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The material described below is made by fans, and thus it is not to be considered as an official representation of the events or songs described previously.

EXEC_METAFALICA/.#Nenesha extracting is a hypothetical version of EXEC_METAFALICA/. Sung by Nenesha. Nenesha wouldn't have voluntarily Sung this Song without its METHOD counterpart, since it is incomplete; doing so would have transformed her into a defective Heart of the Land. Therefore, the version of EXEC_METAFALICA described here is only a "what if" scenario exploring what Nenesha's solo METAFALICA would have sounded like.


Wee paks ra exec hymme METAFALICA » SOL_FAGE/1x10 enter FRELIA.

Rre nuih fountaina
Rre sheak loss

Wee ki erra hymme rudje werllra mea xest dilete
en teyys yor yanje, ee yor.

Rre vonn neia
Rre reveris urr

Firle fedyya,

Fou zweie ra khal.
Presia, Wee jyel ga tasyue.

怖くて 見つけた星に そっと囁く そばにいて、と
ともしび翳り 残した 想いを焦がす夢

Wee ki ra wearequewie
van na cest diasee, na vianchiel kapa.

Na jass hars wart.
Weel ieeya
Wee yea erra sonwe an yor.

Manaf sa
Innna phira
Fogabe sor.

Dauan, dor 0 werllra, yart yor.

Was ki wa shyfac infel.