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"Don't worry. I trust you."

Cloche is one of the main heroines of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. She is the highly respected Holy Maiden of the Grand Bell, which aims to create more land for the people – Metafalica. This means Cloche is one of the leaders in the campaign against the Goddess, Frelia, who has been refusing to allow the people to create more land for no apparent reason.

She at first is harsh, demanding, often borders on rude, and incredibly distrustful of others. As a celebrity with such an attitude, she often takes compliments from people such as Luca with a grain of salt. Though she appears confident on the surface, Cloche constantly doubted herself, always feeling as though she bears a great responsibility, and that she couldn’t get anything accomplished. She felt so troubled that she was thankful to find Sasha, one of the very few people to treat Cloche like a normal person, though due to ignorance of her status, an additional rarity. Less hidden is Cloche’s immense love for Gergo products, to the point where she befriended a fellow Gergo enthusiast, Cocona, because of it.

Cloche's Story[]


Cloche is the true daughter of Reisha and Batz Trulyworth, and the younger sister of Luca. Her true name is Leyka Trulyworth ((聆珈・トゥルーリーワース, Reika Trulywaath?)). At the mere age of three years old, Cloche had an outbreak of IPD disease that was of such a high level that she was taken away from her home and to the Grand Bell. She experienced much cruelty there, and when she was desperate to escape, she was told she'd be let out if she took a new name - Cloche Leythal Pastalia - and if she became the new Holy Maiden. However, she was Holy Maiden in name only, as she was truly baptized as the Maiden of Aqua, she can control Infel Pira.

Alfman spent much money raising the Holy Maiden. She effectively became a figurehead of the Grand Bell, yet she still had political clout and was used heavily for it, from stamps of approval to speeches against the Goddess. She often disagreed with Alfman's schemes, but he would reject any proposals she made. Still, he admitted she had good ideas and was well suited for politics herself. Even so, he had complete control over her and subjected her to a lonely life, so Cloche herself had to be restrained with how she treated others.

Phase 1: Pastalia[]

Early in the game, Cloche was attacked at Rakshek Resort while on vacation. When Croix and Cocona, who were sent to aid in the fighting, reached her, Leglius sent her to hide with them as he held off the enemy. While being pursued, Croix asked for her Song Magic to aid in battle to which she begrudgingly agreed to use, though she held it against Croix, often saying he should have been strong enough to protect her. After leaving the resort, they were attacked yet again by Shun, who was the first of many to call Cloche the Maiden of Disaster, much to her annoyance. After dealing with him, the three met Luca in Rakshek, who immediately rubbed Cloche the wrong way. The mere fact that Luca was a Dive Therapist disgusted Cloche, as she thought of it as a vulgar occupation.

Her anger switched to the Sacred Army in Rakshek, even to the point that she would directly confront the very people who tried to kill her in the resort. Taking Croix's objection to confrontation as him saying she wasn't strong enough to win, Cloche demanded that he Dive into her, not realizing that it was an embarrassing thing to demand. Naturally, she kicked him out faster than he can even get a word in, proving how little faith she had in others. Luca had to initiate a proxy dive to force Cloche to allow Croix in.

On the way to Luca's house, she proved she wasn't accustomed to traveling and had to take a break at the General Store, where she meets a person who miraculously didn't recognize her: Sasha. Cloche was instantly attached to her, even allowing Sasha to address her as "Sister Clo". When she made it to Luca's house, she also instantly clicked with Reisha, even wanting to help her out with the cooking in return for the hospitality. Additionally, she took her first bath with Luca there, but truly showed she lived a luxurious life when she needed Luca's help to get her outfit off.

After reuniting with Leglius at the Coal Mine, she learned that the Goddess sided with the Sacred Army. Cloche discussed obliterating her foe; Luca protested by saying she was being too draconian, but Cloche completely ignored her opinion. After Cloche ran out of life extending agent, Croix was the one to give her more. She complained through the entire process, despite later reflecting he was incredibly gentle. However, she didn't have much time to complain with the Sacred Army chasing her, as she got attacked and was told she would bring damnation upon the world.

