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The last of the myth songs from the Singing Hill ~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~ album, and the continuation of Harvestasha's myth.[1]

After having saved Myu from the sickness that afflicted him in the story of Singing Hill - EXEC HARVESTASYA -, Harvestasha had finally confessed her feelings to him, and he accepted them. Thus, the day for their wedding finally came.

On the 22th of Sakiya Rumei, at 2:00 pm, the magnificent ceremony began. On a temple surrounded by verdant grasslands, all of the villagers of Leredius gathered to witness this event. The curtains opened, and Myu appeared above the altar, calling for his beloved. Then Harvestasha replied to her fiance, and soon both of them were side by side at the altar, and began giving their marriage vows to the Gods and Godesses. However, when the time came for both of them to give their vows to Datenkou, the Goddess of Love, the priestess that was performing the ceremony tackled Harvestasha and made her fall to the floor. Myu fell asleep and the priestess, now having a pair of black wings on her back, took him away and challenged Harvestasha to take him back.

That night, Harvestasha cried incessantly, until her mother came and told her about the faraway shrine to the east, in which that black-winged priestess would surely be. Wiping her tears, Harvestasha decided to depart the next morning to that place in search of her beloved, and as soon as the blue stars began shining at dawn, she set off for the east lands.

The journey was very difficult and it led her to go through many uncharted places, roadless areas, climbing steep cliffs, and going through deep forests, while enduring loneliness and a brutally cold weather. She had to do all sorts of things to keep herself alive.

Then, after many days of arduous travel, she arrived at a small plain during nightfall. This plain had a temple on the other side, from which the sea could be seen. However, a large number of dark clouds were also floating above that place, while thunder resounded throughout the place and lightning illuminated the dark skies.

Harvestasha entered the temple, and inside she found Myu and a strange woman exchanging glances with him. The woman challenged her to see if her love would actually overcome her curse. Two black wings protruded from her back, and covering herself and Myu with them, they both disappeared. A moment later, two Myus reappeared instead.

Both began attacking Harvestasha at the same time. She couldn't do anything aside of defending because any attacks would hurt Myu if she attacked the wrong one. When she was about to be killed, Harvestasha noticed that one of the Myus did the characteristic neck movement that he always did when he smiled to her, which allowed Harvestasha to see beyond the trick, and with this, she attacked the fake one with all her strength.

The fake Myu then retook her true shape and revealed herself as Datenkou, and began attacking her with waves of sheer hatred. Harvestasha immediately knew that she wouldn't have any chance against her and appealed to Reishiki.

After she did this, a dazzling light descended from the heavens and covered Harvestasha. The dark skies parted to reveal a light brighter than even Sol itself and twelve white wings appeared on her back. She flew while embracing Myu in her arms, and using the light that Reishiki had bestowed her, she attacked Datenkou. Datenkou shrieked and instantly vanished away, while the black feathers of her wings were dispersed by the wind.

Both of them returned to their village and finally exchanged a kiss, as Harvestasha's white wings fell from her back and the white feathers that formed them flew around in the temple.

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Was paks ra firle wael,
Was paks ra firle wael,
I very gladly think
forgandal pak yehah eterne pitod yor...
forgandal pak yehah eterne pitod yor...
That I'll be allowed to always be at your side from now on

Linen yor akata ar ciel, hymme xest pauwel,
Linen yor akata ar ciel, hymme xest pauwel,
I'll tell you a story from a world where the Songs become power
piterne geeow ware titilia forlinden grave sik yeeel.
piterne geeow ware titilia forlinden grave sik yeeel.
About the marriage ceremony carried out in a small village, a faraway mountain hamlet
Rre akata crushue der dius melenas,
Rre akata crushue der dius melenas,
This is the story of the grand and sweet love between the priestess Harvestasha
der diasee Harvestasya, en forlindel Myu.
der diasee Harvestasya, en forlindel Myu.
And the village elder's son Myu, who lived in there
Gran sos ee HYMMNE...
Gran sos ee HYMMNE...
Come, let us raise the curtains for the grand story

