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The IPD Labs (I.P.D.ラボ, aipidi rabo?, lit. "IPD Laboratories") are a research center located in the deeper areas of the Second Tower of Ar tonelico, below the Slums and above Lakra. This place is only known to personnel of the Grand Bell of the highest ranks, and to members of the Sacred Army that have managed to extract information from the Grand Bell, and it's the final destination of the IPDs that are captured by the Grand Bell Knights during their containment missions, as they are used in experiments to increase their combat abilities. Given its top secret nature, the citizenry doesn't know anything about this place or the things that happen in it.


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The IPD Labs have a relatively simple layout, and therefore, navigating this place should cause absolutely no problems. However, it should be noted that there are a few treasures that need a second visit to this area to pick up, as the player will be kicked out once the plot advancement events are triggered. Likewise, a Dualithnode Crystal appears later in the game, but the player will have to defeat a Lv. 9 IPD first in order to pick it up.


  • Fleck Scanner
  • 500 Leaf
  • 600 Leaf
  • Silverstrand Flare
  • Curel A x 2
  • D-Crystal: Max Love (only after defeating IPD Touda)


Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 7

Event Battles[]


Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Ninia 2 None. Stationary Type I x2
Moneane 2 None. Stationary Type 28 x2
Keesha 9 After Phase 3 starts. Stationary None
Zora 3 After witnessing Targana/Cloche giving a speech in Rakshek (depends on the route). Stationary Giant Pom x2
Laburi 6 After leaving the Grand Bell Hall in search of the Hymn Crystal Viena. Roaming None
Janjan 5 After Phase 3 starts. Roaming Type II x2
Luna 5 After Phase 3 starts. Roaming Type Zero x2
Ibuki 5 After Phase 3 starts. Roaming Necromancer x2
Touda 9 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary None

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