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This timeline summarizes all the important events that have taken place in EXA_PICO's Universe. The years are based off Ar Ciel's calendar system, as the Ra Cielan years are still unknown at the moment.

Under Ar Ciel's system, while BC currently has no official meaning, AD means "Ammue Dius", which translates to "Era of the Divine Sounds".

Before the First Era[]

Year Events
Several Million Years Ago
(Exact Date Unknown)
  • Shelanoir creates a forest.
-23000 BC
  • Animals begin to settle in the forest.
-7304 BC
  • Approximate year for the first iteration of the Grand Phoenix Project. Planet Ciela is destroyed and its human inhabitants, the Ciels, migrate to a planet called Sharlanoia. It is renamed Ra Ciela upon conquering and exterminating its original inhabitants, the Sharls.
-4290 BC
  • Humans enter the forest for the first time.
-2304 BC
  • Approximate date for the events of the memories seen in Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta.
  • From an encounter with lifeforms from another world, the Terus are born.
-1120 BC
  • Civilization sprouts due to the discovery of fire and steel in Sol Cluster.
-1022 BC
  • Many nomads cross the sea and arrive at the Grassroad Plains on the continent where Sol Ciel is located in the present.
-822 BC
  • Many nomads from Sol Cluster arrive at Elm Valley, at the foot of the current Metafalss mountain range.
- 484 BC
  • Many dances and songs are created, and prosper among the Sol Ciel people.
-223 BC
  • A human kingdom invades Syestine for the first time. Shelanoir's forest is burned (and revived later on).
-18 BC
  • Foundation of the Elm Valley Village in the Metafalss mountain range area. The villagers dedicate to agriculture.
-3 BC
  • Various regions unite to form a kingdom, composed of 22 countries and countless settlements at the continent where Sol Cluster is located in the present.
(Unknown Year) BC
  • The people learn that some words manifest as power and paranormal effects when they are pronounced.
10 AD
  • Many communities gather and form three kingdoms: Blast, Sylva and Valna.
64 AD
  • The Teru Villages are established in the Syestine region, the first one being the Syestine Village, named after the region itself.
91 AD
  • Birth of the art for controlling the power of the words: [Song Manipulation], in Metafalss.
281 AD
  • The Sol Cluster monarchy implements the mass production of steel. Many settlements are captured and forced to work for the monarchy.
348 AD
  • Confirmed year of the creation of the first word: [chs] (change, turn into).
387 AD
  • Great eruption from the Listea Volcano. The Elm Valley is buried under the lava.
388 AD
  • The survivors of the Listea Volcano eruption evacuate the valley and cross the mountains to arrive at the Metafalss Heights.
421 AD
  • Confirmed year of the creation of the first sentence: [Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea] (I'll be happy to turn myself into a song).
711 AD
  • Construction of the Em Pheyna Temple in Syestine. The universal truth for the Teru is consolidated.
768 AD
  • The Kingdom of Valna starts to be considered peculiar among the three ones in Sol Ciel due to using a strange kind of magic.
770 AD
  • The strange magic observed in the Kingdom of Valna spreads to the Kingdoms of Blast and Sylva in a flash, and becomes known under the name [Prayer Songs].
998 AD
  • The Teru ability of talking with all creatures excepting humans is mastered, and flying dragons begin to live with the Teru.
1034 AD
  • The art of talking with other races blossoms. This later on becomes the travel in search for a familiar that is customary for the Teru.
1228 AD
  • The singers of the Prayer Songs, who could use them to converse with nature, come to be known as [Moon Chanters] among the people of Sol Ciel.
1702 AD
  • Emperor Guren unifies five neighboring kingdoms to create the empire of El Duel, making it into a large potency.
1859 AD
  • Other neighboring nations form the Western Cluster Alliance to oppose the power-hungry empire of El Duel.
1890 AD
  • The Kingdom of Valna obtains a great power.
1912 AD
  • The relations between the Alliance and El Duel worsen, and war breaks out.
1998 AD
  • The Songs played by the Moon Chanters start being called [Hymmnos] out of respect.
2009 AD
  • As a consequence of the endless disputes for territory, all of the land in Sol Cluster is burned off.
2020 AD
  • An expedition departs from Sol Cluster in search of new lands as a consequence of the food scarcity.
2022 AD
  • The Sol Cluster expedition arrives at the Grassland Plains.
2050 AD
  • The Thousand-Year War between Sol Cluster and Sol Ciel breaks out.
2218 AD
  • Humans from Sol Cluster invade Syestine again. A war between humans and Teru commences.
2537 AD
  • Many refugees from the neighboring kingdom of El Daijyella come to Syestine.
2538 AD
  • The refugees from El Daijyella begin conducting business that go contrary to important Teru traditions, which causes multiple conflicts the Teru deem as self-defense.
2540 AD
  • Establishment of the Neutral Forest Kingdom of Syestine.
2637 AD
  • Establishment of the Twelve Sages Regime in Metafalss.
2640 AD
  • Creation of the [Partial Reward Distribution System] in Metafalss, which was later called the basis of a good government.
2665 AD
  • Among the territorial devastation caused by the war, the three kingdoms join forces and form the nation of El Elemia.
2755 AD
  • An armistice is signed between Sol Cluster and Sol Ciel. The war comes to a temporary end.
2771 AD
  • The Song Manipulators develop what would later on become the [Metafalss Note].
2912 AD
  • Discovery of the power of the Songstones by a Moon Chanter called the Father of Sound Science.

First Era[]