Rre harton beja... melenas oz mea, houd zadius mea...
Rre harton beja... melenas oz mea, houd zadius mea...
Love was torn off. The person I love the most went to the side of the one who envied us
Rre fwal oz noglle ftt an hartes oz mea...
Rre fwal oz noglle ftt an hartes oz mea...
The priestess blessed by the black wings disappeared with him without leaving any trace

黄昏刻の広場 黒き羽根舞い 染めゆく
愛で 多喜の面影は 闇へと ただ沈む
tasogare toki no hiroba kuroki hane mai someyuku
mede taki no omokage wa yami e to tada shizumu
The plaza of the dusk is colored by the dancing black wings
The many joyful vestiges of love just sink into the darkness

眩しき天子の銘は 世継ぎの子 愛しきミュウ
契りの儀奏でし日 魔に呑まれ消えた…
mabayushiki tenshi no mei wa yotsugi no ko itooshiki Myu
chigiri no gi kanadeshi hi ma ni nomarekieta...
My beloved Myu, the shining successor to the village elder
In the day we were singing the ceremony of our vows, you were swallowed by the evil and vanished...

あぁ…ミュウ… 星の火数えど
涙切れぬ花嫁を 母は掬い説いた
Ah... Myu... hoshi no hi kazoedo
namida kirenu hanayome wo haha wa sukuitoita
Ah... Myu... His bride cried so much that she spilled
More tears than there were stars, and she was consoled by her mother as she told her:

Ah... whai rre jenhah sallogna mea en hartes...
Ah... whai rre jenhah sallogna mea en hartes...
Ah... Why did this have to happen...?

神無き東の道 伝承が綴る果て
黒き羽根集ひて謳う 丘に宮在り!
kaminaki adzuma no michi denshou ga tsudzuru hate
kuroki hane tsudoite utau oka ni miya ari!
At the eastern godless roads, at the end of the places told in legend
There is a shrine in the Singing Hill, where the black wings gather!

光を受け花嫁 白き衣捨てて
弓弾き旅立つ 彼の白き美星抱いて…
hikari wo uke hanayome shiroki koromo sutete
yumihiki tabidatsu kano shiroki utsukushi hoshi idaite...
The bride, having received the light, cast off her white garments
Departing on a journey like a plucked bowstring, she embraced these beautiful white stars...

Whai!! was guwo ga melenas MELENAS HARTES yor,
Whai!! was guwo ga melenas MELENAS HARTES yor,
We love each other so much,
rre nosaash accrroad orviclle mea!?
rre nosaash accrroad orviclle mea!?
so why did the Goddess have to come and stand in our way!?
Was yant ga suwant en guard yor, tasyue tes yor omnis.
Was yant ga suwant en guard yor, tasyue tes yor omnis.
Myu, wait for me! I'll go and save you now!
Van EE nosaash, was quel ra na fogabe!!!
Van EE nosaash, was quel ra na fogabe!!!
I'll never forgive that priestess! I swear so to the Gods!!

yaMi yAMi nYa SYaMo... yaMi yAMi nYa SYaMo... na ieeya ciel, shen sik...
yaMi yAMi nYa SYaMo... yaMi yAMi nYa SYaMo... na ieeya ciel, shen sik...
Oh, Light. Oh, Light, please save me from evil. In this lightless land that has lost hope...
yaMi yAMi nYa SYaMo... yaMi yAMi nYa SYaMo... na dius saash...
yaMi yAMi nYa SYaMo... yaMi yAMi nYa SYaMo... na dius saash...
Oh, Light. Oh, Light, please save me from evil. In this land where no one ever comes...

Na cexm omni, li dend SOLIN=FALSS...
Na cexm omni, li dend SOLIN=FALSS...
That is the place completely devoid of human presence, the mountain ridge of Solin Falss

愛と死の駆け引きを 幾度も 超え行く
Michinaki michi wo aruki...
Ai to shi no kakehiki wo ikudomo koeyuku
Walking through roadless paths...
Overcoming many times the love and death situations

XufbO... tUgafrUfWU... dAmoOOw... ganna oz orviclle... dorna oz reveris...
XufbO... tUgafrUfWU... dAmoOOw... ganna oz orviclle... dorna oz reveris...
It's so difficult... So agonizing... So painful... The rocks hinder my advancement... The forests tempt me to go astray...

