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Airport City Nemo (空港都市ネモ, kuukou toshi nemo?) is the largest city that can be found in the Wings of Horus, and it's considered as the current capital of the region of Sol Ciel.


Airport City Nemo seen from a distance.


This city was at first used as the main airport for the Bay of tonelico, also called the Sea of Beginnings. Later on, and gradually, people began to come to this place, and the streets and the houses expanded on all directions.[1]

Due to being the current capital of the Wings of Horus, and in a sense, of Sol Ciel, many important events have ocurred at this place, such as the development and expansion of Grathmelding, the start of both the Church of El Elemia and the Tenba Conglomerate, and in general, most of the important developments during the story of Melody of Elemia.[2]

When Lyner and Jack first came to this city, they were seeking someone who could repair Lyner's airship so he could return to Platina as soon as he found the Hymn Crystal Purger. However, they found that city was under attack by a rogue guardian of the Tower, the A.B.R.α. Lyner and Jack joined their forces together with a Reyvateil, Aurica, and together they defeated the A.B.R.. However, due to this, all of the people in Nemo discovered that Lyner was actually an Apostle of Elemia, which came back to haunt them later on.

Radolf was impressed after seeing them defeat the A.B.R., and offered them a meeting with Bishop Falss, which had to be postponed for the next day since the bishop was nowhere to be found at the moment. Due to this, Radolf asked Aurica to guide them to the Singing Moon Inn, where he made some arrangements so they could stay the night without any problem. It was there that both adventurers met with Claire Branch, the owner of the local bar. However, a mysterious man in armor called Lyner to meet him in the Songstone Park, which gave a very bad feeling to both Jack and Claire. Lyner followed the man who introduced himself as Bourd Rade, and after noticing that Lyner would never join him due to how cruelly he treated the Reyvateils, he called for his subordinates. They knocked Lyner out and took him as a prisoner to the Tenba Labs located in Firefly Alley. When Lyner managed to finally return to Nemo, he finally met with Bishop Falss, who told him that he could find the Hymn Crystal inside an ancient ruin called the Singing Hill, which was far at west of town. After this, Lyner and his friends went back to the Singing Moon Inn, where Claire asked him if he could find some new strings for her lute. Lyner agreed to do so, and the next morning, the group departed for the Singing Hill.

Once back from their trip into the ruins, with the Purger finally in his hands, Lyner went back to the Church and thanked Falss for all his help, while telling him that he was going to start climbing the Tower the next day. When they returned to the Inn to rest, Claire was surprised to see that he had a Yuteria Fragment in his hands, and gave him the recipe for making the new strings.

Upon making the strings, Lyner returned to Claire's side and gave them to her so she could repair her lute. Once she finished repairing, she was delighted at the great work that Lyner made with the strings and offered to sing for him and his friends as a reward for being such a great help. Thus, she began singing the Song of the Breeze, which ultimately made everyone in the Inn, and in the neighboring areas of the town, to come and listen. Upon the end of her performance, the audience clapped and cheered while everyone commented on how calming and healing that song was.

During that night, Lyner went out for a little walk at the Songstone Park while thinking to himself he was glad that he got to hear Claire's song before they started their ascension of the Tower. He got surprised when he saw Aurica in front of the Grand Songstone, practicing her singing. When Aurica noticed his presence, she was scared and embarrassed to see him listening to her song, and told him that she needed to be alone during her practice. Then, both commented in the arduous journey that was awaiting both of them the next day.

Note: The history branches from here on, depending on the choices made by the player.

Aurica's Route[]

After Lyner's mission in Platina was finished, he returned to Nemo with Radolf and Aurica with the intention of repaying the Church for the inestimable help that they gave to him during his search for the Hymn Crystal Purger. Bishop Falss warmly welcomed him and assigned Lyner the duty of being Aurica's partner, while they and all of the other Church members were in the search for the instrument that would allow them usher in the descent of the Trio of Elemia: the Hymn Crystal Linker.