Year Events
2915 AD
  • Establishment of the El Elemia Songstone Research Center.
2919 AD
  • Succesful creation of the first Songstone crystal.
2921 AD
  • Syestine is partially forced to affiliate the Sol Cluster Alliance.
2929 AD
  • Succesful separation between Grathnode and Parameno crystals.
2930 AD
  • Discovery of the creation method for the Ardel Crystals.
2932 AD
  • Begins the construction of the "Tower of Origins."
2934 AD
  • Decay of the Moon Chanters, remaining only as a handful of lineages.
2944 AD
  • Begins the “only in name” technological exchange between Sol Ciel and Sol Cluster.
  • Inauguration of the "New Generation Mankind Project Reyvateil".
2962 AD
  • Death of the "Father of Sound Science”
2968 AD
  • "Tower of Origin" completed. Test runs on it begin.
2971 AD
  • Begins the service of the Public Soundwave Network “SONATA”.
2973 AD
  • Hymmnos starts being studied seriously, and the research on it crosses paths with the Songstone research.
2974 AD
  • Demands are made from El Elemia to reduce the usage of Symphonic Power.
2975 AD
  • "Ar tonelico" project begins.
2977 AD
  • El Duel begins investigation on the problems and effects of LDSW on the environment.
2978 AD
  • Demands on El Elemia are made to stop LDSW testing. Temporary suspension of experiments.
2982 AD
  • Discovery of ultrahigh frequencies in the composition of the natural voice.
  • Begins the use of the Tower of Origin (the real first Ar tonelico). However, this one failed because the database had more info than what the Tower could manage.
2983 AD
  • Construction of “Ar tonelico” begins.
2990 AD
  • The "Horus, the New Continent" project starts.
2992 AD
  • Development of the "Plasma Bell."
2993 AD
  • Guidebook and world regulations concerning limitations on Symphonic Power for the environment enacted.
2997 AD
  • “Ar tonelico” 50% complete.
2999 AD
  • Birth of Eleno, descendant of the "Father of Sound Science”
3000 AD
  • The Plasma Bell succesfully elevates a landmass and creates the Wings of Horus.
3001 AD
  • People from many inhuman nations take refuge in El Elemia.
  • Discovery of the ω Spectrum (step #4 in the development of the FFT Spectrum), allowing the analysis of Hymmnos. With this, the development of Hymmnos took a large step forward.
3007 AD
  • Because of overpopulation, Metafalss' administration of law and order starts collapsing.
3010 AD
  • Birth of Jaza.
3013 AD
  • “Ar tonelico” is completed.
3016 AD
  • Accidental meeting between El Elemia and Metafalss.
3018 AD
  • Regional Soundwave Network "SONATA" begins service.
  • The Tower Administration Bureau of El Elemia introduces the draft for the International Standad Norm for Hymmnos: the Central Standard Note.
  • Definition of the International Standard of 52 Characters (a~z, A~Z) for Hymmnos.
3020 AD
  • Birth of Eleno's daughter, Shurelia.
3021 AD
  • El Elemia and Metafalss start the conjunct development of [Project Metafalica].
3022 AD
  • Horus, the new continent, reaches critical height.
  • Beginning of the investigation related to the Reyvateils.
3023 AD
  • Eleno is transferred to an investigation center.
3025 AD
  • Reopening of the studies on LDSW. The "World Commune Demands" is proposed to the other nations, but it's fiercely rejected.
  • Sol Ciel initiates works in the Third Tower of Ar tonelico Project.
3026 AD
  • Design concept for Sol Marta complete.
  • Works on the Second and Third Tower projects are initiated.
3027 AD
  • Tactical Soundwave Network "JAM" begins operations.
  • El Elemia declares to Sol Cluster its secession from the Sol Cluster Alliance.
  • Around this time, the prime field of the Reyvateils starts being available.
  • The construction of Sol Marta starts in Metafalss. The construction is done in the suburbs, as the project leaders feared it could cause a revolt among the people.
3028 AD
  • The western front war with Sol Cluster breaks out.
3029 AD
  • Eleno’s daughter, Shurelia is killed by a security failure.
3030 AD
  • El Duel starts developping the idea of an unmanned tactics network.
3031 AD
  • The Seven Bloodstains Incident brings western front war to an end.
  • Sol Ciel turns into the leading potency and the most powerful country in Ar Ciel.
  • First functional Reyvateil of the α-testing phase completed, birth of the First Origin "Eoria."
3032 AD
  • The second Origin departs for Metafalss while still undergoing cultivation.
  • Birth of the Second Origin Reyvateil "Frelia."
3033 AD
  • Frelia sets foot on the land of Metafalss at the age of 6 years.
  • Meets Jaza. Frelia begins going to school.
  • Birth of the Third Origin Reyvateil "Tyria."
  • The first β-Type Reyvateils are created.
  • Formation of the AHPP (Ar Ciel: Heal the Planet Project) in the center of El Elemia.
3034 AD
  • Frelia meets Enja, son of Crijaba, one of the 12 Wise Men.
  • Tyria is raised by Kurogane.
3035 AD
  • Eoria is connected to Ar tonelico and appointed as its Administrator.
  • Meeting of Eoria and Eleno.
  • Approximate date for the events of the Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star manga.
  • Approximate date for the events of Class-Arnosurge-Proto.
  • Approximate date for the events of the prologue to Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.
3036 AD
  • The area of development for the AHPP is transferred over to the Second Tower.
3037 AD
  • The mass production of β-Type Reyvateils begins.
  • The main systems of Sol Marta are completed. The development administration is transferred over to Metafalss.
  • The Sol Cluster Alliance crumbles away.
  • Tyria's group heads over to the planned area for the construction of the Third Tower, and begin building it.
  • Approximate date for the events of Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.
3038 AD
  • The Teru Tribe defies the law and assists in the war.
  • Frelia departs for Sol Marta at the age of 11 years. Sol Marta elevates to the higher reaches of the atmosphere.
3039 AD
  • The Dance of the Heavenly Fairy begins, and becomes the most talked topic in the world.
  • Completion of the Kurogane Laboratories (Tower of Origins for the Third Tower).
3040 AD
  • Kurogane's theories are stolen by the AHPP Headquarters.
  • Catastrophe of the [Grathnode Inferia]. All the technology and information the humans had for learning and using Hymmnos Songs was lost in it.
  • Jaza descends from Sol Marta to escape from Raki. The people of Metafalss climb the Second Tower to take shelter.

Second Era[]

Year Events
3040 AD
  • People evacuate to the Right Wing of Horus, the central resort city, which was still under construction at the time in Sol Ciel.
3041 AD
  • The Anti-AHPP attempts to assasinate Tyria in Sol Cluster.
3042 AD
  • Tyria meets Kusunoki Masakado in Sol Cluster.
3043 AD
  • The days of confusion continue in Metafalss. The organizations steal for their own benefit.
3045 AD
  • Jaza's prediction remains unfulfilled. Outbreak of a civil war due to racial discrimination in Metafalss.

Note: The prediction was [This tower will be annihilated on the 3045 year]. Jaza saw it in the descriptor manual of Sol Marta. In practice, when the construction of the tower ended, it was planned that it would cease its use and be destroyed, in a descriptor called [Tidying up]. The Grathnode Inferia caused the plans to be stopped, but it was determined that even if it was not in this year, Rhaki would destroy the tower anytime the conditions written in the descriptor were fulfilled.

