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Finnel After Story Drama CD, transcribed and then translated by exfictz. Each of the three Drama CDs extends on the True Ending of each heroine. Seeing that no one has translated Finnel's, I took the chance. She's the best girl out of the entire trilogy after all :P

In this work, I leaned towards literal translation more than natural translation. It is intended to be used as a subtitle when listening to the actual recording. If it doesn't violate grammar too much, I tried to put information in the order it was spoken. (We've all seen it, when a subtitle reveals an important part of a speech a few seconds before it is said, because of S-O-V sentence structure in Japanese vs. S-V-O in English.) In that fashion, I also didn't naturalise new character names Purishira, Aruma, and Rushia into Priscilla, Alma, and Lucia. By extension, the strongest Reyvateil on Ar Ciel goes by the name Jakuri as well. Also, when Cocona uses 'Cocona' as first-person pronoun, I made sure that carries over too.

I hope this brightens up your day, just like it did for me. Enjoy!


Track 1

Finnel (as narrator): It's been 3 years since the Regeneration of Ar Ciel. Clustania has returned to its normalcy, and there is a considerable number of human settlements being constructed within. Reyvateils has embraced humans, their coexistence is the very proof of that change. And…

Finnel (as herself): Whoaaa, this bracelet is soooo cute. Purishira, look!

Purishira: Eh, isn't it too childish? But for Finnel then probably it's a perfect fit. (teasing voice)

Finnel: How cruel!

Purishira: Hehehe, sorry, sorry!

Finnel (narrator): I'm also living in Clustania. And I made a Reyvateil friend. We met after the Regeneration event. Now, just like Akane-chan, she's become my dear friend.

Purishira: How about asking your husband to get it for you?

Finnel: Uh, if I ask Aoto to buy it, he'll probably demand something greater in return. I'm a bit scared.

Purishira: Is that so…? By the way, what's Aoto doing today? Just house-sitting alone?

Finnel: Tonight Cocona is coming over from Metafalica, and she's bringing a friend along. He's going out to meet them. I told you about Cocona earlier right?

Purishira: Yup, I remember her. She's taking the trouble to come all the way here from Metafalica?

Finnel: Yesss, that's why we're throwing a party tonight!

Purishira: Oh, I hope it's a blast!

Finnel: (laughs) Thank you!

Finnel: Speaking of which, would you like to come along? The more, the merrier I'd say!

Purishira: Uh, thanks for inviting, but I already have another appointment for tonight. My friends called me earlier.

Finnel: That's too bad…

Purishira: Rather, should I introduce you to them? They are nice girls so I think you all will become good friends in no time!

Finnel: Is… is that okay?

Purishira: The more, the merrier, said you earlier, right? I'll pitch that to them tonight!

Finnel: Thank you! I'm looking forward to that!

Finnel (narrator): Everyday seemed like a peaceful day. But I did not notice the fact that not everyone thought Clustania was peaceful at that time…

Finnel (narrator): Drama CD, Ar tonelico III: The Girl's Song that Pulls the Trigger of World's Demise. Side Finnel -After Story-


Track 2

Aoto: Right then, to celebrate our reunion in a long while: Kampai!

Everyone: Kampai!

*gulping sound*

Aoto: Hahhhh, you look great and cheerful, Cocona! That made me feel at ease!

Cocona: You guys too! You all look lively as before!

Aoto: That's all thanks to your support. So, how's life over there?

Cocona: Um! I returned to the ranks *(translator note: Grand Bell's knight rank)* and I'm working hard!

Finnel: By working as a knight, don't you have to do a lot of dangerous tasks?

Cocona: In current times that's no longer the case. It's peaceful over there.

Aoto: So you fight bad guys from time to time, then. By the way, the friend who's coming along with you, when will she arrive?

Cocona: She should be here by tomorrow. Now she's helping Sasha out with some errands.

Finnel: Is it some complicated things again?

Cocona: Performing maintenance of the Inter-tower Network. Just a standard inspection routine, but she said she's interested so she offered to help.

Finnel: We can deduce that she's not an ordinary person!

Aoto: Is this person a genius on par with Sasha?

Cocona: Certainly she's knowledgeable, but haven't I told you about what kind of person she is?

Aoto: I heard that she's dependable, but if she's also a gorgeous intellectual too, that'd be a bonus! Now I can't wait for tomorrow!

Finnel: Jeeez, don't draw pictures of people you haven't even met and start drooling upon your imagination!

Aoto: Once in a while I wanna meet some outstandingly stylish, adult woman instead of a childish girl!

Cocona: She's not that type of person though…


Aoto: She's in that mirror! Look!

Finnel: Hrrrrgh! You're saying mean things again!!

Cocona: (giggles) And as always, you've fallen prey to his mean words.

Finnel: Everyday! Everyday! Cocona, say something… (pleading voice)

Cocona: I thought you like it (teasing voice)

Finnel: N..not really…

Cocona: Really? See, you made all these foods right, Finnel? You aren't exactly a pro in the kitchen, yet you put this much effort in, isn't this to make him happy?

Finnel: That's… well…

Aoto: She has a long way to go though.

Finnel: Despite asking for a load of refills everyday! (pouting voice)

Aoto: T… that's not true!

Finnel: Don't lie. You always eat as much as 3 people in no time! Now can I hear 'delicious!' compliment for once?

Aoto: De… (shaking voice of a cornered dog)

Cocona: De…

Aoto: De…

Finnel: De…

Aoto: Dessert, please!

*ba dum tss*

Finnel: You're dodging, again!

*chair sliding sound*

Aoto: An XL serving, please!

Finnel: Got it, got it. (fed up voice, in the distant)

Cocona: (giggles)

Aoto: W… what's it?

Cocona: I'm just relieved that you two get along so well. When you came to meet me, you came alone, so I was worried if you guys got in a fight or something.

Aoto: Ah, that. That was because Finnel had an appointment with her friend today.

Cocona: Ehhhhhhh!? She made a friend in Clustania!?

Aoto: Yeah, recently she somehow manages to find some time to hang out…

Cocona: You are not jealous of her, are you?

Aoto: Obviously not!

Cocona: I really doubt your words…

Aoto: I'm speaking the truth!

Aoto: In the past she had always been bullied by everyone in Clustania, hadn't she? So the fact that she made a friend and seems to be enjoying everyday spent with her made me feel at ease.

Cocona: Hehe, how about you say that in front of her?

Aoto: That would make her prioritise her friend even more than now, wouldn't it? (pouting voice)

Cocona: That's coming from a person who just said he's not jealous or anything! (full-on teasing voice)

Aoto: Let's move on from that topic now!