七彩の河燦めく 美しき夜空見上げ
Nanairo no ka hirameku utsukushiki yozora miage
kimi wo omoi namida wo fuku hi mo...
I look up at the beautiful starry sky with a shining seven-colored river running through it
Even on the days I wipe off the tears I spill from thinking about you

一歩…二歩… 傷ついた足を
引きゆく 花嫁の耳に そっと
かすかに 波の打つ音と
たなびく丘 黒き石の宮 そびえ立つ
ippo... niho... kizutsuita ashi wo
hikiyuku hanayome no mimi ni sotto
kasuka ni nami no utsu oto to
tanabiku oka kuroki ishi no miya sobietatsu
One step... Two steps... Dragging her wounded feet
The bride notices that softly
Dimly, the sounds of waves crashing come into her ears
Towering above the hill, a shrine made from black stone rises

Na faf omni... en faja folten, faja hartes yor...
Na faf omni... en faja folten, faja hartes yor...
I don't fear anything. I'll just keep going for the one I love...

龍睨む扉を開け 暗き宮の主
巫女の姿の堕天后 力を振り叫ぶ!
Ryuu niramu tobira wo uke kuroki miya no omo
miko no sugata no Datenkou chikara wo furisakebu
Opening the staring dragon gate, I see the lord of this dark shrine
It is Datenkou under the form of the priestess, and she screams at me with all her power!

Hyear!! Rrha wol ra yora nozess mea,
Hyear!! Rrha wol ra yora nozess mea,
Come and attack me!
art getrra hartes pauwel oz yor!!!
art getrra hartes pauwel oz yor!!!
With that power of love of yours!!
Was wol ga ugi mea vianchiel harton ne na sor hymmne!!
Was wol ga ugi mea vianchiel harton ne na sor hymmne!!
Let the Goddess of Love judge if that love of yours is true or not!

Xa ZaCt!! XaA yAgO!! WnWan RnRan cA caAt! urr lusye folten mea!!
Xa ZaCt!! XaA yAgO!! WnWan RnRan cA caAt! urr lusye folten mea!!
Surpass her! Pierce through her! Go forth one step at a time, because I'm sure the light will come into my sight!
Rrha zweie ra paul ween innna omni,
Rrha zweie ra paul ween innna omni,
Let all my feelings to concentrate into one...
hymme savath melenas, enne! enne! aulla!
hymme savath melenas, enne! enne! aulla!
Loudly, sing about love! Pray! Scream!

Was yant gagis presia fusya dilete... Lere!!
Was yant gagis presia fusya dilete... Lere!!
Oh, Lere! Please, enshroud me in your divine protection!

眩き光の渦 翼となり纏ひ
黒き念消し潰す 溢れ出る愛の火で
mabayuki hikari no uzu tsubasa to nari matoi
kuroki nen keshitsubusu afurederu ai no hi de
A swirl of dazzling light became a pair of wings she was clad in
And with the overflowing flame of light, she erased and crushed these black feelings

天子の呪いは解け レーレの加護の元
花嫁と天子は 朝の日浴び融け逢うた
tenshi no noroi wa toke Lere no kago no moto
hanayome to tenshi wa asa no hi abitokeauta
The curse on the village elder's successor was rescinded thanks to Lere's divine protection.
And both bride and successor melted into each other, bathed in the morning sun

Myu... Was yea ra pic yora synk hopb oz mea,
Myu... Was yea ra pic yora synk hopb oz mea,
Myu... By losing you, I realized that you are everything to me
wael oz yor, fernia oz mea... yehah oz yor, yaserwe oz mea.
wael oz yor, fernia oz mea... yehah oz yor, yaserwe oz mea.
Your happiness makes me smile
Was ki ra morto aiph ftt yor.
Was ki ra morto aiph ftt yor.
A world where you didn't exist would have no value to me
En! Rrha apea erra pitod yor forgandal...
En! Rrha apea erra pitod yor forgandal...
That's why I always want to be at your side, because...

Was yea ra melenas yanje yanje etealune pitod yor!!
Was yea ra melenas yanje yanje etealune pitod yor!!
I love you... I always... always want to be with you...

