Bourd Rade
Bourd Information
Kanji/Kanaボルド・レード (borudo reedo)
Unaltered NameBold Leed
First AppearanceMelody of Elemia
English Voice ActorRichard Epcar
Japanese Voice ActorTomoya Kawai

Bourd is the antagonist in the beginning of the game. He works for Tenba as their second in command. Bourd is well known for his mistreatment of Reyvateils and thinks of them as swappable, treating them more like objects than people and more than willing to use them for brutal experiments, even without his superior's consent. He also plots with Kyle Clancy (Bishop Falss) to reawaken Mir in Phase 2 after Aurica gains the Hymn Crystal Linker. While his demise is not shown during Aurica's path, he attempts to challenge Lyner and the rest of the party in Misha's path, and dies there.

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