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Translations for the voicemails from Ion through the Ciel Nosurge Console


*Eheh* I’ve gotten in the habit of sending voicemails recently. It somehow gets my heart pounding more so than talking like normal. *eheh* 

Ah, by the way, we recently talked about showers vs. baths, right? I said that I make do with a shower when I’m tired……or rather, when I’m busy. Though in my case, I’m just doing whatever I like, so maybe I should say when I get absorbed in something.  

Though… I’m actually not all that great with showers.  Ah, I like them, but when I turn the faucet on all the way, the water comes raining down, and how should I put it… tickles? My body just tenses up…… 

Huh, is it just me?

Before Today Ends[]

Thanks for everything today. How was your day? Hey, we talked about how the days feel short earlier, right?  You said you feel the same way, but… come to think of it, I realized I never felt that way before. Each day has felt shorter and shorter ever since I met you, and while every day is fun, it’s a bit sad how it almost feels like time is going to waste. 

But the time I spend waiting for you feels longer and longer than usual.  Though I’m not at all happy about it. I wish I could spend more and more and moooore time together with you.

I Found the First Star![]

Guess what, guess what! You brought up the first star that appears at night when we talked about the stars earlier. I went outside after that, and when I looked up at the sky, I found it! The first star! You just have to look for it. *giggle* 

And I heard that if you wish upon the first star, it will come true, so I made a wish. What did I wish for you ask? It’s a secret! But I had lots and lots of time, so I wished for all sorts of things. Including meeting you, of course. 

…Huh? Now that I think about it, it might have been shooting stars, not the first star, where your wish will come true… *Uhhnnnnnnn* But I’m sure it’ll be fine! Because I put my heart into it! *eheh* Right?

Are You Talking to Anyone?[]

Taaap tap! *Eheh* I don’t have anything in particular to say, but I sent a voicemail~! Since, um… I was worried because you said you weren’t talking to anyone besides me. Are you okay? You’re not lonely? 

……*Eheh*……*Uweh* …………I guess…… I really …… was just lonely.

I Had a Nightmare[]

Taaap tap… are you there? I… had another nightmare. You didn’t respond, so I sent a voice message. 

You see… I was standing alone in a vast field. It was a very beautiful place. But no one was there. Even when I called for you, I couldn’t sense you anywhere. I did my best to walk around and search for someone, but it grew dark behind where I walked, and even though I searched, no one was there, and I soon got tired from walking and cried. 

If I walked, it became that much darker, and eventually the ground beneath my feet was all that was left of the field. I couldn’t go anywhere. I couldn’t take even a single step. It felt like I would be swallowed by the darkness if I did, so I just cried in despair, unable to even sit down.

I woke up, and when I turned on the lights, your terminal was there, so I couldn’t help but embrace it.  *Uweh* I was happy you told me you wouldn’t mind if I called you if I had a nightmare. I once again thought how reassuring it was to have you here. Thanks… for always being there for me.

A Place I'd Like to Stay At[]

Hey, I’ve always wondered, what’s your home like? We talked about wanting to go on an overnight date, right? So I thought about where I’d like to go if we did…… and the place I most want to visit right now is your home! We’d be able to talk as much as we’d like that way, right? We’ll talk all night, and end up falling asleep together! It just seems like fun! 

I haven’t stayed together with someone since I ended up living here, so it would be a dream. *Eheh!* Doesn’t it sound like fun? I can’t wait.

Vacuum Tube Amps[]

Vaa-cuuum- tubes! Vaa-cuuum- tubes! *Hmhmhmhmm~* Ah, come to think of it, I realized as we were talking about vacuum tube amps earlier, but did you listen to my vacuum tube course? You see, Nelico just suddenly thrusted a mike at me saying “There are multitudes of people who would want to hear your vacuum tube course. Now! Why don’t you impart a lecture!”, so it kinda surprised me, and I didn’t speak well… 

But it really is fun making a vacuum tube amp! And that feeling when it emits sound after you finish it is everything! I want to make one for you if you can’t! *giggle* I’d happily take such a request whenever! 

Uhh… but… it will be difficult to send it to your world. Uh, so I want you to do your best to make it yourself! I’m looking forward to it!