Cocona: Ahh, thanks for telling me more than enough of your lovey-dovey story!

Aoto: Don't tell her though!

Finnel: Alright here you go, an XL serving right?

Aoto: Ah, thanks!

Finnel: Hey, what were you guys talking about?

Cocona: We were talking about your friend.

Finnel: About Purishira?

Cocona: So her name is Purishira? Congrats!

Finnel: At this rate I'm gonna make 100 friends in no time!

Cocona: One hundred friends? Hehe, that's gonna be tough from now on, right, Aoto? (teasing voice)

Aoto: Uh.. Errr…

Finnel: Why is that?

Aoto: Nothing! Look, eat this before it gets cold!

Finnel: Oh that's true. Cocona, I have a refill for you too!

Cocona: Thank you but I can't take that much.

*voice gradually fades*


Track 3

*sounds of footsteps amongst a crowd of people*

Cocona: Whoa, I didn't notice this yesterday, but there are a lot of humans living here now.

Finnel: Humans who live here are either those who originally live here, or those who married and moved in.

Aoto: More importantly though, Cocona, this is the first time your friend visits here, right? Does she know her way around Clustania?

Cocona: She can geolocate Cocona via Telemo, so all is good.

Finnel: Eh, it has that function too? That's convenient.

Cocona: How about having Aoto carry one? If he tries to cheat on you, you'll immediately know!

Finnel: OH! That's a good idea!

Aoto: Oi I won't do such thing!

Finnel: Can I believe your words?

*sound of footsteps continue*

Finnel: Oh!

Aoto: What?

Finnel: It's Purishira! Cocona, that's my friend we were talking about yesterday!

Finnel: Yahoo! Purishira!

Purishira: (gasps) Finnel!

Finnel: What are you doing? Shopping?

Purishira: (gasps)

Finnel: Wait, Purishira? Wait for me!

Purishira: Don't come near me.

Finnel: Eh?

Purishira: I told you don't follow me!

Purishira: And don't talk to me. Don't think I'm your friend!

Finnel: Purishira… What happened?

Purishira: For God's sake, do I need to explain to a traitor who befriended humans!?

Finnel: (gasps) Traitor?

Aoto: Oi what's with this all of a sudden?

Purishira: Don't talk to me you human! Get lost, now! You're being an eyesore.

Finnel: Did I… Did I do something bad and made you angry at me? If so I apologise!

Purishira: I don't need the apology. Keep shut, I don't want to hear from you.

Cocona: Hey you! Aren't you her friend?

Purishira: You don't say! I hate Reyvateils who suck up to humans THE MOST!

Finnel: You must be kidding… We're always hanging out together aren't we!?

Purishira: I hung out with you only to make you think we're friends. See, when truth comes to light, I'm just curious what kind of expression you'd make!

Finnel: (gasps)

*sound of Purishira walking away*

Aruma: Purishira, what happened?

Purishira: (gasps) Aruma… Rushia…

Rushia: If you keep getting caught up with conversations we're gonna be late. Come on, let's get going!

Purishira: Got it. I'm going right away.

Finnel: Wait, this must be a joke, right? I won't be mad, so please tell me the truth!

Purishira: (gasps)

Finnel: Purishira!

Purishira: Don't appear in front of me ever again! You're disgusting.

Finnel: W...why? I… I didn't do anything… (sobs)

Aoto: Finnel…

*sound of Finnel running into Aoto's embrace*

Finnel: (cries heavily)

Cocona: Finnel got bullied again?

Aoto: What on earth. Ever since we started living in Clustania, this has never happened.

Cocona: That girl holds a grudge towards Finnel in particular, then?

Aoto: Unbelievable. She had talked to me normally before, too.

Cocona: In that case, what on earth happened…?

Aoto: I've no idea. For now I think it's best to keep some distance from her. When we don't know the cause, we can't fix the problem.

Finnel: (still crying)

Aoto: Cocona, can you go alone? I will need some time back home to console Finnel.

Cocona: Um. Once I link up with her we'll be taking a walk around Clustania for a bit, then join you two, is that alright?

Aoto: Please do.

Aoto: Finnel, let's go.

Finnel: I… will go…

Aoto: Go where?

Finnel: I will go and apologise to Purishira!

Aoto: Apologise about what? You didn't do a single thing wrong, did you?

Finnel: But, up until yesterday, everything was normal, you know… For her to be that angry, for sure I must be in the wrong!

*sound of Finnel hastily running away*

Aoto: Oi! Finnel!

Cocona: Finnel, wait!

Finnel (in the distant): It's alright! Purishira is my friend after all.

Aoto: Jeez, she needs to ignore those people's words.

Cocona: For now we need to chase her though!

Aoto: Will her friend be okay with that?

Cocona: For now you need to think about Finnel first!!

???: Aoto-dono. And Cocona-dono, too?

Cocona: Eh? Ehhhhhh!? It's been a long while!!


Track 4

*sound of Finnel running and panting*

Finnel: Where did she go? I'm sure she's headed towards Administrative District. Oh?

???: You're considerably late. I've been waiting and starting to feel worried.

Finnel: Umm, sorry, but I don't know you?

???: Huh, you seem to have forgotten what you did to me. I'm Shukure. Pleased to meet you, Finnel.

Finnel: Shukure? You know me?

Shukure: Of course I do. Now, please follow me.

Finnel: That direction… that's Module Harvestasha isn't it? If we randomly enter, she'd be mad though.

Shukure: Don't worry about that. We have Her Highness with us.

Finnel: Huh?

Shukure: Now, please be prepared.

*sound of door sliding open*

Aruma: Ah, Shukure-sama! Please come this way. Your arrival is delayed, so we started worrying.

Shukure: Oh, I apologise. I was out to welcome this girl.

Finnel: Eh? Purishira?

Purishira: Finnel!? Why are you here?

Finnel: (giggles and runs towards her) Good grief! I lost sight of you and started panicking!

Purishira: (gasps) What are you doing here?

Finnel: Ummmm, I didn't know why you're angry, but it was my fault, right? So I…

Purishira: You moron! I did tell you to not appear in front of me ever again!

Finnel: But I will apologise earnestly!

Purishira: Never mind that! You need to go back!

Harvestasha: If we let her go, I'd be in trouble.

Finnel: That voice!

Harvestasha: It's been a while, Finnel.

Finnel: Your Highness Harvé! Wait, no. That's no longer the case.

