version of the Ascension called Sublimation over the entire world. She believed that at this point this was the only reasonable choice, given that Metafalica was never going to be success and the Will of Ar Ciel had already shown how much it despised the people by making its own surface inhospitable.

Croix tried to convince her that there was still hope for Metafalica and for the people, given he had seen with his own eyes how much the people suffered, rejoiced, and finally came together, all for the same ideal. He also told her that despite life being filled with hardships, these hardships would later on become fond memories because of how they managed to overcome them and would allow them to grow as people. However, Infel replied that if they were doomed to feel such a great pain in exchange for that growth, she would never want that to happen, and after saying that they wouldn't have a say on the matter, both she and Nenesha began singing Sublimation.

Instantly, the skies began to darken and the stars and the moon began vanishing. Everything started shaking, which Jakuri explained it was because all of the waves in the world were undulating. Croix threatened them with forcing them to stop the song, but Infel and Nenesha just suggested them to play a game in which they would bet the futures they wanted for the world: if Croix's group won, they would stop Sublimation, but if they won, they would just continue with it. They also forced them to do it by saying that if they didn't take them on, they would continue interfering with their attempts at creating Metafalica doing whatever it was necessary, no matter if they lost. Croix accepted, which caused them to turn all the trees from the Sky Plains into a massive abomination called Ryuju and sent it to attack them. Cloche severely weakened it by using the combined powers of all the IPDs into a massive Replekia blast, and Croix and his friends fought long and hard, until Ryuju was felled.

Croix once again told Infel that he thought that the world still had potential and asked her to allow them to try creating Metafalica. He promised that if they failed again, she would be free to do whatever she wanted with the world. For a moment, Infel began giving in and told them that if they showed her that they could create Metafalica, she would think about giving them a chance. However, she got caught into the influence of Nenesha's Heart of the Land, and because of this, both Nenesha and herself challenged Croix and his friends to a final battle, declaring that their only goal was making everyone in the world happy.

After they were defeated, Nenesha vanished and Infel fell down to her knees in despair, calling for Nenesha in vain. She asked Croix if they would be able to create a world in which no one had to suffer anymore. Croix said that wishing for something like that was impossible, and when Infel retorted that why they were obsessed with this world to the point of still wishing to live in it, Croix answered by telling her that all the good things and bad things in life are what, to him, can make someone actually feel being alive. Infel simply told them that she was going to reset Raki back to her normal programming and to go and create Metafalica immediately. Croix tried to tell her that he was going to come pick her if Metafalica was a success, but Infel simply interrupted him and ordered him to leave her alone.

A while before Luca and Cloche attempted again to sing Metafalica, Frelia asked her if she was okay with this... because once Metafalica was executed, Infel Phira would be transmigrated into the Will of the Land, causing its Memory to be defragmented, and with it... the deletion of her Cosmosphere Address, causing her to definitively die... Infel tried to act like she didn't care, but was actually devastated over this whole affair due to knowing this would happen from the beginning.

When Cloche began to choke during the singing of Metafalica, being unable to show her heart to the IPDs, Infel hurriedly entered her Cosmosphere and berated her. Infel told her that she was the only one that could make Metafalica a success, because she was the only true pure-hearted Metafalica-obsessed idiot in the world, and that she had to, because it had been her and Nenesha's dream.

After this, the execution of Metafalica continued as it was planned and once the defragmenting started, Infel smiled, congratulating Cloche and her friends for surpassing her and asking Frelia and everyone to take care of this world for her. Then she vanished... leaving as her greatest legacy the successfully created Metafalica Sphere, and the Diquility that the Reyvateils use to this day to continue living...

Role in the Flash Cosmospheres[]

Infel appears briefly in the Binary Stage Flash Cosmosphere, which is one of the two that were made in the interim between the releases of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica and Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel. In it, she plays the role of a fortuneteller in an unfinished Binary Field scenario made by Jakuri, and she is stated to be 100% accurate in her predictions as well as being flawless in finding missing people. However, she makes terrible puns as per her habit, with the danger that if anyone shows any reaction to her puns, they will be petrified and turned into statues, with Karei, Croix and Jakuri being her victims if the player chooses the wrong option when confronting her. However, since it's a Binary Field scenario set at some point after Ar tonelico II's final battle and its ending, it's not actually her.

She was also given a full feature Flash Cosmosphere callled the Infel Stage, which shows the events of Cloche's Lv. 6-R and Lv. 7 Cosmospheres from her point of view.

First Part[]

While she initially tries running away from the Cosmosphere as it collapses due to Luca's actions and Cloche's self-destructive side at the end of Lv. 6-R, she is surprised when she sees the world still exists despite Cloche having just been annihilated. She scolds herself, remembering she isn't an actual Mind Guardian and starts to badmouth Cloche by saying someone so suicidal shouldn't be trying to make a land in the first place.

This attracts the attention of Cloche's images of Batz and Sasha, the former shocking Infel greatly due to the fact that he shouldn't be there due to the amnesia Cloche got from her traumatic experiences in the IPD Labs. Sasha and Batz ask her to help returning Cloche's Cosmosphere to normal, recognizing they don't know much how Cosmospheres work, but Infel just scoffs and says she just is going to help just because she wants to find explanations for all the mysteries in Cloche's Cosmosphere and not because she particularly cares for her well-being.