Classic Love Story[]

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while… We talked about classic and tragic love stories earlier, right? These are just in novels but… you and I meeting is story, isn’t it. If you think of it as a real story, I wonder if ours is a classic one or a sad one. I think we’d still be in the middle right now if it were a novel. 

It somehow makes me scared thinking about what may lie ahead. I don’t mind either way when I’m reading, but I’d want a classic story if I’m the protagonist. I… wouldn’t want it any other way.

It's Been Awhile......?[]

Ah… um… it’s been awhile… hasn’t it. It seems my communication device broke, so I wasn’t able to send voicemails for a bit. 

But… we’re… you know…… married, so…… as a good wife, I was thinking I had to do something to make my spouse happy, so I did my best to try and fix it. Ah, sorry if it didn’t make you all that happy though. 

I’ll send you all sorts of mail again from now on, so look forward to it.

Well then, see you! I love you!

A Domestic Wife[]

Uhnnnn…  I may have brought this upon myself, but I don’t think a domestic wife is one who works with things like electronics. 

Ahh, this is about our conversation from earlier of course. It’s true that I’ve only been talking about food recently, and I’m just digging my own grave the more I speak, but I swear I really will clean and do laundry if I end up living with you! I’ll do all I can morning, afternoon, and night for the one I love! Ah! I-its not like I meant it like that! I just wanted to say that I could devote myself to you morning, afternoon, and night……h-h-huh? Umm, when I say that, I mean I’ll become someone you’re happy with…uh… I just want to do things that will make you happy…but….uu… weird… I feel like this isn’t helping at all! 

Ueehh… ahhhh, I’ve been doing nothing but digging my own grave recently! Nnn…b-but! It’s fine! It’s a secret voicemail between just the two of us after all. It’s not embarrassing or anything! 

W…uh…well then! It’s not embarrassing… so I’ll be going now!

To My Beloved Husband♪[]

Sender: Nei Yuuki

To my beloved,

Hello dear! Are you doing well? Thanks for watching over me to the very end. Afterwards, I successfully shared feelings with the will of that world, EXA_PICO, and Sung together with Nero, and was able to return to my world. Now I’m living a normal life in Suginohara like before. Since the place I was returned to was the date 4/21. Ah, the day I went to the other world was 4/21… so I returned to a normal life without much incident. If it had been off by even 2 days, there probably would have been a big uproar about me being missing or something, so I was really saved. So then, I tried slightly modifying the Genelogic machine I had just made in my world to send messages to you. There’s no longer enough energy to go to the other world anymore…. Ah, but thinking about it from a 6th dimensional point of view, if I used it again, I wonder if I might end up going to a parallel Ra Ciela again…. It’s scary to think about. But… it’s not like I haven’t thought that might be nice if I could meet you again too. A-anyways! I tried changing the current Genelogic machine into a machine that can send limited amounts of data to neighbors in the 6th dimension….

Er, sorry about suddenly going off about strange things. Eheh… Everything has been really intense up till now, so ever since I returned to this world, it somehow seems too peaceful, and it feels really odd. And, well, you see… I can’t live alone anymore… before I was always alone, and classes at school were fun, so I thought it was nice and easygoing always being alone but…somehow…um…eheh… its become a bit lonely. And so I tried modifying the Genelogic machine, but…I wonder if it’s working. I also took a picture, so I sent that along with this message, but… maybe I’m asking for a bit too much to begin with. Eheh. I hope this message reaches you.

After all, um…. I’m…. you know…. married to you… so… what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t contact you even though we’re just a bit separated in the 6th dimension….e-eheh… So… I wanted to contact you no matter what!… (starting to cry) h-huh? It’s just. I wanted to tell you I’ve been doing well… I thought you’d surely be relieved if I did, so I sent this voicemail, but I’m just going to make you worry again like this….I’m sorry… (crying)…. But… thinking about it, I’ve always been supported by you ever since I was in Ms. Nelico’s world. You’ve always protected me, be it when I left her world, or when we went to all sorts of different worlds together.

