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Arnosurge proto

Class-Arnosuge-Proto in the genomirai.com website, during its boot-up sequence.

Class-Arnosurge-Proto, also called Class::AR_NOSURGE#Prototype; is an interactive text novel that was published by Gust Inc. in their promotional site for the Surge Concerto series, genomirai.com.

It was unveiled to the public during September 2013, a few weeks before Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star had been officially announced to be in development, and its release was done at the same time a "mysterious hacking" took place in the Surge Concerto Social official website the Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta players used to access the game's website and the PC consoles to it. If they tried accessing to it during the time the "hacking" took place, the players would find themselves unable to use the website at all and instead would be redirected to genomirai.com, in which the novel would start playing automatically.

Even after the Surge Concerto Social site was restored to normal and though so much time has passed after its unveiling, the novel is still available at genomirai.com for the players who wish to know more about Ar nosurge's story.

An unofficial translation of this novel is available at this link.


Given its nature as an interactive novel, the player must only read the texts, click on the terminal screen to proceed, and occasionally, click on it and input a number to make choices. Once the player gets the true ending for the novel, they will be given a password they must input in the box below the terminal in order to see a brief teaser for Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

Plot Synopsis[]


Upon opening the website, the terminal instantly begins scrolling the boot-up sequence for the Class::AR_NOSURGE; program, which is lengthier and featuring more processes than the one found in the videos seen in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star. After the sequence is complete, the player is given limited control over [[SH_22816E]], who finds himself at the Felion Wall with no knowledge or memories of how he got there.

He is then found by [[SH_43351R]], who cries from happiness and relief upon seeing how [[SH_22816E]] returned unscathed after having been taken captive by the Genomirai Church and the Sharls. She ushers [[SH_22816E]] to go into the Wall, and to tell [[SH_33144B]] and [[SH_95569X]] about how he returned safely. She then promises to see [[SH_22816E]] later on the Celesgarden, as she has something important to tell him. The player is then given a choice of where to go from four different places: the Celesgarden, Last-Lite with You, the PLASMA HQ, and In Front of the Wall.


After [[SH_22816E]] gets to the Celesgarden, they find [[SH_43351R]] already waiting for him, and the player has the choice of greeting her or not. Not doing so results in an error message, but it has no effect on the rest of the story.

[[SH_22816E]] and [[SH_43351R]] then start making some small talk about how she has been walking around the plaza all that time, making [[SH_22816E]] wonder what good will that do to her, but [[SH_43351R]] changes the conversation topic when they spot a food stall, and she offers [[SH_22816E]] to buy him something. The player is then allowed the choice of eating a Shrimp Bread or a Milky Way Sandwich.

In this case, the right choice is the Shrimp Bread, as that always was [[SH_22816E]]'s favorite food: he remarks about how fluffy and soft it is despite its appearance as he eats it. [[SH_43351R]] replies it has an average appearance, but it still tastes good. On the other hand, she remarks on how unusual it is for [[SH_22816E]] to be eating the Milky Way Sandwich since he hated its jam's overly sweet flavor if the player picks it.

Regardless, [[SH_22816E]] asks [[SH_43351R]] about what she wanted to talk about, to which she bashfully replies she forgot about it, and gets enraged when [[SH_22816E]] tries pressing her about it. [[SH_22816E]] changes her tune and says they're celebrating that [[SH_22816E]] got back safely, but he apologizes for worrying her so much due to screwing up their mission and getting captured by the Sharls.

[[SH_43351R]] first blows him off, but she again changes gears and says she's happy to have him around again, and it's time to celebrate that he came back safe and sound, making [[SH_22816E]] remark in an amused way that she also had this nice of a side to her personality, angering her. [[SH_22816E]] tries apologizing, but after picking on him a little more, [[SH_43351R]] says she's very happy and relieved, and that she'd like to spend the whole day with him just having fun. he then runs off to eat some takoyaki, irritating [[SH_43351R]] who just wanted him to stay put and listen, and ends calling him an idiot.

The player is then returned to the location selection menu, or if they already went to all the locations, they are sent to the final segment of the novel.

Last Lite With You[]

Upon getting to this place, [[SH_22816E]] notes he's very hungry and that it's time to eat. [[SH_33144B]] sees him as he enters the restaurant and greets him, which makes him tell her about how weird it is to see her walking around the city. [[SH_33144B]] says it isn't weird because she's doing so incognito, and that she's the mysterious and beautiful heroine who helps everyone in Felion, [[SH_33144B]] the Gale. Ignoring [[SH_22816E]]'s stunned reaction, she offers to help him with whatever problems he might be facing, especially if it's food-related.

