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"I joined the Grand Bell Knights because I admired the ideals of Metafalica."

Croix Bartel is the main character of the game and a promising young knight who eventually finds himself involved in a battle far beyond his wildest imagination. He adopted a young girl called Cocona that was orphaned because of an IPD outbreak, and ended becoming a big brother for her. Cynthia at the Pastalia weapons shop is extremely fond of him, often giving him recipes that she says are "made with love" and embarrassing him deeply.

He usually wears glasses when not fighting due to poor eyesight, but takes them off when he goes into battle, saying in one conversation with Luca that his sight is not so bad that it affects his combat skill and pointing out the risks of his glasses potentially shattering in battle. He becomes caught up in a rapidly-escalating civil war during one of his missions, soon finding himself directly protecting the Holy Maiden of Pastalia and in for an adventure that will decide the fate of the entire world.

Croix's Story[]


Croix was orphaned when he was only 4 years old, due to his mother killing herself and her husband during an IPD outbreak she had. Given that Leyka had an outbreak about the same time as Croix's mother, Reisha felt guilty of this, and adopted him. In this way, he grew up and was raised alongside Luca.

Croix became friends with a boy called Targana, who was one of his classmates in a swordmanship class, and both were regarded as the best ones in the class, though Targana never managed to best Croix. Both had one hideout in the Dreamy Fields, in which both passed their days playing and talking. At one point, Targana revealed to Croix that he was actually Prince Targana, the grandchild of the previous Pope of Metafalss, and there, both made the promise of trying to turn Metafalss into a better place, and try to realize the dream of the green land, Metafalica.

Croix and Reisha's other daughter, Luca, ended having a brotherly relationship, which ended becoming a lover's relationship sometime after Luca began her job as a Dive Therapist. However, their time was cut short because Croix ended passing the tests to become a Grand Bell Knight, and went off to live in the city of Pastalia.

Life as a Grand Bell Knight[]

Croix quickly made a reputation for himself because of his skills in combat, and because of his calm and cold attitude. Apparently, he was the only knight that never required a Reyvateil partner. He was required to daily train with the other knights, and once, during a training with Captain Leglius, he received a bad blow, and Leglius gave the rest of the day off to him. During his way back home, he encounted the Maiden, Cloche Leythal Pastalia, having one of her secret escapades to the garden of the Grand Bell Palace. Cloche, seeing he was injured, sang a song to heal his wounds, and bandaged one he had on the hand with a handkerchief, asking Croix to keep it afterwards.

Aside from training, Croix also was sent in IPD containment missions, which he particularly hated, because of his past with them. Once, Cloche ordered him to finish the containment at once, and afterwards, focusing in protecting the town, given that the rampaging IPDs had caused a fire in it. Later on, during a particularly bad IPD outbreak, he found an orphaned girl, and worried about her, he asked "Are you hungry?". After this, Croix adopted the girl and began treating her as his own sister. This girl ended being Cocona.

Role in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica[]

Phase 1: Pastalia[]

Croix, now 18, was first seen doing his job of containing berserk IPDs in the Pastalia Slums. After successfully containing the IPD, and while the other two knights took her away, Croix was approached by a Reyvateil, who took care of his wounds. Croix simply asks if she wasn't afraid of being infected with IPD, to which the Reyvateil answers she can't get infected anymore, and that she hopes he finds his own princess soon. The other two knights soon join them, and while the Reyvateils get all embarrassed when they ask if they are in relationship, Croix simply remains cold and distant, ignoring their attempts of making fun of him. An instant later, he remembers that Cocona was waiting for him, and leaving the report duty to the others, he goes to meet with Cocona in Pastalia City.

In there, Cocona scolds him for being so late, and after Croix apologizes because of the IPD outbreak being so bad, she tells him he did a good work, and begins feeling sorry for not having been able to help him in this mission. Then, she empathizes with him about how bad of an aftertaste containing an outbreak leaves, and Croix tells her that while he joined because he admired the ideals of Metafalica, he was sorely disappointed when he became aware that his duty was only containing IPDs, a job he despised more than anything. However, he also says that at the least they are doing something for the people. An instant later, Cocona interrupts him and joyfully tells him that they have to hurry, or the shops will close up.

