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The Garvelt Bridge (ガルベルト鉄柱橋, garuberuto tecchuuhashi?, lit. "Garvelt Iron-Pole Bridge") is a large structure that connects the lower sectors of the Tower of Harvestasha to the Kniehar Signal Station. It's mostly a long succession of bridges and stairs, which are what partly gives it its name. There are also several elevators from moving through the place. Its bottommost areas are a graveyard for disposed weapons and Guardians, which make it an extremely dangerous place.



The Garvelt War[]

Several years ago, the Archia Think Tank and Clustania waged in this place the most violent and bloody war recorded in the last 700 years of Sol Cluster's existence. This war was caused by the cruel and coercive politics established by the Chairman of the Archia Think Tank at the time: Dian, who ordered the mass production of Reyvateils just for the purpose of spreading Reyvateil genes, setting up the groundwork for the Human Evolution Project. However, these Reyvateils were programmed with a Telomere count of 20 years, so after they began dying, Clustania began looking up into the matter, and once they discovered the cause, the were outraged.

The Think Tank, on the other hand, retorted that they had the right to configure their "products" as they wished, and that they had done this to cut-off their production costs, which enraged the Clustanians to the point of exploding into yet other of the conflicts that were so common in this region. The war began in 3233 AD and took a total of four years, in which both factions attacked each other with all their available resources, but over its course, the conflict ended stagnating due to both factions using guerrilla tactics, and both had to plan counter-measures against the other.

The war finally ended when one of the Think Tank's researchers, Clart Serbia, led a coup-d'etat staged by the own unsatisfied members of the Think Tank, which deposed Dian from his position as Chairman the year right after the Think Tank's own founder, Archia Charen, had passed away. Once this happened, he claimed the position of Chairman, and initiated negotiating the peace with Clustania. Both parties put their conditions to close off the conflict: the Think Tank would completely cease producing Reyvateils, while Clustania would remove its troops from the 1000 Ston special administrative area that belonged to Archia.

Although the war ended several centuries ago, remnants of it can still be seen in the present due to the abundant presence of abandoned weapons and war equipment in the area.

Events during Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel[]

First Arrival[]

After having taken back Saki from the Archia Think Tank, Aoto and friends received an invitation from Luphan and Gengai to hide in this place, and accepting, they left Archia City.

After climbing for a while, they found the base camp the Great Fang Militia had set up for invading Clustania, and both Gengai and Luphan welcomed them. They were amazed to see so many people around, which Gengai explained was for their upcoming attack: they were preparing to attack Clustania with everything they had. Gengai then asked what happened for Luphan to have personally requested him to shelter them, and Aoto explained everything.

Gengai understood the predicament through which Saki and the others were going through, and assured her that everyone in the Great Fang Militia would protect her, no matter what. In exchange, Gengai asked the party a favor: helping the Militia with the preparation for the invasion. The first thing they planned to do was going straight into the Slave District and free their prisoners. Aoto didn't understand what the place was, so Luphan explained to him it was a place filled with concentration camps, where all the Purified humans were kept. Gengai then added it would be no easy task, as that place was right on the border of the barrier that protected Clustania, the Prome Wall, so the plan would be first disabling the Prome Wall to then proceed with the invasion.

Luphan then added that the Wall was powered by the Kniehar Signal Station, located a few floors above them, and that he would be the one to infiltrate into that place to deactivate the Wall. Gengai then asked if they would be willing to join the operation, to which Aoto energically said yes, not only to defeat the Clustanian, but also to ensure that Saki would be safe later on. The rest of the party members also voiced their willingness to partake in this, even Saki. However, Aoto told Saki it would be better for her to stay in the camp so the Militia would protect her. Aoto explained her that this was because the Clustanians were searching for her, and it would be too risky to take her into an invasion force charging right into their homeland. Saki still volunteered to help, but Aoto told her to understand that this mission was going to be much more dangerous than any of their previous battles. Luphan reminded him that Saki most likely would feel lonely and anxious if he left her in this place, to which Aoto replied it would be too dangerous for her, and promised Saki that he would return as soon as possible. Gengai then informed them that the mission would be carried out the next day, and urged them to get some rest.

