FalssArt Information
Kanji/Kanaファルス司祭/カイエル・クランシー (farusu shisai/kaieru kuranshii)
Unaltered NamePope Falth/Caiel Crancy
First AppearanceMelody of Elemia
English Voice ActorJamieson Price
Japanese Voice ActorSusumu Kaseda

Falss is the leading man of the Church of El Elemia, who had been appointed as Bishop for eight years. However, he first appeared and took a position fifteen years ago. Because of his superior knowledge and power in comparison to the other church members, he rose to power quickly.

The reason why Falss has exceeding knowledge on a variety amount of subjects is due to the fact that he hails from Platina. He was one of the administrators of the tower along with Shurelia and Leard--together, they were called the Three Magi. But one day, Falss attempted to make a contract with Mir, the Mother Virus, to use her powers to make progress in the world. During his plan, Shurelia and Leard found him and the former had him banished. Falss faked his leave and soon came back to try again, but the knights of Elemia discovered him, causing him to jump off the tower. Falss managed to survive the fall and was found by a man who helped him to be healthy again.

This was when Falss changed his name to the present one and entered the church, hiding his identity to someday go back to Platina with power that would make him capable of having revenge on both Shurelia and Leard. Until this point, his real name was Kyle Clancy. However, when he finally got back up during the game by manipulating many people including Lyner and his party, Mir infects him with viruses, claiming that he would have to prove himself worthy to have her serve him. Falss in the end was taken over by the viruses, and is killed by Lyner and his party.

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