[[SH_22816E]] comments on how amazing she is, being a heroine and a princess at the same time, to which she replies the princess is her fake identity and that being a heroine is her being true to herself. She changes topics and comments on how nice the restaurant is, to which [[SH_22816E]] agrees and says he also goes there all the time. [[SH_33144B]] praises its interior decor despite how typical its menu is, while [[SH_22816E]] says it's very convenient due to serving food for all times of the day despite looking like a bar, to which [[SH_33144B]] replies it is a bar, shocking him.

She also comments on how the name lacks the impact that would attract customers to it, making [[SH_22816E]] to ask her which name she'd give to it. She says she'd call it Nay au Francais or something to that effect, to which [[SH_22816E]] only responds with silence, and when she expresses annoyance about it, he states the name sounds so normal that it might end causing the people to give a reaction opposite to what she wants. Both then comment on how they'd like to own a restaurant someday.

They begin teasing each other about their cooking technique and knowledge, and after boasting about her fingers are super weapons, [[SH_33144B]] goes back to her lunch: Hell-Styled Mushroom Stew. After seeing it, [[SH_22816E]] comments it looks pretty nasty from its coloration, and after trying a bite of it and saying it tastes surprisingly nice, [[SH_33144B]] urges him to eat more. At this point, the player has the choice of making him state that it was awful or good. The right choice is to state it was awful, which causes [[SH_22816E]] to run away as his eyes and tongue sting horribly while [[SH_33144B]] wonders if it's really so spicy and if his tongue is actually normal. If the player makes him state it was good, he ends up eating the whole dish, feels like his body overheats, begins sweating profusely and he ends up running away in search of water.

The player is then returned to the location selection menu, or if they already went to all the locations, they are sent to the final segment of the novel.


Upon entering, [[SH_22816E]] is greeted by [[SH_95569X]], who comments that it seemed like it'd take a miracle for him to return alive from Quanturv since so much time passed after his disappearance. He replies she looks like always, but [[SH_95569X]] asks him about his memories' state, as she heard there was something wrong with them. [[SH_22816E]] says that's the case, as his childhood memories have become so hazy he can't even recall them anymore.

She muses it's probably due to a temporary shock, but it'd become a problem if they didn't return after a long time, and she adds she'll be calling him for periodic examinations. After agreeing with it, [[SH_22816E]] asks what she needed from him, and [[SH_95569X]] shows him she's been working in making an exclusive weapon for the Genomis members and that she needed someone to test it out for her. [[SH_22816E]] comments they look like a couple of rods, but [[SH_95569X]] explains they are energy tonfas, and they look weak because she hasn't made an external casing for them yet.

After a brief exchange in which [[SH_22816E]] makes clear he knows what tonfas are, [[SH_95569X]] explains that those who master them can use tonfas for both attack and defense, making them near-ideal weapons. Additionally, they allow for several kinds of use and fighting styles, which make their wearer fight in a logic-oriented way, surprising [[SH_22816E]] from how deep their usage goes. She adds they are a new class of weapons on their own, and the true potential of the tonfas made real, and explains that holding them perpendicular to the arm will cause the turbines she installed on them to output energy to their max capacity, which can be converted in strength that their wearer can use to repel enemies.

This makes them the ideal weapon for Genomis due to their members needing to change between attack and defense seamlessly depending on how the battle goes. [[SH_22816E]] is amazed upon hearing this, but [[SH_95569X]] comments this is the only prototype she has developed so far. However, she might end up mass-producing it depending on how the tests go.

[[SH_22816E]] then asks why she chose tonfas, and after sheepishly laughing, she asks him to think why she did. At this point, the player is allowed to choose between them being cool or them being utility-oriented, with the latter being the correct choice as demonstrated by the previous dialogue. If the player does so, [[SH_95569X]] pretty much repeats her explanation, adding she considered multiple weapon types and shields, but found the tonfas to be the most balanced among them all. However, if the player chooses the wrong option, [[SH_22816E]] gets chewed out for thinking she chose these weapons for such a shallow and idiotic reason, and that only second-rate scientists would make such a choice. Regardless, they then leave the HQ to start testing out the tonfas to see their actual utility in real combat.

The player is then returned to the location selection menu, or if they already went to all the locations, they are sent to the final segment of the novel.