Linen yor akata ar ciel, hymme xest pauwel,
Linen yor akata ar ciel, hymme xest pauwel,
I'll tell you a story from a world where the Songs become power
piterne geeow ware titilia forlinden grave sik yeeel.
piterne geeow ware titilia forlinden grave sik yeeel.
About the marriage ceremony carried out in a small village, a faraway mountain hamlet
Der diasee Harvestasya, en forlindel Myu,
Der diasee Harvestasya, en forlindel Myu,
The priestess, Harvestasya, and the village elder's son, Myu, who lived there
rre etealune yehah fusya wi whou hartes jam fwal fwal vinan...
rre etealune yehah fusya wi whou hartes jam fwal fwal vinan...
Both embraced by white wings, are said to have lived happily ever after

Story Told in This Song[]

This is a story that happened in an small village nested between the mountains.

The overgrown plants symbolized the abundance of this region, and on such a clear day like this, an admirable sun rose. On that day, the small temple that stood over the grasslands was flock full of people.
Practically speaking, all of the inhabitants of the village had gathered in this place.
This was because of something that everyone who was born and raised in this village had gone through at least once.
Yes, that day, they were having a wedding feast.
This was the day in which the protector of this temple: the priestess Harvestasha, and Myu, the son of the village's chief, were going to exchange their lifelong vows.
Myu was engaged to the daughter of a rich family from a nearby town, Salpato, but his feelings for Harvestasha won over, and thus, he chose to marry with the priestess.
And thus, that day, in which they would take the first step towards their life together, came.

In this historical banquet, in which the son of the village chief and a priestess married, there was no villager whose heart didn't have any excitement within itself.

There had never been such a magnificent and sublime banquet before! The villagers all knew about Myu's mysterious illness, and the resolute journey that Harvestasha made to the Singing Hill, being dramatic enough to become a legend, and there wasn't anyone who didn't congratulate them. The curtains to the ceremony then opened, and under the watchful eyes of the villagers, Myu appeared above the altar from the left.

Then, he turned with force to the right, but called with a voice filled with feelings:
"hyear! Was yea ra presia pitod enerel mea?"
(Hey! Who is the one who will be beside me forever?)
Then, as if it was to answer to that, a voice was heard from the right:
"Mea! Was paks ra firle wael, forgandal pak yehah eterne pitod yor."
(Me! I'm a little nervous, but I feel really happy about us being together from now on, and forever.)
And appearing after this was said, there was Harvestasha, wearing a long dress that seemed to be three times the size of her body, and while being very simple, she also was wearing a necklace and a tiara like the wedding formalities of the time stated.
And under an applause, they both stepped upon the center of the altar.
For this ceremony, they summoned a white-clothed priestess from a neighboring town, who would given them the blessings.
The priestess flawlessly performed the ceremony, uniting them both a little more each time they made their vows to the many Deities.
And thus, came the time for the final vow: the one for the blessing of Goddess Datenkou.
When they [kissed] in front of the Goddess Love, their love would be recognized.
However, at that time, that happened, in an extremely small instant. The priestess tackled Harvestasha, and fell to the floor together with her.

And the same time, she captured Myu, and easily flew to the top of the temple's pillars.

Then a great number of black wings began dancing near them, and in an instant, they darkened the sky.
Harvestasha immediately got up, and screamed this to the priestess, or better said, the black wing being.

"Give me Myu back!!"
Myu was put to sleep through some kind of power, so he didn't move at all.
The white-clothed priestess then softly opened her mouth, but whispered to Harvestasha with a perfectly audible voice.
"Listen well, little thief kitten. You have bent my ways, and caught his heart. But is that truly your [love] for him? Hmmhmmhmm... If your love is real, then why don't you try stealing Myu once more from me, now?"
After she screamed this, she flew off with her enormous black wings, and disappeared with Myu in the eastern sky.
The villagers were left in confusion, and Harvestasha in a daze.
That night, she cried in her mother's house, as she heard a story.
It said that "at the eastern end of this village, and even farther to the east than that, there is nothing else than a temple, in which we, the Gods of the black wings gather".

