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Ar nosurge Grathnode

A Grathnode crystal as it appears on Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

Grathnode Crystals (グラスノ結晶, gurasuno kesshou?) are a resource found commonly across the games set in the Universe of EXA_PICO. While their rarity and usage varies depending on the game, they are still present in some way in all of them with the exception of Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta.


Grathnode crystals are crystallized extracts of one of the two main substances that compose Songstones: Grathnode. This substance has the ability to convert Dynamic H-Waves (feelings, songs) into Dynamic D-Waves (energy), making them akin to a mouth in the Songstones. However, the Grathnode embedded in the Songstones is highly unpredictable and dangerous due to the fact that crushing or damaging the Songstone will cause the Grathnode part to release all the accumulated energy into the stone at once, making it highly likely that it will result in an explosion.[1]

These are the reasons why it is preferred to isolate the Grathnode component and extract it from the Songstone in the form of crystals: for safety and ease of handling.


As a material that can release stored energy, the Grathnode crystals have a great number of applications, all of which have to do with Symphonic Power or Song Magic.

Song Magic[]

Main article: Song Magic

Any item that uses Grathnode in conjunction with Parameno can be used to absorb H-Waves from its surroundings and then release these waves as Song Magic once a powerful feeling is instilled into it; the most basic example being the Carillon Organito, and the greatest being the First Tower of Ar tonelico.

The aforementioned Tower is equipped with a set of four enormous discs made from Grathnode crystals installed near its summit, all of which have the function of releasing energy in response to the feelings captured by the Tower either through the Reyvateils' Cosmosphere linkage or through the four Parameno discs installed near its base, which serves as the basis for the Song Magic used in Sol Ciel and part of the one used in Metafalss. The Tower of Harvestasha in Sol Cluster is also equipped with a set of Grathnode Plates that carry out a similar function.[2][3]


Main article: Grathmeld

A preprogrammed type of Song Magic developed at the end of the Second Era by Shurelia following her ban on Sound Science, it employs the Silver Horn as a conduit through which items can be synthesized using Grathnode crystals, which will instill the synthesized items with the qualities and powers contained in the crystals. This is done by the Silver Horn scanning the FFT Spectrum of the crystal and running programs in response to it, with each program corresponding to a particular crystal type depending on how the Symphonic Power flows through the crystal.[4]

This technique is the main method of synthesis employed in Sol Ciel as of the Third Era, being used to craft items that range from medicine and missiles to airships. However, this method of synthesis is also exclusive to Sol Ciel due to the Silver Horn only having a broadcast range large enough to cover the region, meaning that all Grathmelded items will fail or fall apart as soon as they are taken outside Sol Ciel. [5] Strictly speaking, items can only be taken within a 100 km radius around the Silver Horn for their effects to remain active. [4]


Main article: Install

This is the method through which Reyvateils can have their abilities enhanced through the insertion of Grathnode Crystals inside their Install Ports. This is the preferred method to enhance Song Magic in Sol Ciel.

Installing allows the Reyvateils to grant their Songs the effects contained in the crystals, enabling them to do things like debuff enemies or buff their allies in addition to basic damage and healing, but this is counterbalanced by the fact that Installing throws off the checksum that calculates how much power the Reyvateil can handle, causing her Songs to also become more draining and requiring more concentration to be sung. This mental exhaustion is measured by a value known as GD (Grathnode Damage) and it can only be reduced by Uninstalling the crystals or by Installing crystals that have relaxing effects on the Reyvateil's psyche.[6]

There is also the fact that Reyvateils will never show their Install Ports to people they don't trust, so gaining their trust is essential to being allowed to perform Installs on them.