Protecting Saki[]

That night, Aoto couldn't sleep worried about Saki: both about the fact that her body was steadily approaching the point of collapse, and that she had to be put in cryonic sleep; but he still didn't trust in the Archians after the underhanded tricks Raphael did to make him give Saki over. He wondered what he should do, but decided to just go to sleep and talk with Saki about it the next day.

Protecting Finnel[]

That night, Aoto couldn't sleep worried about Finnel: both about the things Akane and Soma had said about her. Soma told Aoto he had to take Finnel back to Clustania in order for her to survive, while Akane also said that Finnel's life would be coming to an end shortly. He wondered if she had a serious illness or something, and wanted to help her somehow. He decided he would take to Finnel about this the next morning.

Enter Filament[]

However, at that moment, an unknown girl entered his tent. Aoto reacted with surprise to this, to which the girl replied that she had been always at his side, and revaled herself as Filament: other of Saki's personae. She told Aoto that Saki had gotten too depressed, and this was why she came out. She then told Aoto to take her with him in the mission, as in that form, the Clustanians wouldn't recognize Saki, as she had to enter the Tower and find the owner of the singing voice that echoed in there. Aoto was dumbfounded, as he couldn't hear any singing, but Filament told him she had been hearing that song from the beginning, and that meeting the singer would save both Saki... and them. Upon hearing this, Aoto decided to discuss it with the others the next morning. Filament thanked him, and retreated to allow him to sleep.

The next morning, Finnel was surprised to learn about Filament's appearance, while Katene was fascinated about being in the presence of a multiple-personae Reyvateil. Gengai couldn't believe that the girl was actually another facet of Saki, although he understood the idea, while Luphan was left awestruck upon learning about this. Hikari Gojo didn't blame them for their surprise, but the results from his exams confirmed in a 100% that Filament indeed was another persona of Saki, which led Tatsumi to wonder how many other personae could she have. Luphan decided to cut off the questions and instead, he was glad to have other person helping them with the mission. He then told the party that he discovered the password for entering the Tower was stored in one of the Kniehar Signal Station's terminals, so he would make sure to seek that Hymmnos Spell as well as finding a way to deactivate the Prome Wall. Filament thanked him for this, and then Gengai gave them the briefing for the mission: Luphan would be in charge of infiltrating the Station to deactivate the Prome Wall, while Aoto and his party would take care of the Clustanian guards that were protecting the place. Aoto and Finnel would be in the lead of the squadron. Then, they were ordered to go to the Station immediately.

Partway through, Aoto asked Finnel if she was out of energy when she stopped panting for a moment, to which she replied she was still okay. Aoto just advised her to not push herself too hard and left her behind. However, Filament came back briefly to check on her, and told Finnel her energy was plummeting, so she shouldn't abuse her body. She then told Finnel they were similar, to most likely, the method for saving herself would also be applicable to Finnel: she would climb to the top of the Tower to find the method and the person that would save them in there. Aoto finally noticed that both Finnel and Filament had been left behind, and came back for them. He asked Finnel if he should pick her up, to which Finnel replied she was okay. They then kept going until they reached the lift to the Kniehar Signal Station. {C}After they returned from the Station, chasing Jack and Krusche, they found them boarding an airship near where they had set up camp. Krusche remarked on how persistent they were. Tatsumi asked what they were doing in the Station, to which Krusche replied that nothing. She then bid farewell to him and asked him to give Sasha their regards. Then, before the party could do anything, the airship took off. They then continued their way back down.

Back at the camp, Gengai and Luphan returned shortly after the party did, and Aoto was quite glad to see they both were okay. Tatsumi apologized for having allowed Jack and Krusche to escape. Luphan was quite disappointed, as he wasn't capable of deactivating the Prome Wall either, and wondered if that was because of what these two had done. Gengai told them that, at any rate, the mission was a failure, and they would need to have more reinforcements and be more alert, which meant he would have to turn to Archia for support. Finnel asked if Saki would be okay like this, to which Gengai asked she would: as long as she was in a different form, no one would recognize her. Also, he didn't really like the idea of asking them for help, but there wasn't any other option. Aoto apologized for not being of much help, to which Gengai retored that he wasn't at fault here, and instead, he felt bad for making him waste his time and efforts. Luphan agreed with him, as they at least could reach the Kniehar Signal Station, and managed to get the Hymmnos Spell for opening the entrance to the Tower. Aoto was overjoyed. He thanked Luphan for this, as also did Filament.

