Hymmnote III -Ar-tonelico Original Score File-
Hymmnote3 Information
WriterAkira Tsuchiya
PublisherTEAM Entertainment
Release DateJanuary 26th, 2010
ISBN NumberKDSD-10044-5

The Hymmnote III is a bonus booklet that was bundled with the preorders for the Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Original Soundtrack in Japan, and it contains most of the sheet music to the opening theme of the game: Singing Hill - Harmonics TYRIA -. However, and unlike previous Hymmnotes, this one lacks the sheet music to the ending theme, Ec Tisia, making it by default the lesser among them.

Due to being fairly recently released, it can still be easily found in online auctions, and at much lower prices in comparison to the previous Hymmnotes.

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