The topic then turns to Mimimi and how she can change her expression, and while she almost blurts out Mimimi's emotions are synchronized with her own, she manages to stop saying the most important part at the very last moment.

Upon arriving at a flower field, Sasha remarks the place should have some signs of destruction due to Cloche's annihilation, and Infel theorizes that Cloche might still be hiding somewhere, though she ignores why she would need to hide in the first place, which leads Batz to point out that all the residents from the Cosmosphere aside of Sasha and himself have disappeared. Infel then notices that Croix is approaching them, and makes them all hide. They all notice Alice is accompanying Croix, and that they are both searching for Cloche.

Batz has to hold the urge to go punch him, but Infel and Sasha help with calming him down. The topic then turns to Infel's lack of a romantic life, as she reveals she never brought a boyfriend home and never had one in the first place due to spending all her time in a laboratory. She reveals that she was an orphan like Sasha, and tells them a bit of her story with Grammul, but starts thinking back of how he destroyed his own reputation in an attempt to save her from being a sacrifice for Metafalica's creation. Batz realizes Infel is keeping some things from them, but she retorts that Batz isn't telling them why he can't go meet Cloche, as previously he refused when Infel told him to go find her himself. She also notices how similar Batz and Grammul are due to both working in the shadows to protect their daughters, while they will never realize how much their respective fathers did for their sake.

However, this melancholy changes to rage when she notices how much she's gotten tangled up in Cloche's own problems, and she has to be awakened from her thoughts when Sasha and Batz notice that Croix and Alice are leaving. After a while following them, Sasha and Batz notice that Infel looks a bit moody, but after probing her a bit to what's bothering her, she snaps at Sasha. Infel apologizes, and tells Sasha that trying to deal with mysteries she can't solve pisses her off. Batz decides to ask what she thinks of Cloche, to which Infel replies she finds her as perfect to use. Batz is disappointed upon hearing that Infel really doesn't seem to care about Cloche at all, and when Croix and Alice prepare to go somewhere else, Batz asks Infel to stop helping them if she seriously doesn't have Cloche's best interests as her main reason.

Infel asks what they can do if Batz himself can't meet Cloche, and that Sasha is in danger given how deep in her Cosmosphere they are, to which Batz replies he'll find a way and that Sasha won't really get attacked because she wouldn't exist at such a deep level if Cloche didn't care about her so much. Batz then tells Infel that continuing to help Cloche for knowledge's sake alone is pointless if she'll just continue beating herself up about finding these answers, to which Infel rationalizes that it would end as mostly useless trivia, and thus she decides to just refocus on her goal of meeting again with Nenesha.

Infel agrees to leave, and after a short conversation, she steps down. Batz thanks her for having helped Croix to reach this point due to her role as a pseudo-Mind Guardian, and he and Sasha tell her they will do their best to save Cloche. As she prepares to leave, Infel takes a last look to Cloche's Cosmosphere, feeling a bit sad over leaving it after having spent so much time in it, but as she steps into the Binary Field, she is shocked to notice how a Paradigm Shift has been triggered at the Stonehenge, which should be impossible.

Infel rushes to the Stonehenge, keeping herself hidden from view, and sees how Alice and Croix leave for the next level. Sasha and Batz arrive at that moment, and after talking a bit about Croix is so skilled at Diving and how Batz would have smacked him if he wasn't trying to save his daughter, they also enter the Paradigm Shift.

Infel expresses her shock about the Cosmosphere still existing, and about how impossible and illogical it is for Luca or a little girl to be the forms taken by Cloche's personae, as well as her frustration about people being unable to protect anyone. But she doesn't want to think about what she will be doing now, and instead of taking the choice directly, she looks at Mimimi's expression to see what she thinks about not helping Cloche. Much to her chagrin, Mimimi shows an awful expression of pain mixed with dissatisfaction, and she realizes she is in a destroyed Cosmosphere that somehow is still standing, which makes it extremely dangerous for a normal Diver, and even more dangerous for an invader like herself.

After screaming about how she'll have to end up saving Cloche herself, she decides to do so as thanks for having let her see something as unusual as this Cosmosphere, and that she will clear up every single doubt about it with her own hands, as she can't depend on Croix, Batz or Sasha. She shows her annoyance at Cloche's self-destructive tendencies, and after briefly pondering about making the world end and advance to the next stage, she jumps into the Paradigm Shift.

Second Part[]

Infel arrives at Cloche's Lv. 7 Cosmosphere, and after taking a look around and remarking about how the place is barely holding itself together, she meets again with Sasha and Batz. Batz remarks it's a pretty dangerous place and that she should just leave, but Infel remarks she just wants to solve the mysteries of the Cosmosphere due to how a Paradigm Shift was triggered in the previous level, which should have been impossible. She then remarks she hates dealing with idiots when Batz says she's too curious for her own good. Batz at first is against the idea, but ends up relenting once he notices that they have no other leads to help Cloche, as well as noticing that Infel does actually like Cloche but is putting up a hostile facade to hide it.