Upon returning to Reisha's house, Luca discovered she wasn't Reisha's true daughter and left for Enna, where she believed she'd find out something about herself. Despite her earlier attitude towards Luca, Cloche followed her, and she even showed a manipulative side to her knights, who didn't want her to go, by saying they surely wouldn't let anything bad happen in Enna.

Once in Enna, Chester called Cloche the Maiden of Disaster, yet he showed his reverence to Luca and left without dispute. Luca was taken back to her house, where Cloche watched over her in her sleep, all the while complaining that Luca had just left a vague letter behind. Though she wanted to ask about what Chester said, Cloche withheld her question. Later, when Luca said "I love you" to Croix, it made Cloche very angry.

However, she still went to confront Reisha about being cold to Luca, only to find out that she loved Luca so much that she pushed her away. Reisha spoke of Leyka, who was taken way when she had an IPD outbreak. This conversation bothered Cloche, but she wasn't sure why it did. Luca then confronted Reisha about not being her child, but she ran off. Cloche followed and told her how much Reisha loved her, but her singing of the lullaby pushed Luca over the edge. She didn't feel Cloche understood due to their completely different lives; Luca had a family but was poor, and Cloche had no one but was wealthy. Amidst their arguing, Cloche collapsed.

She was taken to the Grand Bell to stabilize, though even that wasn't without its chaos. After the Sacred Army was ousted from the Grand Bell, Cloche called Croix and Luca to show her gratitude; collapsing made Cloche almost forget that she had fought with Luca in the first place. On better terms, they discover that they shared the same birthday, Moon of Cello 3rd Light, Viola 7th Rain, which was quickly approaching. While Luca was amazed, Cloche merely thought of it as coincidence.

After they said their goodbyes, Alfman came to Cloche's room. She took a completely different attitude than normal, being respectful and even fearful. He ordered her to promote an IPD purification plan. Alfman ignored her objection and merely told her to do as she's told unless she could think of better. Once he left, Cloche despairingly hoped that she wouldn't have to listen to his orders.

Croix and Amarie later found Cloche in the Fancy Shop almost bartering for a Gergo product. She claimed to have been working undercover, though everyone knew she was far too recognizable to sneak around. On a whim, Cloche decided to help them search for Luca, wanting to have a bit of fun before she returned to the Grand Bell.

They caught up to Luca near the slums. She immediately got affectionate with Croix, provoking Cloche to angrily complain that they could be seen by others. Cloche was asked to turn a blind eye to the IPDs in the slums, as they were supposed to be contained by the Grand Bell. One of them, Reine, had an outbreak. When she was stopped, Luca suggested to cure her through Dive Therapy, despite Cloche, the leading activist against it, objecting to the notion. Cloche hesitantly allowed Luca to have her way and Reine was taken to Pastalia. In order to cure her, they required a doll, so Cloche led the way to the Fancy Shop and bought an expensive Gergo for her, again showing her enthusiasm. Despite appearing to have fun, Cloche was threatening her position as a political leader, but she wanted to help Luca regardless. Reine later started a fan club for Cloche to show her appreciation for Cloche's role in saving her.

Sick of greeting people before her birthday speech, Cloche went to see Luca. She felt that attending her birthday event was just lip service, though Luca claimed she actually cared about her birthday. As thanks for all she did, Cloche then gave Luca the Cello Necklace. While Cloche was giving her speech, the Sacred Army attacked and revealed Luca to be the true Cloche, and thus the true Maiden.

During the chaos, Luca and Cloche went down to the IPD labs with the party to search for Luca’s sister. Leyka was thought to be dead by another captured IPD, causing Luca to blame Cloche for Leyka’s death and to throw the Cello Necklace away. Cloche claimed that Luca wouldn't have been able to understand how painful it was to keep the containment of IPDs a secret, and that it was all for the people of Metafalss. Neither could understand how the other felt, and they were captured by the Grand Bell before they had a chance.