3046 AD
  • People begin to come together around Fropth Yivardi in Sol Ciel.
  • Frelia designs a Cold Sleep Pod in Metafalss.
3047 AD
  • A council of about 100 people is organized under the president of El Elemia.
  • Frelia enters Cold Sleep in Metafalss.
  • Kurogane commits suicide. Tyria fails at executing Rebirthia Protocol in Sol Cluster.
3048 AD
  • The concept design of the Sylva Horn begins. A memorial monument for the ones that died in the Grathnode Inferia is built and placed in the Tail of Reminiscence in Sol Ciel.
  • Birth of the first Third Generation Reyvateil in Metafalss (thought the people were still unaware that there were going to be many more Third Generation Reyvateils born from this year onwards).
3050 AD
  • The Sea of Death covers Metafalss, making it impossible to see solid ground again.
3051 AD
  • Enja expresses his support to Jaza in her Second Tower Annihilation Theory in Metafalss.
  • Reston commits genocide on the Reyvateils in Sol Cluster.
3052 AD
  • Rovar and Shurelia complete the first airship of the Second Era in Sol Ciel.
3053 AD
  • Jaza and Enja meet Selena. Meeting with Selena. Successful identification of the effects of the D-Cellophane. Suspected another encounter with Frelia in Metafalss.
3054 AD
  • Beginning of the propagation activities from Jaza’s group. People join Jaza's group in Metafalss.
3055 AD
  • The request of building an airport in the Tail of Reminiscence is denied, and therefore delayed in Sol Ciel.
3056 AD
  • Shurelia and Tastiella meet for the first time in Sol Ciel.
3057 AD
  • Jaza plays an integral role on the formation of the [Pastalia] community in Metafalss.
3058 AD
  • Development of the glider in Metafalss. After a test fly, flies to nearby locations are started.
3059 AD
  • Clallis Island discovered between the clouds in Metafalss. The people start the mining ores from the island.

Note: In these old days, the area of Metafalss was surrounded by mountains whose summits reached as high as 3000 Stons (approx. 9000m). Living here was very different from living in the weather-controlled enviroment of the Second Tower, since not much people could live in these altitudes because of the weather and the atmospheric pressure. Still, there were many laborers harvesting ores, which helped a lot with the development of the region.

3060 AD
  • A Third Generation Reyvateil dies in Metafalss. It's thought that the cause of her death was a weak constitution.
3061 AD
  • The rocket to Sol Marta is completed and lifts off. However, it was destroyed by Raki.
  • The Kurogane Laboratories try to attempt solving the problem of the Third Tower's construction having an speed decline.
3062 AD
  • The Grand Bell Hall is built on the summit of the Second Tower, and a memorial service is held for the fallen ones.
  • Kaira is abandoned as a Symphonic Power supply system for the Third Tower. The Moocheriel Project is started.
3064 AD
  • The Third Generation Reyvateils die one after other. During a while, the Reyvateils are forbidden from having children, since they are thought the cause of the disease.

Note: This disease was called the [Tatoolist Disease] in El Elemia. It affects only the Third Generation Reyvateils, since they have both Reyvateil and human characteristics. This disease consumes the life span of the Reyvateils, making them unable to live beyond 18 years.

3065 AD
  • Begins the construction of the Great Airport of the Tail of Reminiscence in Neo Elemia.
  • The Government inaugurates officially the [Grand Bell Hall]. Jaza is appointed as the Pope.
3067 AD
  • The Great Airport of Neo Elemia is completed. The first long-distance airship takes off from the Wings of Horus.
  • Neath discovers and arrives at Metafalss.
3068 AD
  • 90% of the world's surface is covered by the Sea of Death.
3069 AD
  • The surface of Sol Cluster vanishes from view.
3072 AD
  • Investigations begin to find the relation between the β-Types and the girls with short life spans and tattoos.
3075 AD
  • The concept for Infel Phira is created in Pastalia.

Note: At the time, the idea for Infel Phira was [creating a Continent with our own power]. And so, Metafalss inherited the project they had in the First Era, and they marked as its purpose the creation of the [Metafalica Utopia].

3080 AD
  • The theory for the new target, Metafalica, is completed. However, Jaza doesn't release it to the public, due to the number of sacrifices it would require.
3082 AD
  • Project Metafalica is disclosed and the Pastalia radicals begin causing riots.
3084 AD
  • The Cluster people from the Great Fang rush to the Tower.
3085 AD
  • Jaza dies.
  • War between the Great Fang and the Kurogane Laboratories.
3086 AD
  • Obeying Jaza's last wishes, Selena becomes the next Pope and the first Maiden.
3087 AD
  • Jaza is deified at the Grand Bell Hall.
3088 AD
  • Reyvateil Revolution in Sol Cluster. Foundation of Clustania.
3089 AD
  • Maiden Selena annihilates the Metafalss radicals. The survivors flee to the Rim
3090 AD
  • Former Elemia control layer residing in Metafalss annihilated. The survivors flee to the Rim.
3091 AD
  • War of Clustania. It becomes a guerrilla warfare that goes as far as using the inner sections of the Tower.
  • A new law for the perfect order is created in Pastalia.
3094 AD
  • The Pastalia Environment Building Concept, both in the Hard Surface and Soft Surface, is enacted.

Note: The Hard Surface is the concrete town planning, and the attempt to harmonize the public works with the environment, while the Soft Surface is related to the residency limit in Pastalia and to the traffic going back and forth from the Rim.