Harvestasha: Huh…

Finnel: I'm sorry Harvé, please keep it a secret that all these people entered your room! Okay?

Harvestasha: To address me without any suffix, that's not nice. Don't be sly. *(translator note: Harvestasha refers to herself using "warawa" first-person pronoun, which is indicative of her former, bad-tempered skin programmed by Ayatane)*

Finnel: "Warawa"…? Don't tell me!?

Shukure: Nothing less to be expected from you. As you might have guessed, Her Highness Harvestasha has returned to our Clustania!

Finnel: Wait, that Personality Skin should have been completely erased though!?

Harvestasha: You think you can erase me that easily? That's an insult.

Finnel: (gasps)

Shukure: Aruma, Rushia!

Aruma, Rushia: Yes!

*sound of both marching closer, likely to seize Finnel, or at least blockade the door*

Shukure: I apologise, but I can't let you go now. We need you to work as our comrades.

Finnel: Comrades? I don't understand.

Shukure: Your power is needed, in order to revive Clustania to its glory, with Her Highness Harvestasha at its core.

Finnel: If you do that, you'd strain the relationship between us and the humans again!

Shukure: Don't worry about that. We can perform thorough Cleansing on them and make them our faithful slaves.

Finnel: Why? Why would you want to regress to that at this point in time?

Rushia: Why, you ask? That's only natural given the state of abnormality Clustania is in now! We're only returning it to normalcy.

Finnel: Rather, THAT is the abnormality!! And it's impossible to return to that previous state! A significant number of people have accepted humans after all!

Harvestasha: Huhhhh, she doesn't understand, does she? She's broken beyond imagination, and that's a disgrace for us who created her! And we've worked out all the precise details of our plans too, right?

Shukure: I'll inform you that, to realise this plan, your power is indispensable. I shall have your cooperation.

Finnel: No! You've made a mistake!

Harvestasha: Hahahahaha! What did this girl just say? "We made a mistake"?

Finnel: What's strange about THAT!?

Harvestasha: Know your place, you useless Reyvateil!! /uses magic to knock Finnel down

Finnel: Gyahhhhhhh!

Harvestasha: This brat reeks of human smell and just keeps blabbering! That should do. So long as you live in Clustania, we are your masters. Or have you been degraded to mere dogs? In that case, we have to eradicate you.

Finnel: Grrrr

*sound of footsteps rushing towards Finnel*

Aruma: Your Highness! At this rate we're going to kill her before we can have her cooperation!

Harvestasha: Huhhhhhhh, I wish that was the case, but then that would also completely ruin our plan, right? Then, up until now was a joke. Aruma, heal that weakling to her former state for me, will you?

Aruma: Now, don't move.

*sound of healing Song Magic*

Finnel: Why… why do you need to include me in your plans?

Harvestasha: You've become much, much stronger than the past. If we only consider Song Magic power, then you're amongst the top ranks in the entirety of Clustania. That's why we recruited you.

Finnel: I… if you keep hurting me, I won't use any Song Magic!

Harvestasha: I don't even need to hurt you. In that state, I could easily turn you into burnt ash, you know?

Aruma: If we can have her as our comrade, that's like having one hundred people!

Harvestasha: Look, a person whom no one depended on like you, is now given this much expectation. You won't betray our trust, right?

Finnel: I won't cooperate!

Harvestasha: Oh? /uses even stronger magic to knock Finnel down

Finnel: Gyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

*sound of Finnel collapsing*

Aruma: Your Highness!! That's too far and I can't heal her!

Harvestasha: That's enough! I've had enough of calmly persuading her. If she doesn't want to do it, we don't need this useless trash!

Purishira: In that case! /rush towards the scene

Purishira: If we leave her here she'd just block the hallway! I'll throw her away!

Purishira: Now, stand up!

Finnel: Tschhh. That hurts!

Shukure: There's no need for that.

*sound of sword unsheathing*

Shukure: If she's not becoming our comrade, then there's no reason to let her live either. I'll dispose of her right here.

Purishira: That's…! But you don't have to kill her!

Shukure: How naïve! If she leaks this to our enemy, that would be a huge hassle!

Harvestasha: That's correct. Now, let go of Finnel. Quick.

Purishira: Uh-

Shukure: Now, be prepared.

*sound of something zipping through the air and sword being blocked*

Shukure: WHAT!

Finnel: V-Board!? Could it be!?

Cocona: Umm! Just in time!

Aoto: Finnel, are you alright?

Akane: I didn't expect this.

Finnel: Akane-chan!!

Shukure: Commander Akane! And…

Cocona: It's been a while, Shukure.

Shukure: Even in my wildest dreams I couldn't imaging seeing you again, Cocona.

Cocona: Same here. But I didn't want this kind of reunion.

Shukure: Neither do I. Even though I told you to not appear before me ever again.

Aoto: Hey! You guys bullied Finnel this much!

Harvestasha: You've a complaint?

Aoto: OF COURSE! The only person who can bully Finnel is me!

Finnel: Hnggggggg! Don't you have anything better to say!?

Cocona: How did this Personality Skin return!?

Akane: Is this your doing, Shukure?

Shukure: Obviously not. Her Highness returned to us by her own Will.

Aoto: Who is that woman?

Akane: Vice-commander in charge of the airship fleet, Shukure.

Aoto: So your subordinate?

Akane: In the past. She's a Harvestasha loyalist, to the level of being a cultist. That's why she left the army after we formatted the Personality Skin.

Shukure: But! Her Highness has returned, as you can see! And she called for me before anything else. Not you. But me. Commander Akane.

Akane: Please obediently surrender. This Harvestasha is not functioning properly. We call this the Deranged State.

Shukure: Such insolence to address Her Highness like that!

Akane: At present, Harvestasha is the Administrator of Clustania and the Tower. She no longer has the authorisation to be the Ruler. If you insist on serving her, you leave me with no choice.

Shukure: What should I do, Your Highness?

Harvestasha: Those who get in the way are considered enemies. Shukure, don't disappoint me.

Shukure: Leave this to me. HA!

*sound of blades clashing*

Aoto: Akane!

Finnel: Aoto! In front of you!

Harvestasha: HA!

Cocona: Careful!

Aoto: Whoa!

Cocona: Uh! Are you okay?

Aoto: Yeah, I was just caught by surprise.

Rushia: Tsk. That missed.

Harvestasha: Can you even aim!? Hey you! Don't just stand there!

Aruma: Yes ma'am! HA!

Aoto: If it's not a surprise attack, I'm not afraid of you!

Cocona: Aoto, straight after this attack, we'll leave!