Cloche pushed for Croix to be spared from punishment, but in return he had to protect her. He went to her room to tell her this, but she was so preoccupied with crying to notice him knocking and announcing himself. She revealed that, as a symbol of the Grand Bell, she must do horrible things for its cause, such as the poor treatment of the IPDs. She lamented her blood-soaked destiny and the fact that she has no one to lean on for support. Further, she finally admitted to herself that she was a false Maiden after being clueless her entire life.

Phase 1: Cloche's Route[]

Cloche then stated that she didn't need a bodyguard, but Croix pushed back by saying he wanted to be her ally, instead of the ally of the Grand Bell. Though Cloche accepted his reasoning, she flat-out told him he would be her dog; the dog she would give unreasonable demands to.

At a meeting, Cloche's trip to the Rakshek Resort was explained to be a cover for her to download Replekia. Afterward, Cloche became friends with Cocona due to their mutual love of Gergo, even deciding to let Croix hold the bags if they went to the Fancy Shop together. Cocona asked some tough questions, such as if making more IPDs was Cloche's idea, all of which Cloche denied.

Just before they reached the Hymn Crystal, Croix protected Cloche, even telling her attackers to not lay a finger upon her. Though she was appreciative, Cloche questioned him on it, not wanting him to protect her just because he was dumped.

Back at the Grand Bell, Cloche again summoned Croix to her room. She asserted her authority over him, saying he didn't have free time. Then she used this as a convenient excuse to have him escort her to the Fancy Shop. She asked Croix if a necklace looked good on her, but he merely wondered if it even mattered. Cloche almost answered that it did matter because he was her date, but she could never finish her sentence.

She continued her one-sided date with Croix by dragging him to a park. After watching couples, Cloche got the idea to feed Pippencuit to Croix, using the blanket excuse that she needed to feed her dog, in a poor attempt at being romantic with him. She didn't know that the substance wasn't good for humans, and thus Croix thought she regarded him poorly. Before the day ended, Cloche explained that she was just like everyone else, and even implied she liked Croix.

That night, Cloche's dream about Luca throwing her necklace back made her question her actions. She wondered if she was betraying people, if she was a demon, or if it was even possible to not lie to the people. She had to stick to the path she was on, and gave a speech the next day about defeating the Goddess. She sang Replakia to turn Infel Pira into a weapon, but Luca interrupted and they began arguing over beliefs. Seeing no other options, Luca tried to stop Cloche by stopping all IPDs. Cloche continued Replakia and launched her attack, hesitating too late. However, the attack was repelled by Raki, who attacked Cloche for violating a treaty. Jacqli swooped in and held Raki down with her robot.

Laude took the opportunity to tell Cloche and Luca to sing Metafalica, but Luca was too worried about Reisha, who saved her moments before, to download the hymn. Cloche slapped her, telling her what her priorities should be as a true Maiden, which calmed Luca down enough for the download. However, while Luca felt amazed by the feelings within EXEC_METAFALICA/., Cloche felt nothing. The execution of the song failed horribly; instead of Metafalica, the corrupted land of Gaea was created. Because it used the Goddess' power, Shun attacked them. Just before an attack hit the two of them, Cloche pushed Luca out of the way and becomes one with Gaea.

Thought dead, Cloche's body was taken to Promise Hill, where Croix admitted he had fallen in love with her. Luca discovered, due to her use of Soope as a pillow, that she wasn't quite dead. However, Cloche's values of law and order went to the extreme and she attempted to use Gaea's power to fix the government. When Luca woke up, there was a war going on between the Grand Bell and Cloche's Gaea.

In attempt to save Cloche, Croix went to Alfman to get the Grand Bell to stop attacking her. However, Alfman didn't want a "selfish" girl to dictate his actions, saying he no longer needed a maiden, but due to Jacqli's timely intervention Alfman spared Croix a plane to reach Gaea.

Phase 2: Solid Heaven[]

Finally introducing herself, Jacqli announced that she came to Gaea with the intent of using Cloche to further her goals. Though she openly opposed Croix, she didn't try to stop him from rescuing Cloche himself. The party eventually made it to a village of Pippens and Soopes, where Croix and Luca both used Soope as their pillow in order to see Cloche in the Infelsphere.

