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Ayatane Michitaka Kirinami (絢胤箕嵩霧浪, Ayatane Michitaka Kirinami?) was a Teru from Sol Cluster. He was the son of the ruler of the Ayatane clan at the time, Ayatane Teiri Kirinami, and as such, he was highly respected in Clustania due to the Teru, or as they called them in Sol Cluster, Necrofamilies, having pretty much the entirety of the political power in said country.

During these times, the Necrofamilies focused in finding a way to exterminate humanity and create the utopia of Reyvateilia, which was why they reprogrammed the main computer of the Third Tower of Ar tonelico, Harvestasha VISTA, to become a genocidal maniac that would have absolutely no regard for human life. A few years later, after causing a large number of deaths in the subregion of Sol Cluster known as the Great Fang and seizing complete hegemony in the region through fear and oppression, the Necrofamilies turned their attention in creating the utopia itself. However, they would need first to regenerate the Planet, and as the only tool available for doing this: the Tower of Harvestasha, was still incomplete, they would need a Reyvateil that could successfully sing the song that Tyria tried to sing to create the Tower, but was sabotaged in the middle: EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/.

The obvious choice was making Tyria sing it again, but as she had transformed her body into the entirety of the Tower of Harvestasha, it was impossible now for her to do it. However, according to Harvestasha VISTA, it would be possible to do this if they could find a Reyvateil that was capable of meeting the harsh Symphonic Power and Spectrum Flow requirements of the Song. Additionally, it had to be a Reyvateil that wasn't dependent on Harvestasha, as the resulting power consumption would drain the Third Tower dry and cause its complete collapse.

At first, the Necrofamilies didn't know how they would solve this problem, but then the Ayatane clan made a prophecy, which stated that a Reyvateil that could sing Rebirthia Protocol would be born in the faraway region of Sol Ciel. Until now, everyone thought the other regions beyond Sol Cluster had perished in the Grathnode Inferia, but with this prediction, they learned they had survived the great catastrophe, and thus prepared an expedition to seek said Reyvateil while the Clustanian Reyvateils worked in special systems and relays to allow her to reach Sol Cluster safely and make use of the unique features of the Third Tower. Teiri chose personally Michitaka as the head of the expedition, which departed shortly later.

Michitaka and his companions were guided by Harvestasha's navigation systems, and successfully managed to reach Sol Ciel. However, Michitaka was horribly shocked upon his arrival: in Sol Ciel, the Reyvateils were enslaved by the humans and treated like disposable tools. He couldn't understand why the environment in this land was so different from Sol Cluster's, so to find about it, he and his companions infiltrated in the government agencies of Neo Elemia to collect information. It was through this that they learned about the Reyvateil Control project the humans were planning to implement, and also about the Reyvateil that would harness that system: Mir. This allowed Michitaka to recognize her as the Reyvateil told by the prophecy, and he immediately set into infiltrating into the facility in which she was locked in. Disguised as one of the researchers that were tasked with Mir's maintenance and monitoring, he began getting close to her in order to win her trust.

Mir initially paid no attention to him, attempting to feign she had no emotions, but when Michitaka began acting in a gentle way towards her and even gave her some miso soup, which she had never tasted before, she began showing her emotions before him, which Michitaka stated was okay. He then said he would break her out of the place in three days.

Mir unintentionally asked why he was doing this, to which Michitaka answered that Reyvateils were motherly existences, and as such, they should never be oppressed like that. Mir asked then if he was a human, but Michitaka replied he wasn't, and that he had come to Sol Ciel from a faraway land in order to save her, for the sake of making the paradise of Reyvateilia a reality. Upon thinking about a paradise of Reyvateils made by Reyvateils, Mir was greatly moved, and this made her promise Michitaka to wait until he returned for her.

The appointed day, Michitaka interrupted an experiment of which Mir was a crucial part, and drawing his twin swords, he began taking down the guards and leading Mir out of the facility. As they ran, Michitaka explained he was rescuing Mir because there was a Song of Hope he wanted her to sing, and pleaded her to never use her songs for the egotistical humans due to being a mother-like existence for all other Reyvateils, referencing the fact she was the only Reyvateil capable of singing Rebirthia Protocol now. However, the doors closed off before they could escape, and the guards surrounded them. Michitaka fought long and hard, but he finally was outlasted by the guards and fell to the ground mortally wounded. He apologized for putting Mir in such danger, and asked her to live on as their Song of Hope. He then breathed his last after calling her "Mother".


Ayatane Michitaka Kirinami couldn't carry out his mission, and this caused the Neo Elemia government to tighten their security measures in search of other invaders, which forced the other Necrofamilies that had come with him to Sol Ciel to abort the mission and retreat immediately to Sol Cluster. Upon learning about this, Harvestasha VISTA also forbid anyone else from attempting to go to the First Tower.

As for Mir, Michitaka's death scarred her so much that this finally drove her over the edge and made her start her uprising as soon as she was appointed the controller of the Silver Horn: she crafted EXEC_VANISLAND/. and used it to destroy half of the Wings of Horus, to then begin creating viruses to destroy the humans. However, he also served as the model for Mir's finest virus, Ayatane Michitaka, which was identical to him in appearance, and as far as Mir knew, in personality. And due to his great impact on her psyche, Mir's Mind Guardian also became a version of Ayatane.

Finally, Ayatane Kureha Kirinami is also the last Necrofamily living in Sol Cluster during the current times, and he's also a descendant of Michitaka.


  • Ayatane means "brilliant fabric design, kimono design" (絢) (aya) and "seed, offspring, paternal blood, issue" (胤) (tane).
  • Michitaka means "winnowing" (箕) (michi) and "volume" (嵩) (taka).
  • Kirinami means "fog, mist, haze" (霧) (kiri) and "wave" (浪) (nami).
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