She then knew what her destination was. Thus, Harvestasha made up her mind: she would travel to save Myu once more.

So once the beautiful blue star shone (at the morning), she departed on her journey. All of the villagers bid her farewell, as they worried about the outcome of this adventure.
The journey to the east seemed to her much more harsh than the journey she once made to beyond the west turned out to be.

Without any people, the east didn't have any roads, and was filled with steep mountains and a brutally cold weather.
During one day, she walked through the cliffs under the sunlight, fetched warmth for herself at night, and occasionally protected herself with the power of the Songs, and thus, her journey continued.
And at the end of this, she finally arrived at an small plain. Further in it, there was a ridge, and under the sea of clouds that it had, there was the temple she had sought all this time.
Beyond the temple, there were many dark clouds rising. Sometimes the roaring thunders would make the ground under her tremble, and that, together with the wind that ran through the plain, further strained her heart.

With a stop of her breath, Harvestasha arrived at the temple.
And inside of this rotten place, she found Myu, and saw a young woman exchanging glances with him.
Then the woman saw Harvestasha, and began laughing evilly.
"This is the Temple of Datenkou. And now here, in the Temple of the Goddess of Love, he and me will be married. Listen well, little thief kitten. He already acts as I wish, because I've given him the Curse of Love."

"Come, let's play a little. If the power of your love can actually win against my curse, it should be simple enough for you to see through this technique."
Instantly a great rumble ensued, and the temple collapsed, as its entasis walls and frescos fluttered around in the air.

The nearby plains then became a moor from the wind, and the faraway Viola Moon then shone over the back of the woman.
The bodies of the woman and Myu were completely enveloped by the black wings.
Then, once they dispersed, two Myus appeared from within them. No, one was the true Myu, while the other was just the woman impersonating him.

Then, both immediately started attacking Harvestasha.
As if their moves were mirrors of each other, they attacked with perfect accuracy and complete symmetry. Harvestasha barely dodged them, and then, one of the Myus said this to her at the same time:

"Come, why don't you defeat me with the power of your love!? But if you chose badly, you will only hurt Myu. If your love is true, then please, come and defeat me!"
Harvestasha then screamed at Myu, trying to tell her who she was. However, Myu didn't answer back at her, and silently attacked Harvestasha due to the effects of the curse.
And finally, incapable of distinguishing who was the fake or was the real Myu, she covered her face with her hands from the wind blades that one of them had summoned up.
And as she looked at the blood that oozed from her, Harvestasha took a decision.
At this rate, she was going to be killed.
Please, Myu... Deities... please, give me power...
To calm her heart, Harvestasha stood up defenseless, and closed her eyes.
Interpreting this as the resignation of the Priestess, then one of the Myus whispered to her:
"Sorry, Harvestasha. I'm not your Myu anymore. I don't love you in the slightest anymore. Yes, you're still somewhat cute, Harvestasha. At least, I'll finish you off with my own hands, by piercing your heart".
Then both Myus, both with an smile between a grin and a gentle smile, flew to her.
At that moment, Harvestasha noticed it. Something she didn't see due to the long distance from which she was being attacked.

From the Myus that flew about with smiles in their faces.
That was the smile that Myu only gave to her, and when he gave this smile, he always would tilt his neck to the right...
Then Harvestasha ran with all her strength to the Myu that tilted the neck to the left. After hesitating for an instant, she decided and hit him with the ladle she had in her hands.
Then, she ran to the side of the other Myu, and embraced him.
Instantly, Myu was completely exhausted and had Harvestasha at his side, while the black wings dispersed at the distance.
Harvestasha had managed to see through the curse of the priestess.

The priestess had already returned to her true form. And she was now overcome by rage, and turned to them:
"You bitch! That something like a thief cat had managed to break my curse... it's something unforgivable! Realize now that you have stolen that man from me, Datenkou, the Goddess who rules over love!!"
Harvestasha was immediately overwhelmed from the incredible waves of jealousy that She emanated.
Then, she prayed.
For the sake of her beloved Myu, and for the sake of the life they would have together from nowon...

"Please... oh, my motherly Goddess, Reishiki!!
...Please, accept my wish!!
Please... protect my beloved Myu... protect us!"

