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Cosal (コーザル, Kōzaru) is the Lord of Genom, also known as the Genom God and sometimes referred to as the Genom King, who was sealed in the micro-quasar and revived during the events of Ar noSurge. He appears as a large naked beastman with red-ish orange fur and a white mane like a lion. He has no visible ears or tail, and his feet have 3 toes with claws, and a claw on the back of his heel. A golden disk with 5 gems floats behind him.


On Ra Ciela, the Empress would seek approval of Cosal in appointing the Imperial Council. The council would then have the privilege to connect their minds to Cosal and weave a powerful Song Magic to change the world. However, Cosal did not approve of "The Seven" that Ion appointed.

He is was given a physical body when Kanon severed the synchronization between them by singing yal fii-ne noh-iar.


  • The TxBIOS "Melancholy of the Genom King" image features a blue faced Cosal with horns.


The name "Cosal" or "Causal" could be a reference to the Yogic and Vedantic concept of the Causal Body, also known as Karana-Sarira. An invisible body, or the highest/innermost body, that holds the soul. In Hinduism it is the seed that the mind and body grows from. This is seen reflected in the game as Cosal becomes a Will to seed a new planet.

There is also the Causal Plane which is where memories and karmic patterns are stored. This could be representative of Cosal sending humans to be purified in the flask sea before they are allowed to live with the Sharl in Sharanohiar that exists on the outside of the Soreil.