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A Song heard at the end of Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta and at a point early in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

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Ion was forced to Sing this Song while in a catatonic state after Nero destroyed her memories and Zill captured her, which was used to endlessly propagate Sharls due to the Astrocyte Modulation Virus that Zill administered to Ion.

However, this Cieln's effect has nothing to do with creating Sharls: its true effect is activating "the terminal mode of a virtual Song Magic" that uses energy drawn from the world beyond the Seven Dimensions. In other words, this serves to create a Song Magic Terminal (or in simpler words, a virtual Cielnotron that allows anyone to sing Song Magic if they Synchronize with it) that has access to unlimited energy thanks to being part of the Surge Class of the Surge Concerto Terminal: the main library of the terminal, which is designed to harvest energy from other dimensions through the Ar nosurge Tube and distribute it to Soreil.[1] As this mechanism can harvest unlimited amounts of energy, this allowed Zill to endlessly create Sharls without consuming Ion's own life force, essentially making her into a Sharl mass-production machine.

However, that isn't all there is to the Song: its usage also sent signals to the world beyond the Seven Dimensions, or our world, and the PlayStation Vita game Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta was what could receive these signals. Additionally, the game allowed to send energy back to the Universe of EXA_PICO by scanning barcodes: doing this would absorb and send material energy there, which would create Sharls. It was in this way that communication between both worlds became possible, even though it was through a cruder type of Interdimend than the one the Cieln Class::AR_NOSURGE; made possible.[2][3]

Finally, the reason this Song employs the opening choruses from Ciel nosurge's opening (To the Songless Hill) and why its melodies uses thinly disguised phrases from that game's title screen BGM ("Genometrics") is due to its important role in regards to the overall game world, as well as this Song being the true form of the Ciel nosurge game. Likewise, it is filled with Japanese folkloric elements because Ion's personality is greatly influencing the Song: her experiences and early childhood memories are being expressed into it, and this becomes especially true due to the fact that she isn't conscious as she sings it.[2]

This Song serves as the final ending theme to Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta, as it can be heard as Ion shuts down the terminal the player used to communicate with her, the Interdimend program crashes and the final credits roll appears on screen. On the other hand, it was sung in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star after Zill made Delta, Cass and Prim chase her to the Placenta, in the depths of Orei, to get them into a trap. After she made Ion sing this Song, the Micro Quasar began releasing energy and creating the Sharls under Ion's direction, and while Cass and Delta fought the best they could to fend them off, in the end they were overwhelmed by their sheer number and got captured by Zill.

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かなし かなしの わだちあと
"Kanashi Kanashi no Wadachi ato"
On the sorrowful, sorrowful track marks of a furrow,
ゆびを おりおり かぞえましょ
"Yubi o ori ori Kazoemasho"
I will count the fingers one after another.

かなし かなしの ゆめうつつ
"Kanashi Kanashi no Yume Utsusu"
Coming back and forth between sad, sad dreams and reality,
ゆびを おりおり うたいましょ
"Yubi o ori ori Utaimasho"
I will sing the fingers one after another.

wa-fen, tes, ye-ra jec, aru-yan, gin-wa-fen;
wa-fen, tes, ye-ra jec, aru-yan, gin-wa-fen;
Space, time, possibilities, collectivity, multiverse
 a-z wa-fen-du chef-in yan=koh wa-fen-du refu;
 a-z wa-fen-du chef-in yan=koh wa-fen-du refu;
 The waves that cross over every world will save this one.
  fam-ne wa-fen-ny rei-yah-ea;
  fam-ne wa-fen-ny rei-yah-ea;
  So they might reach faraway worlds...

ah=kui-chen-uia zen-yy-nr noh-iar-ne kyu-la-du;
ah=kui-chen-uia zen-yy-nr noh-iar-ne kyu-la-du;
Gathering the pieces of a shattered planet,
ah=jen-fa-uia zen-yy-nr nay-nei-ne sye-iy-du;
ah=jen-fa-uia zen-yy-nr nay-nei-ne sye-iy-du;
joining the colors of the broken lives,
ah=mao-uia zen-yy-nr rei-ne uru-du;
ah=mao-uia zen-yy-nr rei-ne uru-du;
following that which the broken hearts rely on.

 Let us connect with that which controls everything.

想い 奮え 揮えや
"Omoi Furue Furue ya"
Oh feelings, stir, manifest yourselves.

斯く 分かたれし
"Kaku Wakatareshi"
If the wishes will be scooped up
願い 掬えるなら
"Negai Sukueru nara"
while being separated like this.