Aruma: Even if you regret now it's too late!

Purishira: Don't!

*sound of Aruma getting toppled*

Aruma: Gyah!

Rushia: Aruma! What are you doing Purishira!?

Purishira: Finnel! Get up!

Finnel: Purishira, why?

Purishira: Rushia! I'm sorry!

*sound of Rushia getting toppled*

Harvestasha: Hey you! What are you doing!?

Purishira: Run!

Finnel: Okay!

Aoto: Finnel, are you alright!?

Finnel: I'm alright. More importantly…

Purishira: Save the explanation for later!

Harvestasha: So you're betraying us.

Rushia: Can't believe it, Purishira is betraying us.

Aruma: And I thought you were our friends…

Purishira: Because I consider you friends that I stopped you from going in the wrong direction!

Harvestasha: Then let's see if you can stop this too!

Akane: You went as far as to prepare Guardian Robots.

Shukure: Not the time to be looking away is it!? HA!

Shukure: I wonder how long can those people fight while continuing to cover injured Finnel?

Akane: Such cowardly tactic!

*sword fighting continues*

Aoto: Cocona! You take Finnel and Purishira and leave!

Cocona: Hey you haven't fought in such a long time! You alone cannot handle all this!!

Finnel: I… will support… /collapses

Purishira: Finnel!

Harvestasha: Look at that squirming bug! Now be crushed to pieces by my Guardian Robot!

Aoto: Shit!

*Dualstall melody rings on Cocona's Telemo*

Finnel: What is that song!?

Cocona: Nice timing!

Aoto: Is that your Telemo ringtone!?

Harvestasha: What a terrible music. How awful can human's taste be!? Well, it's fitting to be your requiem!

Cocona: /picks up the call

Cocona: Please! Come to me straightaway!

Harvestasha: Too late to call for help now!

Cocona: Everyone lie down!!

Everyone: WHOA!

Aoto: The battlefield just blew up!

Harvestasha: Noooo! Don't mess up my room!

Aruma: That is a… robot?

Purishira: Guardian!

Akane: But I don't recognise that model.

Cocona: Ehhhh, spectacular entrance as always.

???: And I was waiting in the sky, wondering when you'll come out. So this situation is why…

Aoto: WHOA THAT IS SICK!! A gigantic robot that a person can drive!?

???: Oh? This person has sharp eyes. He sees the magnificence in this.

Cocona: You saved us, Jakuri-san!

Harvestasha: Hey YOU! How dare you blew up a giant hole in the ceiling of my room!

Jakuri: That voice? Could it be?

Harvestasha: What is it? Is there something on my face?

Jakuri: You don't say… You're Harvestasha!? It's been a while! Ever since we talked in Binary Field, remember?

Cocona: No! The current Harvestasha is…!

Harvestasha: What? Aren't you one of those lowly creatures, wagging your shameful tail like a dog, begging for affection? I don't recall having such an acquaintance.

Jakuri: What is this Shitframe?

Cocona: That descriptor tells all the story.

Harvestasha: More importantly, you blew a hole in my ceiling!

Jakuri: To get all worked up for such a trivial matter, what a wimp you are.

Harvestasha: Gyahhhhhh! To be retorted by a human's pet dog! You guys! Get rid of this thing!

Aruma & Rushia: Yes, ma'am!

Cocona: Jakuri-san, the current situation is…!

Jakuri: Huh, so that leaves me no choice. Smokescreen!

Cocona: Everyone! This is our chance!

Aoto: Got it! Finnel, Purishira, let's go!

Purishira: Ok! Finnel, give me your best!

Finnel: Uhhh….

Rushia: They're running away!

Harvestasha: Hey! Don't! Force through that smokescreen!

Jakuri: To get all worked up with just a smokescreen, you really are a wimp.

Harvestasha: She said it again! Waittttttt!

Shukure: Shall we call it a day for now?

Akane: Are you okay with letting me escape?

Shukure: Today I no longer feel like doing it anymore. Moreover, aren't you worried sick about Finnel?

Akane: /gasps and runs away


Track 5

*healing sound*

Purishira: The treatment will end soon. Hang in there.

Finnel: Ugh. Umm.

Cocona: Akane, how's the situation outside?

Akane: It's okay. There seems to be no one chasing after us.

Aoto: At any rate, when did that Personality Skin return?

Akane: I don't know. I don't see her everyday.

Finnel: Purishira, do you have any idea?

Purishira: I only knew that yesterday.

Cocona: Jakuri-san, does anything come to mind?

Jakuri: I've just landed here. Don't ask me.

Aoto: By the way, you're the… friend… who came with Cocona?

Jakuri: Jakuri here. Nice to meet you. I've heard stories of you all from Cocona.

Aoto: Sorry about all this. All the trouble you made to come here, and now we're having you running around with us.

Jakuri: If you feel that way, why don't you get this solved at once?

Aoto: Of course I'd love to do that as well. But we alone do not have access to Binary Field.

Purishira: Okay, the treatment is complete.

Finnel: Thank you. But I'm so glad that Purishira has returned.

Purishira: Rather than "returning", I didn't even want to be there in the first place.

Finnel: Uh, what happened yesterday's night?

Purishira: So I went to meet these friends, and this person Shukure was already waiting. They took me to Module Harvestasha. Only then did I realise that the former Harvestasha has returned.

Finnel: By friends you mean those two?

Purishira: Yes, Aruma and Rushia. That also was the first time I realised those two wanted to regress Clustania to olden days.

Finnel: But why were you with those people? If they were that unpleasant, you could have turned them down.

Purishira: If I turned them down, the situation could have turned out very badly though.

Akane: That was the correct decision. If you were to decline, Shukure might just execute you right there.

Finnel: That… they would go to such length?

Akane: Well, you were on the brink of being sliced yourself weren't you?

Finnel: Uhhh.

Purishira: That's why I didn't want you to get involved. I could clearly see that happening, and so tried to pushed you away.

Finnel: Then, back there when you tried to get rid of me…

Purishira: It had the complete opposite result though… That's how it was. I'm sorry I said terrible things to you.

Finnel: I'm so glad I wasn't hated!

Akane: Cocona-dono. It appears to me that you and Shukure know each other…

Cocona: That was a story from long ago when we first arrived here. We got tangled with Clustania in one particular incident. I thought if it's now, maybe we could become friends. To have a reunion like that…

Aoto: So that was the story, huh.

Cocona: We can save the full story for some time later. For now, we need to stop Shukure and co.

Akane: That's true. Right now, how many people do they have on their side?

