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This Song is a subprogram of EXEC_VISIONDANCE_SOCKET/., which was the Song that Frelia used to create the Second Tower of Ar tonelico in Metafalss. Give it can't function as a standalone Song and has a much smaller scope in comparison to Visiondance Socket, it can't create large structures such as a Tower or anything comparable to them. However, it can be used to create small objects on parts of the Divine Drafters, such as it was the case in which this Song was sung.

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It was sung by Luca a few years after the events of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel and its corresponding light novels and Drama CDs. After Frelia lent her D-Cellophane to Luca one last time; she, Cloche, Shurelia, and the other important figures of each region collaborated to gather the feelings of all the people of Ar Ciel in a similar manner to how Lyner and his party had made Phantasmagoria, so Luca could use them in crafting her own version of this Song, which would be used in the annual Ar Ciel Commemorative Festival to celebrate Ar Ciel's revival and express their wishes for this world and its inhabitants to prosper and always be on good terms with each other. The Singing of this Song brought about a performance, known as the [Performance for the Reunion with the Gods], that showed the spectators beautiful stars, smiling people, and a hopeful story depicting the passing of wills from a generation to the next.[1]

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Was yea ra exec hymme VISIONDANCE >> SOL=FAGE/1x10 enter FRELIA. Frelia.
Was yea ra exec hymme VISIONDANCE >> SOL=FAGE/1x10 enter FRELIA. Frelia.
I will share my consciousness with Frelia
(With great happiness, I shall execute the song Visiondance through Frelia using the connection SOL=FAGE)

amakakeru tori no hane hirou michi
The road in which the feathers of the flying birds are picked up

Here dor wis hierle gatyunla
Here dor wis hierle gatyunla
This was a sorrowful land

国分かつ隔て いにしえの傷跡
kuni wakatsu hedate inishie no kizuato
Two countries separated by ancient scars

Yeeel, kierre Lucu en Ena ruinie eazas.
Yeeel, kierre Lucu en Ena ruinie eazas.
Long ago, there was a war between two countries called Lucu and Ena

Wee ki ga vit soa...
Wee ki ga vit soa...
And I witnessed it...

刻果つる大地 さまよへる魂
tokihatsuru daichi samayoeru tama
A dying land, roaming souls

walasye endia velsog den guatrz en zadius wis biron.
walasye endia velsog den guatrz en zadius wis biron.
Even if the battles had been brought to an end, the hatred between the people of both countries didn't end with it

katsute no ensa wo sakumite chiru suna
Scattering sands, separating deep-seated resentment from ages long ago

Denera cexm Lucu en jenhah cexm Lucu zetsfy.
Denera cexm Lucu en jenhah cexm Lucu zetsfy.
Before long, a plague spread throughout Lucu that brought sorrow to all its inhabitants.

されど遠き空へつづく陽光(ひかり)は 囲いのなき焔(ほむら)
saredo tooki sora e tsudzuku hikari wa kakoi no naki homura
Although the sunlight that continues to the faraway skies is an unfettered flame,

Was ki ra swant yora en melenas walasye
Was ki ra swant yora en melenas walasye
My duty is saving all of these beloved people,

今も昔も其の侭に すべての人々を抱く
ima mo mukashi mo sono mama ni subete no hitobito wo daku
Which both long ago and now has continued embracing all the people like this

Forgandal, gkgula na irs eterne dor oz warce.
Forgandal, gkgula na irs eterne dor oz warce.
Because frontiers and the like don't exist upon a blessed land

umaruru inochi wo hitoshiku mederu yume
An admirable dream of loving every single newborn life equally

Peri oz Ena faja gkgula
Peri oz Ena faja gkgula
The medic from Ena, Peri, crossed the frontier.

tada hitori no te ga kibou no hajime
A single hand is what serves as hope's birth

Hes fowrlle gatyunla Lucu sos hes hartes omnis.
Hes fowrlle gatyunla Lucu sos hes hartes omnis.
To heal the plague that had spread in the neighboring country of Lucu,
Peri oz Ena faja gatyunla en hes swant walasye.
Peri oz Ena faja gatyunla en hes swant walasye.
Peri stepped into the cursed land and began nursing its people

ama utau tori to maiodoru kimi
The heavenly singing birds, and you dancing.