悴く 夜は 明け
"Kashiku Yoru wa Ake"
Will the scrawny night give way to the dawn,
荒ぶ 日々は 消え
"Susabu Hibi ha Kie"
Will the rough days fade away,
凡て 安らになるか
"Subete Yasura ni naruka"
And will everything become peaceful?

心 問うように 辿る 数え唄
"Kokoro Tou youni Tadoru Kazoeuta"
The counting song we follow as to question the hearts.
 ah=zwee-ea xin-fi-du;
 ah=zwee-ea xin-fi-du;
 To clear away the sadness.

七つの 彼方へ 祈れど
"Nanatsu no Kanata e Inoredo"
Even if I pray to beyond the Seven Distances,
六道 惑ひて 哀しや
"Rikudou Madoite Kanashiya"
when will the sadness of bewilderment at the Six Realms
五戒 無き世は いつ癒える
"Gokai Naki Yo wa Itsu Ieru"
and the world in which the Five Precepts don't exist be healed?

幽き 標 なぞり
"Kasoki Shirube Nazori"
Following the dim signs,
全て 統べて 繋げば
"Subete Subete Tsunageba"
If I connected with that which controls everything...

----さいごにのこるは だれのゆめ?
----saigo ni nokoro wa dare no yume?
----Whose dream would still remain in the end?

逸れ彷徨うは 報ひの船か
”Sore Samayou wa Mukui no Fune ka”
That which roams lost in the way is a ship of recompense?
奇しき宿世は 穢れの果てに
"Kushiki Shukuse ha Kegare no Hate ni"
Our strange previous lives were at the very end of corruption,
堕ち逝く星の 獄の中の
"Ochiyuku Hoshi no Hitoya no Naka no"
Within the prison of a planet's downfall.
贄の痛みの 因果は巡る
"Nie no Itami no Inga wa Meguru"
The karma of the pain sustained by the sacrifices still cycles on.

請えど 贖えぬ 咎を
"Koedo Aganaenu Toga o"
No matter how much I ask, it's a sin I can never atone for,
爆ぜて 繕えぬ 疵を
"Hazete Tsukuroenu Kizu o"
a wound that will always burst open and that can never be healed.
赦す者なく 口遊む
"Yurusu Mono naku Kuchizusamu"
The beloved, sorrowful counting song
愛し哀しの 数え唄
"Kanashi Kanashi no Kazoeuta"
sung by those that can never be forgiven.

無上甚深なる 理は
"Mujou Jinjin naru Kotowari wa"
The insuperable, deep, profound, subtle, wonderful Dharma,
百千万劫 遭い遇うこと難し
"Hyakusenmangou Ai Au koto Katashi"
Is difficult to encounter even after a hundred thousand million eons.
安寧 我 願わんとす
"Annei Ware Negawan to su"
I'll wish for peace,
然れど 外道の禍物 泥濘が如く湧き出で
"Saredo Gedou no Magamono Sukari ga Gotoku Wakidete"
even if the evil catastrophes gush forth like mud.
天地開闢より  霽色たる 刻は無し
"Tenchi Kaibyaku yori Seishuku taru Toki wa Nashi"
The clarity that was around from the time the world was created no longer exists.

     cls(lync f ifs){
       <-{pafel n lasel};
 Please, so this connection for the future
 may bring a wonderful encounter to us.
其は 誰が為に
"So wa Ta ga Tame ni"
So if I have to grieve
今 憂ふのなら
"Ima Ureu no nara"
for the sake of someone right now.

百枝を 宙に 挿し
"Momoe o Sora ni Sashi"
I'll have to plant a hundred branches into the skies
甘き実を成して 捧げましょか
"Amaki Mi o Nashite Sasagemashoka"
and sacrifice something for them to bear sweet fruits?

心 訪なうように 刻む 数え唄
"Kokoro Otonau youni Kizamu Kazoeuta"
The counting song that etches itself into the hearts, to call out to them.

四方より 集ひし 衆生や
"Yomo yori Tsudoishi Shujou ya"
People gathered from the Four directions,
三障 侵され 哀しや
"Sanshou Okasare Kanashiya"
sadness invaded by Three wounds,
二無し出逢ひに 競ろふか
"Ni Nashi Deai ni Kishirou ka"
even if you Two can never meet again, will you still compete?

一つに こころを 結びませ
"Hitotsu ni Kokoro o Musubimase"
Let us connect our hearts into One.

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