Purishira: I don't know the details. But they began mobilising only recently, so they should still be in recruiting phase.

Cocona: Mobilisation!?

Purishira: For anyone who opposes Clustania, they'll probably threaten with force. Human residence would likely face terrorist attacks with Song Magic.

Akane: Terrorist attacks. I see. Is that their goal?

Finnel: What does that mean?

Cocona: If some Reyvateils begin attacking, that would signify the return of the society ruled by Clustania. This would in turn trigger the humans to also assemble, mobilise, and begin counter-offensives on Clustania.

Purishira: At that point, everyone in Clustania would be alarmed and full-scale mobilisation would begin with Harvestasha at its helm.

Akane: To wage war against the humans, no one other than her would be appointed the leader, in that case.

Purishira: With her at the top, large-scale Cleansing is bound to happen, and the humans, already a minority, would be entirely wiped off.

Aoto: That is none of my concern.

Purishira: I mean, you'd be kept as a slave. Anything deemed necessary would be propagated, anything deemed unnecessary would be erased. If you resist, you'd get disposed. Just like a livestock.

Aoto: Huh.

Purishira: As a human yourself, surely you find that insulting.

Aoto: I don't even know what to think about that, apart from the fact that this sounds like her and her way of doing things.

Finnel: But would that work out as planned? It's been as many as 3 years since co-existence, and the younger girls have got used to interacting and living together with humans...

Jakuri: Not "as many as" 3 years but rather "barely" 3 years. If you look at history you'll clearly see; it's the amount of time perfect for stirring up fear and terror. This is well planned.

Cocona: Not a situation to rest easy, by all means.

Jakuri: Anyhow, I'll go to bed now. I've been up all night with that duty at Inter-tower Network.

Akane: Please feel free to use the bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Jakuri: Thanks. I hope this issue is resolved by the time I wake up. G'night.

Finnel: Uhhh. She can go to sleep in times like this…

Cocona: It's a proof that she trusts us. But it is a hassle, though.

Aoto: At any rate, let's go and stop her!

Akane: Then I'll go back once more and seize the Vice-Commander.

Cocona: Amidst that ruckus, if there's someone who shares the same motive as Shukure, and they see the current Harvestasha, that'd be very dangerous. There'd be a high risk of betrayal.

Akane: Uh, that's true. I cannot say that it cannot happen.

Finnel: That means it has to be us who go and stop her?

Cocona: That is the case. But they themselves can't operate as freely either. If the fact that former Harvestasha has returned were to leak before terrorist attacks commence, that'd spell the end for them too. Therefore, during this period where they can't mobilise large amount of people, we will deal with Shukure and co, who are the closest to Harvestasha, and then seal off Module Harvestasha from outside world. That's the plan.

Aoto: Huh, I guess there is no other way. Let's get ready, then!

Purishira: Let me help!

Finnel: Nah, we might end up hurting Aruma and Rushia, so leave this to us.

Purishira: Okay…

Aoto: Let's go!

Finnel: Ey!

Purishira: Hey, Finnel.

Finnel: Yes?

Purishira: Finnel, even though you're such a crybaby, …how do I put it… you're strong.

Finnel: I wonder…

Purishira: Yes you are! I'm a bit envious of you. Give it your best and come back, okay?

Finnel: Umm!

*sound of people leaving and closing the door*

Purishira: Because I will give my best too.

*sound of Purishira rushing upstairs*

Purishira: Jakuri-san, wake up! Jakuri-san!!

Jakuri: What on earth! And I've just fallen asleep!

Purishira: Jakuri-san, do you know what Binary Field is?

Jakuri: I do, but what about it?

Purishira: I heard from Finnel earlier that to change the Personality Skin, one must access the Field via Kuu.

Jakuri: Such a pain. If it were me I'd reconfigure it so that it can be accessed remotely.

Purishira: Because of that, follow me!

Jakuri: So where's this Kuu located?

Purishira: Top of the tower!

Jakuri: Blimey! I don't want to go all the way there!

Purishira: I'm begging! Please help me! Jakuri-san, you're an engineer or something, right? This is right in your domain of expertise, right!?

Jakuri: Engineer? Me?

Purishira: I heard you talked about Inter-network… Tower… or something. Am I wrong?

Jakuri: In any case, this is none of my business. And to enter the Binary Field is a suicide! Have you not heard of that before!?

Purishira: I… have. But I can't just sit around and do nothing either!

Purishira: And…

Jakuri: What?

Purishira: I want to catch Harvestasha off-guard and foil her plan!

Jakuri: Uhh.

Purishira: So please! Help me!

Jakuri: I refuse. I didn't come all the way here to do that troublesome stuff. /pulls blanket and goes back to sleep

Purishira: Uhh. Got it. Then I have nothing else to talk to you! /runs away

Jakuri: Jeez. I guess I'm really bad with this kind of people.


Track 6

Aoto: Seemingly someone was waiting impatiently.

Harvestasha: Oh! Can't believe you'd actually come back. Have you lost your mind?

Shukure: Obviously they would. There's no way Commander Akane will let us do as we please.

Finnel: Aruma, Rushia, let's stop this! Purishira is worried about you two.

Aruma: Even if you say so… right?

Rushia: We can't listen to those in the wrong lead like you lot.

Cocona: Shukure, can't we really resolve this with conversation?

Shukure: Problem that is easily resolvable with conversation? This is not one of those.

Akane: Let me pose a question as well. Is there any chance you will compliantly surrender?

Shukure: Let me answer with another question. Do you seriously believe we will yield to that?

Akane: Obviously not. But to give warning first is the code of conduct, so I had to put that down.

*sound of sword unsheathing*

Shukure: Following the rules to the letter aren't you? When Her Highness was in charge, this formality did not exist!

Akane: Cocona-dono, can you leave her to me?

Cocona: Uh, okay. Cocona will do something with Aruma and Rushia.

Aoto: That leaves the Guardian Robot to me, eh? Hey, Finnel!

Finnel: I will take the supporting role!

Aoto: Okay, let's get started!

*sound of metals clashing*

Aoto: Tough as expected!

Harvestasha: Do you really think that pitiful sword will win the fight for you? Ah, maybe a lowly being like you don't own anything but rubbish!

Finnel: Aoto, here! Eyyyy!

Aoto: Once more! Heh! To be toppled by a shitty sword like that, isn't this thing too weak?

Harvestasha: You cocky human!

Aruma: She's constantly moving around! I can't predict her path!

Rushia: I'm in a bit of a bind!

Cocona: Then I'll give you a bit of fighting chance!