3097 AD
  • The Pastalia Inner Tower Department establishes the norms for the construction of a great water pump, and begins to work in its construction.
3099 AD
  • The Water Mill is completed, and the surface of the Tower is used for the construction of many waterways and waterfalls.
3101 AD
  • Clustania and the Kurogane Laboratories sign a cooperation treaty for the Moocheriel Project.
3102 AD
  • A delegation is sent in an expedition from Metafalss to Neo Elemia. Neath participates in it.
3103 AD
  • The Metafalss delegation is completely annihilated by a natural disaster in its way to Neo Elemia. A sense of danger enshrouds the areas beyond of the Sea of Death.
3104 AD
  • Enactment of a law that forbids the departure of new expeditions without authorization.
3106 AD
  • The former radical faction begins to attack Pastalia.
3109 AD
  • Negotiations for an armistice with the radicals. The radical faction gets their residence rights in Pastalia restored for a short time.
3110 AD
  • A decision is made to resume the investigations on the New Testament of Metafalica for the second time in Metafalss.
3111 AD
  • There were questions asked about Jaza’s hidden theories, but there isn't any confirmation that the First Pope answered any of them.
3114 AD
  • Thanks to the power of the water and the tree-planting, Pastalia is enshrouded in greenness.
3116 AD
  • Beginning of the Infel Phira: First Stage Project in Metafalss.
3120 AD
  • Moocheriel is completed in Sol Cluster.
3121 AD
  • Infel Phira is completed in Metafalss. However, it failed to operate properly.
  • Clustania provides a Reyvateil called [Mihoshi] to sing EXEC_SEED/., the Song to activate Moocheriel, in Sol Cluster.
3122 AD
  • The Third Tower ends having roughly the same shape it has on the 3700's. The Antibodies appear for the first time. Mihoshi dies.
3124 AD
  • Moocheriel Disaster. The 70% of the population of the Great Fang and the Kurogane Laboratories is killed by the Antibodies.
3125 AD
  • The people of the Great Fang move to the underground. The autonomous region of Eternus is founded.
3126 AD
  • Development of the Dive Machine in Metafalss.
3129 AD
  • Official authorization is given for the Dives that have the crafting of magic as their main purpose in Metafalss.
3135 AD
  • The main researchers of the Kurogane Laboratories establish the [Archia Association] to protect the Tower of Origin.
3140 AD
  • The main functions of the Tower of Origin are suspended. The main control of the Tower is transferred over to the Tyria Head area.
3147 AD
  • Clustania announces a new mechanism that they will use to control the world.
3150 AD
  • Beginning of the 2nd Infel Phira: First Stage Project.
3153 AD
  • Emphasis Fehu Tyria Harvestasha is created as the leader of Clustania, and seizes its power.
3155 AD
  • Establishment of the Control Codename System in Sol Cluster.
3156 AD
  • The Great Fang opposes the Control Codename System, initiating a war against Clustania.
3162 AD
  • Infel Phira completed. However, it failed to operate properly.
3166 AD
  • Establishment of the Archia Think Tank. The researchers attempt to gain Clustania's approval.
3176 AD
  • Begins the outbreak of the Sonic Bursts. Abnormal beings appear and begin attacking the people in Sol Ciel.
3177 AD
  • A boy born from a β Reyvateil and a Human was used as intermediary, and via atavism, the Third Generation Reyvateil Ene is born in Metafalss.
3180 AD
  • A new Pope is appointed in Metafalss.
3183 AD
  • Establishment of the Reyvateil β ER (Early Reflection Art made by Transcripting a Origin) technique.

Note: When a Reyvateil is still young, a special Grathnode Crystal containing DNA seeds, called the [D Cellophane] is installed into her, allowing her to copy the abilities and Hymn Code of another Reyvateil. Mainly, the Pureblooded β-Types and the Origins transcribed their abilities to the Third Generation ones, the original objective for this technique being to increase their powers, thus calling them [Transcribed Pureblooded β-Types], and the plan was called β ER (from Early Reflection for Transcription, abbreviated as ERT) from which, now only the name remains. Actually, thanks to the transcribing of the Origin Frelia, the Maiden has the same knowledge and skills as the Origin, and can convey that information during her life, but during the age in which Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica takes place (the 3700 era), it's done in a semiformal way, since the person that will become the Maiden has to show the proof that she continues possessing the transcribed processes of the β ER. This technique began to be practiced in the 3040 period, but its theory was clarified this year.

3184 AD
  • Ene is appointed as the new Maiden (first Third Generation Reyvateil appointed as a Maiden), at the age of 7 years.

Note: From here on, and until the 14th Maiden [Nenesha], the average life span for the Maidens was around 15 years. This was because the Diquility (Life Extending Agent) wasn't discovered until then, and the Third Generation Reyvateils had very limited life spans. Because of this, it was said that the [Maiden is like a flower]. The flowers bloom, and then they wither away. For that reason, the Maidens stirred a large number of festivals and ceremonies; they lived at the highest peak of luxury, and were the representations of magnificence.

3186 AD
  • Announcement that the Maidens will be chosen from the townspeople from here on.
3187 AD
  • Selena, the first Maiden and second Pope, dies. End of the Era of Long Peace for Metafalss.
3188 AD
  • Beginning of the Ar tonelico Restoration Project, and Shurelia assumes the charge of Supreme Advisor in Sol Ciel.
  • The radical faction learns about Selena’s death and starts putting more pressure over Pastalia in Metafalss.
3190 AD
  • Extinction of the β-Type Reyvateils from Metafalss.
3193 AD
  • Maiden Ene dies. The 3rd Maiden is appointed at the age of 5 years.
3194 AD
  • The Necrofamilies begin their move in Sol Cluster. They start having negotiations with Archia.
3201 AD
  • Death of the 3rd Maiden. The 4th Maiden is appointed at the age of 3 years.
3202 AD
  • Shurelia makes public the creation method for the β-Type Reyvateils in Sol Ciel.
3205 AD
  • Creation of the first Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateil in Sol Ciel.
3208 AD
  • For the first time, the radical faction reaches a position in the Grand Bell Management Board (but it isn't made public).
3210 AD
  • The struggle for authority between the radical and conservative factions begins to escalate in Metafalss.
  • A large number of β-types are created under the administration of Harvestasha XP in Sol Cluster.
3211 AD
  • Death of the 4th Maiden. The 5th Maiden, called the "Bloodstained Maiden", is appointed at the age of 8 years.

Note: The appointment of the Maiden interfered with the interests of the radicals. For that reason, they decided to annihilate the child that was the candidate to Maiden. Due to this incident, the Grand Bell Agency in their despair decided to freeze and cancel the Infel Phira plan for four years and disclosed the New Testament of Metafalica.

3215 AD
  • Declaration of the Green Land. Start of the Metafalica Cathedral's construction (current Lakra area).

Note: In this year, the organization of the radical faction announced the deciphering and publication of Jaza's Metafalica Theory. They boasted that within 5 years, humankind would leave this temporary land and move to the continent they themselves made. For that reason, they made this announcement and started the construction of the Metafalica Cathedral. The people were expectantly gazing at the Cathedral, and waiting for its completion.

3217 AD
  • Several Reyvateil abduction incidents come to light and people realize they were related to Jaza's sealed theory.

Note: When it became known that there were Reyvateils abducted and sacrificed for the purpose of singing Metafalica, the people's support disappeared. The conservative faction iself collapsed under popular pressure. The Metafalica Cathedral (which was where Lakra is currently located) was never completed due to this. The Metafalica Cathedral was a grand ceremonial temple based on Jaza’s hidden theory, and so, to make it similar to a place for the repose of souls, there was a statue of the Goddess in there, and was supported by 33 pillars. The conservatives later regained their power, and then announced the sealing Jaza’s theory under the pretext that it sacrificed too many Reyvateils. Jaza’s theory was the last hope of the people, and when it crumbled away, they fell into a lethargic state.