Here dor wis hierle gatyunla
Here dor wis hierle gatyunla
This was a sad land.

国つなぐ隔て 慰みの通ひ路
kuni tsunagu hedate nagusami no kayoiji
Two countries connected by a route of amusement

Yeeel kierre, Lucu got swantes.
Yeeel kierre, Lucu got swantes.
A savior by the name of Peri came from Ena to Lucu

Wee yea ra vit soa...
Wee yea ra vit soa...
And I witnessed it...

刻果つる大地 癒やせる明日
tokihatsuru daichi iyaseru ashita
A dying land, a healing tomorrow,

Gatyuny yehar walasye en guatrz en zadius ftt.
Gatyuny yehar walasye en guatrz en zadius ftt.
Lucu was finally released from the plague that was furiously ruining it,

埋(うづ)む種子(たね)割て 溢るる願いよ
udzumu tane warite afururu negai yo
Oh overflowing wishes, split the buried seeds

Keenis cexm Lucu en yehah cexm
Keenis cexm Lucu en yehah cexm
And soon enough, his coming to the country brought along the shine of happiness

やがて風に闇と消えど 受け継ぐ心が灯をともす
yagate kaze ni yami to kiedo uketsugu kokoro ga hi wo tomosu
Even if we soon vanish in the wind with the darkness, the hearts that will succeed us will shine on the light,

"Was ki ra swant yora en melenas walasye."
"Was ki ra swant yora en melenas walasye."
My duty is saving all of these beloved people,

伝う言の葉かさねつつ 響(とよ)むる人々の聲(こえ)
tsutau kotonoha kasanetsutsu toyomuru hitobito no koe
And the conveyed words join one by one into the echoing voices of the people

"Forgandal, gkgula na irs eterne dor oz warce."
"Forgandal, gkgula na irs eterne dor oz warce."
Because frontiers and the like don't exist upon a blessed land

aratana inochi mo hitoshiku teraseshi wa
That which illuminates equally every new life

Peri oz Ena faja gkgula.
Peri oz Ena faja gkgula.
The medic from Ena, Peri, crossed the frontier.

amata no te to te ga tsunageru omoi
Are the feelings that connect countless hands together

Hes fowrlle gatyunla Lucu en fowrlle sphilar.
Hes fowrlle gatyunla Lucu en fowrlle sphilar.
He didn't just heal them from the disease: he even managed to heal their hearts
Peri oz Ena faja gatyunla Lucu en hes morto gatyunla.
Peri oz Ena faja gatyunla Lucu en hes morto gatyunla.
But by stepping on the cursed land, he also perished from the disease shortly later

Murfanare irs yanje en fandel frawr hymme,
Murfanare irs yanje en fandel frawr hymme,
The feelings he passed down to the people soon enough made many flowers bloom,
fandel harton hymme.
fandel harton hymme.
Which sang about many loves

花咲ける大地よ 永久に幸あれ
hanasakeru daichi yo towa ni sachi are
Oh land in which flowers bloom, may you have an everlasting happiness

Was yea erra grandus dor.
Was yea erra grandus dor.
Therefore, I want to protect this land eternally.

Feelings Contained in This Song[]

Two countries were torn apart by a war for a long time. Said countries were called Lucu and Ena. While by now the war had ended, the people of both countries still hated each other. This is because a lot of people died in each of them during the war, so they didn't hold any sort of positive feelings towards each other.

At the time in which the war had ended, there was no food left in either Lucu or Ena, and thus, several plagues began spreading in them.

It was during these days that a great plague became prevalent in Pucula, one of Lucu's frontier cities. Several of its inhabitants began suddenly collapsing and dying.
On the other hand, the inhabitants of Elinia, a city located right in Ena's frontier, only looked at this situation as a problem that didn't have anything to do with them. Although it was true they were in a situation were there wasn't enough time or resources to be worrying about others, Elinia still became a place where everyone was laughing at the misfortune of a neighboring country.

