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One of the albums containing the music for Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta, and the second disc in the Genometric Concert series, this CD contains expanded rearrangementes of all the songs that serve as the capstone to each of the four chapters that comprise the second arc of the game: the Collapse Arc.
It also includes a DVD that contains videos of all the songs sung in Ciel nosurge from chapter 1 to chapter 8, promotional movies for the two Genometric Concert albums and the first soundtrack volume, and videos of the SD Ciel nosurge Drama CDs.



Track Number Song Title Length
1 Beautiful World 4:50
2 Code Ethes Wei (Class::ETHES_WEI=>extends.COMMUNI_SAT/.) 4:25
3 QuelI->EX[cez]->{kranz}; 4:03
4 zu-fao jen-din; 3:27


Track Number Song Title Length
1 Song Magic Collection
2 Promotion Movie
3 SD Ciel nosurge

Limited Bonus[]

Commentary book vol 2

The commentary book.

First print copies of this album included a special commentary booklet that explained the setting behind each song as well as having the comments of the artists that worked on them.