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A virus used to have the humans' DNA imitate the Genoms' DNA.
There are two kinds: the initial α type and the revised β type.

α Type[]

The α Type was a virus developed by the Chimon scientists Undu Quinquem.
The experimental subjects that were administered this version of this virus would have part of their DNA mapping changed to have their two initial chains increased to four or five chains.

However, this type was flawed due to only increasing the chain number and it ended up having side-effects due to the fact that it didn't have effect over the intracerebral functions needed to cope with the changes.
Due to it, it would cause fits and anomalies in the organs, with the worst cases causing the subject who received it to die.

The α Type was injected to Kanon under the name [gRNA Virus α229]. (For more details, please read the [Kanon, Chimon and Zill] article).

β Type[]

The β Type was the perfected version of the virus that Zillillium, who inherited Undu's research, created about a year prior to the Three-Year Trials.

In contrast to the α Type and its forced changing of the DNA chain number, the β type it increases the chain number by giving the humans abilities that are unique to the Genoms.
In other words, it truly is a method for creating an artificial [Incarnate].