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"If you understood everything that happened in the Sixth Age, please go ahead and read this article.
However, this page also contains large spoilers for the PS3 game "Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star".


The Genoms were the people that originally lived in this planet in the faraway past, which means the current humans are invaders that came from another planet.

Genoms hate conflict, so they surrendered their planet to the invaders and became the current Genoms: beings that exist only as souls, and hid themselves.

After these events, humans and Genoms teamed up in an attempt to overcome the crisis caused by the Sun's expansion.

However, since that abnormality only worsened with the passing of time, the humans ended up finding about the method they originally used to arrive to this planet (devised by ancient civilizations), and planned to use that same method to destroy the planet and make use of the resulting energy to escape.

Flustered from this, the Genom leader Cosal asked to replace that plan, and thinking he would be able to normalize the Sun, Bezel; he began advocating for others to join him in carrying out the project that would make it a reality: the [Save Bezel] project.

Thus, humanity was divided in the faction [that sought to destroy the planet to escape] and the faction [that sought to protect the planet and its Sun]. It was under these circumstances that the final installment of the Three-Year Trials started.

During the Fifth Age and Prior, the Genoms were Ra Ciela's Inhabitants[]

While we may be thinking that the relationships between Genoms and humans have existed from many millennia ago, their shared history isn't actually that long.

And this is because the encounter between the humans and Genoms was the event that marked the end of the Fifth Age.

Back then, Genoms were just like the humans: beings that had physical bodies.

The encounter between Genoms and humans was actually a very tragic event, and that is because instead of an encounter, it would be more accurate to say it was an invasion.

Ra Ciela's current inhabitants (Ciels) were originally the inhabitants from another planet, but they fled it after that planet became inhospitable for any kind of life.

It was then that they found Ra Ciela and invaded it.

The Truth Behind the Rings Around Ra Ciela and Nero[]

The Ciels came to Ra Ciela using similar rings.

In short, the Grand Phoenix Project advocated by Tenmon was no more than a repeat of the method the Ciels used when they first came to Ra Ciela.

And while Tenmon states they were the ones who developed this method, it's actually a kind of knowledge they gained from deciphering lost technologies.

In other words, it was discovered and deciphered by the researchers of the Genomirai Research Institute.

So as you might be thinking, the Ciels actually transformed their planet Ciela into a Micro Quasar and used its energy to come to this planet of Sharlanoia.

Back then, the one who made the Rings spin, created the Micro Quasar, and furthermore located Planet Sharlanoia was no other than Nero.

After that, Nero lived for about the same time span as a normal human and died, but her soul was completely unable to disappear.

In this world, souls (H-Wave individual bodies) undergo a constant cycle of birth, death and rebirth in order to grow and mature.

However, souls that have been brought from beyond the Seven Dimensions and that have suffered a wave conversion have no compatibility with the shape the souls have in the natural world.

And no human body could accept her soul unless it was an artificial vessel especially made for her.

So Nero only kept roaming around as a soul for several thousand years, unable to enter the cycle of rebirth or return to her own universe.

As for how she gained a new vessel and was reborn, it was due to the work of the Genomirai Research Institute.

The researchers belonging to it discovered a definite method for executing a Seventh-Axis Movement from the lost technology ruins they found deep in Ra Ciela's underground.

Naturally, they had Clacket's Seven Dimensions Theory to base their research, so they barely managed to decipher all that information thanks to it. If they didn't have Clacket's theory backing them, everything found in these ruins would have remained as out of place artifacts.

However, the final result of this was that they only made Nero suffer due to their technology being insufficient.

And naturally, Nero wasn't interested in the slightest in doing the same things again (destroying a planet and teleporting people), and instead only pressed them to send her back home.

So in the end, Tenmon gave up on using Nero and that was when Ion came into the picture.

All because Ion was destined to eternally exist in the same way Nero did. (As [Goddesses], but only because they would exist forever).

At the End of the War[]

This planet was originally called [Sharlanoia], and its original inhabitants were called Sharls.

In other words, it could be said that the Genoms were originally the Sharls that lived in it.

And the name [Ra Ciela] is actually used to call a new version of the [Ciela] planet from which the invaders hailed, so it could be said it means [New Ciela] (more or less like it’s the case for New York).

Therefore, the people from Ra Ciela are called [Ciels].

The Sharls were a race of people that hated conflict in all its forms.

This was because during the Fifth Age, the inhabitants of Sharlanoia had increased their quality of life greatly, and they came to despise conflict since they could emotionally reach to each other, thus making their world into a harmonious place.

On the other hand, the Ciels that came to this world sought to exterminate all its native inhabitants to ensure it would become their new home.

After all, their plan included eliminating all sapient life forms that were inconvenient to them.

