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This Song is Sung during the climax of the fifth chapter of Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta.

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It is used to trigger an Axis Shift, more specifically, a Third Axis Shift. This can be described more succinctly as "teleportation", so this allows the Singer to teleport to any place they wish.

This was Sung by Kanon after she Synchronized with the Genom that serves as the Almetica Colonia itself: Almetica, who himself is an old friend of Cosal. Kanon was filled with doubts about her origin and about the rumors about neither her nor Ion being fit to become Empress, so after hearing from him that she would need to go to a faraway place called the Genomirai Research Institute to find the truth about herself, Almetica decided to help her.

But in order to test her resolve, Almetica first dared her to find a way to break through PLASMA's security and reach the place where his real body was located: the Almetica Library located at the bottommost point in the Colonia. So Kanon trusted Ion and told her about this, who also asked her friends for help, and in the end, Shirotaka and Noer came up with a plan: they would take advantage of the Grand Memorial ceremony that would take place soon and use it as an excuse to make use of the People's Pact that the people of his namesake city had with it ever since the Colonia was first established: that Almetica can take over the minds of its citizens and use them however he wants if a situation requiring it would ever arise in exchange for letting them live over his body.

Almetica agreed to it when Kanon told him about this plan, as he would require to invoke the Pact in the first place because Kanon was unable to procure herself the energy the Song would require for its activation. So as soon as the Grand Memorial started and all the people residing in Almetica were entranced into Singing the Song for the ceremony, Kanon and Ion headed to the Library, doing their best to circumvent the remaining security. Once there, Almetica gave them both this Song, but unfortunately, Ion had to stay behind to cover Kanon from PLASMA.

So Kanon reluctantly went ahead and entered the elevator that was at the Colonia's bottom, and before it dropped off into Ra Ciela's surface, Kanon Sang this Song. Thanks to the Chain Almetica established with the people through the Pact, their feelings allowed to give the Song the energy it needed, making it possible for Kanon to escape and head to Genomirai to discover the truth about her origins.[1][2]

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目映き地で 生れし命
暁光の照らす日々に 永久を誓う
mabayuki chi de umareshi inochi
gyokou no terasu hibi ni towa wo chikau
The lives will be born on a dazzlingly beautiful land,
in days illuminated by the light of dawn. This is what I pledge eternally.

嘆き 穢れ 瞳を伏せて 閉ざした心の欠片
溢れる優しさに触れて 愛に満ちて行く
nageki kegare me wo fusete tozashita kokoro no kakera
afureru yasashisa ni furete ai ni michiteyuku
Fragments of closed hearts, covering their eyes away of the laments and impurities,
you'll be touched by an overflowing kindness and be filled to the brim with love.

強き想い この胸に 抱きしめ 真へ発つ
憂い 悔み 哀しみも
全てを受け入れて 美し世界
tsuyoki omoi kono mune ni dakishime makoto e tatsu
urei kuyami kanashimi mo
subete wo ukeirete utsukushi sekai
Embracing these strong feelings on my heart, I shall depart towards the truth,
a beautiful world that accepts everything,
even the grief, regrets and sorrow.

ahih=refu-ea wa-fen-ne fuai-ro-fan-du vari-wei-ea
N iyan ahih W ei-tao tes nh wa-fen-du jes-uii;

ahih=refu-ea wa-fen-ne fuai-ro-fan-du vari-wei-ea
N iyan ahih W ei-tao tes nh wa-fen-du jes-uii;
Crossing the time and space, I want to find the truth of this world and save it.

ahih=yal-i i-syen-ih-ne hau-luu wa-fen;
ahih=yal-i i-syen-ih-ne hau-luu wa-fen;
Let us protect this precious and wonderful world.

耳に届く 喜びの声
世の安らぎ 冀い 空を臨む
mimi ni todoku yorokobi no koe
yo no yasuragi koinegai sora wo nozomu
With the voices of joy reaching my ears
and wishing for the peace of the world, I look up at the sky.

揺れる暗き計らいに 俯き 戸惑う闇で
目にした 真実の扉 心 奮わせた
yureru kuraki hakarai ni utsumuki tomadou yami de
me ni shita shinjitsu no tobira kokoro furuwaseta
With a swaying and fading disposition, lying down on the perplexing darkness,
my heart was moved when the door of truth came into my eyes.

清き願い 駆り立てて いざ行く 壮途の時
深い 痛み 哀れみも
全てを受け止めて 愛しき世界
kiyoki negai karitatete iza iku souto no toki
fukai itami awaremi mo
subete wo uketomete itoshiki sekai
Push on your pure feelings, now it's the time to go on a great undertaking.
A beloved world that accepts everything,
even the deep pain and compassion.

ahih=pau-fao-i, wa-fen-eq fuai-ro-fan-ne yu-tey-re bee-wei-ea
N iyan ahih W ei-tao tes nh wa-fen-du jes-uii;

ahih=pau-fao-i, wa-fen-eq fuai-ro-fan-ne yu-tey-re bee-wei-ea
N iyan ahih W ei-tao tes nh wa-fen-du jes-uii;
Crossing the time and space, let us lead this world onwards to the true happiness.

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