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Ar Ciel

Full view of planet Ar Ciel, taken from the official AHPA website.

Ar Ciel (アルシエル, arushieru?, lit. "Ar Ciel"), mistranslated as Al Ciel in the official localization of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, is the planet that is used as the setting for the Ar tonelico series and all of its related works. Its name means "This World" in Hymmnos language.

It seems to be mostly similar to Earth, though with various differences, the main one being that it has two moons instead of one. Said moons are called the Viola Moon and the Cello Moon. Ar Ciel is located in a still unnamed galaxy and orbits around a mother star called Sol, with a revolution period that takes 360 days to be completed.

Its surface used to have all kinds of topography, environments, and weather, which had a very large influence in the formation of the cultures that developed in each region. However, 700 years ago, because of the Grathnode Inferia disaster, the surface was covered by the Sea of Death and the sky was sealed off by the plasma sea called the Blastline. Now, the only inhabitable areas are the floating lands located near each one of the three Towers of Ar tonelico.

Ar Ciel

Ar Ciel, as seen at the final stratum of the Infelsphere.


At the present, there are only three regions known in this planet, which are the places where each one of the three Towers were built:

Possibly there were other regions and countries, but because of the total destruction of the planet's surface due to the Grathnode Inferia, no inhabitable areas remain except for the three Towers. However, it's also known that there was a region called Syestine within the territories of Sol Cluster, but it was destroyed in the Seven Bloodstains Incident, various years before the Inferia.

The Wills of the Planet[]

As every single being in the universe of Ar tonelico, the planet Ar Ciel has a Will too, however, it is composed by an aggregate of several high-leveled consciousnesses, each one having an specific role and function in the maintenance and preservation of the life in the planet. Due to their great powers, the inhabitants of Ar Ciel worship them as Gods and the Wills themselves have also manifested in the physical world, either by possessing a person, or by being born as a human, to help with the development of the human civilization, as well trying to keep it from overpopulating the planet's surface. While the Planet has a theoretically infinite number of wills, the main wills that compose its consciousness are listed in the following table:

Name Name in Kanji and Meaning Lineage Role in the Myths Current Role as a Will Represents in Cartology
Horus (Doesn't have one). Land Discovered near the end of the First Era. Doesn't appear in any myths. Governs the entirety of the Ar Ciel's physical structure (D-Wave phenomena) N/A
Nayudara = Juklizda


(Creator of Myriads)

Sky Sun god Light, radiation, preservation of the stratosphere January / First Moon
Rokkan = Clyuue


(Six Crowns)

Souls King of kings, lord of the gods Core of the wills, controller of U waves February / Second Moon
Soutentei = Soreile


(Blue Heaven Emperor)

Sky God of the skies and wind Weather control, atmospheric maintenance March / Third Moon
Koudeinomikoto = Listea


(Lord of the Crimson Shrine)

Souls God of weapons and battle Control of H-Wave interference, mediation, natural selection April / Fourth Moon
Saranoyomei = Shelanoir


(Master of the Sal Tree World)

Land God of plants, forests, and life Plant-centric god of creation May / Fifth Moon
Deiji = Dijya


(Mud Road)

Sky God of mountains and volcanoes Oversees mantle convection, minerals, the earth, etc. June / Sixth Moon
Reishiki = Lere (Rere)


(Princess of Zero Beasts)

Land God of souls and the material world Primary god of creation, controls H-Waves July / Seventh Moon
Sakiyarumei = Saki


(Shining Life That Blooms at Night)

Land God of salvation, life Animal-centric god of creation August / Eighth Moon
Datenkou = Salapator (Sarapatra)


(Fallen Heaven Empress)

Souls Goddess of love, god of downfall H-wave interference, harmony, resonance September / Ninth Moon
Soumanomiya = Soma


(Residence of the Blue Measles)

Sky Violent god of catastrophes Balance through natural selection, maintenance of the world October / Tenth Moon
Sashanomiya = Sasya (Sasha)


(Residence of Gold Dust)

Souls God of civilization and knowledge Oversees D-waves and material order November / Eleventh Moon
Suzunomiya = Hymmnosphere


(Residence of the Milky Way)

Souls God of song and creation Mother of all 3D substance, controls D-waves December / Twelfth Moon
Kokura = Filament


(Black Whelk)

Sky God of death and poverty Overseer of balance for world preservation N/A
Gurentei = Yurishica


(Crimson Lotus Emperor)

Land God of fire and civilization Revelation and encouragement of human advancement N/A
Ar Ru (Doesn't have one). Land Born after the First Era. Doesn't appear in any myths. Creation and control of the Antibodies. N/A

Note: The first name is the one given to them by the humans, while the second name is their true name.

As shown in the table above, all of the Wills belong to a determinate Lineage, which indicates to which Wills they are subordinate, or more straightforwardly, which Wills are parents to which. All of the Wills can have their origins traced back to the three Wills of Origin: Horus, Juklizda and Clyuue, which were the first Wills of Ar Ciel, and the founders of the Earth, Sky and Soul lineages, respectively. However, if any of the Wills of Origin were to die, then all of the Wills that are children to it would perish as well. This is what would happen a few years after the events of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel to Horus due to her extreme weakening, which was caused by the planet's surface being destroyed by the Grathnode Inferia. In this same example, if Horus dies, all the other Land Wills will perish as well, and this will inevitably lead to the death of the planet and of every being living in it, in the event called the Demise of Ar Ciel.

The Wills are divided into two main classes: Modifiers, which are tasked with creating life, and Maintenancers, which are the ones tasked with the preservation of life; and among them, they are also further subdivided into other four subclases: Powers (the Wills of Power), Wisdomes (the Wills of Knowledge), Charities (the Wills of Love), and finally, Hymmers (the Wills of Feelings). They can also change classes depending on the circumstances in which the Planet is at the moment, if they really wish to undergo said change and if the other Wills are in agreement with the change. However, the Will that requests this has to comply with a great number of severe conditions to be able to perform the change, otherwise, it will not gain the approval of the other Wills and will disappear. Once a Will has disappeared, it is impossible to bring it back and another one has to be created in replacement for it.

The Wills of Ar Ciel all live in the Planetary Core, which, as its name says, it is located in the deepest underground areas of the planet.