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Third major album release by Akiko Shikata, one of the main composers and singers of the Ar tonelico series. The theme of the album is the "Symphony of Gaia": the album is divided into four sections, each one representing each one of the classical Greek elements: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. It's also a point of interest to the fans of Ar tonelico due to containing a remixed version of Singing Hill - Harmonics FRELIA -, called Singing Hill - Salavec rhaplanca -, which tells other of the lines from the Tale of Rhaplanca. It also serves of interest for the fans of Umineko no Naku Koro ni due to containing a remix for the opening of said Visual Novel, titled When the Seagulls Cry ~Purgatory~.


Track List Track Title Length
1 Harmony~Melody of the Wind~ 1:43
2 Faraway Journey 5:03
3 Locus 5:17
4 Wind and Compass 3:53
5 Harmony~Resonance of the Flames~ 1:12
6 Buried Flame 4:49
7 Replicare 6:39
8 When the Seagulls Cry ~Purgatory~ 4:38
9 Harmony~Lullaby of the Bubbles~ 1:16
10 Eternal Sea 5:13
11 The Blue Can 4:41
12 Flower of Reminiscence 5:33
13 Harmony~Hymn of the Earth~ 1:30
14 Singing Hill - Salavec rhaplanca - 6:32
15 Amnesia 5:21
16 Harmony~Harmonia~ 4:22
17 Harmonia~To the Neverending Land~ 3:47

Limited Bonus[]

The first press of the album had a different cover that was engraved with gold letters, and included a code to download through cellphones a preview of a future song, titled Acqua. Also, if the album was ordered through the Salburg Shop, it would be sent together with an special booklet that explained the story of Salavec rhaplanca.