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The Enna Palace Ruins (エナ宮殿跡, Ena Kyuudenseki?, lit. "Ena Palace Ruins") are a group of ruins located inside Historical City Enna. Although in recent times part of it was rebuilt and prepared by the Sacred Army to be used as their personal headquarters, most of the palace still remains as ruins and has turned into a nest of monsters.


Events Previous to Ar tonelico II[]

The Palace is as old as the city of Enna itself, and it used to be the place from which the Rim was administered by the Elemian inmigrants and people that opposed the Pastalia government, which were expelled from said city and the Tower proper during Selena's government, although later on it became a secondary seat of power for the government led by the Pope and the Maiden, as well as a resort of sorts where they could spend some time off. Although the Palace lasted for more than 700 years due to the solid foundation over which it was established, it met its tragic end in 3753 AD. It was in this year that Alfman Uranous executed his coup d'etat under the guise of an IPD Outbreak, in which the Maiden at the time, Arshe, was killed, and the palace was razed. Her daughter Cloche went missing at the time, although she was actually taken away by Arshe's bodyguard and attendant under her orders, renamed as Luca Trulyworth and raised as their own daughter.

Events During Ar tonelico II[]

After discovering she was adopted from a conversation between her mother, Reisha Trulyworth, and Leglius Branchesca, Luca began pondering about going to the ruins of the Palace in order to find some answers about her biological parents. Amarie Gelade advised her to go there, and asked her to allow her to go as bodyguard of sorts.

Croix Bartel and his friends were shocked when they saw Luca had disappeared the next morning, and after reading the letter she left, they decided to go after her.

Amarie led Luca to the deepest room of the ruins, and once there, Luca was very amazed upon seeing the beauty of the murals engraved in it. Amarie explained it showed the relationship the Goddess had with the world: the world was Her creation, and it would be impossible for it to continue existing if the Goddess died. Soope then called their attention to something in it: there were a few carvings that turned out to be writing in Hymmnos. Luca recognized it immediately, and after explaining to Amarie that after awakening as a Reyvateil anyone would understand the language naturally, Amarie asked her to read it aloud. Doing this awakened Luca's latent knowledge of the EXEC_SOL=FAGE/. song, and she began singing it. This also allowed her to understand Soope's speech for the first time, so Amarie was left very confused when Luca began talking to Soope while she still just continued hearing him as saying his typical "pu-pu". Soope took advantage of the occasion and formally introduced himself as Infelsphere Platomine, while also adding that Amarie called him Soope because she wasn't capable of remembering his full name.

However, at that moment, someone appeared behind them, explaining that a coup d'etat had taken place in that same palace around twenty years ago, which caused the death of the previous Maiden and the sudden disappearance of her daughter. The stranger then revealed himself to be a man wearing an strange attire, while he continued by saying that Cloche, the daughter of the previous Maiden, returned to the Grand Bell in the hands of a knight that had been taking care of her five years later. However, that was no more than a substitute: a fake Maiden, although he didn't have any evidence that could prove that as true. The man then greeted Luca in an extremely formal way to then introduce himself as Chester Lu Whinoah, while he also explained that the current Grand Bell was acting weirdly, even going to the extreme of doing something as absurd as declaring war on the same being that created this world, and as the mural showed, that if She died, the world would perish as well.

Chester then told Luca that he needed her power to restore the crooked government to normalcy and bring peace to the world, but at that moment, Leglius and the others arrived, interrupting the conversation. Leglius immediately pointed Chester out as the instigator of the attempt on Cloche's life back when the Rakshek Resort was attacked, and ordered him to surrender. Chester merely greeted him and noted that Cloche was present there as well, who he called the Maiden of Disaster. Cloche called him out on his rudeness, saying that such behavior was improper of a former member of the Grand Bell. However, Chester asked Leglius who he thought was the real sinner, as he knew everything about all the questionable and outright atrocious actions the Grand Bell had committed after the coup d'etat, and most likely, the people wouldn't react favorably if such truths came out to the light. Leglius simply asked him that the public would be doubtful of them actually having the Goddess on their side, to which Chester replied he also heard the rumors and told him that his actions were all made in the name of the Goddess. He then asked Luca again to lend their powers to their cause.

Luca was very confused at the moment and didn't know what to say, but then Croix stepped in and told Chester to leave Luca out of this, given her current emotional state. Chester asked him for his name, to then apologize for not realizing Luca's predicament and announce he would come to see her other day. With Luca safe, the group decided to retreat and not continue pushing the issue. However, Amarie stayed with Chester for a moment, bragging about how she had suspected of Luca being the true Maiden and having been the one to find her, to then say that if she joined them, the Sacred Army would become unstoppable. Chester reacted in a very lukewarm way, as he explained that overthrowing the Grand Bell and having the true Maiden on their side were just means for their final goal: the implementation of the Pact the Grand Bell and the Goddess had made many centuries ago. Amarie didn't understand what he meant, but enthusiastically told him she would bring Luca whenever he wanted. However, Chester told her to stay put, as he didn't want Amarie to get involved in dangerous situations. Amarie was saddened and told Chester she loved him, but Chester just told her to not joke about this. This got Amarie angry, who flustered left the room exclaiming that he would continue forever to grieve for his dead lover, Sonia. After she left, Chester apologized silently, saying he didn't want her to be involved at all in this mess.


Despite being longer and more complex than any of the areas visited previously, the Enna Palace shouldn't suppose much problem as long as the player takes care during battle and if he or her had Cloche learn some Song Magic from her first two Cosmosphere levels. However, it should be noted that upon reaching the room with the murals (marked as room 8 in the maps), the player will be kicked out back to Enna, so they should pick up all items before going there.



  • Curel A
  • 250 Leaf
  • Attractive Wear
  • Butterfly Ball
  • Silur Fabric
  • Curel A
  • Tyril Fruit x2
  • 300 Leaf
  • D-Crystal: Spirit
  • Silur Fabric
  • Mute Mail


Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 5


Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Popo 1 None Roaming None
Kasha 9 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary Flow Gene x 2
Chichi 1 After Luca sings EXEC_SOL=FAGE/. at Pastalia. Roaming Armor Guard x 2
Rabbito 9 After Luca sings EXEC_VIENA/. Stationary Saint x 2
Yuri 1 None Stationary Reptite x 2
Pastel 2 After curing Reine through Dive Therapy. Roaming None
Tandy 1 None Stationary Guardian x 1
Milou 1 After Luca sings EXEC_SOL=FAGE/. at Pastalia. Roaming None
Slanner 2 After curing Reine through Dive Therapy. Roaming None
Mojgoj 3 After the first battle with ??? in the Speech Plaza at Pastalia. Roaming Milky Pom x 1

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