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A Song heard at the conclusion of Phase 1 of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel.

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This Song serves to activate the DFP, and was developed by Katene especially for this purpose. Given its function, it releases a highly concentrated pulse of Dynamic D-Waves that will disrupt anything that uses Symphonic Power: Reyvateils, airships, electronic equipment; among others. In short, it works similarly to an electromagnetic pulse that gets released once the Song has been sung for the necessary time for the DFP to charge the energy it will release. As it can be easily guessed, this will temporarily sever the connection between the SH Server and the Reyvateils, making them fall unconscious for a little time, unless they have been applied a silencer or are protected by something else. Similarly, all unprotected electronic equipment will completely fail and any airships in its activation range will fall down from the sky.

The name is a contraction of Enhanced Power Nova,[1] and it's sung during the third battle against Mute, which takes place inside the Moebius Factory. Saki volunteered herself to sing it after Katene suggested using the DFP to liberate the city of Ciela Gate from the Clustanian occupation, so it was quite a shock to everyone when Saki started singing and the Song ended having its current form. In the end, the attempt was successful and the Clustanian fleet stationed in Ciela Gate was mostly decimated or sent on the run due to the DDW pulse's effects, which allowed Aoto and his party a chance to go to the Tower and reach the city of Archia.

As a fun fact, the Song itself would have been a battle Song reminiscent of the Purgers or Replekia if it had been Downloaded into Finnel, any of the heroines from the previous two games or any of Saki's alternate personae, but given Saki's personality, it was greatly altered.[2] And even if another persona tried to sing it now, since Saki was the first among them to Download the Song, the result would still be this same version due to the Tower considering only Saki's feelings for the Song because her and the other personae are lodged in the same area within the SH Server: within Sakia's Soulspace.[3][4]

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kenka wa yamete!?
Can you stop fighting already!?

Uh nyamo! nyamo!! papulipua!!!
Uh nyamo! nyamo!! papulipua!!!
Nyamo! Nyamo! It's worrying me!

kuroneko-san shironeko-san
The black cat and the white cat
mainichi igamiai
Are quarreling everyday
dochira no kenami ga suteki ka
Endlessly competing
akizu ni kisotteru
To see who has the most wonderful coat

boku no karada wa tsuyayaka sa!
I have a glossy body
kurohyou no kanroku
As dignified as a black panther!
watashi no kenami wa fuwafuwa
My coat is all fluffy
osora no kumo no you
like the sky's clouds.

doushite nakayoku dekinai no?
Why can't you just get along?
sentou taisei
They're getting ready to fight
ほら すぐ かみつきひっかき おおさわぎ!
hora sugu kamitsuki hikkaki oosawagi!
And look, they already started a big ruckus of scratching and biting!

けんかはやめて! あらそわないで!!
kenka wa yamete! arasowanaide!!
Stop fighting! Don't quarrel any more!
毛皮のモヨウも イロイロだけど
kegawa no moyou mo iroiro dakedo
Even though there's all sorts of fur patterns
けんかはやめて! あらそわないで!!
kenka wa yamete! arasowanaide!!
Stop fighting! Don't quarrel any more!
みんなステキじゃ ダメかしら?
minna suteki ja dame kashira?
"Everyone's wonderful" isn't enough for anyone?

Was ki ra quen kyakkya yor
Was ki ra quen kyakkya yor
あなたも わたしも
You and I
en mea en kyakkya kyakkya.
en mea en kyakkya kyakkya.
なかよし なかよし
Will be very, very good friends

shimaneko-san no gojiman no
The stripy cat's pride
shippo wa chou rongu!
Is that he has a super long tail!
mikeneko-san no kagi shippo
He always makes fun of
itsumo baka ni shiteru
The tortoiseshell cat's hooked tail

doushite jiman bakari na no?
Why this always has to be for pride?
イヤミだらけで トゲトゲ
iyami darake de togetoge
Always stinging with sarcasm
minna no kokoro ni sasatteru
Into everybody's hearts

けんかはやめて! あらそわないで!!
kenka wa yamete! arasowanaide!!
Stop fighting! Don't quarrel any more!
shippo no nagasa wa iroiro dakedo
Even though there're all kinds of tail lengths.
けんかはやめて! あらそわないで!!
kenka wa yamete! arasowanaide!!
Stop fighting! Don't quarrel any more!
zenbu suteki ja dame kashira?
"They're all great" isn't enough for anyone?
dame kashira?
Isn't enough for anyone?

mikkadzuki benchi ni suwatte
Let's stay up until late at night and play
ヨフカシして 遊ぼう
yofukashi shite asobou
While sitting on the crescent moon's bench
昨日あった イヤなことは
kinou atta iya na koto wa
Look, a shooting star is carrying away
ほら 流れ星がさらってゆくよ
hora nagareboshi ga saratteyuku yo
all the bad things that happened today!

Wee paks ra wael yorra yulun anw hueaf zixxa tes syezo,
Wee paks ra wael yorra yulun anw hueaf zixxa tes syezo,
つまらない意地は スープにとかして
Let's melt that silly stubbornness into soup
en koffl sor jam lornya.
en koffl sor jam lornya.
ハチミツ入れて 飲んじゃおう
Add some honey to it, and drink it up.