Rushia: She actually stopped! Aruma!

Aruma: Yes! Full power blast!

Aruma & Rushia: Hahhhhhhh!

Cocona: Uhh. That amount of power cannot shatter Cocona's V-Board!

Aruma: Oyyyy. She's taking it easy! Be more serious!!

Cocona: Nah~ I feel bad if I go all-in when fighting girls! (condescending voice)

Aruma: You! Don't look down on us!!

*sound of metals clashing*

Shukure: Even though you're in the ranks of totally rotten Clustania, your sword skill doesn't seem to decay one bit! I'm relieved!

Akane: Relieved?

Shukure: If you're around, I can rely on you! I thought you might not have the will to wield that sword when Her Highness returned once again!

Akane: Absurd!

Shukure: I'm serious! What do you think? Let us become subordinates of Her Highness. Together as partners, we will return Clustania to its former glory!

Akane: Haaa!

Akane: That is my answer!

Shukure: Traitor… You used to be my aspiration. I even grew jealous of you at one point for being the most trusted person by Her Highness! Yet you're saying you reject your past self!?

Akane: Is that so?

Shukure: Not just Her Highness, but you're also betraying me! I shall make you regret!

*sound of a pod opening*

Purishira: (huffing puffing) So I just need to get in there… /gathers courage and runs towards it

Purishira: Hahhhhhhh

Jakuri: This is as far as you'll go.

*sound of Purishira tripping and falling*

Purishira: Awwwww. My face. My face…

Jakuri: That proves you're still alive. Be glad.

Purishira: Jakuri-san! That's mean! To trip me like that.

Jakuri: If you get into that pod and manage to go to Binary Field, that's an instant death. You depart from that pod, you return in a coffin. Now, let's head back.

Purishira: No! I risked my life going through the Administrative District to come all the way here!

Jakuri: If you get in there, all that effort bears no fruit anyway.

Purishira: Didn't you come all the way here to help me...?

Jakuri: I only came here to STOP you. If you die, the one whom Cocona and the rest will get angry at is me! "Why didn't you stop her!" is probably what she will say. Now, I'll lend you a hand, stand up!

Jakuri: Now, let's head back!

Purishira: So... if I die, the rest will be mad at you... right?

Jakuri: Correct. Spare me a mercy and give up.

Purishira: Hehe! Hahh!

Jakuri: Wait a sec! What are you doing! Let go of me!

Purishira: All that sweat you lost to come all the way here... Spare ME a mercy, right?

Jakuri: (struggles) Ugh! I don't want to! Hey don't push me!

Purishira: For the rest to not get mad at Jakuri-san, I'll do my best too!

Jakuri: You don't need to do anything!

Purishira: Quick! Into the pod!

*sound of a pod closing*

Jakuri: Hey don't just close it!! Hey! Open it!

Aoto: This guy is done!

Finnel: Huff. Huff. You did it, Aoto!

Aoto: Somehow I managed it...

Harvestasha: Ehhh, you actually pulled that off.

Aoto: This should cripple her enough. Finnel, let's go help Cocona.

Harvestasha: Try and see if you can actually go?

Finnel: Whoa! There's still more!?

Harvestasha: Smash those rats!

Aoto: Finnel! Look out!! /pushes Finnel away

Finnel: Uhhh

Aoto: Gyahhhhhhhhhhh!

Finnel: Aoto! Aoto! AOTO!!

Harvestasha: Oh? I intended to turn you into a blotch on the floor... I did not anticipate that. Well, it's human emotions after all.

Akane: Aoto-dono!!

Shukure: That's an opening!

Akane: Ughhhh!

Shukure: To look away while fighting with me, how reckless can you be!

Cocona: Akane!

Aruma: Rushia! Let's join up with Shukure-sama and Her Highness.

Rushia: OK!

Cocona: That's totally BOO!

Finnel: Aoto... /sobs

Finnel: Open your eyes, Aoto!

Harvestasha: Finnel, stop holding onto that human carcass. It's filthy.

Finnel: He's not dead! And he's not filthy! /sobs

Harvestasha: Herrr, this girl is contaminated by humans to the last brain cell. Only disposal by incineration will do.

Aoto: Uh...

Finnel: Aoto!

Aoto: You're... crying again…

Finnel: Don't move! That wound is massive!

Aoto: Finnel...

Finnel: Don't talk! I will! I will heal you right no— Mmm!

Cocona: Ehhhhhhhh! What are you two doing!?

Aruma: Whoa! Whatttt! She's kissing a human!

Rushia: Ughhhh, I'm about to throw up. This is so disgusting!

Harvestasha: Lips against each other? Eww, gross.

Finnel: Uh, Aoto?

Aoto: You stopped crying at last, my crybaby. Ugh. Huff.

Aoto: So you did it...

Harvestasha: Huh? Did what?

Aoto: To tease her, or to make her cry, those rights belong to me and me only! Not you!!

Finnel: Aoto!

Aoto: Finnel! Can I have your best Song Magic?

Finnel: Is that okay? You're in such tatters...

Aoto: Only that scum! I can never forgive that scum who made you cry again! Only that scum, I won't let go!!

Finnel: Um! That should be me who will not forgive! She hurt you this much! Absolutely not! Haaaaaaaa!

Harvestasha: Jeez. They should have died, but just kept puffing up with conceit. I can't stand these earsores.

Aoto: Shut up you Shitframe.

Harvestasha: Huh?

Aoto: Enough of your foul mouth and come at me, you Shitframe!

Harvestasha: Each and every of you human is an annoying and filthy being. This time, you'll really become a blotch on the floor!

Aoto: Come! Come at me like that!

Harvestasha: That force!?

Aoto: Don't underestimate me!! Pierce through, my drill!!

Aoto: Finnel!

Finnel: Umm! I'll make you regret that you hurt Aoto! Eyyyyyyyy!

Aoto: Serves you right! Oof. /collapses

Finnel: Aoto!

Shukure: To collapse like that, he really went over his limit, eh?

Akane: Ughhh.

Shukure: Oh? I'm surprised. You can still stand?

Akane: Huff. Huff. Let's end this battle as well.

Shukure: I concur. I will take your life!

*sound of blade slicing*

Akane: Ugh! Ah!

Shukure: That looks like a shallow cut. This time, then... Ugh! What....

Akane: I took that blow on purpose, to bring you down!

Shukure: That's too bad… In a place like this… But to be defeated by you, I will take that… Ugh. /collapses

Cocona: Shukure!?

Rushia: Shukure-sama!? How dare you!?

Aruma: Give us back our peace!