However, once they stepped out of the Church and into the main areas of the city, they saw that the people were in turmoil. A storm had started below the Wings of Horus and no airship was capable of withstanding its strong winds, so all of the trips and shippings between Nemo and Firefly Alley were cancelled. Due to this, all of the inns and hotels in Nemo were completely full, which caused the people to start fighting among themselves from the stress. Radolf stepped in to attempt to stop the fighting but he ultimately couldn't do anything when the people reminded him how useless the Church was being when it came to providing help and relief to everyone, due to their fanatical search for the Linker crystal. Then they went to the Singing Moon Inn to survey the situation where Lyner had to step in to protect Aurica from a couple of bullies. However, he took this too far, scaring Aurica, and making Claire to scold him. Lyner took this pretty hard, and Claire, a little more calm, offered to sing him a song that reminded him of how protecting someone it's not just about keeping them away from harm's way. This song was York of love, which she continued playing while Aurica and Lyner conversed about these events over at the Songstone Park.

Upon watching all of this, Radolf decided he already had enough about this, and directly confronted Bishop Falss, which revealed all of the clashing opinions that both of them had about the true purpose of the Church, and prompted Radolf to try and find a solution to the storm by himself, a task in which both Lyner and Aurica offered themselves to help.

Once the problems at the Musical Corridor were settled, the group returned to Nemo, just to find Aurica still missing, and running into Misha, who ran away from Jack and Krusche. Upon hearing about the situation, Misha offered to help, and went along with Radolf, Lyner and Ayatane to the Fallen Hexagonal Plate, looking for clues about Aurica's whereabouts.

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Misha's Route[]

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Main Features[]

Hoshinose Ave

Hoshinose Ave., one of the main streets of Nemo.

The city is crossed by a large number of trolleys, which are the main means of transport used by the people. The three main routes for these trolleys are the [Shinonome Avenue (Avenue of Dawn)], the [Tasogare Avenue (Avenue of Twilight)], and the [Hoshinose Avenue (Starry Avenue)].

The main points of interest of the city are its large airport, which in current times, allows travelers to go to the cities of Platina and Em Pheyna, and to the floating, artificial island of Firefly Alley. However, this is only after the ending of Phase 2 in Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, since the contact between the settlements located in the higher sections of the Tower and the Wings of Horus was unexistant for almost 300 years.

The main church of the Church of El Elemia is located here as well, and it's the place where the Oracles and Holy Maiden Candidates come when they wish to join the Church.

Songstone Park

Scenic view of the Songstone Park.

Another place of interest is the Songstone Park, which enshrines the largest Songstone known to exist. Thanks to the beautiful view of the city and the middle section of the Tower it gives to its visitors, it has become a pretty popular place for dates.

There are various places to stay, but the most known place is the Singing Moon Inn, which also serves as a weapon shop and bar. The bar is owned by one of the few Reyvateils that don't work for either Tenba or the Church, Claire Branch, and it's a very popular place between adventurers and normal citizens due to Claire's tendency to occassionally play her lute and sing to her visitors.

Currently, the city has a population of 532,000 inhabitants. [3]

Commerce and Trading[]

There are always products coming from Horus and other places to this city. Because of this circulation of products, this city is like a huge market. It is filled with small shops and a mall in the center of the city.

The general store located in Hoshinose Ave. is pretty popular too, although Aurica has stated more than once that the shop has a very poor variety of products and that the shopkeeper doesn't treat the customers nicely.


Hoshinose Ave. General Store[]

