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A Song heard during the course of Phase 3 in Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia.

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One of the three Hymmnos crafted during the building of the First Tower. Its function is the rebooting of the Tower and all its functions while it is in sleep mode, including waking up the Administrator from her suspended animation state. It can still work even when the Tower is Suspended because it has a special processing line dedicated to it, making this Song act like a Wake-Up On LAN command for the SIS.[1]

Using this Song is also the second step of the Tower Administrator Guard Change Ceremony, but only if the target for Administrator has been set to any other Reyvateil Origins aside of the current Administrator. In that case, the target Origin would become the new Administrator as the Tower reboots, but it would also kill off the previous Administrator because it would permanently halt all the processes that keep her alive.[2]

It was used by Aurica during Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia to reactivate the Tower a few months after Shurelia put it in sleep mode by singing Suspend. Doing this also awakened Shurelia, who was enraged because this also woke up Mir once again, but Lyner told her they would find another solution to their conflict, prompting Shurelia to join them and starting the last leg of their journey.

Effect Key: Revival.
Effect: Restart.

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願はくば この謳を呼び聞かせ給へ
negawakuba kono uta wo yobikikase tamae
Please, listen and receive this song

yuruku fuku akatsuki no kaze to narite
That becomes the lazy wind of the dawn

微睡む命 凍れる夢に
madoromu inochi kooreru yume ni
Please, release the drifting and lost people,

漂ひて迷へる人 解き放ち給へ
tadayohite mayoeru hito tokihanachi tamae
whose sleeping lives are still in frozen dreams....

天伝ひ来る鳥は 日方に直向かふ
amatsutahi kuru tori wa futata ni tada mukafu
The birds that are flying together with the sky go towards the sunlight.

shiro ni azayagu tsubasa
The white and shining wings

さきに希望の明日 伝へて
saki ni kibou no asu tsutaete
are announcing a hopeful tomorrow to the future

Was yea ra waath near en hymme RE=NATION mea.
Was yea ra waath near en hymme RE=NATION mea.
Let's sing for the rebirth of life.

耀ふ日 目陰さし響かせて謳は
kagayafu hi mekage sashi hibikasete uta wa
Shielding my eyes from the shining sun, the song I sing echoes to you

yuruku fuku reimei no kaze to narinuru
And becomes the lazy wind of dawn

生まるる命 寝覚めの夢に
umaruru inochi nezame no yume ni
Please, protect the drifting and lost people,

漂ひて迷へる人 守らひ給へ
tadayohite mayoeru hito mamorahi tamae
whose birthing lives are still in awakening dreams...

留まらず行く鳥は 日方に直向かふ
todomarazu iku tori wa hikata ni tada mukau
The birds that fly without stopping are going towards the sunlight,

afururu hikari no naka
and inside the overflowing light

hane ni omoi no hi wo matohite
their wings are carrying the light of feelings

Was yea ra waath near en hymme RE=NATION
Was yea ra waath near en hymme RE=NATION
Let's sing for the rebirth of life.

Was yea ra waath near en hymme RE=NATION
Was yea ra waath near en hymme RE=NATION
Let's sing for the rebirth of life.

Feelings Contained in This Song[]

The stars are falling beyond these tall, tall mountains,
and a single bird flies down.
It is enshrouded in white feathers, clearer than the
purest shade of white
And these eyes were just gazing at the faraway horizon,
grasping a future
filled with hope.

You never thought you would be able to see the dazzling
light again
That your fate of being eternally sealed was set in stone,
but that was
just one part of what was written on the forbidden book
During many thousands of years, this book was the form I had
During many thousands of years, I moaned against my fate
I still had my voice
Now, I shall set my feet again over the land in which the
light downpours,
while the slender black shadows are carried off by the wind
The light filters through the palm of my hand, and I
slowly open my mouth
To begin singing a song.

Singing after so many years, my voice was trembling,
and still, there was a person to accept it.
And that was a pure white bird perched on the shoulder
of the young knight

You broke the seal that kept me imprisoned?
Then, you defeated the demon king?
We remembered together:
I told the blue knight to go back home,
and I did not think that we would be able to meet again,
and walk upon this land, taking each other's hands

The memories of these accursed days, filled with
bitterness, filled with suffering...
and I began crying of happiness, for being able
to be reborn in this world.
Still... oh, knight, there is no other person
that you must protect?
Your body is destined to end rotting away, and yet,
you released the seal that was binding me.
Are you just living in a selfish way, just like that
white bird on your shoulder?

The knight just replied:
Yes, I was just living in a selfish way when I
still had a body.
However, now it is different.
When I broke your seal, I received just one curse.
You say that you received a curse just for my sake?
Yes, the curse I received is living eternally
beside you, and I will be extremely happy to do so.

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