Croix was astonished at the amount of things that Cocona had bought, to which she replied they had to buy a lot of things since Luca was coming the next day. Then, she said they had to go to the Crane Shop, since the protectors she had requested would be done by that time. However, Croix didn't want to go in, given that Cynthia was the owner and shopkeeper, and she never missed her chance to playfully say how much she loved him, and to tease him as much as she could. In fact, as soon as they stepped into the store, Cynthia greeted her with an ear-to-ear smile, and after giving Cocona her protectors, Cocona suggested she should make a weapon for Croix. Croix, shocked, plied her to not direct Cynthia to him, and after Cynthia made a remark about how cute was for a little girl to be worried about her older brother's love life, Croix replied saying that he only saw a cruel girl sacrificing her older brother. This enraged Cynthia, and despite Croix's pleas to no do it, she swore to create the best weapon possible for him.

After they left the store, Cocona asked Croix if Luca wouldn't get jealous of this, to which Croix replied that Luca wasn't the kind of girl to get angry for things like these. Cocona then asked what kind of girl she was, to Croix, as always, replied that she was a really nice girl. Cocona got flustered because of getting always the same exact answer to this question, since she wanted to know what kind of person Luca was before she moved in with them, to which Croix replied that she would see once they started living together. After this, they returned home.

Once they were home, Croix received a call on his Telemo from Captain Leglius, informing him that a emergency situation had arisen: an IPD outbreak had occured in the Rakshek Resort, which was the place where the current Holy Maiden, Lady Cloche, was spending her vacations. Because of the gravity of the situation, Leglius gave Croix permission to bring Cocona along, and after reminding her that they weren't going to play, and lamenting that Luca's coming would have to wait for other moment, both of them prepared and took the first airship they could that was heading for the Rim.

Once in the Rakshek Resort, Croix simply ignored again the way in which one of his fellow knights was boasting of the power he and his Reyvateil because of being so much in love. He also scolded Cocona when she asked if it would be better if she were a Reyvateil, since they would be far more powerful than that couple because of how close they were.

While they were in the middle of this discussion, the sound of an explosion was heard from the direction of the Resort, making Croix and Cocona rush in its direction as fast as they could. Once inside, they saw how bad the situation was inside. Then, they were attacked by knights from the Sacred Army, making Croix doubt that this was an IPD outbreak, and think it actually was an attack from the Sacred Army.

In the deepest area of the Resort, Croix and Cocona met with Cloche and Leglius, the latter beginning to wear out from the continuous battles. In here, Leglius confirmed that this wasn't an IPD outbreak, but it actually was a coup d'etat orchestrated by the Sacred Army, with the purpose of annihilating Cloche. They had to cut the conversation short because a group of Sacred Army Reyvateils began attacking them, and Leglius gave this order to Croix: "Protect Lady Cloche, no matter what until we meet again. The meeting place will be the coal shack in Mikry Forest, during the next full moon".

Despite Cloche's protests about being entrusted to an unexperienced rookie, there was nothing she could do, and had to follow Croix. Once they got out of the room, Cloche asked him if he would be strong enough to protect her, to which Croix honestly answered that there was no sure way of knowing it, making Cloche angry at him for not even trying to make her feel better, but Croix merely replied he was uncapable of lying.

Just as they were escaping from the Resort, a group of Sacred Army knights and Reyvateils ambushed them, and Croix had to resort to asking Cloche to use Song Magic. Cloche was greatly offended by the mere thought of doing that, to which Croix told her that if she didn't do it, they would surely die. Cloche unwillingly used her powers to protect them, and also instructed Croix in the ways of how a knight should fight alongside a Reyvateil. After they won the battle, they escaped from the Resort, setting their destination for the nearby town of Rakshek.