Hikari Gojo then asked if they could find Katene, to which Gengai replied that unfortunately they couldn't. However, at that moment, Hikari Gojo's telephone rung, and he couldn't be any more surprised to hear Katene's voice coming out from it. Upon getting asked where he was, Katene replied he was inside the Tower, and that he had found something that would make his research take a gigantic leap forward. He then told Gojo to not worry about him, and hanged. Aoto was left wondering how Katene managed to get there, to which Tatsumi suggested that most likely the Reyvateil girl they found let him in. Gengai sarcastically commented that all their friends were weidos, and asked them to rest for a bit while he went to Archia.

Before departing for the Tower, Finnel talked with Filament for a bit. Filament was quite glad that they could finally enter the Tower and meet her. Finnel asked about who she was talking, and if that was Harvestasha. Filament told her that wasn't the case, leaving Finnel surprised, as Harvestasha promised her to extend her life. Filament replied that Harvestasha's method wouldn't save her, and that only the Tower Administrator Tyria, who resided at the top of the Tower could save her. Finnel had never heard Tyria's name, so she was left in awe.

Some floors above, Akane was talking with her subordinates, who revealed that someone had hacked into their database and stole the gateway address to their servers, and that if Archia had done this, they could have hacked Harvestasha's data and left the entirety of Clustania disabled. Akane replied it was quite an oversight on her part to have allowed Mute to take part in the previous missions, and upon questioning about her whereabouts, the subordinate replied that Mute had gone missing. Akane ordered her to find Mute and tell her she was being demoted to Slave Guard. Akane then announced she would be taking command of the mission herself: she would report everything directly to Harvestasha and set up some anti-hacker programs. Likewise, she ordered to replace all the important data with dummy files. Then, she ordered to assemble the entire army in this place to then head to the border of the Eternus Shaft.

The next morning, Aoto and his friends said goodbye to Luphan, who wished them good luck due to the powerful guardians that were lurking in the inner sections of the Tower. Aoto thanked him, and told him to give Gengai their regards.

After their excursion in the Lymph Vessel ended, Aoto and the others returned to the Great Fang Militia's camp, where they met with Luphan and Gengai. Gengai asked if they finished whatever they were doing at the Tower, but upon seeing Aoto's expression, he had to ask what happened. After hearing the entire story, Gengai told Aoto he couldn't understand parts of it, but he got that Soma's actions were against Finnel's will most of the time. Aoto was relieved he managed to understand that, and asked him to not place the blame on Finnel for this. Gengai assured him that he wasn't going to do that, and asked Tatsumi to deal with Soma for Finnel's sake. However, he still regretted that Tatsumi had to enter the V-Board Grand Prix due to this, to which Tatsumi replied he had a rival to beat, and that he couldn't afford to lose against her. Gengai advised Tatsumi to go back to Archia to get ready for the race, but Hikari Gojo reminded them that Saki shouldn't go there, as the Archians were still looking for her. Gengai told him to calm down, as the Archians were busy training for the battles against Clustania, and as they were heading to their current location, Saki would be safer if she went with the rest of the party. Gengai then told Hikari Gojo he had to ask him a favor, but that would have to wait until they returned to the city. They then departed for Archia.


Later on, Tatsumi, now revealed to actually be Cocona Bartel, crashed in this place due to Soma interfering with the V-Board race. Cocona awoke, and briefly remembered what happened, which meant that her true identity had now been disclosed to everyone. Likewise, her voice-changing medicine was now wearing off, putting her in quite a difficult situation. At that moment, Soma appeared behind her, amazed to see that she was actually the so-rumored Reyvateil from other Tower. She then took off her jester costume, while Cocona told her how pathetic it was on her part to attack someone during a race. Soma just replied she merely wanted to scare her a little, but she got pissed due to Cocona's avoiding skills. She then complimented Cocona's skills as a V-Boarder, to which Cocona retorted she would be glad if the organizers came and caught her after she ruined the entire competition. Soma merely dismissed that with the fact that she would change back to Finnel, and with Cocona's appearance change, it'd be impossible for anyone to recognize them as the same people that got out of the racetrack. As they decided the race would have ended in a draw, Soma made a proposal to Cocona: she wouldn't attack the people of the Great Fang anymore, but Cocona would have to go to Clustania with Soma. Cocona accepted, but on exchange, Soma would have to allow her to remove the crystal that allowed her to manifest in the real world even against Finnel's will. Soma tried to reject that condition, but she didn't have more option to accept once she heard that Cocona wouldn't go on with their deal unless she accepted to Uninstall the crystal.