The Sharls initially tried fighting back against the invaders, but upon painfully realizing that their resistance would bring harm to their planet, they decided to carry out a temporary retreat.

However, this [temporary retreat] didn’t mean anything like leaving the planet or surrendering to the invaders.

They investigated all of the Ciels’ special characteristics to the very end, and successfully devised a method they could use to hide without ever being found out by their enemies.

Therefore, the Sharls relinquished their tridimensional physical bodies and hid themselves by perfectly synchronizing with familiar animals… or other races the Sharls decided they could get the best use out of.

This was what led to the appearance of the Genoms during the Sixth Age.

The proposition and execution of this project was carried out by Cosal, who was the Sharls’ sage (primer minister) at the time.

Coexistence During the Sixth Age[]

The Ciels won this planet, while the Sharls were completely annihilated.

These events marked the start of this planet’s Sixth Age, and it was renamed from Sharlanoia to Ra Ciela.

The Ciels initially lived reasonably well in their newfound planet, but soon enough conflict sparked again.

This planet had several particularities to which they still hadn’t gotten used, and thus the weakest among them began being culled out.

And thus infighting began running rampant, they started killing each other, and their civilization level began rapidly declining.

Once their civilization fell to a certain level, the Ciels noticed that certain creatures they had never seen before began being a common part of their lives.

This was their first encounter with the Genoms.

It was long enough after the conflict with the original inhabitants of this planet; the Sharls came to an end, so no one among the Ciels remembered these events any more.

The Genoms’ Debut[]

That the beings known as the [Genoms] appeared before the Ciels around this time (roughly 1000 to 2000 years after the invasion) was because Cosal decided it to be this way.

Rather, we could say that he still had his temporary retreat strategy in motion. Cosal planned to wait until the Ciels had completely forgotten about the Sharls, and once the time in which the memories of these events had been forgotten by everyone came, they would reappear before the Ciels.

It was thanks to this that we came to the point in which the Ciels discovered the Sharls as [mysterious creatures called Genoms].

By Synchronizing with the Ciels, the Genoms would activate their hidden potential.

To the Ciels, they were troublesome creatures that depleted their stamina and occasionally took control of them, but even so, they were charmed by the [power] they held.

And since [power] was everything to the Ciels, their society changed to one in which the Genoms were an indispensable part of their lives in a very short time. Thus, the honeymoon of the Ciels (humans) and the Genoms commenced.

Cosal’s Feelings[]

The reason for Cosal having made the Genoms appear before the humans wasn’t at all because he wanted to become friendly and lovey-dovey with the Ciels.

While that may seem to be the case in the surface, in truth it was part of his plan to reinstate the Sharls on their planet.

However, normal Genoms who had already come and go through the cycle of rebirth multiple times didn’t have a way of knowing this.

Therefore, the Genoms did actually live with the humans on friendly terms.

What Cosal was trying to do was to accelerate the rank up for the Ciels’ souls.

For this, he made the Genoms live in their minds, and since they are higher-ranked beings than the humans, the Genoms made them mature from the inside.

This was a very slow method, but it still proved to be beneficial to them.

In the first place, humans became more benevolent from the constant conversations with their Genom partners.

Thus, their society became far more peaceful than it was many years ago, and the people came to love their neighbors greatly.

However, this wasn’t a goal that could be accomplished easily.

At several points, Cosal created several human-shaped Genoms called Incarnates and sent them to live with the rest of the society, but needless to say, the humans rejected the Incarnates.

This was because the level of their souls was still too low.

So Cosal didn’t have other choice but to resign himself to the fact that the process of sublimating the people’s souls would take several millennia to carry out.

Still, Cosal continued working hard on this, so the Sharls could come to live in this planet as proper life forms once again.

The Truth Behind Bezel’s Expansion[]

However, the end came before that plan could be realized, as Ra Ciela’s Sun, Bezel, gradually expanded more and more.

At the start, the solar winds that rained upon the land were only slightly stronger and could be attributed to natural phenomena, but during the thousands of years that went between the Genom’s appearance and the final Three-Year Trials, their power increased to the point in which they ignited a large part of Ra Ciela’s surface and left it as a burnt wasteland.

The people started devising all sorts of plans to cope with these disasters, but since they refused to come up with any sort of drastic methods to solve this, the inhabitable places for the people dwindled with the passing of time.

The expansion of the Sun was caused because Nero was lost roaming through the planet as a mere soul.

Due to this, the weight balance of this [universe world] crumbled away and a Sixth-Dimensional ravine formed in Ra Ciela, which began pulling in everything around the planet.

Among them, the one that got affected the most was the Sun, as due to possessing the highest energy in the area, it also became the most conspicuous element affected this whole phenomenon.

