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"It's what I've decided to do"

Adagio is one of the main characters of the Ar tonelico sidestory manga, Ar tonelico ~Arpeggio~. He is a boy from the Teru Tribe, who lives in the town of Em Pheyna, located in the middle area of the Tower. He's a member of the Purarura family. He has a childish personality and has no interest in the past story of the world. He has an older sister, An (Andante), who belongs to the Zeppen family. However, Adagio is terrified of her greatly, and thus, he chooses to avoid her as much as possible. In battle, he fights using magic and a staff.

Adagio's Story[]

Coming of Age Journey[]

According to the law that dictates that every Teru must find the fairy that will become their familiars, Adagio departed for the Lower World in search of it.

Firefly Alley[]

He appears before Espada and Kauron, and together with Sonnet, they stop the rampaging Reyvateil, saving their lives. Sonnet then thanks them for stopping the rogue Reyvateil, and then asks for Espada's sword. He refuses after noticing that she's a Reyvateil and she proceeds to attack them until she passes out and is treated by Kauron for fatigue. After Espada storms out, they learn how his parents were killed and he reveals himself as a Teru Tribe member, and after revealing his reasons to be in the Lower World, he hires Espada as his bodyguard for the duration of his search for a familiar.


While searching for his familiar he encounters his sister, who berates him for associating with humans and noting to him that "Ignorance is a Sin". He was getting caught in the song that Sonnet was singing, but the area gets attacked and they chase after the culprit, learning in the proccess that it was Adagio's familiar, a doppelgänger, who showed them a little of the past of Sol Ciel. Andante then leaves after telling him about his familiar and a little about the Teru Tribe families. The group then goes to eat, where he talks to Espada about how he treats Sonnet, and after they leave to search for her, Nemo is attacked by Reveris-outbroken Reyvateils. After suppressing the outbreak, they rest at the Church, but later they see a huge surge, and upon arriving at the source of it, they find Espada fighting Kauron. After getting away, Adagio holds Espada back while Sonnet goes to stop Kauron until his doppelgänger pops out and they chase him down. After showing Espada his father's memories and disappearing, they go to help Sonnet. After Kauron dies, Sonnet takes the sword and leaves.

Facing Himself & The Final Battle[]

While thing of what to do, his Dopplerganger drags him into the lake where they face each other. Upon the end of the trial his Doppler's true form was revealed as "Mea" (in hymmnos it means Myself). They traveled up the tower to Platina and searches for Masticus. He sees Sonnet but as she collapses and disappears revealing her pendant. Masticus appears with Sonnet's body stating Reveris has taken her over. They pursue them but are lost in the process and Sonnet's pendant guides them to her. However, under orders she attacks them. He uses his spells to defend them but is soon overwhelmed. She launches a fatal spell at Espada but at the last moment she stepped in and intercepted the attack and cast two spells to protect them and heal them and then she died.

Alongside Shurelia they defeated Reveris and attempted to take Masticus into custody but he kills himself. Shurelia explains the only way to save her is with the reincarnation spell and by sacrificing his Doppler. It was a success but she no longer had any memories of her past. Years later he meets with Espada and following the song they meet Sonnet's reincarnation.


  • The idea for Adagio's character came from the fact that no Terus join the party during the storyline of Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia (though strictly speaking, one Teru does join during the game).