However, when they were reaching the border of the forest, they were ambushed by the Divine Messenger, Shun. The group had to fend him off, but before he retreated, Croix asked him what he was. Shun merely replied that it wasn't time yet for him to introduce himself, and told Croix to take care of his difficult Maiden the best he could. Here Croix explained to Cloche and Cocona the reasons for them to go to Rakshek, and led the way for them after Cocona made a remark about he getting blushed at the mention of Luca being his girlfriend.

After a short nap at the town inn, they headed to the Axis Courtyard to look for Luca. However, they got an unpleasant surprise: the town was swarming with knights from the Sacred Army, and Croix had to stop Cloche from taking actions that could potentially end up killing them all. During their discussion, a girl approached them, and only when Croix turned to look at her, he noticed that it was Luca. Croix introduced both Cocona and Cloche to her, despite the latter causing Luca to scream in excitement, to the point that everyone in the Courtyard could have noticed about Cloche's presence.

He then explained the dire situation in which they were at the moment, while Luca told them about the presence of the Sacred Army, and the possibility of them taking over the town. It was at this point that Cloche got weary from the discussion, particularly after learning that Luca's profession was performing Dive Therapy, and ordered Croix to Dive into her. Despite how embarrassing and bold said order was, Croix had no choice but to follow it to keep Cloche from getting even angrier. Thus, Luca led them to the town's Dive Shop.

<All of this section, from this point on, will be rewritten in the future to make it read better, and include more details...>

After a swabble between Luca and Cloche, Cloche wants to Dive into Croix, despite Luca being his girlfriend and getting jealous because of that. However, when Croix dives into Lady Cloche he is quickly taken back to the real world within 7 seconds, as a sign how Lady Cloche didn't trust Croix yet, so Luca decides to help them by making them Dive inside her own Cosmosphere. After Dive is over Croix suggests that they stay at Luca's house. Luca agrees, but because of the Sacred Army's takeover, they have to walk instead of using the train.

On their way, they visit the General Store where Cloche's usually nasty personality becomes really nice upon meeting Sasha, the vendor/owner. Before going to Luca's house, the party decide to buy a cake in Rakshek to give it as a present for Sasha's grandmother's birthday, so they head back to Rakshek and go into one of the restaurants, meeting Skycat, Luca's disciple and bestest friend. She teaches them the basics of synthesizing, and reccomends them baking a Swiss Roll, but instead it ends up being a Rice cracker.

When they return to the general store, Sasha remarks that her grandmother also likes crackers so it's okay, and the party continues their way to Luca's house.

At Luca's house, Croix sees that Luca's relationship with her mother hasn't improved throughout the years, and the former remains cold. Croix follows Luca upstairs, and after some talking, the girls decide to bathe together in Crystal extract to increase their power.

On the day of the full moon, the group goes the Lodge to meet up with Captain Leglius. After meeting up, Lady Cloche suddenly collapses, and Leglius assumes she must need her Life Extending Agent. Croix, being the knight in charge of her, is asked then to administer it to her, something that makes Luca quite upset.

Soon the Sacred Army find them and try to attack Lady Cloche, When everything seemed lost, Luca shouts, unleashing a hidden power, knocks out the Reyvateil, and making the knights so scared they flee immediately. Knowing the place isn't safe, they decide to return to Luca's house, and they meet Amarie and Soope on their way. In the house, Reisha, Luca's mother, and Leglius, recognize each other, and have a talk while they think no one is listening.

But Luca hears and finds out that she isn't Reisha's real daughter, and, upset and hurt, goes to Enna Palace with Amarie to look for clues to her real identity. Croix gets really worried the next morning after reading her note and tries to go, but Captain Leglius argues protecting Lady Cloche is more important. Fortunately, Cloche, feeling grateful to Luca for accepting them in her house, asks to go.

