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A Song heard near the end of Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia's True Ending route.

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This Hymmnos was crafted by Mir immediately after her defeat at the hands of Lyner's group at the game's final battle. This Song gives off a warm and tranquilizing aura, but its Effects are unknown. Its Effect Key is thus also unknown.

It was made clear later on that this Song possesses the same effects as the original version of EXEC_HARMONIOUS/.: tranquilizing people and making them happy. It also serves as the token of Mir's gratitude to Lyner and his companions for saving her from her own hatred.[1]

Additionally, while normally Pureblooded β-Type and Third Generation Reyvateils are unable to create Hymmnos Extract Songs without employing special procedures, Mir was able to do so thanks to her wealth of technical knowledge about the Tower of Ar tonelico and her great efficiency as a Reyvateil.[2]


いはけなき子や 光が如し‥
iwake naki ko ya hikari ga gotoshi...
The innocent children are like light...

捧げや 捧げや 言の勾玉や
sasage ya sasage ya koto no magatama ya
Let's offer, let's offer the power of our words

癒せや 癒せや 呪り永久に真に
iyase ya iyase ya kashiri towa ni ma ni
Let's heal, let's heal this cursed eternity and reality

いはけなき子は しなに罪なし
iwake naki ko wa shinani tsumi nashi
The young children are born sinless

現の限りは 託されし遺産
uchi no kagiri wa takusareshi wasan
The limit of existence being the legacies left to them

かこつは運命 すまふ術なし
kakotsu wa sadame sumau sube nashi
They are fated to grieve and lament, and there is no way to fight against it

孤独にねんじ かく歩む道
kodoku ni nenji kaku ayumu michi
Keeping their loneliness in mind, they walk each their own path

捧げや 捧げや 言の勾玉や
sasage ya sasage ya koto no magatama ya
Let's offer, let's offer the power of our words

癒せや 癒せや 呪り永久に真に
iyase ya iyase ya kashiri towa ni ma ni
Let's heal, let's heal this cursed eternity and reality

さらぬ厄とて 童の前に
saranu yaku tote warabe no mae ni
Unavoidable misfortunes will appear before the children

斬るが如くに 因果を解かれ
kiru ga gotoku ni inga wo tokare
Yet they will be freed from the karma as if it was cut away from them

真の光 我が身を照らし
makoto no hikari wa ga mi wo terashi
The true light will illuminate my self

放つ詩声 天足らしたり
hanatsu utagoe ama tarashitari
And it'll release my singing voice to make it fill the Heavens

Feelings Contained in This Song[]

Thank you, for these words.
Thank you, for your gentle gaze, filled with love
Let us break the curses of the past
I have accepted everything now.

I had forgotten about it...
Whenever the children bring forth a disaster,
the blame of that
befalls not only on the children,
but also on the parents that raised them.
If the parents go to the west, the child
goes west as well,
if the parents go to the east, the child
goes east as well,
there is not any kind of malice in that.

They just have an innocent heart that only
believes in what their parents tell them,
even if that brings unhappiness to them,
and if the parents only passed on burdens for
their children to bear,
they will end forsaking the world, like their parents,
and end having only a lonesome life.
If the parents pass their own distorted feelings
to their children,
then, that will only pass to them obligations that
will lead them to a dishonorable death.

But I have realized it,
even if they are still inside of that
accursed fate,
there are also children that try their
best to have courage,
there are also children that try to
advance an step forward,
trying to break the curses that history
has passed to them,
even if that involves raising in revolt
against their great progenitors.

There are also children that realize
that they have to change,
no one has realized that because
the curses of the past have been hidden away,
but still, I have already seen them,
so I have already realized that.

Thank you, for these words.
Thank you, for your gentle gaze, filled with love
Let us break the curses of the past
I have accepted everything now.
You, who do not discriminate anyone,
who is filled with love, and whose hands are filled with warmth.

I shall offer myself to you as well,
as if I was enshrouding you with all of my friendship.


  • The Song's title makes reference to the Rigveda: a collection of religious Vedic Sanskrit hymns belonging to the canonical holy texts known as the Vedas. It is the oldest Vedic Sanskrit text and it is also considered one of the oldest Indo-European texts in existence.
  • A heavily rearranged version of this Song with different lyrics is featured in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica as Jakuri's second Cosmosphere theme, which is titled "Flower Pattern - Reality -".
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