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One of the three albums that accompanied the release of Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star in Japan, this CD contains all the songs sung by Haruka Shimotsuki, Yoshino Nanjo and Noriko Mitose, who serve as the singers for the characters Nayaflask, Casty Rianoit and Prim, as well as all the song snippets for the Song Magic that Cass can use in battle, and two bonus instrumental tracks.


Track Number Song Title Length
1 f'aux me-morie 1:59
2 Class::CIEL_N_PROTECTA; 4:33
3 Class::EXPAJA; 4:49
4 Class::AR_NOSURGE#RE:Incarnation;. 4:40
5 Hidra Heteromycin 6:24
6 Class::DISTLLISTA; 3:01
8 Ar-ciel Ar-manaf 5:49
9 ra-ison d'etre 3:23
10 Hymmn::TSUNDERAIN; 0:19
11 Hymmn::NEURON_KILLER_Z; 0:20
12 Hymmn::SPARTAN_LIB; 0:19
13 Hymmn::TOY_INSTALLER; 0:18
14 Hymmn::SCHIZOIDROPHIA; 0:21
15 Hymmn::BRIDAL_LAUNCH; 0:21
10 Hymmn::AR=CIEL_SPHERE; 0:21

Limited Bonus[]

Ar nosurge concert boxset

Red face of the Genometric Concert Box set.

Ar nosurge concert boxset 2

Blue face of the Genometric Concert Box set.

This album, and Ar nosurge Genometric Concert Side Blue Dancer of Time ~Tokikagura~, could be bought together in a pack that included a special slip cover that could be used to store both albums together.

Ar nosurge concert gust shop exclusive

Gust Shop limited edition.

However, it was also possible to buy both albums from the Gust Shop, which gave the buyers a special plastic case that had two color patches: one blue and one red, in each face of the case.