Hama Information
Unaltered NameHama
RaceMind Guardian
First AppearanceMelody of Elemia
English Voice ActorMona Marshall
Japanese Voice ActorUi Miyazaki

She is Misha's Mind Guardian. Hama was actually a gift to Misha from Lyner in the form of an ocarina he had crafted by himself, much like how Claire had given Don Leon to Aurica. This is why Hama often acts so infuriated and sarcastic toward Lyner, especially at the start of Misha's Cosmosphere when he does not remember her. Also, she later sacrifices herself in the deeper part of Misha's Cosmosphere to save Lyner from being hurt. Later on, Hama is resurrected when Lyner crafts another ocarina for Misha, again playing the role of being Misha's Mind Guardian. She appears as a very little girl dressed in Japanese robes, and has cat ears on her head.

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