Cocona: Cut it!

Rushia: Ugh!

Aruma: Awww!

Aruma: No… I don't want to lose. I want the former Clustania to return...

Cocona: Sorry.

Cocona: Everyone, let's leave! Akane, can you move?

Akane: Only a little.

Finnel: We can't! Aoto is still unconscious!

Harvestasha: Like I'll let you run away, you rotten bugs!

Cocona: Guardian Robot!? There's still more!?

Harvestasha: This time for sure, you'll be reduced to specks of dust!!

Finnel: Nooooooooo!

*sound of Guardian Robot shutting down*

Finnel: Eh? It stopped?

Harvestasha: What on earth!? This piece of crap!

Akane: That robot, it's Jakuri-dono?

Cocona: But why?

Purishira: Whoa! We fell!

Cocona: Jakuri-san, are you okay?

Finnel: Purishira!?

Purishira: Ow! Ow! Finnel! Are you hurt?

Finnel: No, but what's going on?

Purishira: Heh! We went on a trip to Kuu.

Finnel: Kuu? That means that the Guardian stopped because…

Cocona: Jakuri-san offered to help!

Jakuri: I was coerced! Goddammit I was forcibly shoved into Binary Field. Now that it's over, get off here! And my robot seats one person only! I'm cramping and I struggle to even breathe! Ughhh!

Finnel: Ahaha. Purishira, you shouldn't cause her that much trouble.

Purishira: More importantly, what happened to Aruma and Rushia?

Cocona: They are okay. They only fainted.

Purishira: That's a relief. The scenario did not turn out the worst.

Harvestasha: Hey you! What did you do to me?

Jakuri: Nothing in particular. I just denied your permission to control Guardian Robots temporarily. And I tampered with backup data.

Cocona: Backup?

Jakuri: Yes. Apparently a backup data for the foul-mouthed Personality Skin still remains. When someone tries to change Personality Skin of Harvestasha to something else, it was programmed so that the Personality Skin will default to this backup after a fixed period of time.

Akane: In that case, even if we try to change the Personality Skin to something else…

Purishira: Don't worry! We completely utterly deleted that backup!

Jakuri: Not we but ME! In any case, Harvestasha in its current state is completely powerless. She can't do anything.

Harvestasha: How dare! How dare you did this to me!

Jakuri: And I've already changed the Personality Skin. You guys can go home. Look, you all are completely in tatters. Seems like any of you could die anytime now.

Cocona: O..okay! Then I'll leave the rest to you!

*everyone runs away*

Purishira: Jakuri-san, let me help this time.

Jakuri: You'll only hinder me, so you go back too!

Purishira: A…Ah... Okay... Then if you need help some other times, be sure to call me!

*Purishira runs away*

Jakuri: As if I will. Hehe, because from now on it's my time to have some fun.

Harvestasha: Uh, uhhhh. What will you do to me!?

Jakuri: I wonder?… Hehehehe


Track 7

*sound of healing Song Magic*

Finnel: Okay, it's complete. Akane-chan, are you still hurt?

Akane: I'm good now. Thank you very much, Finnel.

Cocona: Akane, about Shukure…

Akane: Don't worry. I avoided her vital organs.

Cocona: Heh.

Akane: Indeed she has committed a crime. Even though Clustania did avoid changes, there were victims still. And regardless of what people might say, when she was my right hand, she was totally an enthusiastic commander.

Cocona: Even though you appear strict, you really care for your subordinates don't you?

Akane: That is why I want to spend some time and try to persuade her. If things get rough, I might have to ask for your help.

Cocona: You can leave that to me! Even if I'm in Metafalica, I'll fly here, straight at your calling!

Akane: If you say so I'm relieved! But now, we need to take those girls to the hospital.

Cocona: Let me help! Finnel, you take Aoto home, then.

Finnel: Understood.

Akane: Wait, Finnel.

Finnel: What's it, Akane-chan?

Akane: I… I know you two are close, but to kiss him in public…! I feel embarrassed!

Finnel: T… that. I… I mean, …Aoto did…!

Akane: No, I've said too much! Take care and come home soon!

Purishira: What? What? What happened?

Finnel: Nothing! Nothing happened!! AotoWasInjuredBadlyAndHeCollapsedAndHeKissedTheGroundAndThatWasIt!!!! Please, there's nothing to see here! Hahahaha!

Purishira: Ahaha, is that so? Finnel, you yourself are unhurt, right?

Finnel: Ah, yes. Because Aoto shielded me. More importantly, are you okay? You went into Binary Field didn't you?

Purishira: All thanks to Jakuri that I'm here and kicking!

Finnel: Heh, don't do reckless things like that. I was genuinely worried.

Purishira: But I couldn't just sit around and do nothing, The person who got you involved in all this mess was me, after all.

Finnel: On that, you don't have to mind…

Purishira: I DO! Especially when it comes to you who were always bullied by everyone. If what I did reminded you of those times, I just can't sit still!

Finnel: Heh. In that case, if you treat me as a very, very, very close friend, I will forgive you!

Purishira: Hehehe. That's a piece of cake!

Purishira: But for tonight, I'd like to be with those girls. Until they come around, I'm a bit worried about them.

Finnel: Then do that! It's important to treasure your friends.

Purishira: You're right. Alright then, Finnel, good night!

Aoto: Uhhhh…

Finnel: Finally you woke up! Everyone already left.

Aoto: Finnel…

Finnel: I took care of your wounds. Are you alright?

Aoto: Yeah, you saved me this time.

Finnel: Uh…

Aoto: What's wrong?

Finnel: Aoto,… you dummy!

Aoto: What's with that all of a sudden?

Finnel: In front of all those people, … T.. to kiss me like that!

Aoto: We're a couple aren't we? That much isn't off-limits is it?

Finnel: Even so! You don't have to do it in front of everyone!

Aoto: You were embarrassed…?

Finnel: Of course I am!

Finnel: But… my heart was racing a little, and I was kinda happy…

Aoto: Now which one is it!?

Finnel: One more time…

Aoto: What!?

Finnel: It was unfair you did it out of nowhere! After all if you're gonna do it, then… then… do it when the mood is better…

Aoto: That's asking too much…

Finnel: Whatever!! Hmph! /pouts

Aoto: Even if you say so, to do it outside is…

Finnel: Hmph! You coward!

Aoto: In that case,… for something totally incomparable to that, totally shameless and with extra honey and butter topping, …I will give you a spectacular one…

Finnel: Oof! Will you give me something that great?

Aoto: But you can't do it outside can you?

