Claire Branch
Claire Information
Kanji/Kanaクレア・ブランチ (kurea buranchi)
Unaltered NameCrea Branch
Race3rd Generation Reyvateil
First AppearanceAr tonelico: Melody of Elemia
SingerYuuko Ishibashi
English Voice ActorWendee Lee
Japanese Voice ActorYuka Shioyama

She is an excellent class-B Reyvateil woman that used to be affiliated with Tenba. However, when she became sick of the conglomerate's attitude, she retired and began managing a bar in the Airport City Nemo where she intends to sing her songs for the sake of the people. She is also a native of the Skuwat Village, and Aurica's childhood friend. She refuses to use Song Magic because she does not want to hurt anyone. It is her belief that Song Magic should be used to help people, not harm them. However, she does occasionally sing though, but only the Blue Magic kind which heals people. When she does sing, it is often with the accompaniment of her lute. Claire was also the one that crafted Don Leon and gave him to Aurica as a present.


  • Claire once had a lover named Dian. Because he tried to seal away the monster Reyvateil Claire accidentally spurred on with her songs of hate, he disappeared. She states, however, that she will wait for him forever. In the Hymmnos Musical Drama CDs, Dian is one of the singers with his vocals being sang by Dahna.
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