3218 AD
  • Death of the 5th Maiden. The 6th Maiden is appointed at the age of 4 years.
3219 AD
  • The times become hard and the people begin to search ways to heal their hearts and minds. Dive Therapy begins to be practiced in the shadows.
3228 AD
  • Death of the 6th Maiden. The 7th Maiden is appointed at the age of 4 years.
3233 AD
  • The Galvert War breaks out in Sol Cluster.
  • The Archia Think Tank is forbidden from further creating Pureblooded β-Types due to the treaties they signed.
3238 AD
  • Death of the 7th Maiden. The 8th Maiden is appointed at the age of 2 years.
3246 AD
  • Death of the 8th Maiden. The 9th Maiden, Neal, is appointed at the age of 6 years.

Note: Neal was a very weak Reyvateil, one that would be called a [Class-D] Reyvateil under Tenba’s standard. The ER (Early Reflection) technique has large difficulties transcribing when used by a weak Reyvateil.

3249 AD
  • The weakness of the Maiden's abilities begins to become a problem to the people.
3251 AD
  • The fact that they are unable to make Frelia descend only brings unhappiness to the people, and their dissatisfaction grows with the passing of time. The people begin to lose their temper and feelings of suspicion begin to swell up in Pastalia's Grand Bell Hall.
3253 AD
  • The aggressive propaganda of the Metafalss radical faction begins to heat up everything.
3254 AD
  • The radical faction gets their rights in regards to Project Metafalica restored. The 9th Maiden and the 4th Pope get overthrown. The 10th Maiden is appointed at the age of 7 years.
3255 AD
  • Formation of the new Grand Bell Hall Agency. Proclamation of [we shall create our own kind of magic and a continent by our own power]. Promise of a [New Power] to the people.
3258 AD
  • The Grand Bell Hall Agency announces the restart of the [Infel Phira] project. They also announce that the project will be starting within 10 years.

Note: In that announcement, a promise was made to everyone that the project wouldn't involve any sacrifices. That statement was made because of the apparition of the Mad Scientist Grammul. He established the peculiar [Super Reyvateil Theory], and because he had some proof to back up his theory, he was hired by the Grand Bell Hall Agency.

3259 AD
  • Beginning of the disturbances in Pastalia and the Rim.
3261 AD
  • Death of the 10th Maiden. The 11th Maiden is appointed at the age of 4 years.
3263 AD
  • End of the riots in Pastalia and the Rim. The leader of the rebels is captured, and the security forces take positions in the Rim.
3264 AD
  • Formation of the New Testament of Project Metafalica, [Lakra]. 3rd time that the Infel Phira project starts.
3270 AD
  • Repeated deaths occur because of Dive Therapy.

Note: When Dive Therapy is used, the Therapist is capable of causing such a strong shock on the Diver (customer) that it might cause their mind to break down. These were murder cases that caused a great deal of panic, as any Reyvateil that has undergone the appropriate training is capable of killing people this way.

3271 AD
  • Because of moral problems, Dive Therapy is banned from Pastalia.
3274 AD
  • Grammul proves that the implementation of Infel Phira is possible.
3275 AD
  • Start of the works on the [Infel Phira] plan.
3276 AD
  • Death of the 11th Maiden. The 12th Maiden is appointed at the age of 1 year.
3280 AD
  • Shurelia advocates her position as the controller for the Reyvateil Control mechanism located in the Sylva Horn.
3282 AD
  • Death of the 12th Maiden. The 13th Maiden is appointed at the age of 3 years.
3283 AD
  • Beginning of the works on the Infel Phira: First Stage project.

Note: This was created with the intention of having Reyvateils that didn't depend on the Tower of Ar tonelico. In this age, all the Reyvateils drew the power for their Songs from the First Tower (the setting for Ar tonelico 1). Project Metafalica was made with the goal of being able to create an entire continent, and that continent was to be made via the Song Magic of the Reyvateils, but they couldn’t evaluate properly the powers of the First Tower. Therefore, they began to try and create Reyvateils that had new methods for the crafting and use of Song Magic. Frelia's D-Cellophane and the ERT technique were essential for this project to be a success.

3290 AD
  • First Stage completed.
3291 AD
  • First [IPD] Reyvateil connected and transcribed to Infel Phira.

Note: The Reyvateils of this age received all their power from El Elemia's First Tower (the setting for Ar tonelico 1). While the Metalfassians built the Second Tower, they also didn't mind taking the risk of separating from the control of the First Tower, given that the Second Tower was anyway planned to be erased. The announcement that was made when the Infel Phira: First Stage project started was this: [We shall switch over the Reyvateils to a system that we can control and administrate]. An IPD (abbreviation for Infel Phira Dependency) is a [Reyvateil that doesn't depend on the First Tower (Ar tonelico) for the use of her powers]. Everyone had large expectations on this next generation of Reyvateils.

3295 AD
  • The 13th Maiden retires. The 14th Maiden (of Homura), [Nenesha], is appointed at the age of 3 years.
3298 AD
  • The first Maiden of Mio, the IPD, [Infel], is appointed at the age of 7 years.

Note: The first IPD Maiden, [Infel], was named because of her connection to the system that was used to give powers to her. Infel was a very powerful and a very intelligent Reyvateil, and she was always a girl that was always thinking, and the people were amazed by her. She always spent her days reading from sun to sun and from moon to moon.

3299 AD
  • Announcement from the Grand Bell Hall that there will be two Maidens from that point on: the Maiden of [Homura] and the Maiden of [Mio].
3300 AD
  • Infel researches and discovers the essential principle for the creation of the Diquility (Life Extending Agent). The world is overwhelmed by this discovery.
3304 AD
  • Infel begins an in-depth research of Grammul's Infel Phira theory.
3305 AD
  • Grammul is fired. Infel replaces Grammul as project leader for the works on the Infel Phira: Second Stage project.
3306 AD
  • Establishment of the [People of Mio]. Unification of the Lakra administration. Both plans start at once.
3308 AD
  • Begins the programming of a new Hymmnos dialect, the [New Testament of Pastalie].
3309 AD
  • Beginning of the Infel Phira: Second Stage project.

Note: The Second Stage was the defining phase of the plan, since it was "the one that was to become our hometowns, the one that was to let us create the green continent [Metafalica]". And about the plan, the most essential parts of it were the β ER technique, the IPDs and the 2 Maidens (Mio and Homura), but later on, all of these things were forgotten completely.

