Aoto_lx.Ciela Bridge Gate
Aoto Information
Unaltered NameAoto_lx.GRASS_CATEGORY_Jouteimon
First AppearanceAr tonelico III
English Voice ActorBryce Papenbrook
Japanese Voice ActorNoriaki Sugiyama

(Aoto, アオト?, lit. "Aoto"), full name (Aoto_lx.Ciela Bridge Gate, 蒼都_lx.架種上帝門?, lit. "Aoto_lx.haekishu jouteimon"), is the main character of Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel. Aoto has a strong sense of responsibility and has been a steeplejack apprentice for five years. He was training to be a steeplejack, under the guidance of Steeps, who is also happen to be Aoto's foster father, until he met Saki. Then after meeting Finnel, he's now involved in struggles against both Archia and Clustania. He's striving to save Saki, who is a mere vaccine, and Finnel, whose body someone is trying to usurp, and now he's even trying to save the planet itself. Undaunted by seemingly absolute hopelessness, he never surrenders to his will and he keeps on trying. That is probably why he is loved and supported by so many people.


  • His English True Name has the order messed up, which damages the parsing used for them. The correct way of writing it would be Aoto_lx.Bridge.Ciela_Gate.
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