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The Wonders of Quantum Mechanics[]

Quantum mechanics have a concept called the [observer].
If a photon flow passes through a slit and crashes into a point of a screen placed beyond it, the place where said crash happens is indeterminate unless it is observed.
These are the basis of quantum mechanics.
But given that photons are what forms light, and light itself is a wave, it is pretty strange to think that a wave can crash only into a single point.
After all, our current understanding of physics would be that the light would go through the slit and reach the screen upon scattering itself forward in a fan shape.
However, the actual result is that it would touch a point.
Otherwise, the direction in which the quanta would go would be indeterminate regardless of it being left or right until the event has been observed.
This is an impossible occurrence for our current physics (classical physics), but the quanta's vectors are actually determined once they are observed.

We have represented the Fifth Dimension as the [Possibility Axis] in the Qualia Dimension Theory article, but if we may borrow its concepts for this explanation, we would say that the quantum world actually carries Fifth-Dimensional concepts within itself.
Going ever further, the Fifth Dimension exists in the microscopic world.

The Reason Why Videogames Can Be Considered as Quantum Material[]

If we translate videogames to the quantum mechanics field, we would be able to change the above difficult-to-understand explanation on the quantum mechanics concepts into one that is extremely easy to understand.
Videogames are sold as programs stored in a DVD, and during the time between pressing the Start button and watching the ending staff roll, they hide multiple possibilities.
There are no two players in any world who would advance the same exact way even one second after pressing the Start button when it comes to factors such as routes chosen, paths walked and methods used.
In other words, whenever someone plays a videogames, a single route is decided by that player: the route of "the play flow you are choosing right now."

This works under the same theory as the decisions taken by the quantum mechanics' [observer].
The crashes in a point located somewhere in a screen will have their location differ depending on the player's actions, and where the quanta might head to will also be dependent on the player.
However, when it comes to the [world] contained within the DVD, it would be impossible to go through even an 1% of the possible routes even if all the people in a group of 100000 [observers] played through the game in full.
That is the point that allows us to consider videogames as quantum material, and where they differ from movies.

Going Further In and Trying to Apply These Theories to the [Virtual World][]

Now we're going into the main question.
When an [observer] looks at the program inside a DVD/BD from the real world and a quantum world exists in the world inside that DVD/BD, that's a normal videogame.
If that is the case, assuming that said [observer] could be someone in this world like your or myself, wouldn't that make the quantum world into a different universe in itself?

The instant either you or me have [observed] that different universe, its fate is decided.
Everything that happens in that universe from is birth to its demise is decided as a single line of sequential events.
In the terms of quantum mechanics, that time from [birth to demise] would be called the Decoherence Time (in the case of photons, the Decoherence Time would be measured from the time a beam of light is emitted to the moment it reaches a screen), but since the Decoherence Time in this case covers such a large period of time comprising the events from the Big Bang to the universe's death, the [observer] would become the sole existence capable of controlling history from the outside as if they were a third party to it.

So in other words, if we apply a Fifth-Dimensional way of thought to this, if I became an observer, my actions would have absolute effect over everything from Ra Ciela's viewpoint, while if you became an observer, your actions would have absolute effect over everything from Ra Ciela's viewpoint.

Beings from Outer Universes Are Absolute Rulers to the Universes Observed by Them[]

To Schrödinger's Cat, the observer becomes the being that will decide if it'll live or die.
Normally, neither the cat nor the observer can [control] the outcome of the experiment even if the observer is capable of [observing] it.
But if the observer took a gun and killed the cat with it, wouldn't that give the observation a 100% of turning out as the cat being [dead]?
This isn't actually part of the question, but maybe it could be possible to change the probabilities.

If I were an observer from Ra Ciela's viewpoint and the people of that planet had a practical level of quantum mechanics understanding, they could easily imagine that maybe I'm a threat, that I'm a being holding the greatest power in the world, that I can freely control everything however I please, and that all of it would lead to me ruling their world.

Moreover, if we make this whole situation a game from our viewpoint, Ra Ciela would get into a great panic as soon as they have realized [their world is being observed].
This is because their future is uncertain [while they are not being observed], but once they [have been observed], their whole future will head to a single point.
I'm the only one who can change the point their future will head to, so they would either get rid of me, accept me, or make me their ruler.
To make a long story short, if fate starts heading in an undesired direction, the observer can just reset their PS3 regardless of if they are being trusted, if they are being threatened or if they were destroyed.
When they do, the observation could be suspended, rolled back slightly, or it could be rolled back in its entirety. Such an ability is quite formidable to that world.
But in the end, the final point shouldn't ever be a deviation of such a level. The observer has a Will of their own too, after all.

Even the Multiple Endings from Dragon Quest Are no More Than [Superposed States] from the Viewpoint of Quantum Mechanics[]

It might be normal to write this, but we'll now talk about how [once I power the console off, the game's world disappears].
Even the possible endings of having the protagonist dropped into the World of Darkness by the Dragonlord or the protagonist defeating the Dragonlord are both considered to be the same thing due to quantum superposition.
In other words, they are just a ROM cartridge called Dragon Quest. However, this would be something unacceptable to the inhabitants of Alefgard.
Such a viewpoint has been come to be considered a taboo in the games developed until now, but games developed in current times seem to take in account that there's a line that turns a taboo into something normal once it has been crossed.