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(Originally commissioned by ZackCC)

To You, My Dearest.
I’m sorry for sending you this package out of nowhere. I’m sure it must have surprised you from how it big it was.
It’s the first time I’ve sent something as big as this, so I’m worried about whether it reached you safely.
But it’s something I wanted to send you at all costs. This is a box of memories from me to You.
I’ve enclosed into it all sorts of things from when I went to Ra Ciela.

First, we have some documents about the results for the examinations I underwent when I first got there. They’re all things that Renall put together for me.
Next, I’ve sent you some things that Nelico made after I went back to Earth, which I wanted to share with you. The first one is “The World of Song Magic.” It’s a document containing all sorts of comments from people in the future about the Song Magic I used. It also includes reprints of the material I used back when I was learning Emotional Song Pact, as they made me so nostalgic that I wanted you to see them too. They’re pretty interesting, so make sure to give them a read.
Then we have historical and image reference documents about the Sixth and Seventh Ages in which Tabou and everyone else lived.
Though it also includes an enquiry report on me, which is pretty embarrassing. And it I’ve also enclosed a compilation of the Songs I sang that treats them like legends, which also include CDs.
The next item came as a shock to me, but it somehow seems people started selling keychains using my likeness.
They call it the “Ancient Empress Keychain” or something like that. I wonder, could we compare them to the Sengoku Period generals’ keychains we have on Earth? And what’s more, Nelico took that image of me while I still lived in that room all in secret.
Sorry for the digression, but I just went all “Huh!? When did she take this photo!?” when I was preparing this package to send it to you.
Now I think back on it, all of my memories from there now are memories I made with you, huh?
And following that train of thought made me want to send the keychain to You, so I included it too.

And then, we have the ten-thousand-year calendar I made myself. I made it imitating the design of the terminal You used to talk to me.
It’s designed for you to use for a long, long time, so I’d be really happy if you did.
Finally, here’s the thing I wanted to send to You the most: it’s a CD that has a voice recording of me.
It’s a record of the eight years that have gone by ever since we met and what I’m doing now.
Even now, I wanted to tell you that I’m still here.
Umm, this CD is made in a slightly special way, so please make sure to listen it to the end, okay?

Looking at all these things brought back memories from each of these times as well as memories of You as vividly as if they all had taken place just yesterday. I don’t ever want to forget these feelings.
I’ll keep working my hardest so our worlds may connect once again someday. I hope you’ll keep working your hardest too!

Yuuki Nei