The three then decide to work together to have a better chance at saving Cloche, with Infel remarking that Batz would be useful in case any trouble happened. Batz is willing, but states he will refrain from anything crazy. Batz first advises going to search for Cloche, but Infel shoots down the plan almost immediately: while it would be a good idea to have an idea of what they're against, the depth of the Cosmosphere they are at would make it very dangerous to traverse that world, or even worse, meet with the Cloche inhabiting it. Infel then suggests finding a sword, remarking that none of them are in the Cosmosphere because Cloche wants them there, unlike Croix: Infel is an invader while Sasha and Batz are just figments of her Cosmosphere.

While they have no idea where to look for a weapon, Sasha realizes that since Cloche has self-destructive tendencies, most likely she has something hidden away she would use to destroy herself because she would want someone to destroy her. Batz ask what it'd look like, and Sasha replies it would look like a weapon or something dangerous. Infel tells Batz to try using his brain too, and Batz tells her that he saw before someone who looked like they had a weapon, but most likely they'd have to defeat them in order to get it; and that most likely they'd get attacked by him. Infel says it's a least a bit of progress made, and they decide to follow him.

When they reach the place Batz told them, they find Alfman complaining about how the world is boring, and Batz remarks that since he has a lot of weapons, it makes sense for him to have it too. He first voices that he's going to knock Alfman out and enter the shed he is guarding, as Sasha and Infel reasoned he wouldn't have it on his person, but both girls tell him to not do that and instead to try something less violent, as they might end up defeated if they fight him. Sasha offers herself as a decoy to distract Alfman so Infel and Batz can enter the shed. Batz is doubtful about putting Sasha in danger, but Infel then reminds him how Cloche wouldn't let someone she dislikes like Alfman hurt Sasha.

Sasha then walks crying to Alfman feigning to be lost, so she can lure him away. However, Alfman begins teasing and hitting her on the head while laughing evilly, which causes Batz to flip out and attack Alfman while Infel leads her to safety. Both girls then run off into the shack to search for the weapon while Batz fights Alfman, but they find a mess inside. Sasha suggests cleaning a bit, but Infel replies they don't have time and that they should instead turn the place inside out. After noticing the room only has normal guns, Sasha points out there is another room deeper in, and exploring it, they find what seems to be a very realistic Shun statue. Infel pityingly talks to it saying that he only appeared as an ornament in Cloche's world, but then the statue begins growling and barking at her. Batz rushes him and receives a scratch Shun launched at Infel, but just shrugs it off when Infel asks if he is okay.

Alfman rushes in as well, much to Infel's irritation when she sees Batz didn't beat him, but Batz excuses himself saying he could have done so if she hadn't screamed. Batz takes Alfman outside to continue their fight, while Sasha comes in asking if Infel is okay. Sasha then notices Shun, which begins growling again and makes Infel wonder why Batz didn't finish him off. But instead of attacking Sasha, Shun lets her pet him, much to Infel's annoyance. But as she pets him, Sasha notices that Shun has a gun barrel inside his mouth and that he can fire powerful laser beams, meaning they found the weapon they were looking for. Given this is the strongest weapon they found, they decide to take him with them, and Sasha suggests a place where they can check to make sure he is powerful enough to beat Cloche.


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In Battle[]

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Main article: Infel x Nenesha

As mentioned above, she and Nenesha are the final bosses of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, where they can use a large variety of attacks based on creating illusory swords, explosive rings and launching energy blasts. They can also regenerate their own HP, extending the length of the battle. However, since at this point the player should have collected all the IPDs, synthesized the ultimate weapons and attained the final Song Magic for each Reyvateil, they aren't really hard to defeat.

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Infel is one of the greatest scientific geniuses to have lived in Ar Ciel, and due to this, she has an extensive knowledge of Wave Science and how the Song Servers work, which is what allowed her to continue living despite the elimination of her physical body. She is also the person who managed to discover pretty much everything related to the Hearts of the Land and the way in which the world works. Due to this, she is quite an intelligent person, but she also has the problem of being socially inept, which isn't exactly helped by the awful puns she tends to incorporate in her conversations.

As for combat abilities, she isn't physically strong, but from the way she and Nenesha fight at the end of the game, she seems to be a very powerful Reyvateil on her own regard, given the songs they both use can cause devastating damage to the party if the player didn't keep their equipments up-to-date and can't block correctly.

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  • She is one of the two characters that used to open the Toukousphere (the other one being Aurica). Infel would bi-weekly tell one of her awful puns to kickstart the column. This also made her one of the most popular characters in the Ar tonelico series.
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  • As mentioned above, Infel took her name from Infel Phira. However, her name literally means "love" in Hymmnos language, which has caused to her severe embarrasment, as shown when she was asked about it in the Toukousphere.
  • Although she doesn't physically appear in it, Infel is referenced in Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel in Tyria's Binary Field. During a part of it, Aoto wins a doll of a "girl that seems to tell cold jokes", which is a very direct reference to her.
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