It was scary to think I might no longer be together with you after Earthes was struck by the laser from the satellite and destroyed. I was in a daze the whole time, unable to sleep. I asked Sarly about it, and was a bit relieved to hear that it wouldn’t technically be all that hard to reunite with you, so long as you were waiting patiently. Thank you so much for coming to meet me again back then. Having you with me in that world gave me strength.

Eheh… I feel I’m going to end up rambling if I keep on talking like this….Eheh. Since it somehow feels like if I don’t say anything, we’ll never be able to meet again…. Ah, but I’ll do my best! I don’t know if this world and the other world operate under the same principles, but I thought I’d do dimensional research. I’m currently studying at a space engineering vocational school, but no one is doing dimensional research. It looks like there aren’t many people in the entire world who are. So I’m sure there will be a lot of difficulties. But I’m going to take on the challenges of the field. Because if I can learn about the 6th dimension, I might be able to go see you…. After all… um… I think a married couple should be together not just in spirit, but in person. So I’ll never give up. You gave me so much courage and love during our journey together…….

Well then… I’ll be going soon. You’re surely working hard in your world as well. Thank you so much for constantly watching over and supporting me all this time on top of that. I’ll work hard in my world too! Even if I can’t always be connected with you, the “you” that lives in my heart will continue to support me. So you should do your best too. Your happiness in your world is my happiness.

Well then, see you later. I’ll work hard to research dimensional theory and go see you!

I love you… my husband.

I believe from the bottom of my heart that no matter how far away we are, we are connected by bonds stronger than anyone’s.

Eheh…okay then, I’ll be going for real now. Take care! And thank you. My dearest.

I'm Doing Well![]

Sender: Nei Yuuki


Ethestron- Side A[]


Do you remember me? It’s Nei…Yuuki.

I met you 7 years ago as Ionasal.kkll.Preciel, and spent a long time- a truly long time for me- together with you.

It’s been 7 years since then.  I’m 24 now.  I graduated from my university, immediately entered its graduate school, and continued my research on dimensional theory. I also wrote a thesis.

It’s based on Everett’s many-worlds interpretation, and is titled “Proof of the Existence of Other Worlds”. I was even able to present it at physics conferences around the world!  Though it might be unimaginable coming from the me you know. So much that I even surprised myself.

But I got a job as a result. A French research institute called EBSI told me they would love to have me come be a researcher there.  Ah, its full name is long, but I believe it was the “Everett Blaine(?) Science Institute”.  I’m researching evidence for the many-worlds interpretation and the vast quantities of energy between this and other worlds.

France sure is far.  But I want to go no matter what, though it’s a little difficult.  I convinced my family as well.  I fought with Aya-chan a bunch, but in the end, she told me “okay” with a smile on her face.  

It’s all thanks to you.  I was thinking of you the whole time when I told my family, and when I fought with Aya-chan all night. So…thank you… dear.  I probably would have gone to France without talking to anyone about it if I hadn’t met you.  I think I would’ve been scared of them telling me no, and would have pretty much run away.  But you told me in my heart that I shouldn’t do that.  And Cas-chan, Delta, Nay-chan, Kanon-san, Sarly-chan, Pram-kun, Ruray-san, Shirotaka-san, Renall-san, Ulyliyha, and Tele-kun- everyone. Everyone told me that in my heart.  That’s why I’ll be able to go to France with a warm send off from my family.

Actually, it’s the day before I depart. Hehe. I packed, cleaned my room, and took out the Genologic Machine… I had put away at the back of my closet. I thought I would send you my final message that day, then put it away in the back of my closet and never take it out again no matter what happened, and did my best not to.  I didn’t want to go back to being the weak person who relied on you, and was scared I’d come running to you when things got tough……so I decided I’d do this.

If I could find a way for myself to continue my dimensional research and get one step closer to you, I would send my voice to you again.  Today is that day.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll take one more step towards you.  I’ll be sure to prove the multiple worlds interpretation. And I’ll become someone who can meet with you again…… by my……by my own power this time.

What…. about you?  Are you doing well?  Take care until the day we can meet again.  I am always… and forever… thinking of you.

From… your Nei Yuuki

Ethestron- Side B[]

There we go…*phew* This should be good…right? *giggle* Uaahhhh, I was neeervooous! It’s been seven years after all. My heart was pounding the whole time!