Another use Installing has is to insert the Diquility life extending agent into Third Generation Reyvateils, as Diquility is the only way to extend their lives past their teenage years, and this life extending agent is in itself a Grathnode Crystal with a little bit of Parameno that contains completely flat Static H-Waves.[7]

A secondary use the Grathnode crystals have is using their shells to craft items that can be used to Install into the Reyvateils but for purposes different from that of a traditional Install, like it is the case for the HD-Cellophane and D-Cellophane that is Preinstalled in the Pureblooded β-Type and Origin Reyvateils. This is also the case of the Hymn Crystals containing Hymmnos Extracts, which while they can be Installed like a standard Grathnode, it is pointless to do so due to the fact that the feelings these crystals contain require a specific ceremony and Hymmnos Spell to be Downloaded into the Reyvateil's mind due to their waves being in perfect equilibrium to ensure the preservation of the feelings the crystal contains, making it impossible for the Reyvateil's waves to interfere with them in any form if they are Installed.[8][9]


Main article: Enhancement

Another type of item enhancement method employed in Sol Ciel, this consists of slotting Grathnode crystals into slots in equipment that are especially prepared for them. This will allow to instill the equipment with extra capabilities that it would otherwise not have, such as adding elemental damage or increasing the strength or endurance of the wielder. This can also be coupled with Grathmelding, allowing synthesized equipment to obtain the benefits from both enhancement methods.

However, this enhancement method and Installing are not used in Metafalss or Sol Cluster due to the fact that Grathnode crystals are rarer and harder to find in these regions.[10]


Main article: Dive

The Dynamic D-Waves waves released by the Grathnode crystals (Grathnode Waves), as well as medicines in form of liquefied Grathnode are both an important part of Diving, especially in the context of the Dive Therapy practiced on Metafalss.

The former are used to regulate mental activity during a Dive in order to keep Divers from dying as a result of a Critical Down, while the latter is used for mental stimulation when carrying out Therapy, particularly when attempting to treat an IPD outbreak. The Grathnode Waves are also employed in treating outbreaks, as after identifying the region that seems to be cause for the outbreak, the Therapist tends to send a strong Grathnode Wave shock to leave the patient in a temporary death state to then proceed with the treatment.[11]

In Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia[]

As covered in the Install and Enhancement subsections, the usage of Grathnode crystals for Installs and Enhancement are the main methods used in Sol Ciel to strengthen Song Magic and equipment, meaning they are the systems the player will employ to have an easier time getting through the game.

The crystals are divided in four kinds: Red (Grathnode red), Blue (Grathnode blue), Green (Grathnode green), and Purple (Grathnode purple), with the colors determining what their use will be. The first three kinds are used in Installs to enhance Song Magic of their corresponding category, while Purple crystals are used to enhance equipment.

For a complete list of the Grathnode Crystals featured in the game, please check the following article: List of Grathnode Crystals in Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia.

In Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica[]

Due to the particular nature of the Second Tower and the Rim, no Grathnode crystals are ever found or used by the player. However, the D-Cellophane that serves as a central plot element for the game is composed from a Grathnode crystal shell, and the liquefied Grathnode used in some syntheses and in Dive Therapy is made from ground and liquefied Grathnode crystals.

Mention must also be made of the Dualithnode Crystals, which are high-grade Grathnodes that require no Installs to be used and instead discharge their payload waves through diffusion into liquids, allowing for their usage in the strengthening system known as Dualstall.

In Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel[]

Once again, the peculiar nature of the region of Sol Cluster precludes the player party from finding or using any Grathnode crystals to power up their party. However, there is a Grathnode that serves as a central plot point due to being installed into Finnel to make Soma manifest, which must be Uninstalled from her as the game advances.

In Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star[]

A Grathnode crystal made and polished by Solius of the Storms and given to Delta and Casty is an important part of the game's story, which must be installed in the Chamber of the Orgel of Origins to open a gateway using the remains of Ra Ciel Fuser to connect Ar Ciel with Colony Ship Soreil. To do this, a counterpart Parameno Crystal they receive from Shurelia must also be installed at the Center of Ra Ciela.

In Cross Edge[]

Grathnode Crystal Cross Edge

The icon common to all Grathnode crystals in Cross Edge.

Grathnode crystals are the weapons used by the Reyvateils in this crossover game. It also must mentioned that the crystals that appear in Cross Edge all correspond to several of the Purple Grathnodes that appeared in Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, so theoretically they should require no Installs to be used, though it is unknown why Lyner, Ayatane and Bourd don't make use of the Enhancement system to strengthen themselves.


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