At that moment, Aoto's party and Gengai came to the place, and while he initially asked where Tatsumi had gone off to, he immediately recognized Cocona as the girl he accidentally found in the bathroom the previous night. Cocona told him her story, which left Aoto surprised to know that Tatsumi was just a fake identity she had been using for quite some time. Cocona just made fun of the fact that pretty much no one had gotten a clue of this until she came out and said it. Naturally, Luphan, Hikari Gojo and Gengai all knew about this, as they were the first humans who found Cocona and Sasha when they came to Sol Cluster. Saki then asked her why she decided to disguise herself as a boy, which Cocona answered was to keep herself hidden from the Clustanians, as she had come from other Tower and her airship was shot down by Clustania's airships. Aoto then asked why she was attacked, which Gengai answered by telling them that, according to the research Hikari Gojo and Luphan did, she was a Reyvateil with characteristics no one had ever seen in this region, and furthermore, the Clustanians were incapable of identifying her through the usual method of Hymn Code scanning. Likewise, Soma was ordered by the Clustanian HQ to capture her, but she never could because of her disguise and the fact she always had the Reyva Silencer patches on, which made Aoto figure out why she was carrying them around when they were still in the Great Fang. Cocona apologized for not telling them this, to which Aoto replied it couldn't be helped, while Saki was glad to have other girl in the party.

Cocona finally told Aoto that Soma had agreed to Uninstall the crystal, and after confirming that was indeed the case, they proceeded with the Uninstall. With Yurisica's help, Aoto found the place where the crystal was, and using an Hymmnos Spell, he succesfully extracted it. Soma confirmed that she wouldn't be able to manifest whenever she wanted anymore, and told Cocona to keep her part of the deal and take Finnel to Harvestasha's side, and that as long as they extended her life, she would give the body back to Finnel. Before she changed back, Cocona asked why Harvestasha wanted the Heart of the Land, to which Soma replied it was for extending Finnel's life, which Cocona found hard to believe. Soma then changed back into Finnel.

Aoto and the others explained to Finnel what had happened so far, and was greatly relieved to hear that Soma wouldn't bother them anymore. She thanked everyone for this. However, Aoto asked Finnel if it was true she had only little time remaining, which Finnel confirmed: most likely, she would die before the current year ended. However, she was told that she could live longer if she found the Heart of the Land, which explained why she was clinging to Cocona all this time. Aoto scolded her for not telling him such an important piece of information before, as he would have treated her much better had he known. Finnel then expressed her wish for her and Aoto to look at the stars from Clustania together. Aoto promised her to do so someday, which left Finnel with a smile as she fell asleep. Hikari Gojo explained that the Uninstall left her very tired, and that they should allow her to rest for now. Cocona then told them that their next objective was now clear: Clustania, as both Harvestasha and the Rinkernator were there, and Aoto agreed to go there as soon as Finnel woke up. Before anything, though, Cocona asked to go back to Archia for a while, as she needed Sasha to have at look at her V-Board, since Soma damaged it. Aoto complied, and they went back to the city.

Searching for Krusche[]

After getting word on Krusche being at the bottom of the Garvelt Bridge and how dangerous it was, Aoto and friends decided to go and help her and Jack. At the entrance of the bridge, they met up with Jack, while telling him they also were worried for Krusche. Jack couldn't believe how nice they were, to which Cocona added that they were just naive and gullible. Aoto decided to excuse himself by saying that they both had caused them a lot of trouble, but also helped back at Moocheriel, so this was their way of repaying them. Jack thanked him, and they began climbing through the place.