The party then arrives to find Luca, Amarie and Chester, this one talking about some "powers" of Luca she doesn't understand. After an argument between Leglius and Chester, due to belonging from the Grand Bell and the Sacred Army, respectively, Chester excuses himself and promises to visit Luca, the 'Real Holy Maiden' some other time.

They all decide to rest in Enna, Luca being the most exhausted, sleeping for many hours straight. After waking up, she thanks them all, especially Croix, for caring for her, and tells him she loves him, bothering Cloche quite a bit. The party heads back to Luca's house, where Luca asks Reisha why she wasn't told she was unwanted before and before Reisha can say something, Luca tells her she'll go away live somewhere else. Cloche stops Croix from going after Luca and goes see her herself to talk to her, but Luca is really hurt and doesn' want to hear anything, causing them to argue heatedly. Cloche, uses her last resort, Reisha's Lullaby, which she had heard just before, to calm Luca down; but while Luca is shouting for her to stop it, Cloche faints again.

Leglius worries, as it doesn't seem it has to do with the Life Extending Agent, so after his command, the team decided to go to the Grand Bell Hall to find some help, through the Ironplate Desert, as the Grand Bell Airport was under attack by the Sacred Army.

In some dead end of the dessert it is revealed that Cocona is a Reyvateil and she gone outbreak as the symptoms is already revealed in the middle of the journey. Croix is terribly shocked, and the knights later arrived to take Cocona away, but Croix refused to let them do it, and he fights Leglius and other knights, but it's in vain as Croix is defeated. Everyone is taken back to Pastalia, while Croix is still saddened of the situation he fell, in Grand Bell, the Chancellor are being attacked by the Goddess's messenger, Croix support the other troops and chased him away, the Chancellor thanked them and Lady Cloche's birthday ceremony is coming up, and She summon Croix and Luca to see her, and it's revealed that she and Luca's birthday are coincidentally the same, after that they left .Croix, Amarie, and Luca stay at Croix's house until the ceremony, while Leglius stayed in the army, later Luca acts weirdly and Amarie decides to "stalk" her, Croix decide to follow Amarie,, while stalking, Croix finds Lady Cloche at the fancy shop and she helps with the stalking. They find out Luca's trying to go to the Slums, a hideout for I,P.D.s, Croix and the other decided to follow Luca and found her being attacked by monster there, Luca say that she might find some info about her sister Leyka here, Croix decide to help her, and in the Slum, Luca ask one of the Reyvateil about Leyka, but they don't know about her, and after that an I.P.D. Outbreak occur, when Croix going to contain her, Luca plead him for her to do Dive Theraphy on her, afte some arguement they agree, before administer the theraphy, Luca tell Croix to buy a doll, which Cloche accompany him and buy an expensive doll instead of the cheap one, and so Luca treats Reine the I.P.D. and administers Dive Therapy on her, Luca then ask her about Leyka, and she said she is probably in the I.P.D Lab. at the time where the ceremony begins, Luca betrays Lady Cloche by working with the Sacred Army, after the betrayal, the party goes to the I.P.D. labs and save Cocona, Luca find out that Leyka has died, and realizes what the Grand Bell is doing and says she hates Lady Cloche and broke the present she gave for her. Later Croix, Cocona, Amarie, and Luca are taken to jail. In jail, Luca tells Croix the truth and breaks up with him, Croix becomes furious and yells at Luca, telling her that a person's feeling shouldn't be tampered with, and Luca said that it's almost the time for the Life Extebding Agent, which Croix help her to put it so, and said that this is the last time he put something on her, then he was released from jail. He talked with Leglius and then encountered Shun on the way and gave him two choices: Continue his alliance with Grand Bell to protect and support Lady Cloche or shift his alliance to Sacred Army to fulfill his promise to protect Luca.

