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A Song heard early during Phase 3 of Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

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It's a version of the Cieln Class::AR_NOSURGE; that administrates the Ar nosurge Tube as well as the Interdimend program. This version is strictly made for accessing the mind of person that has the Interdimend program Installed and exert control over it, as well as do maintenance and administrative tasks on it. Naturally, it's also a part of the Surge Class library from the Surge Concerto Terminal, which contains all the Cielns that are related to its main purpose of connecting to other dimensions and harvesting energy from them.[1]

As this version of the Cieln merely exerts mechanical control over a previously Installed Interdimend, taking advantage of the function the Surge Concerto Terminal has of chaining mental addresses to Wills existing beyond the Seven Dimensions, it requires a very small amount of Symphonic Power to manifest its effects, which also translates to the fact this Song doesn't employ multi-track choral singing in any part of it. In fact, it would only require a thousandth of the power that would be needed to execute a Song of the caliber of Class::CIEL_N_PROTECTA;, and in fact it requires even less energy than the Song Magic that is commonly employed in battles.[1]

However, it still requires a considerable amount of feelings to carry out its function properly, as the person that will be the target of this Song has several doors blocking the access to the depths of their Soulspace, where the Interdimend program is placed, so the Singer must have powerful and focused feelings for that particular person if they want to successfully Sing it.[1]

This Song was Sung by Cas to reconnect Delta's Interdimend after it was disconnected following the events in the Star Singer's Platform and Sora. Cas initially was unwilling to do the reconnection due to the fact that Nay and Sarly kept everything about the Interdimend a secret from her despite how harmful it was being to Delta and their relationship; but after Delta and the others talked to her, and that even Ion offered to Sing it in her stead; Cass finally understood and accepted to do it after spending a whole day with Delta, going on dates and walking all over Soreil. That night, she Sang this Song as Delta lie asleep on their bed, and as she finished, she appealed to the player in order to ask for their help in saving their world as soon as possible, and entrusting Delta's and her own well-being to them.

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繋いだ 心の糸 離れぬように
"Tsunaida Kokoro no Ito Hanarenuyouni"
To not cut off the connected strings of our hearts,
握りしめた その指先
"Nigirishimeta Sono Yubisaki"
I grasped your fingertips.
言葉だけじゃ 伝わらない 想い抱いて
"Kotoba dake ja Tsutawaranai Omoi Daite"
Embracing the feelings that couldn't be conveyed just through words,
この道が辿り着く その日まで
"Kono Michi ga Tadoritsuku Sono Hi made"
until the day in which we reached this road.
安らぎを灯し 祈るよ
"Yasuragi o Tomoshi Inoruyo"
I pray to ignite the peace.

忘れないで 寄り添いながら
"Wasurenaide Yorisoinagara"
"Don't forget it," that was the vow we both crafted
ふたり包む空 紡いだ誓い
"Futari Tsutsumu Sora Tsumuida Chikai"
enshrouded by the sky, as we cuddled together.
もし願いが 叶えられるなら
"Moshi Negai ga Kanaerareru nara"
If one of my wishes could be granted,
あなただけの 私が 消えませんように
"Anata dake no Watashi ga Kiemasenyouni"
it would be that the me that only exists for you will never fade away.

愛しき時間が 今、過ぎて行くよ
"Itoshiki Jikan ga Ima Sugiteyukuyo"
The beloved times are passing right now.
かけがえのない 静かな夜
"Kakegae no nai Shizukana Yoru"
An irreplaceable quiet night.
幼い頃 話した夢を まだ憶えてる
"Osanai koro Hanashita Yume o Mada Oboeteru"
I still remember how we talked about our dreams when we were children,
笑いあい 同じ時を過ごした
"Waraiai Onajitoki o Sugoshita"
spending the same time together as we smiled to each other
思い出を 胸に刻み
"Omoide o Mune ni Kizami"
and carving them as memories in our hearts.

忘れないで 優しく強く
"Wasurenaide Yasashiku Tsuyoku"
"Don't forget it", that is what I sing for you
揺らぐことのない あなたの心
"Yuragukoto no nai Anata no Kokoro"
as I gently, strongly embrace your heart
重ねた手の温もり 輝く笑顔
"Kasaneta Te no Nukumori Kagayaku Egao"
with unflinching and warm hands,
"Anata no Tame ni Utauyo"
while my face has a shining smile.

 EX[etr]->EX{syec f iyon}->{ic-b poow}
I'll Install a great power into you.

忘れないで この詩声を
"Wasurenaide Kono Utagoe o"
Don't forget my singing voice.
いつか叶えたい 大事な夢を
"Itsuka Kanaetai Daiji na Yume o"
Someday, I want to make true our precious dream.
夜明け 迎えた時 飛び立つけれど
"Yoake Mukaeta Toki Tobitatsu keredo"
Though they might have flown off to greet the new dawn,
あなたの中で生き続けて 私の想い
"Anata no Naka de Ikitsuzukete Watashi no Omoi"
my feelings will always continue living inside you.

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