Each time a level of the Infelsphere is completed, more of Gaea - which was as chaotic as Cloche's thoughts - was revealed.

Gaea was attacking the world in an attempt to move it towards a new order. For the sake of a utopia, Cloche intended to have complete control over the people. Outside the village, the group met an image of Cloche. She, and all images following her, presented a challenge for them to overcome so that they could approach the center. An additional image was sent to be a keyhole for the Infelsphere, which continued to follow the party around. The real Cloche was Gaea itself, so Luca traversed the Infelsphere to learn more about her. Croix was also dragged along, but his presence became less and less meaningful.

After traversing three levels of the Infelsphere, Cloche and Luca came to understand each other well enough to open the path to the Heart of Gaea. However, a part of Cloche didn't feel Luca was safe enough to approach it. Croix refused his order to kill Luca, instead telling Cloche to take his life, but Cloche ran away from him instead. Her voice was followed to her Heart, which was protected by a shell. Jacqli then used EXEC_SPHILIA/. to convince Cloche to stop her shell so that she could be integrated with the world. However, Cloche was still wary, and she started creating more shells and a guardian that the party had to fight. Defeating the guardian stopped the shell, which gave Jacqli a chance to steal the Heart. This caused all of the Heart's creations to disintegrate. Croix and the party tried to pursue Jacqli, but ELMA kept them at bay. Just before they were to die alongside Gaea, Targana saved the party and they worked for one of Sacred Army's mission in return: to stop the one who gave up on Metafalss, Alfman.

After defeating the leader of the defunct Grand Bell on his getaway ship, the party found Jacqli yet again. She revealed that Cloche's heart was getting smaller faster than expected and wasted no further time in rushing to her goal before Cloche disappeared entirely. They party was unable to pursue Jacqli in her robot, so Luca used the Infelsphere to locate Cloche. They caught up to Jacqli at Cat Mansion, where Jacqli found the heart wasn't working. Thus, when Croix demanded it back, Jacqli simply gave it up, stating she didn't like unnecessary deaths.

However, Cloche was no longer motivated to live, so reinserting her Heart didn't work. In the Infelsphere, Cloche revealed she wouldn't go back due to the terrible things she had done as Gaea. Croix said that she just tried to change the world for the better, and she was not the only one with the responsibility to do so. Cloche still felt that everyone hated her and she was interfering with Croix's relationship with Luca. Croix said that he loved Cloche - not Luca - and promised to protect her as a man instead of a knight. He gave Cloche the will to live again, and she finally returned to her body.

Once she was conscious, Cloche and Luca immediately apologized to each other. Cloche admitted that Metafalica did not download properly. She said nothing about it before, fearing her position as Maiden would be taken away for not being able to sing such an important hymn. Jacqli said she was a Maiden, but instead the Maiden of Aqua, as indicated by Cloche's ability to sing Replekia. Jacqli continued in her explanation, stating that Cloche was called the Maiden of Taboo because Metafalica failed 400 years ago, and because she could control a threat to the Goddess, Infel Pira. To find out what was missing in the Metafalica hymn, the party decided to travel to Kanakana Pier.

Phase 3: Infel Pira Dependency[]

Before going to Kanakana Pier the party went to Pastalia for backup, but they found that the Sacred Army had taken over the government there. Cloche wasn't feeling well at the time, so they took her to rest at Croix's house. Luca decided to stay with her for a while. Cloche then said she was afraid of losing everything to Luca, the true Maiden, even though she never intended to be a threat. Terrified, she questioned her status as a maiden, to which Luca responded that Cloche was, indeed, a maiden, as she was capable of understanding hymmnos words specifically for the Maiden of Aqua. This lead Cloche to wonder why Luca was still nice to her, despite how horrible she treated her.