Luca's Route[]

Phase 1A: Protect Luca[]

When Croix about to join the Sacred Army, Luca asked why he was in Sacred Army's aircraft, he tells Luca that he was betrayed by Grand Bell like she did and had promised to protect her, when Croix arrived at the Sacred Army HQ, he is ordered by the Crown Prince Targana for a reunion and talk with him, in the middle of it, they are interrupted, and one of the knight said that Luca injured her leg, and so Croix rush to see her, Luca said to him that she just sprain her ankle, and so Croix lend him a piggy back ride, After the rest Targane give out a speech for the army and order croix to acquired the Hymn Crystal HIBERNATION, thenLuca tell the party that she need to go to Rakshek to tell the owner about her work, and in the train Luca ask why he still fulfill his promised that has already been 5 years old, Croix replied that he didn't put any expiration date on promise, and Luca said to him that some of what she said was a lie, which catch Croix's interest. In Rakshek they encountered Lady Cloche when she is giving her speech, they party quickly goes out, and in the restaurant Luca told the chief about her work, which it's not a problem to do so. After that Amarie told them that the Conductor Activator is located in the Cloud Wharf, and so the party goes there, and in there they encountered 2 robot after some time of the battle, the robots seems to be responded to Luca, Croix then take the Hymn Crystal and an earthquake occur, and later Laude appeared and ordered Jacqli (in robot) to attack them, after the battle Shun comes and tell them that the War is about to occur, the party leaves the place immediately

During the war, Lady Cloche sing METHOD_REPLEKIA/. to attack Sol Marta, Luca sing EXEC_HIBERNATION/. in response, but it's execution was interrupted in progress while Lady Cloche managed to activate Infel Phira, which turns into Cannon (Replekia mode) that shoots far into the space, but the attack was repelled by Raki. The party engages Raki and managed to turn Replekia's power against her, but Raki defeated the party regardless. When Maiden of Mio (Aqua) were subjected for execution, Jacqli stopped Raki and tells the party to sing Metafalica in response of the impending fall of Metafalss. the party headed to the Bell Strike Hall with Laude, and in the top of it Laude managed to Download Metafalica on Luca, but failed on Cloche. During the Metafalica's execution the party fought against Shun, who tries to kill the party when the hymn's execution used too much of Frelia's power. The party stood victorious against Shun, but then the new land killed Luca, which terribly saddened him for failing to protect her, Leglius adviced him to take her to the Promised Hill for a proper burial for Luca, and the party headed there, in the ruins they see the sculpture of 2 Goddess maiden and Soope which is very similiar with the statue in the Bell Strike Hall, after they put Luca into rest the party rest for the night, and when Cloche wake up, she tell everyone that Luca might still be alive somewhere, and so Croix and Cloche go to check on Luca, they find that Luca's sstill conscious somewhere but then an attack occur from outside, it's an attack from monsters that came out from the created land, Leglius suggest them to go to the Grand Bell Palace from the slums to ask the Chancellor's sponsor. In the slums they encountered one of the monsters and defeated it and the people there explain the things around, when the party about to go to use, but the Lift has been downed, and they need to find the other Lift, when they reached the lift and goes to the Grand Bell Palace, Amarie and Cocona will wait for Croix and others in Croix house, and the others plead the Chancellor for his sponsor but he refused, but after a message from Jacqli, he suddenly changed his mind and let them go for a one way trip, and so the party heads out and infrom Amarie and Cocona, the party then climbed through the Verrticave to Gaea.

Phase 2: Beacon[]