In Front of the Wall[]

Upon leaving the wall, [[SH_22816E]] ends meeting up with both [[SH_43351R]] and [[SH_95569X]]. Upon asking what they're going in that place, [[SH_95569X]] replies they are checking the situation, as while they have already accepted a large number of people in Felion, there's still so many people outside of it they have to make sure they're safe. [[SH_43351R]] also interjects she wouldn't be able to live everyday fearing the Sharls as these people do.

[[SH_22816E]] comments it'd be great if they could allow more people inside, but [[SH_95569X]] tells him it'd be very difficult, as it'd be very hard to provide inhabitable space, food, water and income to all the people that come in, and that Felion's systems have started failing ever since the last people wave came inside; which makes him reaffirm his duty as a PLASMA member to protect everyone living outside the wall. [[SH_95569X]] agrees, as the food they grow in their crop fields is very valuable even in Felion itself.

[[SH_43351R]] comments how everybody does the best they can to survive, but [[SH_22816E]] also states about how these people act very distant to them, and after being questioned by her on it, he adds it's because they are called Ancients all the time by them, as well as the people always giving them weird looks. She replies it's inevitable, as they lived many thousand years before them, and they were shocked due to their sudden awakening. [[SH_95569X]] also adds their own ability to use Song Magic makes them beings worthy of awe and fear by the current inhabitants of this place, due to their lack of scientific methodology and knowledge.

[[SH_22816E]] adds it'd be great if they all could get along, to which [[SH_95569X]] adds PLASMA has started recruiting members from among these people, and they are also allowed to set up shop and stalls inside Felion, so their relationship seems to be improving. She also remarks she didn't imagine he would be so sensitive about this. Upon being pressed by [[SH_22816E]] on what she meant, she replies it's nothing, but also comments that while the wall serves as the shield that protects them from the Sharls, it also serves as a wall that divides the Ancients from the current people.

[[SH_43351R]] notes how the people have started harvesting broccoli, and suggests going to help them with the harvest. At this point, the player is allowed to make [[SH_22816E]] help them or refuse to do so. The correct choice is to help the people, and upon doing so, [[SH_22816E]] runs off to begin helping with [[SH_43351R]] and [[SH_95569X]] tailing behind him. If the player refuses to let him help, [[SH_22816E]] just says he'll go back inside and continue training, leaving the harvest to both girls. However, he gets asked to tell [[SH_33144B]] to come check the situation, as the people will be overjoyed if they see [[SH_33144B]] the Gale.

The player is then returned to the location selection menu, or if they already went to all the locations, they are sent to the final segment of the novel.

Final Segment[]

After seeing the events in all four locations, the player sees a strange message in the terminal that shows a program being installed into [[SH_22816E]]'s mind, and once it finishes, he finds himself in the middle of the Celesgarden.

He starts mumbling in a confused voice about how has something important he must do, and remembers it: he must open the Felion Wall and let the Sharls inside, as they are about to come. He begins mumbling nonsensically about how the Sharls coming to the city will be good for the people, and notices how he brought with him the wall's control console from the PLASMA HQ. He remembers he stole it, as it can't be used without [[SH_33144B]]'s authorization, but he nonsensically thinks this won't be a problem.

[[SH_22816E]] begins wondering what is happening to him, as he's even forgetting the thoughts that just came to his mind, and that he's been feeling that same way a lot lately.

If the player took the correct choice at the Celesgarden, [[SH_22816E]] will remember [[SH_43351R]] and how she is his partner and childhood friend, but he'll think that he doesn't know how she was when they were children, and his thoughts end up focusing again on opening the wall.

The player is then given the choice to open up the wall or leave it closed.

Bad Ending[]

If the player chooses to not open the wall at any point, [[SH_22816E]] will give up on the idea as [[SH_43351R]] finds him. She asks him what he's doing, but he says it's nothing, and she believes him. They begin discussing about what they should do with their lives, and after finding the prospect of dying locked up inside Felion terrifying, noticing how their food supplies dwindle with every passing day, and how stagnated the society has gotten; [[SH_43351R]] suggests going into cold sleep once again, saying they might wake up in a peaceful world if they do so. [[SH_22816E]] agrees with her, and this cuts off the connection between him and the player. The Class::AR_NOSURGE; program then shuts down, but since the mission was a failure, the password is not displayed.

True Ending[]

If the player decides to open the wall, they receive an Interdimend synchronization error, like it would happen if they took a wrong choice in any of the four locations in the first segment, and [[SH_22816E]] begins doubting this would be the correct action to take, fully knowing how the Sharls would lay waste to everything if they are let inside. The player is given again the option to force him to open the wall, receiving another synchronization error if they do so.