With backup from the Grand Bell out of the question, the party headed Kanakana Pier anyway. Inside, she discovered the Goddess she campaigned against was not in the heavens, but in Kanakana Pier. Chester caught up with the party and said the world would abandon physical existence and sleep forever with Frelia's help. Captured, Cloche and Luca are taken to Targana, the new ruler of the Grand Bell. He declared that Cloche, a symbol of betrayal against the Goddess, would be publicly executed. Luca was given a choice to sing Hibernation or to die. She chose the latter, as she had a plan to save herself and Cloche.

Moments before the execution, Cloche asked Luca why she didn't save herself. Luca replied that she couldn't pretend everything was alright, and despite not liking many things about Cloche, she wanted to save her. Luca borrowed the power of the Goddess free both of them, and Cloche, knowing the area well, led the way out. The Sacred Army pursued them as they ran to Lift III, and in one of these encounters, Cloche protected Luca with her sword, despite barely being strong enough to hold off the attack.

On the elevator, Luca remarked that she didn't think Cloche, who was always tired, would have so much energy. Cloche said she didn't want to die helping her, leading Luca to say she should be left be behind the next time. Neither knew what to do if they let the other die, as they were both precious lives to the world. Cloche finally resolves to simply get out alive with Luca. An Infelsphere key appears after Cloche thanks Luca for her dangerous gamble with the Goddess' power.

Hibernation then connected Ar tonelico to Infel Phira, where everyone would reside upon the hymn's completion. To prepare Infel Pira for the new arrivals, Lakra hacked into Infel Phira and began deleting the Binary Field, which rendered all IPDs powerless and caused them to start forgetting everything. Ultimately, they would be sacrificed for everyone else. Weakened, Cloche was dragged by Luca to the Bell Strke Hall to stop Frelia from completing the hymn. Upon stopping Frelia, Targana turned his rage upon Luca, but she refused to leave without Cloche. Shun intervenes and allows them to escape. Cloche reawakened on the way to Telmina, where she reunited with the party. Croix finally figured out that Cloche was an IPD herself, despite her Mind Guardian.

To recover the data in Infel Pira and restore all IPDs to their former conditions, Chester told the party to go to Kanakana Pier, an area in danger of falling due to Frelia's lack of power, and fetch the Implanta hymn. As Cloche wasn't well enough to go, she and Luca stayed at Croix's house. The party returned with the hymn, but Luca was incapable of downloading it, and Jacqli quickly figured out that the song was for an IPD. Though she might not have been physically capable, Cloche agreed to sing it because she felt she needed to help the IPDs she had mistreated, even if she couldn't make things right. She decided to get permission to sing at the hill of Metafalica.

Though she was immediately attacked upon approaching the Grand Bell, Targana agreed to meet with her. He claimed she led the world to its end after ruining the Ascension project. Cloche countered, saying she learned from her mistakes, including the failure of Metafalica, and she intended to try to successfully execute the song once more. Croix believed in Metafalica more than Ascension, which angered Targana to the point that he challenged Croix to a duel. If Croix won, the government would be handed over to the Maidens and they'd be free to sing Implanter.

Though the duel was never truly settled, Croix was the victor and Cloche downloaded Implanter. As she sang, the IPDs gradually began waking up, and Cloche herself began to feel better. Afterward, despite being afraid, she decided what she wanted to do: to lead the Grand Bell and save the world.

Upon abdicating rule of the Grand Bell, Targana asked Cloche to take his life. She swung her sword at Targana's instead of killing him, and she claimed his life by turning him into a servant for herself and Luca. While Luca initially thought Cloche was really going to kill him, a new Infelsphere key appeared when she realized what Cloche really intended.

This peace did not last long; the entire Mint Block area was about to fall. Shun agreed to lead everyone there, under the condition that Frelia was watched over at the Grand Bell. Cloche seized this opportunity to test out her newest servant, and had Targana work out all details involving Frelia's care. When he protested, Luca joined in on the fun, stating he swore loyalty to the maidens. Cloche further explained that it was easier for him to get things done because everyone was still, technically, under his control. As a final jab, Cloche has him work out all the details of the new government. Targana begrudgingly obeyed.