In Gaea the party encounter Jacqli, but Jacqli serves as a rival who tries to retrieve the Heart of Gaea for her own agenda, then the party finds a town that's populated with Pippens and Soope(s). The party decided to rest there, and while they had the time, Cloche suggest Croix to sleep using Soope as his pillow as she does to communicate with Luca, Croix tries and he arrived at the world Cloche was talking about, but got kicked out because he is not qualified, Croix wake up and Clche suggest again that they should go there together that is by sleeping together because they had no choice, and so they arrives together and meet Luca, Croix note that this Luca act very differently from the Luca he knows, and after that they wake up and Gaea has expanded, the party headed to the new expanded land and find Luca which serves for the trial, after the trial Soope comes out and turn into a key, they then head back to the town for another rest and communicate with Luca again in the Infelsphere, Cloche say to her that she wanted to understand her more, but the access is blocked because they need to have the keyhole to open the access and so they had no choice to go back to reality, outside of the inn they find Luca lying, this Luca said tht this Luca serves as the Keyhole, then Croix insert the Key to Luca, and they with Cloche sleep together and gain access to some place and Cloche experienced what Luca felt, and after that Gaea has expanded again, the party then headed there for another trial after the trial they got another Key and does the same again to gain access to the new land and Infelsphere. Eventually after they reached the center of Gaea, Jacqli catched up with the party and sung EXEC_SPHILIA/. as a means to communicate with the Heart of Gaea, but a guardian is created as a side effect. She takes the Heart of Gaea away and the land began to crumble, but the Crown Prince Targana arrived in time to pick them up from the falling land. Croix's party then worked to dispatch Chancellor Alfman and catch up with Laude and Jacqli, while Jacqli betrayed both Laude and the Grand Bell, Croix's party lost track off her, and Cloche suggest that she would talk to Luca in the Infelsphere, and so Croix's party pursues Jacqli to the Cat Mansion, into the basement of the mansion where the party meet her, and then she returns the Heart of Gaea to the party. After that Jacqli join the party and decided tol help the Heart of Gaea return to its body, and so the party head back Promised Hill where Luca's body put to rest, In the promised hikk Jacqli then sung EXEC_SPHILLIA/ that act as a bridge from the Heart to the body, but she said it won't work because she doesn't have the will to live, and Jacqli suggest that Croix should convince her to return to her body in the Infelsphere, Croix managed to convince her and she return to her body, after the reunion the party decided to go to Kanakana Pier but Amarie left, but they decided to head back to Pastalia for reinforcement.

Phase 3: Infel Phira Dependency[]

