Hymmnote -Ar-tonelico Original Score File-
Hymmnote Information
WriterAkira Tsuchiya
PublisherTEAM Entertainment
Release DateDecember 21th, 2005
ISBN NumberKDSD-10012-3

The Hymmnote is a bonus booklet that was bundled with the preorders for the Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Original Soundtrack in Japan, and it contains the full sheet music to both the opening and ending themes of the game: Singing Hill - Harmonics EOLIA - and EXEC PHANTASMAGORIA/., together with comments from director Akira Tsuchiya about the nature of both songs and the music of the game.

Currently, it is quite a rare item that is also actively sought by collectors and fans of the series, which tends to cause heated bidding battles in online auction sites, always fetching very high prices.

Special Version

Red hymmnote

The cover of the special version of the Hymmnote.

Aside of the version that came with the soundtrack, there is also an alternative version of the Hymmnote. This version was given to attendants of the Hymmnos Bandlive Mix Concert that was held by TEAM Entertainment in 2007, which served the double purpose of promoting the series and several of the singers that lent their voices to the Hymmnos songs in it.

This version has a red cover, a different title, and only has the sheet music to EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/.. Despite this, this version is also sought by collectors due to its rarity, despite being objectively inferior to the normal Hymmnote.

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