Phase 4: Trulyworth[]

Cloche thought the world was headed towards its end after the Dreamy Fields area was dropped. Feeling helpless, she cried in Luca's arms, creating a new Infelsphere key in the process. With this key, the two completed the fourth level of the Infelsphere and discovered Cloche's true identity: Leyka, the younger sister Luca sought. After the two woke up in shock, they immediately told Reisha, and Cloche spent the rest of the day speaking with her. Though Cloche wanted to speak with her further, she left the next day, with the next Infelsphere key appearing as she left.

Soon afterward, the land near Enna begins to fall, causing Cloche to disregard her safety and rush to the city's aid. Though she saved the children there, Leglius still scolded her, as she should've ordered others to go in for her. He reminded her that her life was not just her own, and because of her responsibility, she could not die. Cloche acknowledged the truth in his words, surprising Amarie because she was being obedient.

Later, at Rakshek, Cloche went shopping with Croix as they waited on Luca to get done with Dive Therapy. To her disappointment, Gergo wasn't popular there. The people who recognized her complained that she was looking bored while they were worried about tomorrow's meal, and they further blamed her for all their troubles. Cloche apologized in vain. Luca, finally finished with her job, came to her rescue and told her hagglers they had no idea how hard Cloche worked. She pointed out the hypocrisy in promising to work hard for Metafalica, yet blaming everything on Cloche when things turned for the worst. Cloche thanked Luca for helping her, causing the final Infelsphere key to appear.

However, they could not complete its final level, as Infel and Nenesha showed up and tried to invade their minds. They revealed that they care if Metafalica was created, but they had another objective: to bring Nenesha back using the key within Luca. Cloche demanded that they leave Luca alone, which reminded Nenesha of Infel. Infel shut down the world to complete her objective more easily, causing Luca to not wake up in reality.

Cloche explained the situation to both Croix and Reisha, then she took Luca to a dive shop at Jacqli's suggestion. Luca was successfully rescued from Nenesha and they returned to Reisha's house. However, Laude tricked her into going to the Moon Culvert beforehand, as she thought she could wake Luca up from there. When the party caught up to Reisha, Raki attacked, despite Frelia being present. Raki tried to destroy Luca when she was possessed into taking the Heart of Gaea located there, but Reisha took the blow instead.

After defeating Raki, Cloche and Luca both try to heal her to no avail. Before Reisha's death, Cloche finally called her "mom". Reisha told Cloche that she was proud to be her mother, even if the time was short. She was buried at the Coal Lodge, where both Luca and Cloche agreed that they had no time for regrets, so they resolved to do their best.

Upon completing the Infelsphere, Soope became the Hymn Crystal for Metafalica. Cloche asked her "sis" to download it into her. After the download, Cloche met Infel, who warned her that she must gather the hopes of many people and send them to Luca. By gathering these hopes, other IPDs will be able to see her mind, including things Cloche may not want others seeing. Cloche was still determined to try, and she woke up to a panicked Luca. To solve the problems singing Metafalica would bring, Cloche decided to discuss ascending the tower with Shun.

Phase 5: Metafalica[]

At the Grand Bell, Shun revealed that half the Rim must be lost to gain the power necessary to reveal the tower. While no one would be happy with dropping more land, Cloche decided to speak with the people instead of secretly dropping areas. She received a less than friendly reception from the people, but she continued with her speech, hoping to regain their trust. She claimed she would create Metafalica, and explained the truth behind the two songs. As proof, she sang METHOD_METAFALICA/. During the process, Infel Pira changed shape to Metafalica Mode. Continuing her speech, Cloche explained how she was wrong to have thought she, a single person, could fulfill everything for the people. She lived to fulfill her dreams with the people and create Metafalica. The crowd finally accepted her and cheered her on as she concluded.

Her previous speeches were usually much more authoritative than persuasive and honest, which made her newest one resound within everyone's minds. However, when she later explained to various leaders that half the Rim must be dropped, they angrily stormed out, despite the people of Mint Block being offered residency in Pastalia. Instead of trying to drop the land at that time, the party searched for the Hymn Crystal Viena. The Divine Army attacked, but Cloche's fanclub fought them off.