In the middle of this, one of Elinia's medics, Peri, departed in a journey alongside his assistant to head for Pucula. The inhabitants of that city tried to stop them both,
asking why they tried to help those that had been their enemies in the war. Peri answered:
"The war is already over, and I was born with the mission of helping the people. And who is that people? Is it the people of Ena? Nope, it's the entirety of all the living creatures
that inhabit this world. If there were people suffering for some reason at your side, would you refrain from helping them unless they were famous or something like that?"

Peri went to Pucula. This was one of the cities that were located right at the border of large battlefield, so he thought it wouldn't take long for him to cross it even if it was on foot.
However, given this land had been a battlefield at one point, it was filled with mountains of rubble and corpses, so it took him an entire day to reach the city.
When he finally arrived at Pucula, the people were initially frightened of him. However, they didn't have any strength remaining to do anything about it.
"This is terrible. We must heal them as soon as we can",
Peri told his assistant. However, the assistant was terrified.
"What is it? Where did all that confidence you used to have go?",
the assistant remembered. It was by his own confidence that he moved Peri and got accepted as his apprentice.
Peri crossed the frontier, undeterred by the danger of the epidemic, and silently began treating the people. Wasn't he doing the same thing he idealized?
This gave courage to the assistant, and he began helping Peri.

While the people of Pucula initially looked at them with weird stares, they gradually became grateful to both Peri and his assistant.
Someone asked Peri "Why are you aiding us, if we are the inhabitants of an enemy country?"
Peri then answered,
"What are allies and enemies? Do you hold a grudge against me? Do you hate me enough to see me as an enemy? I couldn't even think up of something that could make me hate you.
Therefore, there's nothing that divides us aside of these ideas."

Peri had a great perseverance, and thanks to this, he managed to heal the people of Pucula from the plague. The city gradually began to regain its livelihood.
However, a certain day he fell prey to the plague, and despite the best efforts of his assistant to heal him, he died. He was very old at that time.
The assistant grieved for Peri. And likewise, the people of Pucula also grieved his death.
The assistant was astonished. To mourn for his death, a lot of people gathered in the city's plaza: enough for not even one more person to fit in it.
The assistant then spoke,
"I still don't have enough abilities to call myself a medic. However, I have succeeded at least his will as such.
Until I have healed even the very last person in this city, I'll remain here"

The assistant spent several years there, and continued healing everyone who lived in Pucula.
The news of Peri's death ran as far as his hometown of Elinia, and everyone who heard about it was greatly saddened.
In order to succeed his will, a great number of both medics and non-medics alike went to Pucula.
And then, thanks to the cooperation of them all battling against the plague, they finally managed to heal all the patients that still remained there.

Everyone in Pucula then gave their thanks to Peri, the assistant and the people of Elinia. The assistant spoke in front of everyone,
"There is none among us that wants us to be divided. That was only decided by a handful of people that saw us as pawns they could move around to fulfill their ambitions.
And now, there is no one among us that thinks there is any need for us to be playing the part of allies and enemies. This is because we managed to cause this wonderful miracle all together."
The plaza of Pucula then boiled up in ovations, which seemed numerous enough to open cracks in it.
The people of this city, in which everyone killed each other without even knowing why, then embraced each other in happiness.

It was then decided that; in the land between both cities, which had been turned into a battlefield, they would plant flowers until the entire place was covered in them.
And then, the next year the battlefield was transformed into a flower field.
This story spread from a city to other, and even in the other frontier cities, lots of people began showing up, all of which began planting flowers into the battlefields.
Without even needing to say anything, the people of both Lucu and Ena began holding each other's hands and continued creating this enormous flower field.

And thus later on, thanks to the feelings of their inhabitants, both countries united to form a single nation.
All of this began with the feelings of one person, which told that every single life was equally precious and thus all of them should be friends, which ended spreading as far as the eye could see.

The frontier in which the flowers bloomed stopped being a dividing line and became the embodiment of a land in which everyone could be in peace.
Ah, may every single person, and every single life, be eternally happy!

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