3310 AD
  • Metafalica-α is completed successfully.
3311 AD
  • Creation of Mikry Forest.
3312 AD
  • Completion of the Second Stage.
3313 AD
  • Failure of the combined singing of Metafalica. The War Against the Goddess breaks out. Nenesha dies.

Note: In this year, the first complete Metafalica was sung. However, because the people didn't like what they saw in Infel's heart, they closed their hearts away from her, thus closing off the power supply they were supposed to provide her. Therefore, Nenesha's power supply wasn't enough for the creation of a continent and began to absorb power from Frelia to compensate it. Because of this, Raki considered Nenesha as a threat and killed her. The world immediately declared war on the Goddess, with Infel commanding everyone because of Nenesha's death.

3314 AD
  • Infel Phira is partially destroyed during the war. Many IPDs die from the shock.
3315 AD
  • Victory in the War Against Goddess. However, the people grew cold toward the Grand Bell Hall administration.
3316 AD
  • The Grand Bell Hall Agency makes a Treaty with the Goddess, pledging in secret to start working on the Ascension Project. Infel Phira is to be shut down.
3317 AD
  • Infel disappears. Souffle is appointed as the 15th ER Maiden of Homura at the Grand Bell Hall.
3319 AD
  • Arrangement of the conditions of the Treaty between the Goddess and the people.

Note: Because of this, the Grand Bell Hall had to deal with many difficult problems. There were many items to clear in this list, such as shutting down Infel Phira, completely purifying the IPDs, and many others, but they would have to be done one by one. But actually, none of this was actually decided by the Goddess, as the Grand Bell was doing nothing but shifting the blame for the Project they were carrying out to Her.

3320 AD
  • In this year, the ratio of IPD Reyvateils in Pastalia increased dramatically.
3322 AD
  • Around this time, the IPD disease began to manifest itself.
3328 AD
  • Souffle comforts the people in the towns of the Rim, shocked from the poor conditions they live in.
3330 AD
  • Souffle popularity invigorates the inhabitants of the Rim a little.
3334 AD
  • The life on the Rim becomes much more comfortable, and a proposal is made for the construction of a railroad network in it. However, the proposal is refused.

Note: After the establishment of the Pastalia Environment Works Plan, the people from Pastalia and the Rim were not able to continue traveling back and forth between both places. The people from Pastalia oppressed the inhabitants of the Rim. Therefore, the prospect of building a railroad network in it looked as a foolish idea, and everyone opposed it.

3337 AD
  • Souffle gives birth to her second daughter, Raksha.
3341 AD
  • The total Reyvateil population triplies in Sol Ciel.
3344 AD
  • Because of the IPD outbreaks, a great part of Pastalia's area is destroyed. Many of the knights sent to contain them die.
3345 AD
  • Formation of a project focused in finding the cause and consequences of the IPD outbreaks.
3348 AD
  • Humans begin to feel doubt and uneasiness toward Reyvateils in Sol Ciel.
  • Discovery of the use of Dive Therapy as a cure for the IPD outbreaks.
3349 AD
  • The Grand Bell encourages the implementation of Dive Therapy, and so, investigations on this are started.
3351 AD
  • The 15th Maiden, Souffle, retires at 40 years. [Raksha] turns into the 16th Maiden.
3352 AD
  • The Reyvateils from the Morocacca Governorate rise in revolt in Sol Cluster.
3353 AD
  • Raksha proposes again the creation of the railroad network for the Rim.
3355 AD
  • The negotiations for the construction of the Rim Railroad Network are completed. Souffle and Raksha become heroines for the people of the Rim.
3356 AD
  • In one of the points where the Rim Railroad was being constructed (one of the storehouses for materials) a new city is built. It is named [Rakshek], owing its name to Raksha.
3357 AD
  • The Metafalica believers depart from Rakshek and build the town of Mint Block.
  • Clustania announces that they will begin Cleansing the Great Fang.
3358 AD
  • Inauguration of the Railroad Route [Rakshek - Enna]
  • Clustania and the Great Fang start a large war. Archia takes a neutral stance.
3359 AD
  • The Rim Railroad Network is named in honor to Raksha's mother, Souffle, at Raksha's request.

Note: The people thought to call the railroad network the [Raksha Axis]. However, Raksha decided that she wasn't grand enough to deserve that honor, and instead proposed that the railroad network would be called the [Souffle Axis].

3361 AD
  • Establishment of Ciela Gate. Its inhabitants take shelter in the underground.
3366 AD
  • Ciela Gate falls. The Archia Think Tank intervenes Ciela Gate to retake it under its jurisdiction.
3367 AD
  • The railroad route [Mint Block - Rakshek] is opened in the Souffle Axis.
3369 AD
  • Rakshek grows considerably, and becomes the capital of commerce.
3375 AD
  • The Airport of Rakshek is completed. Pastalia rejects the commerce propositions.
3380 AD
  • End of the repeating negotiations, authorization given by Pastalia at once for commerce. All of Raksha's supporters rejoice.

Note: Raksha delayed her retirement for 4 years, determined to establish bonds between Pastalia and the Rim. She decided that she couldn't abandon her position as Maiden until the negotiations with Pastalia ended successfully.

3381 AD
  • The 16th Maiden, Raksha, retires at the age of 44 years. The 17th β ER becomes the next Maiden.
3390 AD
  • Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateils are selectively bred, then born in Sol Ciel.
  • Creation of a problem, birth of the Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateil “Mir”.
3394 AD
  • The situation with the IPDs worsens. The outbreaks become more frequent and begin to be a real threat to the people.

Note: The IPDs wouldn't cease their outbreaks until the source of their powers, Infel Phira, was completely shut down.

3400 AD
  • Clustania begins to be governed by the Necrofamilies.
3401 AD
  • The Reyvateilia Plan is established in Sol Cluster. The morale of the Reyvateils is greatly increased.
3402 AD
  • The 17th Maiden retires at the age of 40 years. The 18th β ER, [Miasa], becomes the next Maiden at the age of 12 years.
3407 AD
  • Clustania seeks a Reyvateil capable of singing Rebirthia Protocol, and establishes its policy towards faraway governments.
3409 AD
  • A Reyvateil uprising occurs in Neo Elemia.
3411 AD
  • Humans suppress the riot. Reyvateil rules and regulations are strengthened in Sol Ciel.
3420 AD
  • Control is enforced upon the Reyvateils.
  • The Right Wing of Horus falls.
  • Mir creates Viruses and hides them inside the Tower.
  • Arrival of several airships carrying refugees from Neo Elemia at Metafalss.
  • Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateils come again to Metafalss.
3421 AD
  • Shurelia and the Teru Tribe build the “Crescent Chronicle”.
  • Mir is sealed. The Teru Tribe and Humans write and sign the [Covenant of Elemia].
  • The engineers that came as refugees from Neo Elemia begin a quarrel with the Metafalssians about shutting down Infel Phira and the total cleanup of the IPDs.
3422 AD
  • The Humans that signed the Convenant of Elemia go to the top floors of the Tower and build the city of Platina.

