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A song heard during Phase 5 of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica.

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This is the song that Luca sang in the climax of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica at Rakshek, in order to honestly express her feelings to the people, and to ask for their help in the creation of Metafalica. While it doesn't have any sort of magical power or effects, it shows how much Luca matured throughout the course of the game: she started as a selfish and deceiving liar, and matured into an honest woman that sought how to make everyone happy beyond herself.

The title translates to Beloved world, beloved people from Hymmnos.

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独りきりで歩いた 当たり前の毎日
HItorikiri de aruita atarimae no mainichi
The days I walked alone were something natural to me
囲まれた世界を 壊されぬように生きてた
Kakomareta sekai wo kowasanu youni ikiteta
In such a way I lived so I wouldn't destroy my own enclosed world

鏡が映すのは 嘘つきの笑顔
Kagami ga utsusu no wa usotsuki no egao
The mirror reflects a fake smile
Kokoro no kumori wo sakasama ni
Opposite to the clouds inside my heart

沢山の人たち 行き交う空の下で
Takusan no hitotachi yukikau sora no shita de
Many people wandering under the sky
自分を護るため 鍵をかけて生きてた
Jibun wo mamoru tame kagi wo kakete ikiteta
To protect myself from them, I lived a life locked within myself

そんな私が今 知った幸せは
Sonna watashi ga ima shitta shiawase wa
The happiness that me has come to know now
Ude wo nobashitara todoku mono
Is something I'll reach if I reach out with my arms

扉の向こう側 背伸びはいらない
Tobira no mukougawa senobi wa iranai
It's just at the other side of the gate, I don't need to overdo it
ありのままの言葉で 語りかけよう
Arinomama no kotoba de katarikakeyou
Let us talk with truthful words

そしてこの世界へ ここで逢う人へ
Soshite kono sekai e koko de au hito e
Thus, to this world, and to the people I meet
Hana wo tabeneta ai no uta wo okurou
I'll give them the Song of love that tied the flowers together

大切な誰かと 喜び共にすれば
Taisetsuna dareka to yorokobi tomoni sureba
If I share my happiness with someone precious
囲まれた世界が いつの間にか広がる
Kakomareta sekai ga itsu no manika hirogaru
My enclosed world will extend further before I notice

瞳が映すのは 本当の笑顔
Hitomi ga utsusu no wa hontou no egao
The eyes will reflect a sincere smile
Kokoro no naka made hiraitara
If I open my heart

沢山の人たち 幾千の想いたち
Takusan no hitotachi ikusen no omoitachi
Many people with thousands of feelings
目にする輝きを 両手で抱きしめたい
Me ni suru kagayaki wo ryoute de dakishimetai
I want to embrace the radiance in their eyes with my hands

Keshite watashi dake no tokubetsu dewanaku
I will never be the only special one here
Daremo ga kanjiru hazu no koto
And everyone certainly feels the same way

扉のこちら側 背伸びはいらない
Tobira no kochiragawa senobi wa iranai
It's just at the other side of the gate, I don't need to overdo it
ありのままの言葉で 分かりあえるよ
Arinomama no kotoba de wakariaeruyo
And we can understand each other with truthful words

だからこの世界と ここで逢う人と
Dakara kono sekai to koko de au hito to
Thus, with this world, with the people I meet
Hana wo tabeneta ai no uta wo utaou
I will sing the Song of love that tied the flowers together

Tokiniwa surechigai (Tokiniwa wakaremichi)
Sometimes we may disagree (Sometimes we may take different paths)
Senaka wo muke nagara (Namida kakushi nagara)
While we turn our backs to others (While we try to hide our tears)
Kenka mo suru keredo (Kirai to iu keredo)
We may quarrel, but... (We may say that we hate each other, but...)
Itsudemo omotteru (Anata wo shinjiteru)
We always think about each other (I will always believe in you)

Saezuru toritachi ni (Habataku toritachi ni)
The singing birds, (The soaring birds)
Kimochi wo tsutaetai (Sunao ni tsutaetai)
I want them to express my feelings, (I want them to honestly convey them)
Hanashita te no hira ga (Hanareta kokoro ga)
So that our parted hands (our separated hearts)
Asu wa tsunagaru you (Asu wa majiwaru you)
May be joined tomorrow (May meet tomorrow)

Sore wa yume no naka no maboroshi dewa naku
That won't just be an illusion in my dreams
Negai tsudzuketara todoku mono
And I'll reach it if I continue wishing for it be true

扉のこちら側 背伸びはいらない
Tobira no kochiragawa senobi wa iranai
It's just at this side of the gate, I don't need to overdo it
ありのままの私で 語りあおうよ
Arinomama no watashi de katariaouyo
Let us meet and talk through our true selves

そしてこの世界と ここで逢う人と
Soshite kono sekai to koko de au hito to
Thus, with this world, with the people I meet
Hana wo tabeneta ai no uta wo utaou
I will sing the Song of love that tied the flowers together


Feelings Contained in This Song[]

Even now, I didn't have any friends.
Even though I had a lot of acquaintances, I didn't have any friends.
Everytime I exchanged greetings with someone, I was smiling on the outside,
while it was raining on my heart.
I was never going to make friends? I was always going to avoid everyone?
And I only was protecting myself from being deeply related to others.

But now, I want to open up a little more to others.
I want to try calling over the people I love,
It will be all right if we fight.
It will be all right if we hate each other.
But if I can meet a true friend that will always thin about me,
I think that we will surely understand each other.
If our feelings continue to touch each other, we will understand each other.

When I manage to feel these feelings,
when these feelings manage to inspire a friend of mine,
then we will be able to become true friends.
And we will be able to taste the happiness of being alive.

I want to live for these people, I want to devote to those people.
I never thought about these things.
Whenever I spoke to the people I saw, it was mostly lies... right?
I thought about what I should if I needed to sacrifice myself.

But, that doesn't mean that I will end doing so.
Because we will be able to make each other happy.
Because I want to share my happiness,
that's why I try to relate with other people.

The world where my friends are is the same as where I am.
The world expands only by the number of true friends you make.
I truly think that if we are able to become friends,
our own happiness will be multiplied by each true friend we make.
So, because the happiness of my friends also becomes my own happiness,
the world will become filled with happiness,
and the happy times will increase a lot.

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