A little later, they saw the stairway that should have led them directly to the place, but as Jack explained, it had broken off and was useless now. However, there was an elevator further up that would take them there. After climbing a little more, they found the elevator, although Aoto remarked it seemed to be busted too. Jack just went closer to it and pressed the switch in a specific way: it was especially rigged by Krusche so no one else could use it. Hikari Gojo then asked what was the important thing that Krusche kept in there, which Jack answered was her boyfriend's airship. This surprised everyone, as they thought Jack was her boyfriend. Jack told them it was complicated: Krusche's boyfriend was called Luke, and they both had come from the faraway region of Sol Ciel chasing after him. Finnel picked up that Luke must have left her, which Jack confirmed: Luke didn't even bother to say goodbye to Krusche before going away. Therefore, she had been searching for him since back then, and finally found his old airship when they came to Sol Cluster. However, there weren't any signs of Luke, but the airship was filled with documents from the Archia Think Tank. This allowed Aoto to reason that he had become a researcher there, and Cocona to figure out they had gotten involved with Archia just to get their
confidential information. Jack told them they were right, and added that the Archians insisted that they didn't knew anyone called Luke. That was everything they could get until they finally managed to hack into Archia's database, where they finally found out he had died. This cause Krusche to break down, leaving Jack unable to do anything for her, as Krusche had never reacted so strongly towards anything. They even both had a quarrel, in which Jack admitted he was a bit childish. However, he also told the party that he didn't want Krusche to continue dwelling on the past and that she should move on, as he couldn't stand seeing her suffer. He then told everyone to go on.

After they boarded the elevator and reached the bottom, Finnel remarked the place looked very dark and creepy. After Aoto asked it, Jack confirmed this was the machine graveyeard, where all machinery was brought at the end of its life-cycle to get recycled. However, the lower they went, the more dangerous it would get, as uncontrollable robots would come to attack them. After going all the way down, they found Krusche about to get attacked by a large robot, so Jack had to run in and defend her. He managed to succesfully do it, but the attack blew off his mechanical arm. Krusche reacted startled to this, and asked why Aoto and the others had come. Jack remarked she was too reckless, to which Krusche retorted he was reckless too, so Jack told her they were even. She then scoffed at the fact that his mechanical arm was blown off, as it was her masterpiece, and told Jack he would have to pay for it. Jack just told her he would pay off his debt, even if it took him 100 years, and that no one would be able to fix it up if anything happened to her, which left her blushing. Aoto asked if they were okay, but upon seeing the robot was preparing to attack again, they had to fight it in order to escape from the place alive.

After they finally managed to destroy the robot, Aoto began boasting about his skills, to which Jack replied he should have done it himself, and he would have if his arm wasn't broken. Krusche then asked why they had come, to which Cocona replied she should ask the details to her partner. Jack called her idiot, and to think about how much she had worried him, as she had decided to come to such a dangerous place. Krusche replied that after their quarrel, she wanted to be alone for a while, and then... she wanted to see Luke. She knew he had died a long time ago, but couldn't bring herself to accept it, as she still wanted to believe he could be alive. So she came to this place to look for his airship, but Luke wasn't around, which made her feel completely alone in the world. Jack apologized for having yelled at her, and that he knew how much she thought about Luke. However, he also came to this place for her, and didn't want to see her sad anymore or for her to continue chasing Luke's
ghost all over the world. Jack asked her to smile, and promised to never leave her side. He also remarked everything he seemed to do was make her angry and that he couldn't surpass her memories of Luke yet. Still, Krusche thanked him for the effort.

Jack then turned back to Aoto and company and apologized for having involved them in this mess, to which Aoto replied that their debt was now settled. Jack just told them that maybe even they owed them some change. Krusche apologized too for having caused them all this trouble, to which Cocona replied she was prepared for it, as she saw them both as a troublesame pair; while Saki was glad they could reconcile. Jack then remembered they were talking in front of Sasha's store and asked if they had finished their business there. This reminded Hikari Gojo of why they had gone to Sasha's store in the first place, and he asked the pair if they knew about any materials that could reflect Symphonic Power in the most efficient way. Aoto then remembered they were "crap creators", which Jack took as an offense as they were pretty high-class engineers. Krusche suggested using Glasteria Crystals, which had a reflection rate of around 95%. This was far beyond the percentage they needed, so Tyria asked where they could find some. Krusche replied that Luke had used for the body of his airship, and told them to take of it with them, while reminding them that they needed to polish them to make them reflective. Jack was alarmed at first by this, as the airship was supposed to be filled with her memories, but Krusche replied it was okay, as she could make new memories with him. Aoto still hesitated, but Krusche told him it would be okay, and that she would apologize to Luke for it should he come back to life. After this, they returned to Sasha's store to finish up their preparations for completing the Tower of Harvestasha and executing the Planet Regeneration Project.