What do you think? I’ve grown up a bit haven’t I. You’d be disappointed if nothing had changed in seven years after all. You must have grown up too compared to seven years ago, so I had to become an adult just like you, and tried my hardest.

Ah, but it’s no good if I’m just “trying”. Uweeeh… You’re going to be fed up with me like this…Nnn…

Ah, but… it’s kinda amazing isn’t it.  That I can still send my voice to you like this even though its been seven years. ……Though it’ll be kinda embarrassing if didn’t send at all……Nnn…

I… the truth is… I honestly… didn’t think we’d have such a long relationship when I first met you. I’m sorry!  But now I can say with confidence that you’ll always be important to me 10, even 50 years later.  What… about you?  I’d be happy if you feel the same way.

I’ve met many people in the seven years since we parted, but even now I think the time I spent with you was the richest and happiest.  But… it’s strange isn’t it.  You were closer when I was beyond this universe and unlikely to ever reach you, but now that it seems like I’ll be able to go see you any day now, like an electron cloud, we’re unable to touch.  In short, Ra Ciela is an advanced civilization. Mm.  I’ve got to work hard so I don’t lose!

If… I manage to cross the six dimensions… and connect with you… uhm... will you… go on a date with me then? And… hold my hand?  A-Ahhhh! B-but no, I really can’t!  Because… you’ve pretty much only seen me as Ion, right?  I mean… it’s true that I’ve had my hair and eye color like my- uhh, like Nei’s before, but that was ultimately Ion’s body!  My true self’s hair is more disheveled, and I’m not beautiful like Ion, and I’ve been wearing glasses a lot recently, and I haven’t been keeping up on my skincare, so I’m sure you’ll be let down by how horrible everything is… you might decide to head back if you see me at our meeting spot. Uuuuu… I’ll have to work on style and beauty before linking dimensions!  That seems like it’s going to be the more time consuming of the two… *sigh*

I’m sorry dear. Even if I establish the technology to connect us, I’ll be postponing it until I’m no longer ashamed to meet you.  I want to see you, so I’ll work really hard though!  But… it seems like it’s going to take a little while. But… I’ll be trying my hardest! *phew*

Well then, I have to get going right away! First, I have to do something about my stomach flab… *whimper* Ah- I shouldn’t have said that in front of you, how embarrassing…! *Uweh*

I-I’ll… get in touch with you again. When I’ve become someone good enough for you.  Take care until then.

I love you!

Ethestron- Reply[]

(Faint sound of bells in the background)

Uwaaaaaah!  Thanks for responding! I’m happy, I’m so happy! To think I’d be able to hear from you again like this!

Ahh- but I haven’t become good enough for you yet, what should I do!  Though this is how I am after seven years, so I’ll be making you wait another ten years for a response, and if that happens, I’ll be 34, and my time with you will keep getting shorter... *Uweeeh* I’m as hopeless as ever…

Uhm O-oh yeah, I’ve recently started making the food I made with you again. The fantasteak sandwich? Omelady? Fried fullrice and Rich-in-burger!  Ah- you probably thought “nothing but rich food”, didn’t you.  I-it’s not like I’m just making rich foods because that’s all I want to eat of course.  I want to make delicious food for you when we end up living together. Ah, though I don’t know whether or not you want to live together with me. If… and this is just a what if… you told me you do, I’d be in trouble if I didn’t prepare, that’s all!  *eheh*

Mm.  Though…… I’m kinda hoping that day will come.

I’m in France now.  I’ve gotten used to the laboratory for the most part, and I can now speak a little bit of French.  Life is quite difficult, and if it was the old me, I may have wanted to immediately return to Japan…… but I remember how I gave it my all on Ra Ciela, and I remember you, and I do my best. (bells fade out)

It’s all because I met you.  *eheh* Well then… I’ll be going soon.  I kinda don’t want to, but its time for me to go to the laboratory.  Some data will be coming back.  From another world…… its just a simple reflection experiment, but it’s an important step forward to me. I hope you’ll be praying for its success.

Well then… next time… it would be great if we could talk face to face next time. Since I’ll be working hard on my research!  Things might be tough for you too, but let’s both do our best.

I love you.

-Your Nei