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A Flipsphere (フリップスフィア, furippusufia?) is an ultimate attack used by the main Heroines of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, and basically consists of superimposing a section of their Cosmospheres over the real world, which allows them to attack the enemies by bombarding them with anything their imagination comes up.

Technical Explanation[]

Once a Reyvateil has Purged far enough, the U-Wave link she has with the Wills of the Ar Ciel will have grown strong enough to allow the Wills to exhibit their full power, which allows the Reyvateil to send large batches of Dynamic H-Waves, containing mostly the information that structures their Cosmospheres, to the Song Servers. Then, the Song Server will convert them into Dynamic D-Waves using the EXEC_FLIP Song Magic protocol present in the SH Server of the Tower of Harvestasha, and partially manifest the Cosmosphere of said Reyvateil in the real world.

However, unlike the energy-based illusions that standard Song Magic or the EXEC_FLIP songs employ, this Cosmosphere superimposition is also supported by the Wills of Ar Ciel. This means that all of the objects that fall from the sky upon its execution are made from real matter rather than simple illusions.


Since using a Flipsphere has Purging as a prerequisite, the same disadvantages as it apply: it's extremely embarrassing for the Reyvateil, since not only she has to shed almost all her clothes, the Flipsphere can't be triggered if her partner hasn't traveled far enough through her Cosmosphere.

Likewise, only Reyvateils that have been directly connected to the Wills of Ar Ciel through the Antibodies that Archia captured can use this technique. In other words: only Saki, Finnel and Tyria can make use of it.

Conditions for Being Executed[]

Once the player has cleared the Lv. 3 Cosmosphere of the Reyvateil, and seen the Flipsphere tutorial at the beginning of Phase 2, Flipsphere will be able to be executed, but only for those Reyvateils whose Lv. 3 Cosmospheres have been cleared.

The execution for the Flipsphere is simple: the player only has to make the Reyvateil Purge four times, or execute a Quadruple Purge. Once this happens, a short movie with a song will play, and the Harmograph will be emptied, being filled only with a few waves that move through it according to the song's rhythm. At this point, the player has to press the X button whenever one of these waves is passing through the line on the left side of the Harmograph. If the player does it successfully, the number of hits and the damage caused by the Flipsphere will be increased, but if he/she fails at doing so, the Flipsphere will weaken and deliver a lesser number of hits. The game keeps a tally of points depending on how many waves the player managed to successfully hit, with the number of points awarded varying depending on the height of the wave and on how successfully it was hit, as it can be seen below:

Wave Kinds[]

Points 60 Points 50 Points 40 Points 20 Points
Wave Height 60 points wave 50 points wave 40 points wave 20 points wave

Kinds of Success[]

Image Kind Effect on the Wave's Value
Great Great Full value awarded.
Good Good 50% of the value awarded.
Bad Bad 10% of the value awarded


Final Point Tally Results
100 Points or less 1-Hit Flipsphere
200~349 Points 5-Hit Flipsphere
350~499 Points 10-Hit Flipsphere + Finisher Hit
500 Points or more Full Flipsphere (15-Hit) + Finisher Hit

Flipsphere is one of the most powerful attacks the player characters have at their disposal, and as such is a great help during particularly hard boss battles, such as the Battle of Destiny.

Note: Tyria is free from requirements, since she is capable of executing the Flipsphere as soon as she joins.

List of Flipspheres[]


Items dropped: Cakes.

Music used: An Special Story


Items dropped: Hearts.

Music used: An Alluring Kiss


Items dropped: Cats.

Music used: Scars

Sakia Lumei:

Items dropped: Swords.

Music used: Flash


Items dropped: Stars.

Music used: Hole in the Dancing Star Formation


Items dropped: Injections.

Music used: An Intelligent Choice


Items dropped: Pumpkins.

Music used: Floral Threat


Items dropped: Words.

Music used: An Elegant Song


Items dropped: Energy Beams (Ar tonelico Song Magic).

Music used: Links

Ar Ru:

Items dropped: Meteors.

Music used: Crimson Impulse