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This Song serves as the climax for the first chapter of Ciel nosurge: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta.

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It is used to create large flowers that can be used as shields against the harmful energy flows called Wave Bursts that are sent from Ra Ciela's sun, Bezel.

Ion created this Song alongside Telefunken in order to protect the city of Manjusara from a Wave Burst that would have completley wiped out the city and its people after its Anti-Wave Shield broke down. Initially, Telefunken didn't have enough power to take full advantage of Ion's capacity as a Princess, so the flowers it made were too small to be of any use, but after Ion and her friends gathered a few Cielnotrons from the people of Manjusara and Chained with them, they managed to amplify the Song enough for it to create large lotuses that managed to protect the city, saving Manjusara and earning Ion a great boost in reputation. However, given that Ion had no knowledge on how to protect the city or how they could deflect the damage caused by the Wave Bursts, Telefunken noted she must have had some kind of special power in order to have made this Song a success.[1][2]

This song is also notable for being the very first song that was unveiled in the Ciel nosurge trailers.

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N waw ahih W coa-dou koh-ne ih-wez-du yal-uii!!
N waw ahih W coa-dou koh-ne ih-wez-du yal-uii!!
Please, protect this city!!

gou ih-rey-i gee-gu-ju-du zwee-i;
gou ih-rey-i gee-gu-ju-du zwee-i;
Sweep away the difficulties that come and attack us.
rei-ne um ihzu-i soh-nh hyu-me-i;
rei-ne um ihzu-i soh-nh hyu-me-i;
Following now the feelings deep in my heart, I will sing.

ねがひ かさね かさね
つむぐ うたを かなえたまへ
negai kasane kasane
tsumugu uta wo kanaetamae
Oh wishes, join, join into one,
please, grant me the crafting of this Song.

ひとのえにを しるごとにただ
むねのうちは せつなにさわぐ
hito no eni wo shirugoto ni tada
mune no uchi wa setsuna ni sawagu
Knowing the fate that awaits people just
causes the inside of my chest to rustle painfully

あだなす そらよ けがれの あめよ
かなしみ つづる すべて
adanasu sora yo kegare no ame yo
kanashimi tsudzuru subete
Oh harmful skies, oh stained rain,
everything that forms sadness.

harai kiyome tamae
Be exorcised now.

ahih-ne a-z-ne wei-fou-du wa-fui;
ih-tah-ren i-syen-ih-ne iz=koh gee-gu-ju-nu refu-ea!

ahih-ne a-z-ne wei-fou-du wa-fui;
ih-tah-ren i-syen-ih-ne iz=koh gee-gu-ju-nu refu-ea!
I will offer all of my power,
so please, protect all these precious people from the catastrophes.

ahih rei-yah, ahih chei-yan
ahih rei-yah, ahih chei-yan
Let us allow our hearts to communicate, our feelings to connect with each other.

はなを そらへ さかせや
いざ  きよく いざつよく
はなよ すべて まもりたまへ
hana wo sora e sakase ya
iza kiyoku iza tsuyoku
hana yo subete mamoritamae
Let us make the flowers bloom to the skies.
Now, purely. Now, strongly.
Oh flowers, please protect everything.

いざたかく いざひろく しげりませ
くるおしき さだめごと うちはらい
とこしへに ゆるぎなく さかせや
iza takaku iza hiroku shigerimase
kuruoshiki sadamegoto uchiharai
tokoshie ni yuruginaku sakase ya
Now, highly; now, broadly, fully grow.
Drive away this maddening fate,
and without hesitation, bloom eternally.

beg-dai din-i koh tyoi-ni rei-ihzu-i hyu-me;
beg-dai din-i koh tyoi-ni rei-ihzu-i hyu-me;
This is the Song I offer for this city at the border of destruction.
i-syen-ih-ne iz-ny rei-ihzu-i hyu-me;
i-syen-ih-ne iz-ny rei-ihzu-i hyu-me;
This is the Song I offer for all these precious people.

ゆめを ひとつ ふたつ
むくに かたる ひびはとおく
yume wo hitotsu futatsu
muku ni kataru hibi wa tooku
The dreams gather one after other,
the days in which we talked innocently have become so faraway.

さじんからぐ がれきのかげに
さりしひとの まぼろしもとむ
sajin karagu gareki no kage ni'
sarishi hito no maboroshi motomu
Tied up in dust clouds, in the shadows of the rubble,
we seek the illusion of those who have passed away.

かたみに おもひを すくい
とどまる いのち  すくう
katami ni omoi wo sukui
todomaru inochi sukuu
I will save these reciprocal feelings.
I will save these lives about to end.

kago wo ataetamae
Please, bestow us the divine protection.

ahih rei-yah, ahih chei-yan
ahih rei-yah, ahih chei-yan
Let us allow our hearts to communicate, our feelings to connect with each other.

はなを とわに さかせや
いざ  こころ つなぎあい
ともに はなを はぐくみ つづけや
hana wo towa ni sakaseya
iza kokoro tsunagiai
tomo ni hana wo hagukumi tsudzukeya
Oh flower, bloom eternally.
Now, let us connect our hearts,
and continue raising the flowers together.

うつせみの まがごとに あらがひて
あさもやに たそがれに かがやける
うるわしの はなばなを さかせや
utsusemi no magagoto ni aragaite
asa mo ya ni tasogare ni kagayakeru
uruwashi no hanabana wo sakaseya
I will oppose the misfortunes of this world,
and shine at morning, night and twilight.
Oh beautiful flowers, bloom.

あめつち ひつきよ やすらなれ
くりませ ふようの ことほがひ
ametsuchi hitsuki yo yasura nare
kurimase fuyou no kotohogai
Oh land and heavens, oh sun and moon, be at peace.
We will raise our words of gratitude to you for supporting our lives.

Spoilers end here.


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