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This is a backup of the wave theory lecture found here.

Made because the rpgdl forums are sometimes offline for an extended period. Due to differences in translators, some terms might differ from how they are translated in the rest of the Wiki.

Frelia rpgdl

Hi everyone, my name is Frelia! Since big sis and Jacqli are busy fighting over who gets to host this corner right now, I'll be in charge of today's Wave Science Lecture. Today's lesson is going to be about the anatomy of Reyvateils(RTs).

But before we start on that, let me explain what a Song Stone is. Song Stones contain two components, Grasno and Parameno. Parameno is sensitive and responds to Dynamic H Waves, reacting to them by releasing energy to the Grasno portion. Grasno creates Dynamic D Waves in itself when its original D waves are disrupted by this outside energy. When the Dynamic D Waves reach the limit of Grasno's ability to contain them, the Dynamic waves are released from the Grasno and cause physical changes in the surroundings. Remember this carefully, it will come up again later.

So, on to the Reyvateils. For today's lesson, we'll focus specifically on the Beta Pure Blood Type, the most basic RT type. RTs in general are actually a much simpler life form than the average human despite having a physically similar body and organs. They were created under the concept of simplicity to improve efficiency. Average humans are constructed out of 7 types of waves, with D and H waves being the main wave component. The RTs, however, are built with only D and H waves. Thus they have a far less complicated body and psyche that can be easily utilized to its maximum capability. One example would be the function of the brain; although human brains are said to be complicated and potentially very powerful, over half of their capacity is left undeveloped in the average human. On the other hand, RTs have no such problem due to their simple wave composition. Their brain functions are constantly maximized.

The RTs are made from what we called Spectrum Heredity, an aggregation of Dynamic H Waves that are held within a certain spectrum. This aggregation of Dynamic H Waves would then form a regular tetrahedron that we called the Core Triangular Ring. The Core Triangular Ring produces the Fundamental Psychic Frequency under a very specific clock timing, which would become the base of an RTs's Static H Wave FFT Spectrum*.

Then, specific Parameno and Grasno compounds are added to the surrounding of the Core Triangular Ring to produce a body. These Parameno and Grasno compounds, like Hymmnos Crystals, contain a perfect wave balance that will prevent them from shifting to other materials. This is to ensure that the RT's body won't just change into something else due to all the different waves processing inside them. Now, if you'll recall the Song Stone mentioned earlier, the compounds in the RT's body behave exactly the same way, reacting to Dynamic H Waves and producing Dynamic D Waves. In the case of an RT's body, the Parameno compound reacts specifically to the Dynamic H Wave released from the Core Triangular Ring, and causes the Grasno Compound to release Dynamic D Waves that will specifically construct the RT body.

Since RT's bodies are completely dependent on the the Dynamic H Waves produced from the Core Triangular Ring, their bodies will never grow old as long as the Core Triangular Ring remains functional. The Core Triangular Ring gradually and slowly releases Dynamic H Waves beginning from the RT's birth, which would results in physical and mental growth equal to that of an average human being. These Dynamic D Waves that are specifically in charge of growth are contained within the hexagonal hinges of the Core Triangular Ring, and they slowly diminish as the RT grows, being fully consumed when the RT reaches the age of 18. This means that a RT would not age past 18 until they reach the functional limit of their Core Triangular Ring. For an average Beta Pure Type, the functional limit of their Core Triangular Ring would be 150 years.

This will be all for today's lecture. We'll save the complicated difference between Reyvateil Origins and Third Generations for the next time. I hope big sis and Jacqli will be done fighting soon, having to do this corner alone would be so exhausting! Perhaps I should ask Ensha to help out too...

  • The FFT Spectrum is a special wave spectrum that displays the spectrum, domain, and time axis of waves, their changes and exchanges in a 3 dimensional fashion. There is also an Omega Spectrum that gives a 4 dimensional display of the above information based on delta time unit.