In Pastalia, they find out that the place is already under Targana's rulership, and so the party had no choice to go there themselves, but before that they head to Luca's house and Luca and Reisha reconcile a bit, then Reisha said there should be a hidden passageway to the Pier from Dreamy Fields, and so they headed there, and in Kanakana Pier they finds Amarie being attacked by monsters after the fight, they see Frelia sleeping in the pod, then Chester come, and caught them, Croix, Cocona, Amarie, Jacqli, and Leglius was imprison in jail while Luca and Cloche are being taken away, Leglius and Amarie reconcile, they find Laude also in jail, and then a knight come and inform them that Luca and Cloche are about to be executed, after a few moment, an earthquake occur and the jail was destroyed, and Croix and the other managed to escape, and they arrived at Moon Culvart, after passing ut, they arrived at the Bell Strike Hall and heard a song, they headed toward the top and see Frelia sung, and Targana also there, in the middle of it Cocona suddenly weakened, and Jacqli explain things around, but when they are about to go to Lakra, Targana refuse to let them go, and so they battled, and so the party headed to Lakra from Lift VII, there they found Chester and a girl named Lakra, while Croix tries to stop Lakra, but he is being repelled, and Jacqlia had a plan and suggest him to retreat, he unwillingly agreed, and later they reach Pastalia and head into the dive shop and luckily the owner is still conscious, Jacqli explain to him that in order to save Cocona he must dive into her and break through the Boundary Gate to reach the Binary Field and kill Lakra there, at first he is unwilling to do it, because it take great risk for Cocona, but Cocona say that it's okay nad so Croix Dive into her, there he find that inside an immature Reyvateil is dangerous as they said, there a light shine down, and he meet Cocona sadly this Cocona didn't remember anything now, but she feel his love and let him break through the Boundary Gate, inside the Binary Field, Croix finds Lakra, Lakra summoned monsters but Croix defeated it, after that they talked, and when Lakra's conversation almost succumbed to the Hibernation, but then the song is stopped by Luca in the Bell Strike Hall, and so Croix regained his self and the Binary Field has been stopped, while he have the chance he destroyed it, and his Dive has finished, In reality Croix regain coscius while Cocona is saved but went into a coma, and then they left Cocona in Croix's house to rest, and the party went into Lift VII to go to Lakra again, in the way Croix meet Luca and a sickened Cloche due to the Hibernation, and then they head to Lakra together and there, they find that everything is in shamble, and then a monster was born due to the negative feeling of the people, after the battle, Croix try to convince Chester to aid him in the way to save the IPDs, which he agree to do so, Chester said they need to find the IMPLANTER Hymn Crystal which is located around kanakana pier, but before that they bring Cloche to Croix's house to rest and Luca stay behind to take care of them, and so Croix and the other heads to Kanakana Pier, there they find out that someone is already here before recently,Jacqli then asked Croix to let her read the books around here, and after that Jacqli explained the reason and truth about the Kanakana Pier, the residents and Infel Pira, the party then later searched again and finds the Crystal, Jacqli suggest Croix that he should download it to someone with a strong feeling for the world like Luca, and when the party heads back to Pastalia and thehn he download it to Luca but the download has failed, and Jacqli say that it had to be downloaded into an IPD because she's directly connected to the Infel Pira, they go to see Cloche, which she agree despite still being weak, and so the party heads to the Grand Bell Hall so that Croix can perform the rite, but they were hold off by the Sacred Army, they confront Targana, Targana then challenge Croix to a duel which decides their lives and rulity and meet him in Capel Dice, their memorable make up place in the Dreamy Fields, and so when the party arrived, Croix and Targana had a one-on-one duel, in the middle of the duel an earthquake occur, and some of the land fall, and Targana also about to fall, which he accept to be, but Croix refuse his will and saved him, evn though their duel isn't over yet, Targana give Lady Cloche his position to rule the Government, and they head to the Bell Strike Hall, there they meet with Shun and Frelia, then Croix download the IMPLANTER to Cloche and when Cloche sing it the IPDs are cured, Cocona included, and so the party return to Croix house to get Cocona, and return to the Hall, there Targana become Cloche's servant, andShun tell them that Dreamy Fields and the place near it are about to collapse, and to prevent the damage they need to purge it from inside from the Secret Place. Ih the player had done some part pf lvl 4 Infelsphere it is revealed that the purpose of the Infelsphere are to preserve METAFALICA which come in pair, and need to be sung in very high Synchronicity, as they had to fromed mutual understanding with each other.

Phase 4: Trulyworth[]