[[SH_22816E]] then mutters that's why he came to that place, and that everything will be fine, as the Sharls will make everyone happy. The player is given again the option the back off, but they must keep on pressing [[SH_22816E]] to open the wall, which will make him declare that he will protect everyone by letting the Sharls into Felion.

At this point, since [[SH_22816E]] is being forced to take actions that go against his very nature, the Interdimend takes full control over him, causing errors in the console that are shown as it spitting garbage text, and it then begins showing the events in the PLASMA HQ.

[[SH_43351R]] rushes into the HQ as [[SH_95569X]] berates her for being late, since the alarms started ringing several minutes ago. [[SH_43351R]] retorts she will apologize later and that she needs an explanation, as no normal situation could have ever caused such chaos among PLASMA. [[SH_95569X]] tells her she must go to put the weapons in as good a fighting condition she can in the shortest time possible and to go receive her orders directly from [[SH_33144B]].

[[SH_33144B]] rushes in, telling they need [[SH_43351R]] to get ready and start using her Song Magic right away, as the Sharls are attacking with too much intensity. [[SH_43351R]] is shocked to hear about the attack, as the wall should be protecting them, but [[SH_33144B]] regretfully explains that someone apparently opened it from the inside, letting in a large Sharl horde that has started abducting all the people they could find. [[SH_33144B]] says this isn't time to guess why this happened and angrily asks what happened to [[SH_22816E]]. [[SH_43351R]] gets startled upon hearing he hasn't shown up in the HQ, making [[SH_33144B]] think he got the ridiculous idea of intercepting the Sharls in the frontline since they both weren't together.

[[SH_43351R]] offers to go search for him, despite fully knowing he can take care of himself, but [[SH_33144B]] assigns her another mission: she gives her the spare of the key for the Wall's control terminal, and orders her to go and close it. [[SH_43351R]] rebuts that anyone else could operate the control terminal, and that she finds unbelievable that there isn't anyone available, but [[SH_33144B]] angrily retorts that a Weaver with no partner is no more than a hindrance, and that if anyone can do it, [[SH_43351R]] can also do it herself.

[[SH_95569X]] tells her this is no time for idle chatter, which [[SH_43351R]] knows very well, but [[SH_95569X]] also tells her to go and secure the Wall's front area if she finds [[SH_22816E]] on the way.

The player is then redirected back to [[SH_22816E]], who muses that after opening the wall, he'll just go back home and go to sleep. Due to the Interdimend's influence, the terminal continues spitting garbage text after the player clicks any time to advance text, and [[SH_22816E]] encounters [[SH_43351R]] while on his way home. He asks her what she's doing out there that late, but [[SH_43351R]] just asks him what he's doing with bated breath, to which [[SH_22816E]] asks why she got such a scary face on her.

A new error called a "schizophrenia loop" appears, breaking the installed program on [[SH_22816E]]'s mind and stopping the terminal's garbage spitting while [[SH_43351R]] asks again what he's doing, to which he answers he isn't doing anything, but [[SH_43351R]] notices he's carrying the Wall's control terminal console, which he seemed unaware off at the moment, and connecting the dots, she screams at him "What have you done!?"

The Interdimend program then closes with a Mission Successful text, similarly to how it's done in the endings for Ciel nosurge and Ar nosurge, and the player is given the password to input in the lower text box.


Arno teaser

The robot that appears in the teaser video.

Upon inputting the password, the player is shown through the terminal a short video of an old battered robot being activated, as well as a shot of the Genomirai emblem painted over a wall, but the video cuts out before anything significant is shown on-screen.


  • As it might be inferred by astute players, this novel is the account of the events that led Delta to open the Felion Wall and allow a Sharl invasion force entrance into the city, culminating in his expulsion from PLASMA.
  • The reason why the proper ending is opening the Wall isn't only because it leads into the events of Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, but it's also because Delta's Interdimend was programmed originally by Zill and Nero, and thus, they were who set up the goals for the player controlling him. This is also why it is considered as a "bad ending" to leave the Wall closed.
  • While it has never been officially stated, it's possible to make out which SHW identification code corresponds to which character through their actions and speech patterns. It is as follows:
    • [[SH_22816E]] = Delta Lanthanoir
    • [[SH_43351R]] = Casty Riernoit
    • [[SH_95569X]] = Sarly Planck
    • [[SH_33144B]] = Nayaflask
  • This novel is the only place so far where the Interdimend's Mission Failed text can be seen: it appears only in its bad ending.