"Was yant gagis presia fusya dilete... Lere!!"
(Oh, Lere! Please, enshroud me with your divine protection!!)
Immediately, a dazzling white light descended from the heavens, and many white wings dispersed in the air around Harvestasha.
With the light, the night sky shone until it became even brighter than the sun, and from it, Harvestasya appeared, now carrying twelve white wings on her back.
Harvestasha soared to the skies while holding Myu in her arms, and controlling these bundles of light, she used them to attack the Goddess of the black wings, Datenkou.
Datenkou shrieked as she disappeared, her black wings dispersed in the air, and where sent flying away to the distance by the wind.
Silence then came upon the eastern temple. Harvestasha embraced Myu, and flew off as she merely cried over his face.

In the village, everyone was still at the temple, praying for Harvestasha and Myu's safe return.
Then, someone noticed that there were white wings descending above them.
Suddenly, they raised their heads, and wondered if one of the Deities from their pantheon hadn't descended above the altar of the temple.
It was such a happening that they screamed very loudly, and once everyone noticed, there was a large commotion in the area.
However, someone else noticed the figures of Harvestasha and Myu in there, and told it to everyone.
Harvestasha then descended from the altar, her wings lost their light, and then crumbled away to the ground. Its white feathers then calmly danced in the wind, and lightly floated about within the temple.
Once she returned to her human form, Harvestasha embraced Myu more strongly.

And Myu, also embraced Harvestasya very strongly.

Both looked at each other without saying anything, and then their lips came closer.
"Even if the Goddess of Love doesn't smile at me, I love Myu."
"Even if the Goddess of Love kills me for this, I'll never leave Harvestasha".
Both whispered this, and then, exchanged a passionate kiss.
And while they exchanged this long, long kiss, everyone in the village gave them a great applause, and gave them their blessing. The white feathers then floated higher, and higher to the clear skies.

"Was yea ra melenas yanje yanje eterne pitod yor!!"
(I love you... I always, always want to be with you)

Myu's fiancee Salpato was actually the shape that the Goddess of Love, Salapator, took to descend to the human realm when she fell in love with Myu at first sight.
Salapator used her own powers so that Myu's heart would be stolen by Salpato the first time they met, and he would do anything She asked, but then, Harvestasya stole his heart with the power of a love that surpassed that by far.
Then the extremely jealous Goddess made the plan to steal Myu's heart once again.
However, thanks to the help of Goddess Lere, who sympathized with the power of Harvestasya's love, she could drive away Salapator, and successfully saved Myu once again.

What would you do for the person you love?

About the Story[]

Among the many myths passed down in the region of Sol Ciel with the theme of [Feelings Triumph over Everything], it's said that this one is the most flashy of them.

Historically, it's said that it was created much later than the other myths, and for some reason, or because of some natural phenomenon, it's said that the myths were created mostly to be stories under the principle of feelings having total supremacy over everything.

Because of that, even in this myth itself we can see how enthusiastic and specialized it was in being a story in which [love saves the world]. The main interest in the myths of Sol Ciel and Sol Cluster come from the fact in which they contrast so much with each other, that during the final years of the First Era, when the world finally unified, the historians and literary scholars frequently brought them up to explain the natural features and disposition of each region and its inhabitants.

If we see it from the viewpoint of Sol Cluster, in which the Gods are seen as absolute beings, it should be easy to see how mistaking this myth as something like a god assassination, and handling poorly the reactions to this could end up sparking such a long conflict between both regions.

Maybe it was a good thing after all that this information disappeared during the ancient times.

By the way, while Salpato (Salapator) appears in this story as the villain, she didn't behave in that way in all of the stories in which she appeared.[2]


  • The people that ordered the Singing Hill ~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~ album directly from the Gust Shop also received a replica of the invitations to the wedding of Harvestasha and Myu. Said replica also includes their full names (Harvestasha Diaseele and Myu Granduhen), and the details about their wedding ceremony.
  • Several fans were invited to provide the recordings for the shouts of joy at the end of the song.
  • This song has several similarities to Singing Hill - Harmonics EOLIA - in its melody.


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