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The Control Names (管理名, kanrina?), or True Names (真の名, makoto no na?), as they are usually called, are special identifiers that all of the inhabitants of Sol Cluster are forced to have by Clustania. These names provide identificators that register every activity that each person does, and while Clustania can search them for examining any potentially illegal or dangerous actions a person has committed, the names have to be input complete and without errors. Otherwise, the search won't turn up any results.

Also, all of the people in Sol Cluster are obligated by law to have a Control Name and keep it updated whenever they change professions or move. If a person doesn't have a Control Name, and doesn't report to a Executive District to have one registered, they will be subjected to capital punishment.


The Control Names were first implemented by the Necrofamilies that governed Clustania in 3155 AD as part of the policies designed to allow them and the Reyvateils to have total control over Sol Cluster, while keeping the humans oppressed.

The humans oppossed to the implementation of these features, which caused a war between Clustania and the Great Fang in 3156 AD. However, since the Kurogane Laboratories had already lost any possibility of using their technologies to fight back against Clustania, the Great Fang was completely crushed, and the implementation of both the Control Names and Cleansing continued. The leaders of the opposing factions to Clustania then were sent to the Slave District and were Purified.

Structure of a Control Name[]

The Control Names are formed by a total of four parts, of which only the first part can be created by the person that has it. An example of Control Name would be Aoto's: [Aoto_lx.Constructor.Ciela=Gate]. The Control Names are structured in the following way:

First Part[]

This part corresponds to the name of the individual, and as such, is the only part of the Control Name that its possessor can make freely.

Second Part[]

This part is called the Native Code, and is formed by an alphabetical character followed by an "x". The alphabetical character indicates in which Executive District the person was born, in the following way:

l -> Morocacca Executive District

o -> Parie Executive District

c -> Clustania Executive District

There are also some other special codes, like "a", "r" and "z". The "a" serves to indicate that the person is under a special surveillance regime, making his/her Control Name have extremely weak privacy settings, and allowing Clustania to constantly monitor their actions without having to input their names.

The "r" is part of a series of Native Codes made to differentiate people that were born in a Executive District, and the ones that moved to other District at some point in their life. Depending on their origins and destination, the Native Code changes in the following way:

Morocacca <-> Clustania: s <-> h

Morocacca <-> Parie: n <-> w

Clustania <-> Parie: r <-> u

Finally, the "z" code is used to indicate temporal indecision about the Native Code that should be assigned to a particular person, and also, for special kinds of people, like Saki.

Third Part[]

This part corresponds to the job of the person. These jobs and their identifiers are explained in the following table:

Category Identifier Profession
Independent Controller Union Ruler (Class 1)
President Region Ruler (Class 2)
Mechanic Researcher
Healer Medic, Musician
Magician Reyvateil Soldier (Commander Class)
Loudness Reyvateil Soldier (Normal Class)
Commander Normal Soldier (Commander Class)
Subordinate Normal Soldier (Normal Class)
Transport Merchant, Services Provide
Constructor Carpenter, Steeplejack
Hunter Farmer, Forestry, Hunter
Singer Artist, Music Player, Singer
Dependent Bound Dependent on Others for Income
Cast Under Surveillance
Special Zero Special

Fourth Part[]

This part refers to the "lineage" of the person, what would be considered as surnames in our world. However, there is a stark difference on how this is handled depending on the Executive District in which each person was born: in the Great Fang, they are given the name of the community in which they were born as their lineage. In Archia, the people do have definite surnames that were passed down to them from their ancestors, which came from Sol Ciel, and had to fight a lot with Clustania just to have this privilege.

Finally, the Clustanians don't have actually any lineages: their lineages actually are the names of special predeterminated personalities that are assigned to them as soon as they begin being cultivated. However, Finnel's "Clustania" has the particularity of being the most generic of the personality settings.