Was yea ra viela cor yorra chs kiakkya kiakkya
Was yea ra viela cor yorra chs kiakkya kiakkya
You can get along
acra acra erlla erlla yanje yanje,
acra acra erlla erlla yanje yanje,
きっときっと もっともっと ずっとずっと
Surely and surely, more and more, always and always,
cietta yorra trina yanyaue nyamonyas!!
cietta yorra trina yanyaue nyamonyas!!
だって本当は 気づいたらみんなともだち!
Because once you realize it, you'll see you're actually all friends!

makike ga suteki na kaaru-chan
The wonderful curly cat has rolled-up fur
ネグセがついても めだたない!
neguse ga tsuite mo medatanai!
So she won't stand out even if she has bed-hair!

boukan kegawa no fusa neko-san wa
The tufty cat has a fur that blocks the cold
samugaru koneko no hiiroo da!
And he's a hero to the kittens that complain about the chill!

kijineko-san wa kuishinbou
The tabby cat is a glutton
でも ハラペコさんには ごちそうしちゃう!
demo harapeko-san ni wa gochisou shichau!
But he'll always invite to a meal anyone he finds starving!

bouken daisuki buchi neko-san
The spotty cat loves adventuring,
小箱にはまって 抜けなくて
kobako ni wa matte nukenakute
But he's trapped in a small box and can't get out
たいへん困って にゃーにゃーにゃー!
taihen komatte nyaa nyaa nyaa!
And he's in a really bad spot, meow meow meow!

shironeko-san wa osharesan
The white cat is pretty fashionable
よごれたみんなを 毛づくろい!
yogoreta minna wo kedzukuroi!
And she always grooms everyone she finds dirty!

koneko no gyangu wa itazuramono
The kitten gang is filled with pranksters,
でも迷子になったら ナミダ目ニャーニャー!
demo maigo ni nattara namidame nyaa nyaa!
but if they get lost, they cry a lot while mewing "mew mew"!

bosu no saba neko-san wa
The mackerel cat is the boss,
ランボウだけど 町の平和を守ってる!
ranbou dakedo machi no heiwa wo mamotteru!
And while he's pretty reckless, he's protects the city's peace!

Uh nyamo! nyamo!! nyasyamorina!!!
Uh nyamo! nyamo!! nyasyamorina!!!
にゃも にゃも とってもしあわせ!
Nyamo! Nyamo! We're very happy!

Feelings Contained in This Song[]

There were two powerful countries in that world - the kingdom of Vinnel, and the kingdom of Ruou.
The two countries ruled over their neighbors, and waged wars to dominate the world.
Both race and culture are different in the two countries, but there was one thing they had in common:

Both countries worshipped the god Shanoa, and both of their people were said to be descendants of the sun.
And that only worsened the conflict between them.
Who were the true descendants of the sun? The people of Vinnel, or the people of Ruou?
They tried to back up their claims with different reasonings,
And find flaws in the opponent's arguments at the same time.
The small-scaled competitions that arose became usual occurrence.

Shanoa looked upon this situation every day and was deeply troubled by it.
To Shanoa, the residents of both countries were great worshipers, and both were the true descendants of the sun.
Shanoa could not stand by and watch the situation unfold anymore
And came to earth in a human's body.
Shanoa wanted to persuade both sides to stop them from fighting.

Shanoa first headed to Vinnel.
Visiting the castle as a traveling priest, Shanoa told of the god's sadness caused by this war.
Then the king of Vinnel displayed his hair for all to see, and said.

"Look at this hair. We, who possess shining platinum hair are the true descendants of the sun.
The people of Ruou have black hair. They're the servants of the lord of darkness.
They're trying to conquer us and spread the power of darkness."

Shanoa gave up on the stubborn king, and headed to Ruou.
Visiting the castle as a traveling priest, Shanoa told of the god's sadness caused by this war.
Then the emperor of Ruou displayed his skin for all to see, and said.

"Look at this skin. This auburn skin is proof that we have bathed under Lord Shanoa's holy light.
As the descendants of the sun, we are always with it.
The people of Vinnel have pale skin, they're the family of those in the underworld. Our duty is to destroy them with our sunlight."

Shanoa was out of ideas after witnessing the emperor's obstinacy.
Leaving the castle, Shanoa headed towards the Gurglenoa volcano at the country's border to think of a new idea.
However, Shanoa was surrounded by the people from both Vinnel and Ruou on the way. They pointed their spears at Shanoa,
And said.

"We heard that you spread fallacy in god's name in both countries to mislead us into the path of evil.
You damned child of the devil, trying to sway our belief!
Be purged right here!"

Shanoa was immensely saddened, and cursed himself.
Why did it come to this. Was his guidance bad?
He forgave everything until now. And it all comes down to this?

Shanoa decided. He needed punishment to guide his children onto the right path.
He used the power of the light and destroyed both countries.
Both Vinnel and Ruou disappeared from the world map in one moment.


This song was created by Akiko Shikata during the development of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, since the only thing she could think of during the quarrel between Cloche and Luca inside the Infelsphere was "Stop fighting already!!"[2]

Spoilers end here.


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