The party heads to Dreamy Fields, with Shun helps with one condition to let Frelia stay safe in the Grand Bell, which Cloche ordered Targana to do so, as he become her servant, In Dreamy Fields Shun puge the Rim inside the Dreamy Fields, and the party heads out before it totally collapse, Cloche is rather very depressed for the loss of the land and regret what she had done, Soope then give out another Sphere Key, then the party rest at Luca's House, here Cloche unable to withstand the suffering she felt and leads to despair, Luca cheerr her up and they done the lvl 4 Infelsphere, after they completed the lvl 4 Infelsphere, it is yet revealed that Cloche is actually Leyka, Luca's dearest sister that is thought to be dead, and this also leads Reisha of beyond being surprised, but Luca unable to cope with the current situation and run off to upstair, if the player have visited Luca's house before, Croix explain to Luca why Reisha's so cold to her which leads Luca to a big misunderstanding and cried while hugging Croix, for not knowing how much she loved her so much, the party then says goodbye to Reisha, and Shun tell them that when they had nothing to do, he wanted to pay Frelia a visit whom he is still worried about her, and Cloche tell them that she is at Cloche's Private Room, and the party heads to Grand Bell, therre Frekua told them again that some area is about to collapse again as a hint that Frelia's power is weakening, while the party triedto purge it, but it's too late and some area in Enna collapse, and there they form a rescue team to rescue the children in Enna Underground, the party then took a stroll in Enna, the next day they find that Jacqli's gone, and they begun their search for her. In Cat Mansion they find Jacqli's dog robot standing, and in Jacqli's room they finally find her, she said she need to pack her belonging in case the land is going to collapse again, and she also say that she want to go to the Promise Hill to check on something, there in front the carving of Maiden Infel and Nenesha, it's revealed to be a seal to somewhere else, Jacqli broke the seal and a warp appear, they warped and arrived in a place where a Diary written by infel is lying, it tells the story about the 2 Maidens 400 years ago. they head out of the place, and they headed to Luca's house, there Luca talk about Goro, and she finally confess her true feeling to Croix,, and when she was about to hug him, the havoc downstair interrupted them. When Luca and Cloche does their final Infelsphere, they find Goro(Nenesha) and Infel there, they both make Luca went into a coma, the party tells Mrs Reisha about this, and they decided to go Rakshek's Dive Shop to save her, there the Dive Shop owner, said that her life energy is gradually decreasing, Croix then use Proxy Dive into her and he finds Goro, Goro refer Luca as the alarm clock to wake her up, then Nana able to stop Goro from moving and tell him to destroy that thing to save Luca, and when he did, he's thrown to somewhere else, Nana apologize to Croix for her incompotent ability to Proxy Dive and she resorted to shattered her mind to save him and later she is carried to the hospital, there Luca feels sad, but Croix cheer her up, and they head back to Luca's house to inform Reisha, they find that Reisha's missing, and Cocona finds a letter, written that she is captured by Laude in Moon Culvart and wishes Luca to stay quiet and rest, she refuse and the party heads to Moon Culvart there they heard Reisha's lullaby, and when they find her, the Heart of Gaea is unlocked, and Luca went strange. Raki then appeared and blast off Laude, and she also attacked Luca, only to be block by Reisha with her body, the party fight her and she ran off, and tragically Reisha died, both Luca and Cloche mourn her and grief for her, and Reisha is then buried in a proper place. Shun tell them that Raki is obviously hacked as the same goes for Frelia, Luca and Cloche do their Infelsphere again and finally completed the last Infelsphere and acquired the other METAFALICA, which Soope then dissapeared afterward, Luca then download the Hymn Crystal to Cloche, and Cloche is uncoscious for a while.

Phase 5: Metafalica[]

Cloche's Route[]

Croix was specifically assigned to protect Lady Cloche at all cost by Alfman, but Lady Cloche stated that she don't need him, He reveals to him that his "engagement" with Luca was a fabrication all along so she could meet her sister, and that she want to be her ally, but she flat-out told him he would be her dog; the dog she would give unreasonable demands to, even if . Soon afterward Captain Leglius revealed that Lady Cloche was the one who is responsible for Croix's release, and that she didn't open up to many people because of her status. He gives him a brief insight about his mission, and was later assigned to escort Lady Cloche to retrieve Hymn Crystal Replekia. During the day before the war, Lady Clocha have him to escort her to the Fancy Shop where she could display her hardcore love of Gergo freely. She asked Croix if a necklace looked good on her, but he replied by wondering if it even mattered and later dragged him to a park that they felt was as close as Metafalica as possible. After watching couples, Cloche got the idea to feed Pippencuit to Croix, but she didn't know that the substance wasn't good for humans, and thus Croix thought she regarded him as a lowly dog.

When Croix had lost her in her due to the Metafalica event. it is revealed that he has fallen in love with her, fully knowing that his knighthood would be revoked should this happens. During one of the 3rd Infelsphere episodes, it is revealed that Lady Cloche also have feelings for Croix. If Croix choose to protect her as his partner, he will confess his feelings to her and she regained her will to live.

To be continued...

Role in Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel[]

Although he doesn't make an appearance on Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, Croix was mentioned by Cocona when she wants to download and sing METHOD_HYMMELI. As she said, "..... I want to see Cro...". He was also mentioned at several other points throughout the game.


  • Croix likes to do lancing
  • Croix' favourite food is hotpot
  • Croix's dislike as shown in the game is the I.P.D. Containment
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