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The most recent Cieln made prior to the events of Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

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It was completed roughly ten years before the game started by Renall Tartalka and an investigation team that were deployed in the Singing Hill space station.

The effect of this Song is to send life forms to a specific set of coordinates in space, which in practical terms translates to a Third Axis Shift. In one word, teleportation. However, while typically a Third Axis Movement doesn't require much energy in comparison to moving through Axes of higher numbers, the coordinates this Song has for its target are a planet located several thousand light years away from Ra Ciela's former location: Ar Ciel. Therefore, a large amount of energy is required due to scale of the spatial travel involved in its Singing. Under normal circumstances, Singing this Song would have been impossible, even for sending one person; but since Nay is the current Empress and thus is the bearer of the Imperial Vocal Cords, she was able to send a maximum of two people to Ar Ciel. Additionally, this Song actually takes advantage of the failed Ra Ciel Fuser that was used 5000 years ago: since that Song created a wormhole that linked both planets together, its remains could be used to travel to Ar Ciel, as these same remains are what the Orgel of Origins that powers the First Tower of Ar tonelico draws its energy from.[1]

When the situation in Soreil became desperate due to the Motherly Overseer running wild inside of the ship, Renall suggested using Distllista: the very Song Nero feared so much that she even went to the point of destroying Renall's memories like she did to Ion, to send two people to the planet they had found 5000 years ago to check if they could migrate there, so they could save themselves if the ship ended up being destroyed. Cass and Delta offered themselves as volunteers for the operation. Ion also voiced her wish to go with them, but she was told she would do better staying in Soreil with the others. So Shirotaka gave the pair new outfits to protect them from the shock they would receive from entering the wormhole, and they left for the Center of Ra Ciela, which was the best point at which Nay would be able to Sing this Song. Once there, the two explorers bid their farewells to their friends, who wished them luck, and Nay started Singing. Instantly, they were drawn by the wormhole and fell through it, until they crashed into a large wooden room filled with pipes and shafts, and they had a young girl in front of them, who told them they had just arrived at Sol Ciel.

As a final note, due to the storyline purpose this Song plays, the final part of it: the one starting when the music box starts playing, isn't actually part of this Cieln. It's instead an arrangement of the Song the Orgel of Origins has played ever since it was created, and which it would continue to play over 700 long years in the future...

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  EX[sch]->{wal f ors};
  } am {
      EX[lic]->{hyma f ds-b hymm};
Searching for the distorted space, I shall synchronize with faraway feelings.

"Toki Watarite Todoke..."
Reach them across time...

涙も枯れた此の世界 憎しみ転がる瓦礫の中
”Namida mo Kareta Kono Sekai Nikushimi Korogaru Gareki no Naka”
Within the rubble that lies down hatefully, this world in which even tears have dried
"Itsuwari dake no Heion ha Moroi Kara"
is a brittle shell where even the calm is just a lie.
"Kowashita Yubi ga [Kanata e to] Izanau"
The broken fingers invite me [to the distance].

さあ 命預けて
"Saa Inochi Azukete"
Come, entrust your life to me.
"Sono Koe ga Furui Kizu ni Zange o Kizamouto"
That voice will carve the repentance on these ancient wounds,
"Mou Ichido Subete no Hitobito ga"
and all the people will sing
"Negau Ashita e Umareru Uta Utau"
once again the newborn Song to the tomorrow they wish for.

瞼を閉じて なお視える 優しき無数の光と影
"Mabuta o Tojite Nao Mieru Yasashiki Musuu no Hikari to Kage"
Closing my eyelids, I still see infinite lights and shadows filled with gentleness.
"Tatakai Ushinatta Yume no Nakigara o Sasaeru Yubi ga [Mirai e to] Michibiku"
The fingers that sustain the remains of the dreams lost during the battle lead us [to the future]
さあ 開け扉よ まほろばへ繋ぐこの詩を…
"Saa Hirake Tobira yo Mahoroba e Tsunagu Kono Uta o..."
Come now, open the door. Let this Song connect us to the Ideal Land...

   EX[etr]->{tep wal}<-{ds-b pins};
Let us open the ancient time and space existing in a faraway place.

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