Finnel: Ughh…

Aoto: Therefore, let's go back home! We're all tired, let's get some rest…

Finnel: … It's okay.

Aoto: Huh?

Finnel: It was thatttttttttttt amazing, so it's okay. If it's with you, I no longer care if anyone sees us.

Aoto: For real?

Finnel: Close your eyes! Mmm!

Finnel: Mmm… Aoto, you're panicking again! Wait, what? Aoto!

Aoto: Sorry, I can't do it!

Finnel: Hmph! In that case, once home I'll get you and do it several times over!!

Aoto: That's embarrassing don't say it out loud!

Finnel: Jeez!


Track 8

*someone knocks a door*

Aoto: Coming!

*opens door*

Purishira: That's fast! You already woke up?

Cocona: Purishira, good morning!

Aoto: Purishira, it's rather you who are early.

Purishira: Hehe, I just couldn't sleep.

Finnel: Aoto, the breakfast is rea— Oh, good morning Purishira! You're already here.

Purishira: Um! I just returned from the hospital.

Finnel: Aruma and Rushia, have they come around? And what will happen to them!?

Purishira: Calm down, calm down. I'll explain.

Finnel: Oh, so after discharge they are both free?

Purishira: The same goes for Shukure too. After discharge, I heard that she'll return to the army as an assistant to Commander Akane.

Aoto: An assistant?

Purishira: Seems like they decided that it's wiser to keep a close eye on her than to just acquit her. And she's excellent as a commander so they want her back in service anyhow.

Cocona: So that's how it is. Cocona must thank Akane later.

Aoto: I hope she doesn't come up with another scheme…

Cocona: Those girls just dreamt of living in Harvestasha-led Clustania. But personally they wouldn't have their own initiatives.

Finnel: Did Aruma and Rushia say anything?

Purishira: (sighs) Well, they didn't talk to me, because in their point of view I am a traitor.

Finnel: I see…

Purishira: But when they calm down a bit more, I'll talk to them properly. Even if they don't make peace with me, I want to tell them that I did what seemed right.

Finnel: I wish you all can come to terms.

Purishira: I'll try and give every last bit of my effort.

Jakuri: G'morning. What's with all the ruckus this early in the morning?

Purishira: Jakuri-san! GOOD MORNING!

Jakuri: (gasps) Seeing your face first thing in the morning sank my heart just now.

Purishira: Eheh. Before reconciling with those girls I think I need to do that with Jakuri-san first…

Cocona: Don't worry. If Jakuri-san hates you she won't even interact with you in any ways. This actually means she has taken a liking to you!

Jakuri: The fact that I'm bad with this type of people still stands!! Really, yesterday was such an awful day!

*sound of door slammed open*

Akane: Jakuri-dono! Is Jakuri-dono here!?

Finnel: What's with all the sudden Akane-chan!?

Jakuri: I'm right here! It's early morning, can you all please hush hush!?

Akane: This is not the time for that! What did you do to Harvestasha!?

Finnel: What? Something happened?

*sound of door sliding open*

Aoto: Eh? Where did that Harvestasha go?

Akane: Right there in the corner of the room!

Harvestasha: (howling cry) Jakuri is a big bad bully! She pranks Harvestasha! Waaaaaaaah!!!

Finnel: What happened to her?

Akane: She's been like that since I came here earlier.

Aoto: Oi! What happened?

Harvestasha: Noooo! Don't bully Harvé! Waaaaaah!!

Aoto: What's wrong with this thing!?

Jakuri: I changed her Personality Skin to "Bullied crybaby."

Finnel: Eh… This is certainly better than what we had yesterday, but we can't talk to her if she's like this…

Cocona: Jakuri-san, can't we change this?

Jakuri: Then I guess you aren't a fan of this? Then how about this?

Harvestasha: Ahehe~ Harvé will create Clustania full of flowers! Akane-chan, what flower do you like?

Jakuri: Behold, my proud creation, "Fairy tale" Skin.

Akane: (Harvestasha called me) Akane-chan!?!? Please, restore her to the original one! We can't entrust her to maintain anything in this current state!

Jakuri: Boo boo! And I went out of my way to reconfigure her so that Personality Skin can be changed this easily.

Harvestasha: Hey stop fooling around with me, you scumbag!

Purishira: Whoaaaa, not this "original"!

Aoto: Hahahaha. This is so good! So now we can change her to anything at anytime, Jakuri!?

Jakuri: Not everything is possible, though. Try requesting something, I'll see into it.

Harvestasha: Humans! Don't you have empathy or anything!? Do you feel any shame in fooling around and changing people's mind!? AHHH! I'm asking too much for lowly beings to have empathy, right!?

Aoto: Can I have a "Timid but loyal maid" Skin?

Jakuri: You're being spooky, but we do have that…

Cocona: Seemingly there's no limit to the options!

Akane: Return her to the original, please!

Jakuri: But I don't know which one is her original personality. You can do that by yourself later.

Harvestasha: Cut that cra—

Harvestasha: I'm terribly sorry, my lord. Please pardon my foul mouth. But this pitiful Harvé will devote herself to you, so please don't dismiss her. Please?

Purishira: Hey! Hey! Let me have some fun too!

Aoto: Wait! Wait! It's still my turn!

Harvestasha: Whaaa! So many lords! You have my utmost gratitude, milords, miladies!

Akane: Harvestasha is not a toy! Stoppppppp!

Cocona: Well, now that we know we can restore her so easily, let them be.

Finnel: That's right! With this, we have preserved peace. Case closed, I guess?

Harvestasha: THAT IS NO PEACE TO ME!


Track 9

This is a recording of all the VA's thanking each other and giving some impressions of the session. I'll note some points below.

- All or almost all of them were really happy to record together. When performing voice acting for the game itself, they did so individually. Even Eri Kitamura (Finnel) had to do 4 separate sessions for each of Finnel's persona.

- Most comments were either about Harvestasha (Yuu Asakawa) being so cute at the end, or about the kissing scene being, again, so cute they can't stop smiling.

- Aya Endou (Akane) mentioned that Eri (Finnel)'s "Mmm!" was insanely irresistibly overbearingly cute. Truer words have never been said.

- To which there was a catcall from the background: 'Didn't you disapprove it earlier? (giggles)'

- Yuu Asakawa ran out of voice at the end for all the high-pitched Harvestasha acting. That was hilarious.

- Every VA's actual voice sounds somewhat different from their character, except Yumi Shimura (Cocona) and Noriaki Sugiyama (Aoto) who sound exactly like Cocona and Aoto speaking…