Tyria Normal Ending[]

Right before Cocona sang METHOD_HYMMELI/., Aoto decided to save Tyria before saving the Planet, and asking her for one year to find a way to do so, he asked Krusche, Jack and Sasha for help. So Krusche and Sasha made an airship for him and told him to go to the Garvelt Bridge to board it. Once there, Krusche asked if he thought if it was good enough, and proudly added it was pretty well done for having made it on the spot. Aoto told them it was awesome and gave his thanks to them both. Sasha wished them good luck, while Krusche told Aoto that she would take care of the airship's maintenance and that Jack would help him alleviate the boredom from the long trip, to which Jack retorted he was much more useful than that. Aoto thanked them again, saying it was far better than going alone. Saki wished him a good journey, while Cocona told him to leave in their hands everything concerning to the Planet and Tyria, and Finnel prayed that he would find a way to save Tyria, since both her and Saki owed their lives to her. Aoto reassured her that he would do so, but in that moment, Hikari Gojo told everyone that Tyria seemed to have disappeared. Cocona remarked she must have been too sad to say goodbye and left, to which Aoto replied it was idiotic, as he wouldn't leave her alone forever. Krusche told him he was very dense, and that for a girl, waiting for her beloved to go back is quite hard, to which Sasha awkwardly agreed. They then boarded the airship and left Sol Cluster as everyone else gave them their farewells.

A while later, night came while Saki remarked they had disappeared from view. Cocona reassured her that time would fly by and that one year would past quickly, to which Finnel agreed. However, Gojo was still worried, as there weren't any signs of Tyria being around, to which Sasha sheepishly laughed.

On the other hand, in the airship, Aoto was telling himself how much of an idiot Tyria was, as she should have come and said goodbye to him no matter how sad she was. However, at that moment, a box in the airship opened up and Tyria came out uttering "fried bread", greatly startling Aoto. Tyria remarked that she didn't wanted to say goodbye to him, but Aoto was scared, as Tyria would die if they left the range of her Tower. Tyria knew perfectly this, and thus asked Krusche and Sasha to set up a little something for her in the airship: it was a relay antenna for Harvestasha's SH Servers, so Tyria would be able to come and forth to any of Ar Ciel's regions as much as she wanted. Aoto didn't understand what this meant, so Jack had to explain it to him. Krusche added it wasn't a permanent solution and had limited range, but would be enough for this journey. She then asked if Aoto was surprised, to which he replied he didn't think that they would go to such lengths to help him. Tyria then told Aoto to hurry up in finding that way of saving her and then heading back to Sol Cluster, so she could be his gal wife.

However, we will never know if they managed to find that method that would save both Tyria and the Planet or not...


The Garvelt Bridge is mostly a vertical structure due to the large number of stairwells, and the fact that most of the transportation used for crossing it are the elevators that lead from a floor to other. The place is mostly straightforward and can be navigated without much problem, although some of the treasure chests may be somewhat tricky to reach. Besides this, there is also the fact that two treasure chests can't be claimed until after a certain boss battle in Phase 4, given that the player is forced out from the area and has to walk all the way back to the place where the boss was faced.



  • Supermove Notebook
  • Soul Charger
  • R2 Solvent
  • ?Drill Blade?
  • Burning Launcher
  • ?Purifier?
  • ?Leaf Box?
  • Rare Metal
  • Platinum Material
  • ?Ultimate Material?
  • ?Ultimate Liquid?

Number of Treasure Chests in this Area: 11


Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 10

Encounter Probability: Low


Talk Topics[]

  • Defective Device?

Party Topics[]

  • Abundance of Friends (after encountering Gengai in this area but before Jack and Krusche flee from the Kniehar Signal Station)
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