However, neither the people nor the Genoms got to know back then that this was the cause for that predicament.

Neither did the ancient Cielan civilization that moved to this planet know that they would trigger this phenomenon.

Therefore, both the people and the Genoms were convinced that the Sun was reaching the end of its life.

However, only Cosal realized the truth behind all this far before anyone else did.

The Ark Project[]

By this point, Cosal’s soul level was only one step short from reaching the same rank as a Will of the Planet, so he knew to a certain extent how much the planet was suffering and which measures should be taken to help it to cope with that pain.

Said measures were healing it through the power of feelings.

Of course, Cosal was a life that was one rank above the Genoms and the humans. Therefore, he grasped the methods for turning the power of feelings into magic that the people were incapable of carrying out.

The principles for them are the same from the micro to the macro scale, so he knew pretty well that the idea of a deficit in the waves of feelings being the direct cause for aging and death.

This also was common knowledge among the Genoms.

Thus, Cosal knew that Bezel wasn’t currently nearing the end of its life, but rather, it was suffering from a condition very similar to a severe illness, and that was what caused everything to head to an apocalyptic ending.

He was able to know this because he felt the feelings the Sun itself was emitting.

And it was from this information that Cosal also realized it was caused by a [deviation in the world’s weight] due to having a soul from a foreign world added to their universe.

However, the humans didn’t know this.

Cosal knew that the only method for saving this planet was to drive away the being known as Nero to a very faraway place.

Therefore, Cosal informed Nero’s soul of what was happening at the moment, and suggested to her moving away from this planet along with the people.

And then Cosal suggested to the Empress at the time to make a colony ship and use it to escape Ra Ciela.

It was in this way that the Ark Project was started under the lead of the [Imperial Genometrics Synchronization Mediation Institute].

The Lost Technology Nightmare[]

Cosal planned to expel the Ciels (the people) from this planet using the Ark.

In short, the Ark was supposed to have a psychological effect on the humans similar to pesticide on the roaches, so once all the Ciels had happily boarded it, he planned to drag them to the farthest reaches of space and dispose of them there.

Due to this, the Ark would have to be designed in a way that made impossible for anyone but Cosal to control it.

That way, both the humans and Nero would leave this planet, and it would be possible to build again a world for the Sharls.

They would be able to take back this planet for themselves.

So when Cosal decided to put the Ark Project in motion, he bequeathed several kinds of technology and knowledge to the people through the Empress at the time.

And an Imperial institute was founded to give that information practical use: the Imperial Astronomical Quantum Wave Theory Laboratory, more commonly known as Tenmon.

The most remarkable of the research results provided by Tenmon was the G2-Tube developed by Professor Clacket, which was the invention that made the creation of the Ark possible.

However, Cosal’s plan got stranded on the shore when it was just a step short of being completed.

And the main cause for it was the [underground ruins] that Tenmon discovered.

They found there several lost technologies left by the ancient Ciel civilization, and furthermore, they mostly were still in an operational state.

And that wasn’t all: among these lost technologies, there also was the [Grand Phoenix] device that the Ciels used when they moved to this planet. The Imperial regime of the time kept these discoveries under the greatest secret, and managed as rigorously as possible.

And then, they established a third organization that wasn’t related to either Chimon or Tenmon called the [Genomirai Research Institute], which was given the task of investigating the [Grand Phoenix].

By that time, several decades passed since the Ark Project was launched, and thus both Chimon and Tenmon were exhausted from the research conducted for it.

And since the people’s distrust gradually grew due to the lack of results, they even came to doubt that the Ark Project itself was ever going to see conclusion. When Genomirai was first established, actually both Tenmon and Chimon had great expectations on the [Grand Phoenix] they discovered.

However, as the deciphering work on it progressed, the expectations Chimon had changed to antagonism.

Naturally, it goes without saying it was because they were under Cosal’s mental manipulation.

So in the end Chimon and Tenmon ended up confronting each other over the fact they were either against or in favor of Grand Phoenix’s purpose, and thus both organizations ended up actually splitting off from each other.

And since the Genomirai Research Institute was actually managed by them both, as Tenmon and Chimon had been in agreement up to this point, it ended operating for a little longer time, but in the end it was dissolved too.

However, the results of the research carried out by Genomirai and the continuation of their work were taken over by Tenmon later on.

The Truth Disclosed in the Shadows[]

After that, the humans started being released from the Genoms’ [brainwashing] due to the proliferation of the Cielnotrons.

By the time the final [Imperial Succession Ceremony] in which Ion and Kanon took part was conducted, the change brought by the Cielnotrons had caused tremendous ripples in this world’s society.