Level Item Name Item Class Cost Stars Rank
N/A RC:White Powder Recipe Card #029 100 Leaf N/A N/A
N/A RC: Cute Bottle Recipe Card #046 100 Leaf N/A N/A
N/A RC: Canned Stuff (2) Recipe Card #048 400 Leaf N/A N/A
N/A Megamilk Usable Item 64 Leaf N/A C
N/A Replica Horn Usable Item 120 Leaf N/A C
N/A Healy C (1) Usable Item 48 Leaf N/A Variable
N/A Heal Cracker (1) Usable Item 352 Leaf N/A Variable
N/A Fullhealin D (1) Usable Item 432 Leaf N/A Variable
N/A Tranquilizer (1) Usable Item 180 Leaf N/A Variable
N/A Firefly Paper Material 64 Leaf N/A C
N/A ASL Circuit Material 665 Leaf N/A C
N/A Dark Solution Material 140 Leaf N/A C
Red 1 Song: 10% Bonus Grathnode Crystal 70 Leaf ** C
Red 1 Lullaby Tune Grathnode Crystal 90 Leaf ** C
Red 1 Puff o' Poison Grathnode Crystal 90 Leaf ** C
Red 1 Tingling Grathnode Crystal 90 Leaf ** C
Red 1 Stranded Grathnode Crystal 50 Leaf ** C
Blue 1 Point Grathnode Crystal 40 Leaf ** C
Blue 1 A So-so Shield Grathnode Crystal 50 Leaf ** C
Blue 1 A So-so Barrier Grathnode Crystal 50 Leaf ** C
Blue 1 Muscly Toughness Grathnode Crystal 30 Leaf ** C
Blue 1 Echoing Force Grathnode Crystal 160 Leaf *** B


(1) Grathmelded Items. Become available upon being synthesized for the first time. Their Rank depends on the rank in which the player crafted them.

(2) Becomes available around halfway through Phase 2, after recovering Misha's song or obtaining the Linker Hymn Crystal.

Singing Moon Inn & Weapon Shop[]

Level Item Name Item Class Cost Stars Rank
N/A RC: Blue Medicine A (2) Recipe Card #040 500 Leaf N/A N/A
N/A RC: Yellow Medicine A (2) Recipe Card #041 500 Leaf N/A N/A
N/A RC: Electric Bomb (3) Recipe Card #033 250 Leaf N/A N/A
N/A RC: Red Medicine A (4) Recipe Card #042 700 Leaf N/A N/A
N/A RC: Mysterious Liquid (4) Recipe Card #034 100 Leaf N/A N/A
N/A RC: Sword 1 (5) Recipe Card #064 1000 Leaf N/A N/A
N/A Power Sourcer (1) Usable Item 252 Leaf N/A Variable
N/A Dreamchaser Water (1) Usable Item 126 Leaf N/A Variable
N/A Guardlezz (1) Usable Item 588 Leaf N/A Variable
N/A Hitlezz(1) Usable Item 786 Leaf N/A Variable
N/A Songstone Material 78 Leaf N/A C
N/A White Stone Material 46 Leaf N/A C
N/A Blue Stone Material 20 Leaf N/A C
N/A Red Stone Material 48 Leaf N/A C
N/A Bastard Sword Weapon 200 Leaf N/A C
N/A Sonic Buster (2) Weapon 880 Leaf N/A C
N/A Glaspear Weapon 400 Leaf N/A C
N/A Halberd (2) Weapon 1200 Leaf N/A C
N/A Platico (2) Weapon 920 Leaf N/A C
N/A Ionic Saw (2) Weapon 1400 Leaf N/A C
N/A White Armor Armor 200 Leaf N/A C
N/A Knight Suit Armor 400 Leaf N/A C
N/A Powered Armor (2) Armor 1120 Leaf N/A C
Purple 1 Hint of HP Grathnode Crystal 30 Leaf ** C
Purple 1 Hint of MP Grathnode Crystal 30 Leaf ** C
Purple 1 Kinda Strong Grathnode Crystal 50 Leaf ** C
Purple 1 Kinda Critical Grathnode Crystal 50 Leaf ** C
Purple 1 Kinda Defensive Grathnode Crystal 50 Leaf ** C
Purple 1 Kinda Fast Grathnode Crystal 50 Leaf ** C
Purple 1 Minor Damage + Grathnode Crystal 50 Leaf ** C


(1) Grathmelded Items. Become available upon being synthesized for the first time. Their Rank depends on the rank in which the player crafted them. Additionally, the Power Sourcer becomes available upon being synthesized and having returned from the Falcon's Claw to Nemo.

(2) Become available after returning from the Falcon's Claw to Nemo.

(3) Becomes available upon meeting with Bishop Falss for the first time.

(4) Becomes available upon reaching Silvaplate for the first time.

(5) Becomes available upon creating the Circula Teleporter.



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