Third Era[]

Year Events
3424 AD
  • The visitors from Neo Elemia seize the control of the Pastalia government. Outbreak of a war between Metafalss and Neo Elemia.
3425 AD
  • The morale of the people lowers, because a plan for restoring Infel Phira surfaced but was not carried out.

Note: As they had agreed to it in the Treaty with the Goddess, the Grand Bell went on without using their ultimate weapon, Infel Phira, and were crushed by Neo Elemia's might. Even though the people earnestly desired it, the Grand Bell refused to use Infel Phira till the bitter end.

3428 AD
  • Pastalia and the Rim start being governed by Elemians.

Note: The Grand Bell Hall Government fled to the Rim. The Maiden took shelter in Enna.

3429 AD
  • The 18th Maiden retires at the age of 40 years. The 19th β ER, [Illusha], turns into the next Maiden.
3431 AD
  • Illusha takes possession of the HC that the people of Neo Elemia brought with them, the HC [Purger].
  • Illusha Downloads the Purger.
3434 AD
  • Illusha establishes a special combat squad composed from the best knights from Pastalia. The morale of the people in the Rim is raised.
3435 AD
  • Thanks to the Purger Hymmnos, the Elemia Creatures are shut down. The [Maiden of the Battlefield, Illusha] did not spare anyone.

Note: Illusha turned the PURGER/. into a [Ancient Metafalss Note], Hymmnos Fusion Song, and sang it successfully to temporarily shut down the mass produced digital life-forms (Creatures) made by the engineers of Elemia. Afterwards, she completely wiped out many of the Elemia camps, and was the cause of the death of many people, which drew much criticism to her. Still, they brought a lot of Creatures to this area for using them in the war, and they were left living here once the war ended. As the time passed on, the people began to have animosity against them, and lived afraid of these abnormal beings.

3436 AD
  • Elemia's government collapses. The people returns to Pastalia.
3438 AD
  • The knights that had the duty of destroying Creatures are now appointed as the guardians of the Grand Bell.

Note: From this year on, the lance became the official weapon for the Grand Bell Knights. This was a reminder of how the Creatures were fought.

3441 AD
  • Establishment of the concept for an External Defense Force, and the Grand Bell Motherships are designed under Illusha's supervision.

Note: Because of what the recent visitors brought with them, this was made as a manual for being careful with anyone that came from the outside. Still, the thought of providing the best defense in the time against external threats was the main driving force to build such a heavily fortified mothership.

3445 AD
  • The People of Mio and the Grand Bell start under the most rigorous secret the restoration of Infel Phira.
3455 AD
  • The 19th Maiden, Illusha, retires at the age of 40 years. The 20th β ER, turns into the next Maiden at the age of 16 years.
3487 AD
  • The 20th Maiden retires at the age of 48 years. The 21st β ER, turns into the next Maiden at the age of 6 years.
3494 AD
  • The IPDs Reyvateils destroy the Grand Bell Hall. The IPD condition is acknowledged as a genetic virus.

Note: After this, the IPDs began to be hunt and subjected to solitary confinement. This incident left the people trembling. In regards to the IPDs, this was because of negligence, mostly because of the fact that the IPD Reyvateils were created with a rewritten Spectrum Gene that can be passed down from mother to children, which makes it an hereditary virus. But actually, the true cause of this was the Grand Bell's intentions of restoring Infel Phira.

3500 AD
  • Gasaki and Leila visit the landlord of the town of Nemo, and spread Grathmelding in Sol Ciel.
3505 AD
  • The 21st Maiden dies in an accident at the age of 24 years. The 22nd β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 16 years.
3510 AD
  • Grathmelding is popularized on a large scale. Nemo's landlord builds the Sakura Store in Sol Ciel.
3522 AD
  • The Sakura Store begins to research measures against the abnormal beings in Sol Ciel.
3532 AD
  • Because of not knowing the frequency of the IPD outbreaks (each 10-so years), the pressure over them is relieved. The solitary confinement is abolished.

Note: The IPDs are Reyvateils too. This was an extremely important human-rights issue. After this, the IPDs were free to walk in the world. However, in reality, one part of the IPDs, the [Level 8 and Level 9 IPDs], which have the highest levels of mind pollution, continued to be subjected to solitary confinement.

