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"I will never forgive them"

Espada is the main protagonist of the Ar tonelico sidestory manga, Ar tonelico ~Arpeggio~. He's a young man who lives on the lower stratum of Ar tonelico. He makes a living by searches all around the world for high quality Grathnode crystals and selling them, as well as taking various requests or commissions, such as escort duties. He is an expert sword wielder and uses a Lost Technology sword that can change its shape and size depending on his will.

Espada's Story[]


Six years ago, his father Svelt died, killed by Reyvateils, and furthermore, because of the vivid memory of his mother's involvement, he began to hate all Reyvateils and became anti-social. He was taken in by Kauron.

Start of the Adventures[]

He serves as an escort for an airship protecting it from a swarm of viruses heading back to Firefly Alley. Once there he runs into Kauron, who was researching why Reyvateil were going into comas, to which he responds "Looks like she's sleeping just fine". After leaving him, he notices an explosion at the place Kauron was at and back heads there to be attacked by the previously comatose reyvateil, whose eyes have turned red, the same as the Reyvateils that killed his father 6 years ago. He tries to protect Kauron, but when he is about to get killed, Adagio shows up. He tries to kill the Reyvateil, but Adagio stops him and they then decide to knock her out. Sonnet appears before them and thanks them for stopping her and then asks Espada to hand over his sword to her. He refuses after noticing she's a Reyvateil and she proceeds to attack them. They are on the defensive until she passes out and is treated by Kauron for fatigue. After discussing the cause of the Reveris disease, Adagio introduces himself as a Teru Tribe member and offers him payment to help him find his familiar. They travel to the Airport City Nemo where they meet Adagio's sister, Andante. After Adagio is dragged off by Andante, he stops some Tenba members from attacking Sonnet. The area is attacked and they chase after the culprit, learning that it to be Adagio's familiar, a doppelgänger, who shows them a little of the history of Sol Ciel. The group then leaves to eat, where he wonders about the visions he saw and he decides to use Sonnet to get to Platina. Nemo is attacked and they head towards it.

Reveris Prototype[]

After suppressing more Reveris-afflicted Reyvateils, they meet with members of the Church of El Elemia who offer them a chance to rest. There, he meets with Kauron again. Later that night, he runs into Kauron, who actually turns out to be the "Reveris Prototype Virus" and attacks him. Espada refuses to fight back and he has to be saved by Adagio and Sonnet. After they get away and Sonnet heals him, Adagio holds Espada back while Sonnet goes to stop Kauron until his doppelgänger pops out and they chase him down. He shows him his father's last memories and he goes to save Sonnet, which ends in Kauron's death. While Espada was still grieving over Kauron's death, Sonnet steals his sword and leaves. He then thinks everything over and leaves for Platina.

The True Enemy & The End[]

After deciding to chase after Sonnet, he arrives in Platina and searches for Masticus. He sees Sonnet but as she collapses and disappears revealing her pendant, Masticus appears with Sonnet's body stating Reveris has taken her over. He pursues them but is lost in the process and Sonnet's pendant guides him to her. However, under orders she attacks him and Adagio. Unable to kill her, she launches a fatal spell. At the last moment she steps in and intercepts the attack, then casts two spells to protect and heal him before dying.

Alongside Shurelia they defeat Reveris and attempt to take Masticus into custody, but he kills himself. Begging Shurelia to save her, she explains the only way is with the reincarnation spell. It is a success, but Sonnet no longer has any memories of her past. Years later he meets with Adagio and they meet Sonnet's reincarnation.


  • His hate of the Reyvateils was a part of Lyner's original concept.
  • His backstory, design, and entire personality are points of complete contrast with Lyner.
  • Espada means Sword in spanish