With the Hymn Crystal in hand, Luca explained to Cloche that the people of Mint Block were being removed from their favorite place to live. Cloche then felt ashamed for not realizing why they were angry. Regardless, the people of Mint Block, in their desperation for Metafalica, agree to move. Cloche and Luca return to Reisha's grave before they drop the land and retrieved a keepsake; a hairpin. At her grave, Luca gave Cloche the Viola Pendant and revealed that day was Cloche's true birthday. Cloche then returned the Cello Necklace that Luca rejected long before.

On her way up the tower, Cloche was assisted by - of all people - Alfman, whose attitude towards her had turned to admiration.

Within Sol Marta, Infel finally realed that she had trespassed into Cloche's mind. Her body was dead, but she lived on within the Binary Field. Infel thought Metafalica was hopeless because the people didn't have pure feelings. Cloche disagreed, wanting to create it rather than begin the sublimation of the world. Summoning the power of the IPDs, Cloche used the power of Replakia to fight the dragon summoned by Infel.

At the end of the game, she and Luca successfully sang EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/., though Cloche had to be told by Infel that she could open her heart because there was nothing objectionable in it.

Cosmosphere Events[]

During Croix's very first dive, he was rejected by Cloche within 7 seconds, and Luca had to perform Proxy Dive to make her attempt to create Song Magic successful. His subsequent dives was to resolve her lack of confidence and the pressure of being a leader. Though she evidently have such mental conflict, it was expressed as something that is less obvious. The 3rd Level Cosmosphere was voided prior to the game, and Infel stated that her memory field was intentionally deleted due to extremely abnormal reasons. Starting from the 5th level, however, things started to become very serious. since Cloche herself had to deal with her feeling towards Croix and her status as a major political figure. She tried to resolve both problems by putting Croix on a leash and treat him as a dog. As the story progress, Reisha and Infel give him some insights how to deal with her, but it is not until Cloche from the deeper Cosmosphere reveals her problem that he was able to resolve her problem. If Croix chooses to protect her as her partner, he can dive deeper into her Cosmosphere (unavailable if Croix chose to protect Luca).

Cloche's Hymns and Costumes[]


METHOD_ALTERNATION/. (together with Infel) - Succession Hymn for the Maiden of Mio and Queen of Infel Phira. This song requires both the current and new Maidens of Mio to converse in order to ascertain that the new Maiden of Mio fulfills the requirements for said position.

METHOD_REPLEKIA/. - Changes Infel Phira into its Replekia mode, allowing all the IPDs to connect with Cloche and pour all of their feelings into any Song Magic she sings to greatly boost its strength.

METHOD_IMPLANTA/. - Restores the data from Infel Phira's backup memory banks to the time before the execution of Hibernation, allowing to reverse any damage caused by it.

METHOD_METAFALICA/. - Half of the Metafalica Hymn. Changes Infel Phira to its Metafalica mode, which it's the mode optimized for the creation of the Metafalica continent. However, without the execution of the EXEC part, this song cannot create the continent.

EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/. (together with Luca) - The succesful Metafalica hymn that gives birth to the continent that everyone in Metafalss dreamed with.


Standard (available from the start)

Oldmodern Style (Received from clearing Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 2)

Metamorole Model (Received from clearing Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 4)

Summer Love (Received from clearing Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 5)

Victim Pain (Received from clearing Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 6)

Pretty Viola (Received from clearing Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 6-R)

Armageddon (Received from clearing Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 7)

Fluffuria (Received from clearing Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 8)

Whiteris (Received from clearing Cloche's Cosmosphere Level 9)

Pippenna (Received from clearing Frelia's Cosmosphere Level 2)

See Also[]

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  • She has an innate ability to knit; she was able to make a poncho, even though it was her first time knitting.
  • According to Akira Tsuchiya, Cloche's original name is derived from the French word "crochet".
  • Her name is written as Leyka in the game's localization, though it should technically be Reika, as hinted by her nickname "Reish" in Jacqli's cosmosphere and the fact that Reika is an actual Japanese name (Luca and Leyka's names are written in Kanji in the game, as if they were meant to be Japanese).
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