In other words, the scientists that started refusing to Synchronize with the Genoms finally started researching on this world’s current condition. The man who led them was the very same one who originally established the Dimension Crossing Theory: Professor Clacket, who also was the father of the Trons.

Tenmon discovered both Nero and the ancient civilization, which was what they took advantage of to initiate their Grand Phoenix Project.

And right after they made these discoveries, a part of the Tenmon researchers came to know that the Sun’s expansion was being caused by Nero’s presence. However, given that the Cielnotrons had become so common throughout the whole world by the point in time they realized this, it had become impossible to return Nero to her original world now.

This was merely because the loss of the Cielnotrons would cause the collapse of Tenmon’s political power, and that couldn’t be allowed to happen under any circumstances.

Tenmon had planned to use Nero to abandon this planet, and make humanity alone migrate to a new one, which was the whole truth behind the Grand Phoenix Project.

However, they came up with the reckless idea of dragging in another soul from beyond the Seven Dimensions, different from Nero, in order to make the Grand Phoenix Project a complete success.

They knew the universe was already distorted, but they didn’t actually mind distorting it even further.

And the whole reason behind this idea was because Nero wouldn’t sing Ra Ciel Fuser for them. Nero had already sung a similar song previously, and had full knowledge of the cruelty the singing of this song would entail, as well as the great regrets and pain it would bring after its completion.

Therefore, they couldn’t expect she would cooperate with them. Rather, they thought it was far more plausible to make a new soul sing the song instead. It seemed this planet wouldn’t survive for much longer, but the Tenmon researchers didn’t care what happened to it in a way or another.

Instead, they didn’t stop because instead of having hopes for the future of this planet, they were convinced it would be more reliable to save humanity because they had the ancient technology [Grand Phoenix (the planetary migration device)] in their hands.

After all, they had a certain precedent for this with the migration they conducted from their true mother planet Ciela to Sharlanoia, the planet they currently lived in.

Interruption of the Ark Project and Advocating for the Planet Regeneration Project[]

After Tenmon split off, the Ark Project was left at a standstill, as Chimon would be unable to complete the ship on their own.

However, this wasn’t a critical situation to Cosal, as he already had another plan up his sleeve.

So far, Cosal had been the Genom exclusive to the generations of Empresses. Therefore, he never Synchronized with anyone aside of the currently ruling Empress.

However, since the previous Empress (the one that ruled before Ion was crowned) cut off her Synchronization with Cosal in the middle of her rule and switched to using a Cielnotron, Cosal was free.

It was then that Chimon put out their precious child Kanon, and when Cosal recognized that the range of her vocal cords was compatible with him, he thought he would be able to grasp the hearts of the people by using her.

And thus, we come to the events that took place ten years prior to the Imperial Succession Ceremony.

It was at this time that a Gamma Burst happened, a disaster that is said to take place once in a decade, and supposedly it would be impossible to escape from it.

But then Kanon appeared, and despite being only a child, she managed to quell that Burst before it could even leave the Sun’s surface.

The people were astonished before this feat, and their amazement only grew when Chimon made the following announcement.

[By borrowing the people’s power, Kanon and Cosal will be able to normalize the Sun]

Chimon then announced the [Save Bezel] Project, and began seeking volunteers to participate in it.

All the volunteers would unconditionally help with the project, and the only thing they had to do was Synchronizing with a Genom and enroll with Chimon. Furthermore, they even carried out a policy in which they would distribute at no charge special medicines to help the people who were discriminated against due to having non-functional vocal cords, or having vocal ranges that had a very narrow frequency band.

And so they stated that on the day Kanon became Empress, everyone would Chain together with her and sing to normalize Bezel.

Due to this actual appearance of a Child of God, the world was split in half. Tenmon was right at the peak of their prosperity at that time, but Chimon managed to reverse the tides thanks mainly to the large amount of people who wanted to be saved.

The Cielnotrons had been put up for sale just a year before these events, and since they were still in the middle of permeating into the people’s everyday lives, the people were divided into those [who gave more importance to the present] and those [who wanted to protect the planet].

And eight years later, after a long time bidding their time, Tenmon finally unveiled their secret weapon: the Grand Phoenix Project.

And alongside with the revelation of this project, Tenmon also aggressively attacked Chimon by calling their Save Bezel Project a ridiculous farce.

According to the leaked information they got from influential Chimon staff, they planned to use the Song Kanon was going to sing to eliminate the human’s souls and have their bodies usurped by the Genoms.

In other words, it was just a plan for the Genoms to control the humans.

It was thus that the curtains opened for the final [Imperial Succession Ceremony] this planet would see, which essentially turned into a decision between two choices: [Protecting the planet alongside the Genoms], and [Only the humans escaping to another planet].