3544 AD
  • The 21st Maiden retires at the age of 53 years. The 23rd β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 14 years.
3549 AD
  • The 23rd Maiden retires at the age of 19 years. The 24th β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 4 years.
3551 AD
  • Second Antibody Eruption in Sol Cluster.
3563 AD
  • The 24th Maiden retires at the age of 18 years. The 25th β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 13 years.
3593 AD
  • The 25th Maiden retires at the age of 43 years. The 26th β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 15 years.
3618 AD
  • The 26th Maiden retires at the age of 40 years. The 27th β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 14 years.
3624 AD
  • Establishment of the quest company [Tenba] in Sol Ciel.
  • The 27th Maiden retires at the age of 20 years. The 28th β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 6 years.
3641 AD
  • The Golden Age of Grathmelding in Sol Ciel.
3646 AD
  • Meeting between Metafalss and El Duel. However, no details are known about this event.
3667 AD
  • The 28th Maiden retires at the age of 49 years. The 29th β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 8 years.
3696 AD
  • The 29th Maiden retires at the age of 37 years. The 30th β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 15 years.
3700 AD
  • Third Antibody Eruption in Sol Cluster. The Antibody War begins immediately after.
3709 AD
  • Concept for an [Academic City for the Cloud Sea Investigation] launched by the Tenba Conglomerate in Sol Ciel.
  • Archia invades Clustania. The Ayatane War breaks out.
3712 AD
  • The Antibody and Ayatane Wars end at the same time.
3713 AD
  • Begins the administration of the Firefly Alley Bouyancy Reactor by the Power Department.
3720 AD
  • The H-Wave composition modeling of Ar Ciel's main Antibody, identified as [Ar_Ru], is initiated in Sol Cluster.
3722 AD
  • The 30th Maiden retires at the age of 41 years. The 31st β ER turns into the next Maiden at the age of 14 years.
3725 AD
  • The Reyvateil Ar_Ru was completed. However, she went berserk and died shortly after.
3727 AD
  • Ayatane Kureha Kirinami and the Reyvateilia Crusaders restore Clustania's supremacy in Sol Cluster.
3732 AD
  • The Archia Think Tank initiates the development of the γ-Sublimate.
3734 AD
  • [Firefly Alley Construction Organization] established. The management for it is setup.
3736 AD
  • Cosmoflips is discovered at the Tower of Origin in Sol Cluster.
3744 AD
  • The theory behind the Selfstabilizing Tesseractal Nuclear Loops is clarified.
3745 AD
  • The 31st Maiden retires at the age of 37 years. The 32nd β ER, [Arshe], turns into the next Maiden at the age of 14 years.
3748 AD
  • Completion of the HC [Hibernation], as the final step for the Ascension Project.
3749 AD
  • Loude is dispatched to Metafalss by the Archia Think Tank in Sol Cluster.
  • The Ancient Faction is expelled from Archia.
3750 AD
  • Leglius is hired at the Pastalia Grand Bell Hall.
3751 AD
  • The Pope dies suddenly, and Chancellor Alfman rises to the top of political power.
3752 AD
  • Birth of the 31th Lune: Misha Arsellec Lune.
  • Birth of Lyner Barsett, son of the Platina Commander Leard Barsett.
3753 AD
  • Aurica is born as a Third generation Reyvateil in Skuwat village.
  • Maiden Arshe is killed in an IPD outbreak at Enna Palace.
  • The flaws the γ-Sublimate had are finally corrected in Sol Cluster.
3754 AD
  • Kanakana Pier is attacked by IPDs.
3755 AD
  • Kyle Clancy fails in his attempts to revive the Mother Virus, Shadow, and falls to the Wings of Horus.
  • Aoto's parents stop working at the Archia Think Tank and begin working at the Moebius Factory.
3756 AD
  • Chester is hired at the Grand Bell Hall at the age of 18 years.
3758 AD
  • Reika has her IPD outbreak and is taken to the Grand Bell Hall to be contained.
3759 AD
  • Misha departs for Em Pheyna to sing in the Crescent Chronicle.
  • Katene begins working in the Archia Think Tank
3760 AD
  • The IPD [Cloche (Daughter of Reisha)] becomes the next (33rd) Maiden at the age of 5 years.
3761 AD
  • Jack leaves Em Pheyna.
  • Chester leaves the Grand Bell when he learns about Lakra, and starts the Sacred Army.
  • Fourth Antibody Eruption in Sol Cluster.
3762 AD
  • The β Factory is attacked. The Antibodies are exterminated shortly after.
3763 AD
  • Hikari Gojo's younger sister, Aisha dies.
3764 AD
  • Bourd orders the Tenba troops to attack Em Pheyna, and kidnaps Misha.
  • Battle of Skuwat. Jack receives a serious wound.
  • Bourd flees.
  • The number of virus manifestations in the Symphonic Reactor begins to increase rapidly.
  • Leglius is appointed as the Captain of the Grand Bell Knights.
3765 AD
  • Kiraha disappears after taking Saki away and leaving her at the Ogai Preschool.
  • The Moebius Factory Hospital is attacked.
  • Aoto's parents die. Aoto is evacuated to the Blue Canyon Hamlet.
3766 AD
  • Luca Dives for the first time at 13 years old, and begins to do Dive Therapy shortly afterwards.
  • Katene changes his job to researcher in the Moebius Factory.
3767 AD
  • Luca and Croix start dating.
  • Hikari Gojo begins working as a medic exclusively employed by the Archia Think Tank.
3768 AD
  • Croix becomes a knight and goes to live away from Luca.
  • Richa is captured by Archia and changes sides.
3769 AD
  • Hikari Gojo discovers Archia's secrets and stops working at the Archia Think Tank.
3770 AD
  • Outbreak of "ELMA-DS," an atrocious Virus never before seen, in the Symphonic Reactor.
  • Date for the events of Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia.
  • Hikari Gojo and Katene meet.
3771 AD
  • Large scale collapsing. Part of Pastalia and the Rim fall off. Many people die in this incident.

Note: It was because of the influence of Shurelia's Suspend. Because of the lowering on the power output from the First Tower, Raki reduced to 50% the output power from Sol Marta for preservation purposes. Because of that, there were collapses all over the Second Tower, and the frequency increased between each collapse. Sol Marta is outside of Shurelia's jurisdiction, and even if she was aware about its existence, there is no kind of control she could have exerted over it.

  • The Antibody Extermination is almost completed
3772 AD
  • Jack, Krusche and Mir depart on a journey.
  • Rakshek Resort attack incident.
  • Date for the events of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica.
3773 AD
  • Archia fails at obtaining a Heart of the Land. Kiraha reappears at Saki's side.
  • Cocona and Sasha depart on a journey to Sol Cluster.
3774 AD
  • Year of the creation of the Metafalica Sphere (M.S.0001)

Note: Year of the creation of the Metafalica Continent.

  • Kiraha dies while escaping with Saki.
  • Date for the events of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel.
3775 AD
  • Projected date for the Demise of Ar Ciel.
3777 AD
  • Tyria issues a warning about her Tower disappearing to the inhabitants of Sol Cluster. It goes unheard due to the Tower not disappearing when she said it would.
3779 AD
  • Major collapse at the Third Tower. Tyria starts dying and is forced to undergo a life extension treatment.
  • Tyria dies. The Third Tower collapses.
3780 AD
  • Tyria's Soulspace is successfully linked to a Heart of the Land. Cultivation for her new body starts.
3781 AD
  • Tyria is revived.
(Unknown year)
  • Luca sings EXEC_VISIONDANCE_PLUGINs/. to put on a performance as part of the Ar Ciel Commemoration festival celebrated by all regions.
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Code Ethes Wei (Class::ETHES_WEI=>extends.COMMUNI_SAT/.)Duo Waltz of the Rainbow Country
ih=fao-i iyon-du;mei-fa-re koo-ja-i;Neptlude (Class::NEPTLUDE=>extends.TX_ CLUSTERS/.)Ra Ciel FuserRa Ciel
Ritual Prayer Dedicated to the Succession CeremonyRoar of Earth and HeavensQuelI->{ein te hyme};
QuelI->EX[cez]->{kranz};To the Songless Hillzu-fao jen-din;
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With the You of this World, and to the You of That Worldyal fii-ne noh-iar;
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